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FuGenX Technologies is the leading Mobile Apps and Game Development Company that is pioneered in bringing the products and ideas into Mobile Space with high quality. We help clients in identifying risks and opportunities that address both short-term challenges as well as long-term value creation. FuGenX has delivered 350+ Web Apps with 500+ Apps and Games in iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows etc. in both native and cross platform. Among them few are award winning and Top 10 downloaded Apps and Games in the Store. Now it has become one of the world’s premier software development companies for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Web application development.  
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5 Best tools for cross-platform Mobile App Development. i.indiaopines.com/fugenx/5-best-tools-for-cross-platform-mobile-app-development/

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There are numerous app building platforms that help in developing apps without making a hole in pocket. Different cross platform mobile development tools have diverse specialities, for example, some focus on gaming, some are focused on data security for business purposes and so on. Fugenx Technologies suggests some of the popular mobile app development platforms and tools for 2016. 

Sencha is a tool that allows you to develop your applications in HTML5. The main product for app developers is Ext Js 5. Developers prefer it because it works across various devices on different platforms and enhances productivity with pre-built components that save ample of time while writing a code.

An endeavour by Adobe, PhoneGap is a free resource that beginner app developers use to convert code from HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The SDKs (software development kits) are maintained on the vendor’s end for each platform used by the developer, so it’s one less thing you need to worry about. And once your app is developed, you can ask your team for feedbacks in case the app needs any changes.

Appcelerator Titanium
Using JavaScript, Titanium’s SDK creates native iOS and Android apps while reprocessing around 60% to 90% of the same code for all the apps you make, thus saving ample of your time. And since it is an open-source tool, many developers are continually contributing to it to make it better and more functional. And in case you find a bug in its system, you can too.

Cocos2d is mainly used in two-dimensional game development. It offers developers the choice of five different forks or platforms to develop on, depending on their preferred programming language:

  • Cocos2d-x uses C++
  • Cocos2dXNA uses C#
  • Cocos2d-JS uses JavaScript
  • Cocos2d(Python) uses Python
  • Cocos2d-Swift uses Xcode and Objective-C

Unity 3D
Unity 3D is a game engine used when you want to focus on your striking graphics. This cross-platform mobile development tool operates beyond simple translation. Subsequent to developing your code in C#, UnityScript, or Boo, you can easily export your games to 17 different platforms, such as iOS, Android, Web, Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Linux and more.

Once you have your game on all your selected platforms, Unity will help you share it out to app stores, bring social shares, and track user analytics.


How to pick best programming language? i.indiaopines.com/fugenx/how-to-pick-best-programming-language/

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Web Development! It’s a phrase that scares some but excites most. Fugenx will walk you through five best programming languages that are used in web development. Fugenx reviews and keeps tab on changes that happen in the world of coding.   This article will let you know programming languages you should start working on, if you wish to be a web developer.

1.      HTML

Without HTML, it wouldn’t have been possible for other more advanced languages to reach where they are today. HTML is not a programming language itself, it’s a scripting language. But it had to be on this list. If you master HTML, learning basics of other web development tools becomes quite easy.

2.      Javascript

JS hasn’t always been a major player. But recent additions have turned Javascript into one of the most important programming languages today. Node.js gave a big boost to Javascript’s status as a web development language. StackOverflow’s survey in 2015 suggests that Javascript is actually the most used programming language, leaving behind Java and PHP.

3.      PHP

The importance of PHP is shown in sophisticated websites that are highly responsive. PHP and HTML work together with great cohesion and amazing results. With the help of PHP, you can expand a web app easily and swiftly. PHP controls numerous websites including WordPress and Facebook.

4.      Java

Java is popular, loved by many and used everywhere. This open source language has added new dimensions to programming. Sun Microsystems invented Java promising that it will emerge as a game-changer for coders. Java has surely fulfilled that promise. Java has many modules that aid web development.

5.      Python

Python is arguably the easiest to language learn and write code in. That’s why beginners are advised to get started with Python. It is also used as a scripting language thus proving its importance in the web development foray. Python can run effortlessly on Windows and LINUX based servers.


There are some programming languages that couldn’t crack this list. But it doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. At Fugenx Technologies, various languages are used to create seamless software. 


Transform your business into brand using Mobile apps. i.indiaopines.com/fugenx/transform-your-business-into-brand-using-mobile-apps/

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In today’s world mobile phones are becoming whole and soul of every person whether it is business or personal life, mobile phones play an important role in almost every field. Mobile increases both sale and visibility in the business. In every business field, whether it is small or big, mobile phones app eventually brought the extraordinary growth with great customer services. People spend most of their time using various mobile apps which make the connection stronger with the things that are provided by mobile apps. A study reveals that users spend 89% of their time browsing on mobile apps. With such a high popularity by mobile applications, businessmen believe in investing much more in mobile apps. Mobile apps are becoming a dominating form of digital interaction nowadays.

