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Emma Watson on money matters: No one’s being paid equally www.ilovenewz.com/emma-watson-on-money-matters-no-ones-being-paid-equally

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Emma Watson on money matters: No one's being paid equally

Whether you are a woman on a tea plantation in Kenya, or a stockbroker on Wall Street, or a Hollywood actress, no one is being paid equally, says actress Emma Watson.

Watson opened up about the pay gap in Hollywood while talking to Esquire magazine. She has also appeared on the cover of Esquire to promote her organisation HeForShe, reports people.com. She said: “We are not supposed to talk about money, because people will think you’re ‘difficult’ or a ‘diva’. But there’s a willingness now to be like, ‘Fine. Call me a ‘diva’, call me a ‘feminazi’, call me ‘difficult’, call me a ‘First World feminist’, call me whatever you want, it’s not going to stop me from trying to do the right thing and make sure that the right thing happens.’ Because it doesn’t just affect me.

“Whether you are a woman on a tea plantation in Kenya, or a stockbroker on Wall Street, or a Hollywood actress, no one is being paid equally.” Watson, who founded the gender equality organisation HeForShe in 2014, the year she was appointed a UN Global Goodwill Ambassador, also shared that she has experienced sexism.

“I’ve had my ar** slapped as I’ve left a room. I’ve felt scared walking home. I’ve had people following me. I don’t talk about these experiences much, because coming from me they’ll sound like a huge deal and I don’t want this to be about me, but most women I know have experienced it and worse,” said the ‘Harry Potter’ star. 

“There’s no point in me going, ‘You all have to go away from having read this article and decide that you are a feminist.’ That’s useless. The only thing that is going to make a difference is if men go away and speak to the women in their lives about what they are experiencing,” she said.


I’m not thinking of IPL now, says Carlos Brathwaite www.ilovenewz.com/im-not-thinking-of-ipl-now-says-carlos-brathwaite

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I'm not thinking of IPL now, says Carlos Brathwaite

Carlos Brathwaite turned heads at the Indian Premier League (IPL) players’ auction last month. In what was arguably the most surprising buy, Delhi Daredevils outbid Kolkata Knight Riders to acquire the services of the West Indian for a staggering Rs 4.2 crore, which was 14 times his base price of Rs 30 lakh.

IPL-9 is still a month away, but the 27-year-old allrounder will get ample chances to showcase his skills in front of Indian fans in the World T20, which got underway with the qualification round on Tuesday (March 8). “It feels good to be selected for the IPL… I want to thank Delhi Daredevils for giving me this opportunity and hope to do well for them. But I don’t want to look too far ahead,” said Brathwaite during the players’ session with the media on Tuesday.

“The World Cup is of prime importance now. I have an important role in the team and want to concentrate on that,” said the Barbadian.

Having made his international debut in 2011, Brathwaite got to play just an One Day International (ODI) and a Twenty20 International (T20I) during the tour of Bangladesh before being dropped. He had to wait nearly four years to play another game for West Indies. And he has made quite an impact in his second stint, scoring half-centuries in both the Test matches he played against Australia recently.

A hard-hitting lower-order batsman and a handy back-up pacer, Brathwaite has learnt a lot from West Indies bowling coach Curtly Ambrose. “Ambrose is a legend, he has been great so far. It is up to us to pick his brains and learn more. He has had a huge impact in the dressing room.”

Senior pro Denesh ‘Shotter’ Ramdin, one of eight players who helped the West Indies lift the 2012 World T20 crown, is keen to share his vast experience with the younger players in their common goal to claim the coveted trophy. “I think I have a very important role in the team. Both in terms of my duties behind the stumps and holding the lower order together. There are a lot of power hitters ahead as well as behind me. I will use the experience that I have gained in the last 10 years to guide my team,” Ramdin said.

Like his captain Darren Sammy, Ramdin felt the West Indies are well suited to excel in the T20 format. “The West Indies players have been in great demand in various T20 leagues across the world. We have seven-eight of them who are all match winners and I have no doubt that we can go all the way.”

Test and ODI captain Jason Holder felt it won’t be difficult for T20 skipper Sammy to steer the team, despite the fact that this group hasn’t played too much cricket together as a unit for West Indies. “It shouldn’t be difficult. We have guys who have played with or against each other in the T20 leagues, we understand each other well. We have had a very good camp in Dubai, won all four games there, so we are all set for this tournament,” he said.

