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I am specifically going to expand on the work scenario in India, because in the West, every job is looked up to. Unlike in India, where jobs are minimal, and potential seekers are more. Let me present to you a classical case. 


He is working in a reputed organisation with less pay. The person has got an offer letter from a not-so-well known organisation, but here the pay is handsome. At the back of his mind he is looking to switch, given the moolah involved, but his peers ask him to stay off that offer. Let me also enlighten you on the fact that he is working thousands of kilometers away from his hometown.


The problem here is, his parents who are situated so many kilometers away, cannot figure out his situation and instead unknowingly ask him to get deeper in the hole of congestion.


What happens next? The person is forced to get sandwiched in a serious dilemma.


This in turn affects his work, where he feels his abilities are being under-utilized.

He soon starts feeling like he is a misfit in the reputed organisation he is working for. This affects his work, and slowly but unknowingly he is slipping towards a possible termination. At the end of the day what happens is that he loses his present job and he does not have a job at hand. He is experienced so he cannot apply anywhere and everywhere so opts to remain unemployed. Months keep passing and now things have taken an ugly turn.

Yesterday he confessed to commit suicide.


Now, to all you parents out there, hope this will shake you up!

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