Fugenx technologies brief some ideas about the significance of mobile apps in growth of business:

Creating awareness: Awareness among people about your dream venture is the most important thing which can help you to succeed and spread your business to the world. Different attractive mobile apps will be the most efficient way of doing so. A mobile app will help you to spread your business.

Customer interaction: Customers are the target for every business and companies. Therefore, effective interaction is necessary between a customer and a businessman. User-friendly mobile apps will surely help to increase the communication and strengthen the bond between the both.

Promoting new product and services: Mobile apps make the customer buy online products by linking up to the inventory system. With the help of various mobile apps, you can easily provide the new updates about new products to the customers.

Predictive analysis: For customer’s satisfaction, it is important to know their interest area which can be easily possible by mobile apps. With social media apps, you can easily know about the customer’s preferences. And thus you can launch the right product in the right market at the right time.


Captivating the youth: Youth is the soul of today’s world, so every businessman wants to reach out to youth without failing. And these mobile apps will surely make news among youngsters. An amazing business app will strengthen your venture’s growth prospects. So for the development of business go for innovative mobile apps!


Mobility directly affects banking and financing. i.indiaopines.com/fugenx/mobility-directly-affects-banking-and-financing/

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Technology is advancing day-by-day and grabbing every field to develop it. We can use technologies for better development and in earning profits. Banking and financing are the sectors where people invest more because they feel that growth rate of these fields is more. Competition is high in these fields and the mobile technology which is adopted in the present takes the competition to a higher level. Surprisingly, mobile technology is the only factor in banking and finance sector which is the reason for best service providing. With the help of mobile technology, these sector can satisfy the needs of customers.

Fugenx technologies provide various tips about how do mobility helps to improve banking and financing:

Mobile technologies in financing, banking, insurance and capital markets focus on the improvement of customer service experiences, digital selling and achieving productivity improvement. Cost reduction and risk reduction are also to be maintained by these technologies. Mobile technology makes a great change in these sectors by improving them or by changing them for gaining profits and giving best services to the customers. It is beneficial for business and can do wonders in opening new revenue streams. Banking and financing are the sectors which must be trustworthy otherwise no one will invest in them. So it is important to choose best mobile service provider companies which are reliable and help in achieving the target of customer satisfaction.

Right mobility can help in profitability by improving customer’s services.  These mobile services are growing so fast that we can easily help banks in creating unique products for their customers. Some of the facilities that are provided by mobility to banking and financing are validation, consulting and advisory solutions, mobile banking solutions, office banking solutions and user experience design. About 20% internet traffic is generated because of mobility. Therefore customers are suffering from great service experience. Banks are also able to deliver continuous easy access to their customers and thus are able to enhance loyalty.  This method of mobile technology will help the rapid growth of banking and financing sectors in the market and provide best services for their customer. With this, these sectors along with their customers can become happy and satisfied. Still having queries about the kit? Contact Fugenx Technologies.




Enhance your business from Digital Marketing. i.indiaopines.com/fugenx/enhance-your-business-from-digital-marketing/

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Our world is of technologies by which we are developing in almost every field. Digital marketing and social media involvement teaches us how to act as a customer and how to be a good businessman. Digital marketing is basically for strategies focused on increasing the reach and visibility of the business. It enhances our business skills which take our business to the stairs of growth and success. 

Fugenx technologies provide various benefits of digital marketing:

Reduce cost:-Digital marketing can reduce cost by its strategies and also we can develop our business in small amount. Cost is also reduced by replacing advertisements as it is digital world which itself develops our business without seeking to the advertisements.

Simple to measure:-It is very simple and easy to grow the business by digital marketing. With the help of digital world we can see online which strategy is working or which one is not appropriate for our business growth! After knowing we can improve our business strategies. Google analytics can help us to know the traffic to our site. It is also helpful in knowing that how many people are opening, reading and converting from our mails.

Brand development:-If the site is well maintained and has quality content to target the audience needs so it leads to the generation of different opportunities which develops the brand.

Personalization:-If our site is within the reach of customer and he is linked with us then we can greet him by target offers. The more they buy from us our business market will develop faster. As the customers are more likely to choose our sites our business will leads to success more apparently.

Social currency:-Digital marketing provides us to connect with more and more people. Links with one person can be offered to another and passed from user to user and becoming viral which helps in gaining social currency.

Openness:-With the help of social networking we can gain loyalty and create a reputation for easy engagement with customers. We can encourage our customers to take actions, visit our websites, buy our products, and rate them which help in easy engagement.