The experience of leading West Indies in Tests and ODIs has helped Holder develop as a cricketer. “It has opened my mind to think a little more. I have known these people for some time now, so I just try to communicate and get the job done. I am still pretty young and finding my feet. There are so many players helping me in my journey,” Holder said.


Why Kangana is challenging herself? www.ilovenewz.com/why-kangana-is-challenging-herself

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Why Kangana is challenging herself?

The `Queen` of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut was announced as the brand ambassador of Reebok India here on Tuesday. The actress also launched the new campaign of the brand titled `Be More Human`.

The new campaign featuring Kangana has been released on the occasion of `International Women’s Day`. 

It aims to inspire women to become better versions of themselves, not just physically but also mentally and socially. It is a tribute to the modern day Indian woman, telling her that she is fit to rise above stereotypes and carve out her own destiny.

In the new campaign, Kangana will be seen challenging herself with various fitness activities including functional training, dance, yoga, kick-boxing and others, thereby communicating the overarching brand message – ‘how fit you are defines how far you go’.

`I have always been a Reebok fan. Their products and campaigns have always inspired me. When they came to me, it was a natural fit and I was extremely excited to be associated with them. I feel that anything in life can be accomplished if we believe in ourselves. Today’s women should stay fit in all aspects, be it physically, socially or mentally,` said the actress. 

`This ideology echoes with Reebok’s overall positioning and I am delighted to be the face of the brand, helping them push this message further…,` she added.


Mails: Sorry Man City, you are unloved elite www.ilovenewz.com/mails-sorry-man-city-you-are-unloved-elite

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Mails: Sorry Man City, you are unloved elite

Why I’m sick of City…
To Wayne C
: I’m afraid to say I’m sick of Man City – as are most ‘neutrals’ I know. If they were relegated next season I would cheer.

Don’t take this personally (quite). I certainly don’t hate City: Pellegrini, Kompany, Silva, Aguero all seem decent men, the former two even admirable. The investment in youth should be lauded, as should the ‘holistic’ approach taken by the not-so-new owners. And based on personal experience and the mailbox, it’s hard to begrudge City fans their success.

But ultimately that success was bought. Bought because City activated the ‘Sheikh cheat’. Because City can now throw £30m at five players and see what sticks. There is nothing admirable about the club’s success, nothing to like. I don’t hate City like I hate Chelsea but the two stand for essentially the same: the purchase of football, the flogging of competition to the highest bidder.

I’m afraid you can’t have it both ways: you can’t buy the league twice, however thrillingly, and then wonder why your club are seen as a blight on the game. This isn’t meant as a provocation: I’m sure you’ve enjoyed your success and congratulations to City fans for retaining their humour and perspective.

But once the club spent £33m on Robinho you joined the unloved elite. And less than a decade later, you basically embody it.
Max, CPFC (no longer waving but drowning)

And you do have glory hunters…
I was reading with interest Wayne C (Man City fan)’s email until he made the bland and frankly lazy statement about Arsenal, United and Liverpool fans being ‘glory hunters’. The statement IS lazy because when you think about it, a great deal of the core (English) fan base of these clubs is because the support has been passed down from father to son. My own grandfather MAY have been a ‘glory hunter’ having started supporting Arsenal in the 1930s (when they won the league five times), but then again he did live in Dalston, a stone’s throw away. He passed the brand loyalty (to use an unwelcome modern parlance) down to my father, who passed it on to me and my sisters and so on to our kids. I’m sure many United and Liverpool fans could demonstrate that their allegiance was inherited rather than a chosen adoption.

Which then led me to thinking who are the real glory hunting fans? The obvious examples are Chelsea and indeed City themselves. Back in the 80s one Chelsea fan attending their Division Two game would have to scream in order for the person standing next to them at Stamford Bridge to hear them, as there would be that much empty space between them. Average crowds of 16-21,000 were the norm. I live in the south and have done all my life. It has always been usual to see Arsenal or Spurs shirts, but only in the last decade or so have Chelsea shirts become more and more dominant coinciding with that club’s prominence since the AbRam revolution began. They are known to fans of other London clubs as ‘plastics’ for a reason you know. As for Man City shirts…never ever would they be seen down here…until the last couple of years. Coincidence or glory hunting Wayne?

