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7 Scientific Interesting Facts about a Happy Marriage

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How much ever on the rise or decline the divorce rates are prevailing, Indian wedding isn’t something anyone sees it as a relation where everything is sorted and figured out. But this fact doesn’t leave the people to get married, for the matter of the fact every season has becomes a wedding planning season in India. Secondly, researchers are not even stopping to investigate deeply the key to plan your wedding happily.

We at ShaadiMagic are here to list down some scientific facts for the couples to adopt it for a happy leading life ahead.

·        For Wife: Alter your emotions quickly and boost your relation

As per the research from 25 years of data, it has been concluded that the happy Indian wedding is mainly the ones where the wives are able to alter and regulate their emotions when into a conflict and providing the husbands with communication strategies stating and expressing their feelings as well as giving solutions. Probably due to this, girls are asked to be matured and quite after marriage in front of husbands and in-laws when trained during wedding planning! Hear it out girls!

·        More is the sex, Less is the Worry


If you are a couple who indulges in worry like situation or arguments, probably the solution is to have an active sex life, which can boost up your satisfaction level.  As per the study, people who have lots of sex are satisfied in their happy marriage life than other couples. Definitely, sex is a relaxing pill so worry not and indulge in frequently. Read everything related to sex on the Indian wedding website ‘’.

·        Watch out your words

Usage of words like we, us or ours by a couple to discuss conflict is interlinked with affection, less anger, less stress level as compared to words like I, me and you like words. As per the researchers, usage of these latter words during a disagreement was mainly linked to marital dissatisfaction in an Indian wedding. So don’t let the people interpret wrong about you by just the usage of wrong words. Use the couple focused words and let people consider you a part of beautiful Indian wedding relationship

·        Spending habits are compatible, Relationship will be compatible too

As per the study at the University, couples wherein one is more concerned about savings while the other thinking of a designer dress, first don’t worry, it is natural and you aren’t alone like these as a couple. Second, try if you can have a compatible spending tendencies otherwise, as per the study, it indulges in less marital satisfaction. Have similar spending tendencies makes your relationship the result of the right wedding planning!

·        Appreciate more, get appreciated more

In the study of 50 couples, it was finally concluded that those who felt more appreciated by their partners were actually more appreciative towards their partner too. Don’t believe us, go figure yourself. Appreciate your partner and see their reaction too! One major tip for how to plan an Indian wedding relationship happy!

·        Maintain the ratio to have a healthy life

As per the relationship researcher, after one negative feeling or argument you have with your spouse, there should be at least five of the positive feeling or interactions with him. Positive interactions can be as simple as listening to your partner describing his day at work. It is a simple and a healthy way to have a perfect Indian wedding life.

·        Remember your Good times together

Boost your marital life in minutes about remembering your some funny or good times together. As per the study, it was found that recalling an event that involves shared laughter together gives a better relationship satisfaction-boosting effect, another tip to have an healthy relationship in your Indian wedding ahead.

Incorporate these facts in your life, if you are missing on some and see how does your marriage life turns into a healthy life in minutes or days. Marriage is all about sharing, caring, giving, and no expecting and beyond everything about the selfless love. Be calm, share a lot, love a lot and see the magic of the bond it brings between the two of you lovely souls. Get more tips on this Indian wedding website to do your wedding planning the best of way.

Have a Happy Marriage Life!