Thus digital marketing has many advantages in growth of our business which can lead us to the way of success. So what are you waiting for? Adopt Digital Marketing now! For more info, contact Fugnex Technologies.




Why E-Commerce is in trend nowadays? i.indiaopines.com/fugenx/why-e-commerce-is-in-trend-nowadays-2/

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Attributable to the great popularity and quick development of the Internet and network innovation, electronic commerce has turned into a noteworthy activity in modern business operations, states Fugenx Reviews. Today, massive business exercises are conducted on the web. Individuals go online to sell and purchase merchandise and services, and numerous transactions can’t be accomplished without Internet technology.

Online shopping offers enormous selection of products and services. Retailers having bricks and mortar premises are constrained in the amount of products they can display or even keep in their inventories. That is absolutely reasonable, since both characterize a noteworthy investment of funds. On the other hand, online retailers have no such limitations. They basically need to demonstrate pictures and offer portrayals of the complete range, enhancing the shopping experience of customers.

Where those shopping in retail stores may perhaps need to wait for specific things, (for example, couches) for up to one month, mostly web shopping offers a quick dispatch of items, reducing that holding up time – altogether, once we’ve spent our cash, we would choose not to wait.

Online shopping offers such a variety of benefits for purchasers. It’s simple – retailers purposely make their websites easy to browse and use – and with a debit/credit card there is no looking back. The choice appears to be verging on vast, and we’re not longer limited to simply purchasing locally or through mail order catalogues. We don’t have to feel troubled with opening hours, loud-mouthed sales staff, and the hundred different issues that prevail with any shopping trip. The procedure can take as long as you feel like – or be over in a matter of minutes. You can buy products from across the world. It appears like a Golden Age of shopping.


Customers positively believe so, as the e- commerce market has blasted to extreme levels. Indeed, even credit crunches can’t decline the craving for online shopping. “Regardless of the financial scenario, the estimation is that the amount spent shopping online will continue to expand year by year”, says an expert from Fugenx Technologies


Fugenx Technology : Uses of Mobile Computing on Mobile Apps and Development fugenx.com/

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Fugnex Technologies

Mobile cloud computing is beneficial for application developers and the end-users both. It is very helpful for corporate users especially that do not have enough money to invest upfront on required hardware and software.

Cloud computing has changed mobile app development forever. As it offers numerous benefits such as low initial investment, ease of adoption, scalability and elasticity, operational efficiency and large overall cost savings, all mobile app development companies prefer it for their operations.

With Cloud computing, you will get performance and flexibility. As smart phones and tablets with advanced browsers are capable of accessing stored applications work remotely in the cloud, developers can now build apps one time and deploy them across multiple platforms such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices, etc. In very less time, more innovative and useful apps were developed more quickly and cost effectively. 

Mobile cloud computing is advantageous to end users as well. Mobile users do not need high-end hardware and infrastructure to run or maintain mobile apps. Businesses are able to get fully functional apps at reduced cost of development to their users. 

The essential favorable position of cloud computing for mobile app developers is obvious. One is expense sparing. Designers require not put vigorously in building foundation and assets. Cloud computing provides instant access to scalable mobile application tools for building mobile and tablet applications. Furthermore, it encourages cross-platform application development. Designers can now fabricate an application and run that on over various platforms.

FuGenX specializes in mobile computing and renowned for developing different mobile apps and game apps.


What are the things to Remember while Creating eCommerce site? fugenx.com/

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Websites are treated as frequent venue for retail outlets of e-commerce companies as consumers are now leaving the traditional realm of physical locations. As there are hundreds of ecommerce websites already present to ease the shopping experience for the customers, so an ecommerce design becomes the essential element for the success of these sites.

Fugenx e-commerce

Before outlining a site for e-business organizations, there are sure things which must be kept in core interest:

  • Everyone in web design is familiar with the importance of an easy-to-navigate website but most of the times the drawback to online retail comes when consumers can’t physically explore your product. An e-commerce website needs to display their product in a pleasing and accurate way.
  • Customers always prefer a well maintained website. Proper visual about the products and services is the most important aspect of designing a successful e-commerce website.
  • Providing an easy buying experience for your customers. Facilities like viewing their cart at any location on the website or a help button nearby in case of any problem can do a big magic.
  • Make sure that an e-commerce website does not contain any broken links which does not work as it can make your customers annoyed. Customers have the tendency to share negative experiences so provide them with easy navigation and all the required information.

In this aggressive business sector, just by having the best item and the best cost won’t help in pulling in and holding the customers until and unless you do not take care of their shopping experience by being a reliable hosting provider. Fugenx Technologies can give your organization remarkable e-commerce solutions by making e-commerce websites which performs well on all platforms and devices.