» Hit back when you are strong and cower when you are weak.


Hit back when you are strong and cower when you are weak. i.indiaopines.com/ameyav/hit-back-when-you-are-strong-and-cower-when-you-are-weak-2/

The above mentioned stratagem which has been said and applied practically by many politicians and philosophers is the one which we must currently adhere to.
The Indian express on 25.4.16 reported “ Days after China raised objections to India issuing a visa to Germany-based Uighur leader Dolkun Isa to visit Dharamsala for a conference later this month, New Delhi withdrew the visa Monday, leaving several red faces in the government.”
The hindustan times as well on 28.4.16 reported ” India has withdrawn visas granted to two well-known Chinese dissidents, Lu Jinghua and Ray Wong, who were set to attend a China-focused conference on democracy in Dharamsala.”
This flip-flip does not sound good from a govt which is looked upon to be decisive and consistent in its policies especially on the foreign policy front which is supposed to be its star.Why is it that sometimes we Indians misplace our sense for bravado? Why is that sensationalism gets over us whenever China vetoes our proposals to sanction Pakistani-based terrorist organizations? Why is it that we are shocked whenever China decides to defend Pakistan instead of berating it?.The answer lies in the simple fact that China sees Pakistan as a card to play against us so as to stop us from reaching on par with them or even higher than them.They see us as a potential nuisance which must be kept busy by the like of Pakistan.
When the chinese vetoed our proposal to sanction masood azhar which was infact supported by 15 other nations as well we were right in criticizing them in public as well as in private when Def min,Foreign min as well as the NSA met their respective counterparts.
When the Indian govt extended the visa to Dolkun Isa to visit dharmashala only to revoke it we had a serious loss of face.Extending a visa to him was an extremely miscalculated step which could have led to larger confrontation with china.China may invite Indian dissidents to speak against us on chinese soil because they are much more powerful than us economically as well as militarily and if we go at the UN shouting against it no one is going to care because china is not the china of mao’s era where it was near to 0 in every field but today it is almost a superpower equivalent to the US and the US also sees to it that it does not upset the Chinese far too much.
We need to learn from the chinese the art of confusing, puzzling communication and deception.The chinese are the masters of it.When everybody thought that china’s rise would be peaceful and it would not attempt to challenge the status quo, everyone was bewildered when it lay claim to the whole of south china sea the west and south east asia were stupefied and hence the myth of china’s peaceful rise was busted.
We need to adopt the saying of deng xiaoping- Keep a cool head and maintain a low profile. Never take the lead – but aim to do something big.


It is necessary for us to keep a low-profile as of now and not to indulge in too many geo-political surprises but when our time comes we must shed the robe of cowardliness and show our true and new avatar which must depict boldness and balance.
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Hit back when you are strong and cower when you are weak.
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