I accept that successful teams will always have a number of people jumping on the bandwagon, but analyse where you live and see if the trends are similar. If Leicester win the league for the next five years, expect to see Foxes shirts popping up all over the place!
Chris (genuinely thing Leicester deserve to win the league and hope they do) C

Do Liverpool?
Just to pick up Wayne C’s point…

Are Liverpool fans still classed as glory hunters??


Thanks very much.

I know the Champs League is a biggie and the one we all want but that was 11 yrs ago…and the FA Cup was 10yrs…or is the League Cup bigger than I thought??


A mail on entitlement
Recently I have seen an increasing number of contributors taking a pop at Arsenal fans for their sense of ‘entitlement’. These digs now also pop up in mails on topics completely unrelated to Arsenal, as in the case with Phil, EFC, Wirral this morning. Wayne C labelled us in eloquent terms as ‘self-entitled glory hunting history professors’.

While there is a very vocal and rabid portion of the fanbase that you could certainly point fingers at, I don’t see how the concept of entitlement fits with this.

The frustration I feel as an Arsenal fan is related to missed opportunities to do better and be in a position to win things. I don’t in any way feel Arsenal are “entitled” to win the Premier League, but it is hard to take when we consistently put ourselves in decent positions and then just as consistently self-destruct or fade away (for example leading for so long in the 2013-14 season when Ramsey was on fire).

Recent fan anger directed at the team has been more focused on the facts that 1) the team has not been playing well at all, and hasn’t for pretty much most of the season and 2) through injuries, or underperformance, or preparation, the balance of the team hasn’t seemed right for a long time, meaning we often look quite ponderous going forward and shaky at the back. Obviously this is exacerbated by the fact Leicester and Tottenham are having a great time of it, while other title rivals have struggled, but again, I see this more as an opportunity slipping away from us than any sort of given right to win the League.

Another dimension to consider is that Arsenal’s position is unique in the Premier League for the simple fact that we have had the same manager for 19 and a half years. The next nearest is Eddie Howe with three and a half. The discussions we have (that play out in the mailbox) around Arsene Wenger’s position are completely different to that for every other club, because over the course of 19+ years you are bound to gain baggage and history, both positive and negative. It would be the same for any other club if they had the same manager for that long.

I understand that many clubs would love to be in a position to regularly finish in the Top Four (it isn’t a trophy, but a measure of consistency). The Arsenal fans I know love being in the Champions League for the big games. Regardless of all of the jokes that we can’t beat the better teams, the occasions are great and we have had some truly memorable games. But I am getting tired of other fans constantly having a go on this ‘entitlement’ charge – I certainly don’t feel entitled to anything when the team turns up to must-win games against Man Utd and Swansea and can’t deliver.

Every fan goes into the new season with expectations – some will be delirious with happiness, some immensely disappointed, some content to do what is expected.
Matt C, Hutton


Leicester COULD and HAS happened elsewhere…
Like the majority of people I am very much enjoying watching Leicester makes us all look stupid by leading the Premier League with a handful of games left.

However I am getting sick of hearing that this somehow proves how great the Premier League and that this could never happen in any other country.

Of course it is difficult to compare different clubs and different leagues. However for context let’s state some facts first. Leicester is a medium-sized city in the UK with a population of around 330,000 people, and the one-club city (LCFC) have 111 years of history in which time they have won three League Cups, have been to four FA Cup finals, have a best-place finish of secod in the top league and have only spent one season outside of the top two divisions. They also play in a modern 32,000 all-seater stadium.

For me there are various comparisons from Europe’s other major leagues in recent memory.

Deportivo from La Coruna (population 246,000) won their first and so far only La Liga title in 2000 having previously won just two national cup titles and play in a stadium with a capacity of 34,000.

Montpellier (population 268,000) similar to Deportivo won their first Ligue 1 championship in 2012 having previously only won the French Cup twice and play at the stade de la Mosson in front of 32,000 fans.

Wolfsburg (population 122,000) had won nothing and barely played in the top flight of German football before winning the Bundesliga in 2008 playing in their 30,000 stadium.

However by far my favourite story from across the pond is that of Lyon. Before 2002 they had never won Ligue 1 and only won a handful of cups. Lyon is the third largest city in France so of course this was an under-achievement however after winning their first league title in 2002 they followed it up with a further six successive championships. Honestly can you imagine Leicester not only winning the Premier League for the first time this season but then going on to win every league title from now until 2022?

