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Would Congress Back Attacks On Terrorist Camps In Pakistan ?

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Those who are dreaming PM post must understand that till you not thinking about the country and prove yourself in states –  you do not qualify even in dreams. As those who are barking on Modi must be aware that when Modi Govt would choose to attack on terrorist camps within pakistan these so called secular parties and leaders and journalist media channels would knee down becoz of their minority vote banks.

If they are keen to fight these terrorist attacks – they must give memorandum duly signed and permission to President and PM that they will abide by all the consequences of these attack. as earlier during Atal Ji regime these so called secular parties and leaders has sucked their words and didn’t allow Atal ji to take revenge of Kargil war.

Congress and SP, Laloo has made jokes of Atalji in baised and in corrupt media 24/7. Modi ji you must take memorandum from all the party leader duly signed and with permission to attack on terrorist camp in Pakistan. So that they can not deny later on becoz of vote bank politics.