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Writing is my hobby, presently I'm writing a blog based on religious view from the basis of purity, affected by socio-political turmoil and the progress of rationalism. Blog: My Experience with Purity @ I usually, trust in those feeling which touches our mind deeply. And this is only possible to express those feeling, if I can connect with purity.   I've just tried expressing myself, and the reaction of you after reading this, will allow me to assess myself.
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Animal sacrifice or Killing, in the name of God

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Animal sacrifice is a process to satisfy Gods from some materialistic aspect. As per the belief, one’s wish has been fulfilled by the grace of God, so he is giving one life or two or more lives to the God in return. Here those lives are evaluated as materials like other offerings; such as costly metals, stones, foods and in all the cases, the weak and harmless lives are sacrificed in terms of these votive offerings (mannat). Here Gods are neither worshiped for the spiritual upliftment of the people, nor for any other abstract philosophical concept, but were invoked to grant material gains.
Sacrifice is a very painful sight and heinous activity performed by some humans, to kill innocents insensitively in the name of God.