Now that we look back none of these triumphs seem like shocks mainly because the teams then kick on and win or at least compete in the following years and bring in higher-quality players (not doubt bank rolled by the success). Of course the difference with Leicester is that they have gone from bottom to top in a calendar year which is unique.

However even in England you could argue that Leicester’s current achievement of leading the table towards the end of the season after only being promoted to the league is comparable to Keegan’s Newcastle. Really the two Premier League favourites at the start of the season Chelsea and Manchester City have between them won double the amount of league titles (6) since 2005 as they did in the previous 100 years.

I guess my point is if Leicester do win the title then sustain some sort of competitiveness this will look less of a shock, especially when you consider they are owned by a Thai billionaire.

As for this proving that the Premier League is the best in the world I think it just proves that the favourites can have bad seasons and if a medium-sized team perform well then they can still challenge every now and then as happens in most leagues.
Paul, London

Leicester’s lack of injuries: Explanations
Interesting point raised in the mailbox this morning relating to Leicester’s lack of injuries. We have had Schlupp and James out for the majority of the season, but other than that, we’ve not had many. I don’t think it is fair to say this is solely due to luck, there are other factors at play in my opinion.

The majority of our team are used to full-blooded 46-game season Championship football and have likely toughened up as a result of it.

As has been noted a lot recently, our style of play doesn’t involve having much possession. You’re more likely to get injured if you have the ball. Also, when teams play the bigger spending teams, they are more likely to dive into niggling tackles due to frustration of not getting the ball. Teams have not treated Leicester in the same way, because we’re little Leicester!

I’m sure other clubs have done the same, but our club has invested large sums of money into sports science to ensure out players maintain their peak physical condition. This is bound to have helped.

Finally, our players are getting knocks but seem to be playing through the pain barrier. Vardy had multiple injuries for most of the first half of the season. We were then fortunate to get a two-week break due to lack of other competitions to put him through surgery to sort the problem.
Toby Mitchell

…As a response to Ryan, North Carolina, I thought I’d raise a few points. 1) we haven’t played as many games as the other teams at the top so are much less likely to get any strains from overplaying *cough,cough* Arsenal *cough,cough* & 2) our medical and physio team is considered one of the best in the country and the manager trusts their judgement.

Because of this Leicester have used the least number of players in the Premier League this season (23) and tend to name an unchanged 18. You may remember that Vardy was carrying a wrist injury through December. It was operated on before FA Cup third round week and he played a week later after following to the letter a plan from the physios including lots of cryogenic chamber time to hasten his recovery. I don’t see other teams getting injury recovery turnaround like this.

It’s no accident Leicester have the shortest injury list and the highest availability of players and it’s just another thing adding to Leicester’s push to win the Championship two seasons ago, the nine-game run last season and the continuation of that with Don Claudio this.
Steve Phillips, LCFC


What if Spurs finish fifth?
Just something that annoys me on a regular basis. Why is it every time Spurs have a disappointing result, everyone (pundits, fans, writers) say Spurs look/ed tired. Many know, we are probably the fittest team in the Premier League, along with Bournemouth. I know we’ve played a lot of games, but surely if were the fittest that’s what we’re built for, surely the teams not as fit as us should be tiring, not us. I don’t buy it. And how is resting them for one game going to make a difference, they’d still be doing training all week, quite intense training with Poch I imagine. It’s the same with every single time Harry Kane doesn’t score it’s because he’s tired or needs a rest. They should all be in peak condition. Now for some negative thoughts, how would Spurs fans feel if it all went completely wrong and we finished 5th? Up to now it’s been a ridiculously good season, but if that happenned, we finished outside the top four, went out of all the cup competitions very early, that would be considered a bad season in my opinion. Just an interesting and depressing thought!
Matt, Norwich

Martinez IN, actually
Last couple of Mailboxes there have been some valid criticisms of Martinez. In Mediawatch you posted a recommended reading on how the Lennon-Niasse substitution wasn’t what cost us the lead. I agree – it was Mirallas’ red. But whist you can excuse one-offs, what you can’t excuse is an emerging pattern. We throw away too many leads under Martinez.

However, I don’t think he should be sacked, for the following reasons:

1. He has a long-term vision. With the players we have and their potential, we could have one of the best squads in the league five years down the line. Sacking Martinez will convince these players we don’t have a long-term plan and it will crumble as they leave. This can’t be allowed to happen.

2. It’s exciting. Yes, it’s frustrating when we lose like that, but when Martinez’s football comes off it a joy to behold.

