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Modi and Coconut

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    You all know that Modi shouts in the public meetings instead of addressing/ talking. Yesterday Modi was joking about someone who talked of coconut juice! Modi further explained that lime gives juice and coconut gives water! Vow Modi Ji!! Later a TV channel showed Rahul Gandhi talking about pine apple juice and its marketing in UK.

   What Modi wants to tell the Nation? Or the electorate? That Modi is better than Pakodi? Sir Jee, if Rahul talks of pine apple how you listened it as coconut? To whom you are explaining that coconut contains water and not juice? Don’t you know that coconut milk is nothing but ‘coconut juice’? Modi Ji ‘ab coconut kaha chupaoge’?

Anda, Venda aur Genda! These are our political leaders. Are you happy?



Genetic Affinity of the Bhil, Kol and Gond Mentioned in Epic Ramayana

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     Bhils (North India), Chenchu (Andhra Pradesh), Munda (Central India), Gond, Kol, tribes of India along with Mala, Madiga castes (of Andhra) are the Native Indians living in India since 60000 years and much before that period (Stone Age). Eurasians (Pre Vedic Aryans, the carriers of R1a haplogroup) came to India around 2000 BCE and genetically mixed up with Natives.