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Way back in nineties, around one lakh people were able to log on to Internet globally. As of now, millions of people are hooked up to surf the net. This is a cause to express criminal tendencies than before. In a way, cyber space creates moral, civil and criminal wrongs. As you may know, crime is no way limited to a group of people, space or time. The law is as tough as its enforcement. Legal provisions must provide assurance to its users and empowerment to law enforcement agencies. Success in any field of human activity can bring crime.

Even now many IT professionals lack awareness and interest in cyber defamation in India. Interestingly law enforcement officers have lacked the tools to fix the problem. There are only a few court precedents for the officers to look for guidance.  Everything is in a mess up in this field. Old laws didn’t fit for the crimes being committed now. Moreover, privacy issues are a hindrance to gather the evidence in order to prosecute the new cases. There is a need of cooperation among the law enforcement agencies and IT professionals.

The first step is to sort all the acts that can be considered as cybercrimes into organized categories for specifically defining individual cybercrimes. This unity can bring the Internet users to a safer side and crimes can be reduced. You can find out more information about cyber defamation and resolutions here: http://www.pathlegal.in/cybercrimecell/cyber_defamation.php

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