3. Give him time. We’re in the quarters of a cup, and just recently been knocked out in the semi of another. We’re close to winning something.

The overwhelming majority seem to want him to stay from my experience, although people are beginning to grumble. I don’t want Everton to become a sacking club, giving managers time is important.
Liam EFC (If we win the cup, I’ll Mosh-iri)

Ed: Still not properly back
I just read the mailbox while sat in a soft play. Couldn’t work out if the sound of snivelling children was real or in my head.

Three things to say:

1. The Palace fan who started the petition is a c##t, and has been disowned as such by the majority of right-thinking Palace fans. We didn’t like the decision, but we liked our team’s play even less.

2. Liverpool fans will never win the world championship of self-awareness, but even so, MickT lumping all of us in with that aforementioned c##t is pretty spectacular. Surely of all teams, his own is the one whose fans have suffered the most from being tarred with a brush meant only for a tiny, tiny minority.

3. Nice try, Mitesh Desai (poetry corner)/but if you think I’m only going to write once a week you are sorely mistaken.
The literary Ed Quoththeraven


Three things
1. MickT, Liverpool – have you considered the possibility that the change.org petition may have been hijacked by fans of a certain club with a little more animosity towards Liverpool than Palace?

2. Christ that list of uncapped players was depressing. Every single one of those foreign players would make the plane for us, most would start!

3. Just realised Chelsea have hit the 40 point mark – we’re safe! Who’s laughing now eh? EH?
Simon, CFC

A Mailbox guest article: Thoughts
I think it’s a great idea by Mitesh Desai to have guest publications as articles. Not knowing the ins and outs of media I have no idea if this is easy or complicated from your side but the idea itself is solid. I have written a few emails to the Mailbox but realised they were getting too long and I should really get back to work…

Another way to do it would be to suggest a specific topic for an article and then take contributions from readers and publish whichever you feel is the best. For example, the topic could be ‘What is takes to avoid relegation’ and people could go through previous survivors, what they had and match these to the current teams fighting relegation (you can have that one).
Rob A (Leicester to win League, come mid-table next year) AFC

…On Mitesh Desais’ excellent idea on guest articles by readers, please for God’s sake don’t do it. It’s bad enough to read two mails from Ed quoththeraven every day, imagine a whole piece every week.

Bring back the quiz if you want extra articles!
Dozie, Bariga

…Mitesh Desai, I fully endorse this idea of mailbox contributors getting a whole article published. Mostly it’s an ego thing, the feeling of sheer euphoria I got on my first published mail was immense (even called my Dad who can’t work the Internet to tell him). So the allure of having an actual piece on the site is just phenomenal. I imagine they’d be many, many weeks of failure but to wake up one morning and see it there…boy, it would be worth it!
Dotz, Belfas. (Living vicariously through football journalists since 2012)

…Mitesh Desai raises an interesting point in the morning mailbox with regards to readers providing free content for you to publish. I think it could work if you avoid allowing fans of big clubs to just write opinion pieces. What I miss most of all on the site is the La Liga Round up that Tim Stannard would supply and even when it was being published I wished something similar existed for the Bundesliga, Ligue un, the lower leagues in England etc. I know it didn’t garner enough clicks to keep it going but if this was being provided free of charge to you it would be a no-lose situation and I’m sure grateful readers who bothered reading the articles would forgive the odd misplaced apostrophe. I’d love to hear about the latest updates coming through from the Belgian league or even about Bright Young Things in Australia and I presume a lot of readers feel similarly.

I guess though that there is nothing stopping this same content being submitted to the mailbox so perhaps this is all a moot point.

Would happily provide a weekly recap of events happening in the South African PSL but suspect that may be a bit too niche.
Osric the Brave, Cape Town


…I’d be up for doing a guest writer spot at some point in the future, even though my mailbox contributions are few and far beteween these days.

I’ll get my thinking cap on for an entertaining subject.
Matt L, London

…There are some cracking mailboxers who I’d definitely read more from. The Literary Ed Quoththeraven has has surely earned a permanent deal at F365 Towers by now.
Mike, Edinburgh

…Mitesh Desai makes a point I’ve taken up with the esteemed writers of 365 before during an offline email row that we had over my disgruntlement of the lack of coverage afforded to Wales during their recent triumphant qualification campaign.

A splendid idea Mitesh.

