» Yes or No To Pre-Marital Sex


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  1. Well, as a husband and father of a daughter I would say that our culture, as you said taboo, is quit simple and straight forward, it bound us to resist the natural urge because of the consequences you have already mentioned in post. And we should follow the guidelines our culture asks. The taboo can be justified all the way.
    However, as a biggest flirt (which I used to be in my college days to an extent that my father would say, ” don’t you ever get tired boy…”) I would say ‘…O YES, whats wrong in it? Look, if you got a Laddoo, will you wait for ten years to have? Nothing happens, its a natural need? Kya no no, you are so conservative, its taboo for you, i thought u were a normal girl.’ These were my part of argument to persuade my GFs.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views, Shabab.
      Our culture and many cultures around the world do not support pre-marital sex.
      As I have already mentioned in my post, the decision depends on the individual.
      Hope they are wise enough to decide and take up the responsibility/accountability of their decisions/actions…

  2. its still a taboo in India. Very Young adults shouldnt do it as they are not mature enough to understand the responsibility or the repercussions it might led to.For people who believe premarital sex must lead to marriage without fail should also avoid it.For others It is just a matter of individual choice and beliefs.

    1. Thanks for summing it up.
      I agree with you, Avinandan.