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Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker Review www.marketingfornewbusiness.com

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Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker

Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker FL62030006070 vitavit 6 L

Elegant and quiet pressure cooker,

Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker is among the most expensive product on Amazon. But it is not without reason: Fissler has manufactured cookers for over thirty years. Their exceptional quality makes them easily longevity exceeding 20 years. In short,Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker is an investment, not a product to be replaced three years later because the handle fell off …

What I particularly liked:
– Closing the lid of the Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker is simple and reassuring: it slides perfectly until it locks, it feels great.
– The handle and the valve of the Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker can be dismantled without tools for easy cleaning and storage of the whole.
– The metal is steel exclusively. No aluminum has been used (which react with food, it is always disturbing).
– Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker is suitable for all types of stove, including induction (I will not have to buy if I switch to induction in 10 years).
– Steaming without pressure. This third cooking mode in the Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker (which is not found on the lower model called Comfort vitavit) opens the container during cooking to adjust seasoning for example, or just to check if it’s ready.
– Graduations for measuring liquids (the presence of such scale is the second difference between Comfort and Premium models). Completed hunting measuring cup!
– Operating Manual old: well written, well structured, French excellent, brief readable.

Why a Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker? Cooking is done under high pressure. In these conditions, the vapor reaches a temperature exceeding the briskly boiling point (100 C), thereby cooking the food more quickly. The time savings (and energy!) Is approximately 50%. In addition, the short cooking time to better preserve the vitamins, minerals and flavorings.

What size to buy in the Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker range? Do not hesitate to buy a bigger Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker! Depending on the type of food, you can fill a pressure cooker as only half or two-thirds capacity.In a A 6 L Fissler Premium Pressure Cooker its possible to prepare 4 liters of food.

A fault? You might prefer a completely autonomous pressure cooker (that is to say, one branch to the wall, leaving open the stove). These models are often equipped with timers to delay the start of cooking stove and an automatic mode that allows to keep the food warm for nearly a day.

Fissler FL62030006070 Vitavit Autocuiseur Premium 6 LFissler Premium Pressure Cooker

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