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Understanding Womenism

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Why do you girls fight for equality? Your place is already too high. Ask them who respect you, value you, how bad it feels to watch you with ill behavior. For those who don’t respect you, they just don’t understand your worth. The place that a mother has, can never be occupied by a father. Likewise, a sister’s place can never be replaced by a brother. You are the gems of our society, we value you, if you stand up to what you are, not the ones who can be rude, but the ones who can pacify everyone with their calmness. A child, however rude or disobedient, always runs to his mother whenever he gets eyes filled with tears. Why do you try to be ‘equal’ to us? You are way too up already. Those who try to put you down, are afraid of you, so they try to. They, themselves will come to their mother, sister, and wife if they ever need respite. You are virtue. You are peace. You are the first teacher of everyone. You are the creator. You are not so cheap to be found on roads, uttering filthy language and showing ill behavior as your ‘style’ and ‘attitude’. Why do you give out ‘drinking with men’ as a status symbol? Is it such a worthy act? Why is smoking a part of your attitude? Why is it necessary to show that you can smoke and utter slangs as men can do? Why not be that what you already are, the care, the compassion, and the peace everyone looks for? The place of these virtues is incomparable to that of a way of behaving that hurts all those who love you, and calling it your style of living. We boys will never be able to get that love and respect of what you are worthy of. Walk with us, step ahead of us, but with deeds of glory and goodness, not with rude behavior. Avenge the wrongdoings, if anyone dares to, but don’t make that act a part of your life. We men never deserve and never achieve such are you are worthy of. Why do you wish to drop down so much as to be in equality of us men? I don’t say you are weak, you are way too stronger than us. We will respect you, because you deserve that. You are beauty, and you are precious. Each one of you. It doesn’t matter what your skin color is, or how do you look. It is about the beauty that is in your hearts. It is the goodness that the world finds in you, only you, and none can ever surpass your inner beauty. Keep your worth worth it. Don’t drop to our level and be our equal. Why to ‘copy’ men? Are we ever respected in a way that you deserve? Dear girls, those who know your value and importance, love you all so much. You are so unique, the finest creations of God. Be that. And the world will worship you. I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t. I am no one special to tell you all this, but simply a boy who knows that he will never be able to ascend up to you, and who has realized what you really mean to the world, and knows how precious you are. Please lead us by your actions and thoughts to hold you that much up in our eyes as you really are. And then, why would we, not want our saviors from guilt, hunger, depression and miseries, to progress in their life? Whenever we fall, we come to you, for letting us to be uplifted. You are the support of many. No one will dare to raise eyes up to you, once they know your importance as they will respect you. Which may be a small part of what you want from us. And may be that can bring a moment of happiness in your lives. And happiness in ours, too, because you will be the source to ours. So let us make you all happy, and if that is by your actions, you will feel proud, that you have worked for what you already deserve. <br>

I don’t advice you anything. I just express an opinion. Do as you wish. This world is yours already, and will remain so. Live your life as you wish to, but my earnest request to you is that please do not make ill behavior a style and part of your attitude. A behavior of rudeness and hurt does not suit the princesses of the world with such high demeanors.


Doctoring Nationalism

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The objectionable and provocative slogans shouted during a course of rally on the JNU campus Is deeply condemned. But while everyone is busy  blaming JNU of harboring anti-national agendas, the so called nationalists are using the word ‘nationalism’ to wrap the disgraceful acts of violence and rage. The lawyers call themselves nationalists and patriot while they beat everyone they feel are antinational. JNUSU leader Kanhaiya Kumar, despite the instructions from the SC to ensure his safety, was thrashed, and abused in front of Delhi’s Patiala House court. Journalists and students were also beaten up for a reason unclear. These acts of so called nationalism, but in fact hooliganism has not only dishonored their oath but has made India hang its head in shame in front of the whole world. And while Delhi is being turned into a war zone of the so called national and antinational, no one really noticing that it is actually violent patriots who are violating and mocking the Indian constitution and not the silent protesters of JNU student community! 

If the lawyers – the ‘officers of law’ had had so much of the grudges on the JNUSU leader kanhaiya kumar, then why not, being the pallbearers of justice, bring about justice by proving him guilty and by following the procedures of Indian penal code of justice. Don’t they have enough proofs? Or are they themselves nonbeliever of penal code? These acts of violence shows their impotency to bring about justice, as they try establish Indian constitution as a poster you spit your tobacco upon.

The clear cut distinction between nationalism and violence is deliberately being decayed into one shameful act of violence and chaos by political and radical leaders like OP Sharma and Sakshi Maharaj, who say traitors deserve to be hanged or shot, giving a verdict of their own before the court session has even started. Why go to court! Let’s hang a big placard on the courts doors saying “out for justice”, and kill everyone you feel like! It seems that some leaders have forgot that this is not Taliban, but India. And their agenda of violence is initiating great deal of public unrest all over the nation. And those who are following these agendas, and who think they can only become patriots by abusing and beating and kicking anti-nationals should rather march over to the POK and show their anger on the border fields, and not show your guts by beating journalists and students. Proud to be an Indian? Trying being human first, because it’s the land of great peoples and not hoodlums. 

I disapprove anti nationalism, but I also disapprove violence on the name of nationalism. To the lawyers, I plead, to maintain the decorum of your job, and dignity of the country. Don’t make us feel shame. Please don’t.