Love and cuddles.
Somerset Dave

…I like the idea by Mitesh on articles by guest contributors to be featured once a week. However, I would go one step further and ask that if this is in any way possible, that the topic of that article should be rather appealing to the masses. None of the usual Wenger in/out, Martinez fashion or tactical failure or LvG associated dross. Talk about why Man City forwards have the lowest pressing rates in recent Premier League history, the different refereeing styles or why exactly Tony Pulis insists on using muscular giraffes with exceptional aerial prowess to play across the back four. Or better yet, these guest contributions should be focused entirely on other leagues or teams not within the Premier League.
Greg Tric, (I count myself out, my mails are always extremely short) Nairobi

…I thought you already do this on an almost daily basis and he goes by the name ‘The literary Ed Quoththeraven’. Joking aside, a great idea!
Paul Miller, BRFC (94-95 sure seems a long time ago now..)

(Right. What we will do is take suggestions from Mailbox regulars who are willing to write an article – and crucially, have the time. Write in with ‘Mailbox guest’ in the subject line and give us a 20-word (or so) summary of your idea. We will pick our favourite and mail you back. We will do this for as long as it actually works – Ed).

Rondon pings cr…ohhhh
Did any other regular F365 visitors find that when they went to bed last night they put their head down on their pillow (complete with Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink pillow case or similar) and were struck by the following thought:

“Rondon pings cross? What the…What? Rondon p…OH LIKE LONDON KINGS CROSS!”

…and then slept a sound and contented sleep?

Took me bloody ages to figure that one out. Excellent punnage, keep it up.
Dan (hoping to win the FIFA Fenchurch Pancras award for most elaborate train station/football pun of 2016) Brighton


Monkeys Move Wheelchairs Using Just Their Thoughts www.ilovenewz.com/monkeys-move-wheelchairs-using-just-their-thoughts

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Monkeys Move Wheelchairs Using Just Their Thoughts

Monkeys equipped with wireless brain implants were able to control robotic wheelchairs using only their thoughts, according to a new study.

The brain waves of two rhesus macaques were used to direct motor commands on a motorized wheelchair. The monkeys were initially trained to navigate the wheelchair by simply watching it move, the researchers said. The new findings could one day improve the mobility of the most severely disabled people, such as those with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), who cannot even move a cheek or eye muscle, the scientists added.

“In some severely disabled people, even blinking is not possible,” Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, co-director of the Duke Center for Neuroengineering,said in a statement. “For them, using a wheelchair or device controlled by noninvasive measures like an EEG [electroencephalogram] — a device that monitors brain waves through electrodes on the scalp — may not be sufficient. We show clearly that if you have intracranial implants, you get better control of a wheelchair than with noninvasive devices.”

Brain machine interface

The new experiment isn’t the first time that scientists have created a so-called brain-machine interface. In a 2009 study, researchers showed that people with electrodes implanted in their brains could type with just their thoughts. In 2012, a quadriplegic used thoughts to move a robotic arm. And in 2013, Nicolelis and his colleagues showed thatmonkeys could move robotic arms with their minds.

To expand upon their earlier work, Nicolelis and his colleagues implanted hundreds of tiny electrodes into the premotor cortex, which helps plan movement, and the somatosensory cortex, which helps process the sense of touch, of two monkeys. They then trained the monkeys to use their brain waves to navigate the wheelchair toward a bowl of tasty grapes. Nicolelis and his colleagues then recorded their brain waves from 300 brain cells, or neurons, during this process. The scientists translated those brain waves into commands for a motorized wheelchair.

Over time, the monkeys got better at the task, navigating towards the bowl of grapes more quickly and with fewer wrong turns,  the researchers reported online March 3 in the journal Scientific Reports.

The team found that the monkeys were not only producing brain signals associated with translation and rotation, but they were also evaluating the distance between the bowl of fruit and the chair.

“This was not a signal that was present in the beginning of the training, but something that emerged as an effect of the monkeys becoming proficient in this task,” Nicolelis said in a statement. “This was a surprise. It demonstrates the brain’s enormous flexibility to assimilate a device, in this case a wheelchair, and that device’s spatial relationships to the surrounding world.”

In follow-up work, Nicolelis and his colleagues want to expand their neuronal recording to a greater number of brain regions, in order to improve the brain-computer interface.


Mimi records her first film song www.ilovenewz.com/mimi-records-her-first-film-song

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Mimi records her first film song

Mimi Chakraborty couldn’t believe her ears when she heard her own voice in a track of Pallab Ganguly’s film, Guti Mollar.

