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This according to the pundits and pitch curators is set to be the sexiest World Cup ever. That is because they purely took into consideration the number of sixes that would be hit in this mega spectacle. The pitches this year in the southern hemisphere are mostly drop-in pitches, not the typical Australian pitch, where the ball bounces ferociously, darts in and out unpredictably and  the pace is tremendous, unlike low puffy, dusty Indian pitches.

This generation is growing up to heavy bats, smaller grounds, excessive fielding restrictions, the helicopter shot, T20. Is this helping cricket? This question can attract a real difference of opinion. But as I am the author hence I will use my powers to let you know that the balance between the bat and the ball has widened immensely. This surely is not good news for the beautiful old game.

In the past, it was unheard of teams surpassing the 400 run mark. Today, even with so many runs in the bank you are not guaranteed a victory. Rohit Sharma hits two double tons in ODI’s, ask even the great Kapil Dev in 1983, even he would have formed a very poor impression of your cricketing IQ. This is reality and this is modern day cricket, where even if you are not technically sound you can survive. Class and quality take a back seat. Bowlers today are scared to pitch the ball up to get it swing, hence a quality Kapil Dev and Wasim Akram possessed could go extinct like the art of leg-spin almost has.

In NZ, with grounds designed for rugby being used for the WC, the boundaries in certain portions of the ground would be ridiculously smaller than the others and the batsman would target these areas and that will force them to play agricultural shots. What happens next? We lose out on watching a gorgeous cover-drive or an all-along-the-ground straight drive back past the bowler.

This cricketing scenario tickles me to parallels with the Indian Bollywood, which has turned from being a trade of rich art to being a trade of sleaze and sex.


All this analysis brings me to the moot question again; do we go to the grounds or get glued to our T.V sets to watch just sixes or something more?


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  1. Thats what bothers me too. The game has become too lop sided. If 4s and 6s become too common and easy then there wont be any fun watching them.i believe some pro bowlers changes are required or else Cricket will end up becoming a Batsmen’s game only.

  2. You are most welcome to comment.

    1. It totally is a batsman’s game Avinandan, well just wanted to find out, ‘are you working with ‘India Opines’?