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If you watch or read news and newspapers regularly you would be able to figure what is happening or dominating it i.e JNU students seditious activities.Though I have always disliked the left but this turns my dis-likeliness for the left to hatred after they chanted slogans such Bharat ki barbadi and what not.This is not the first time that the left-leaning parties have engaged in anti-national and anti-India activities they have set too for many precedents let me list a few of them.Most famous in the list of this innumerable anti-India activities is that of 1962 Indo-china war and the freedom struggle.
1.1962 war:-
Here are some of the excerpts from the declassified CIA files on how the left sided with china and wish for India’s defeat.
1.1.On the 28th, Nehru for the first time made a statement in Parliament substantiating the press r e p o r t s of such Chinese incursions and armed clashes . This statement inflamed Indian public opinion; according to a private comment that day by the chief of the Communist Indian Press Agency, it confused and staggered the party members. During the next two days the CPI Central Secretariat, minus Ghosh, held an emergency meeting on the problem, following which the party issued the first in what was to be a long and varied series of statements on the border, a vague declaration glossing over the question of border violations, holding (as the Chinese were to do) that the entire border has never been defined, making no mention of the MacMahonline , and urgently calling for negotiations. The CPI subsequently came under wide public attack as a result of its failure in this statement to take a clear-cut stand supporting the Indian government position.
1.2.“In Feb 1958 an official of the Soviet Embassy contacted CPI Leaders to renew the request to setup an underground organization. While Ajoy Ghosh refused, HK Surjeet and others privately decided that Ghosh was taking a complacent line and decided to reach out to the CPSU outside of party channels. The CPI did proceed to recruit a secret organization within the Indian Army. In February 1959, Ajoy Ghosh in his report to the Central Executive Committee that China Russia insisted that the CPI must develop a standby apparatus capable of armed resistance, while intensifying penetration of Indian Military forces. In the September Central Executive Committee meeting Ajoy Ghosh argued against the tendency to welcome Chinese military presence on Indian borders to justify a new militant line for the CPI. This was rejected by the hard left who argued that with the PLA now present along the Indian Border the Indian Party had a channel of support for Armed Operations and a potential liberator in the event of mass uprisings.”
1.3.The left – faction members of the CPI Central Secretariat–Ranadive, Bhupesh Gupta, and particularly Basavapunniah–became increasingly active late in 1959 in promoting the line given them in Peiping throughout the CPI. In mid-November, Basavapunniah was reported by two sources to have repeated,to a meeting of CPI leaders concerned with creating an underground organization, his belief that the CPI lack of a contiguous foreign supply base during the Telengana revolt had now been remedied with the Chinese occupation of Tibet and other frontier areas. In late December he was said to have reiterated to a meeting of the Maharasha State Council Mao’s statement to Ghosh that Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan, and the Northwest Frontier Agency are provinces peopled by the same race, that China had a historic right to these territories, that the MacMahone line was not valid , and that the Indian government’s raising of “the bogey of Chinese aggression” had resulted from its realization that Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and India would be deeply affected by the social and economic revolution in Tibet.
2.Karname during the freedom struggle:-
Here, in I have pulled out the facts from their own(CPI) archives about how they blundered during the 1942 quit anti-india movement.
Consistent with the one-sided and erroneous People’s War line, the party opposed the Quit India Movement (QIM) in 1942. Here it is necessary to note that this movement was not intended for a real headlong clash with the Raj, but as a pressure-tactic to persuade the latter, already threatened by the advancing Japanese, to negotiate transfer of power to the exclusion of the Muslim League. This is why, in the words of Nehru in Discovery Of India, “neither he [Gandhi-A.S.] nor the CWC issued any kind of directives…” and made “no arrangements for the functioning of the Congress after they had been removed from the scene”. According to S. Gopal, the biographer of Jawaharlal Nehru, “It was almost as if the Working Committee wished to escape to prison and to avoid decision” at the crucial hour. But after the arrest of Gandhi and others, precisely because there was no leader left free to check the spontaneous popular upsurge, soon the QIM became, in the words of Lord Linlithgow, “by far the most serious rebellion since that of 1857, the gravity and extent of which we have so far concealed from the world for reasons of military security” (Cable to Churchill). From behind the bars, of course, MK Gandhi repeatedly condemned the ‘violence’, asked the militants including Congressmen to “surrender to the police” and continued the efforts to restore goodwill with the Raj through emissaries like GD Birla. Both the Muslim League and the RSS-Hindu Mahasabha (HM) denounced the movement in most savage terms, with leaders of the HM such as Shymaprasad Mukherjee, participating in the repression as members of provincial ministries.”
Whatever the role of Gandhi and others, the CPI no doubt committed a major mistake by opposing the QIM. As the Second Party Congress held in February 1948 pointed out, “This total underestimation of the role of imperialism in the period of People’s War made us lose sight of the task of exposing imperialism and fighting it within the framework of support for anti-fascist war”.
As you can for yourself see how Seditious have been the nature of the activities of these leftist thugs.It is necessary that the tree of the lifetist ideology be completely burned from its root to the topmost leaf.
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