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The Congress/Left propaganda machine which runs on the fuel of lies, innuendo, suggestions and half-truths to malign their opponent -in-chief, Narendra modi, has discovered a shiny new nut in Kanhaiya. The political opposition were handed out a pasting as never before in the hustings and have been clutching at straws to discredit the BJP and Modi in particular ever since. If Akhlaq is killed-Modi did it, if Manhaiya commits suicide, Modi did it, if 2016 is a leap year-maybe Modi did that too.

The Left has been confined to the dustbins of global history long back but the stink still pervades here in Hindustan. However, the proppping of kanhaiya was well demonished-not by a political heavyweight- but by a film star Anupam Kher. Kher’s video has gone viral while many other distinguished speakers also spoke their piece. This is because the truth carries so much weight that the conviction of the speaker is good enough to demolish opponents of far greater oratory skills and craft as we saw.

It is a sad time when politicians flock to feed on the carcass of a putrid opportunity even if it is served on a platter of anti-india and even terrorist bread. No one noticed that when the soldier Hanumanthappa who froze in Siachen and was dying in a hospital our PM no less, found time to visit him leaving all else behind before he finally lost his battle with death. However, the likes of Barkha Dutt and other channels scarcely found time to cover the story and applaud the gesture with half of the enthusiasm with which they relish issues aimed to defame Modi. However, when Kanhaiya, chastened from a hammering outside court and some pretty strict finger wagging from the judge who granted bail, spoke some sanitized crap the channels flocked to get his wise words.

Anupam Kher has spoken the mind of right thinking, balanced and logical Indians and articulated the collective sentiment with rare aplomb. That is why Barkha bhi chhane ki koshish mein mooh ke bl giri. His take on Rahul was a bit too sharp though. If he were a politician, it would not be acceptable but since he isn’t, his opinion passes muster to my mind.