The actress told us that she gave in to composer Savvy’s demand and recorded the song on Tuesday afternoon.
“Savvy wanted me to sing this song, as it required a husky voice. He thought my voice was apt for the track. I was really nervous when I went for the recording, but Savvy constantly guided and encouraged me. I think I’ve done a decent job. Prosen has penned this rather happy song and I enjoyed singing it. And now that I’ve recorded my first song, I don’t mind recording a few more,” Mimi told us.


Arthur backs Australia to win World T20 www.ilovenewz.com/arthur-backs-australia-to-win-world-t20

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Arthur backs Australia to win World T20

Despite stuttering noticeably in T20 cricket and having to combat challenging conditions in the sub-continent, Australia has the firepower and experience to win a belated World T20. That is the confident prognostication from former Australia coach Mickey Arthur.

Australia are the 50-over world champions and have recently returned to the top of the Test tree but are shockingly ranked eighth in T20 cricket. Rankings can be viewed as trivial because of the lack of international T20 matches but, regardless, it is a format Australia have never truly grasped despite having the thriving Big Bash League (BBL) in their backyard.

Australia snapped a five-game T20 losing streak after they incredibly defeated South Africa by successfully chasing 205 in Johannesburg on March 6 (Sunday). They were humiliatingly whitewashed against India at home in January, raising major doubts on their ability to break their World T20 duck.

However, Arthur believes Australia should “absolutely not be underestimated”. “I wouldn’t write them off,” Arthur tells CricBuzz. “Australia has enough experienced players who have played in Indian conditions at the IPL. Their form has been patchy but they are capable of turning it on when it matters most.”

Australia’s explosive batting depth is undoubtedly their strength, underlined by BBL star performers Shaun Marsh, Chris Lynn and Travis Head all missing out on a World T20 berth. Arthur believes Australia’s batting unit can post match-winning totals.

“Australia are capable of scoring massive totals,” Arthur said. “They only need one or two players to fire and they can produce big scores. The question for me though is what is their best combination? Who opens the batting?

“I still think (David) Warner is best suited to opening, as is (Shane) Watson. Perhaps Aaron Finch will have to make way at the top.”

In contrast to their batting, Australia’s bowling looms as a major weakness as evident against India, whose top-order torched Australia’s attack with utter disdain. Missing Mitchell Starc, arguably the world’s best white ball bowler, is a blow but not a fatal one for Australia, according to Arthur.

“Mitchell Starc is a massive loss because he can bowl at 150kmh and is a strike bowler who just always takes wickets,” Arthur said. “I still think Australia has enough talent in their attack. They have a good death bowler in James Faulkner and I believe Andrew Tye can also play a key role because he is adept at the middle and late overs.

“As the frontline spinner, Adam Zampa will play a key role in the middle overs. Those overs are so important to slow the runs down and Zampa is capable of doing that.”

Australia has so thoroughly dominated ODI World Cups but, frustratingly, are without silverware at the World T20 with their best result being runners-up at the 2010 tournament in the Caribbean.

Arthur, who coached Australia from 2011-13 including at the 2012 World T20, said Australia’s lack of success in the format over the years can be attributed to “not playing their best team”.

“The continuity of the T20 team has always been a problem, and I know when I was coach we used the T20 matches to rest players and have a look at other talent,” Arthur said. “Perhaps Australia in the early years saw the format as hit and giggle but that quickly changed. When I was coach we took it seriously and embraced it but, apart from the World T20, there was no continuity in the team.”

At the 2012 World T20 in Sri Lanka, Arthur’s Australia made the semi-final before a Chris Gayle-inspired West Indies knocked them out of the tournament. A brilliant all-round display by Shane Watson spearheaded Australia’s run in that campaign, and Arthur said the current team boasted the requisite superstars to be a legitimate contender.

“I think India without a doubt has the best all-round team and deserve to be favourites,” he said.

“But it is pretty open after that and Australia has as good a chance as anyone because they have match-winning players.If a few of their big names perform, then Australia can definitely win the World Cup.”


Kareena raises voice for women power www.ilovenewz.com/kareena-raises-voice-for-women-power

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Kareena raises voice for women power

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan says the issue of gender bias is something which has still not become a centre of discussion.

The 35-year-old actress will be seen in the upcoming film ‘Ki & Ka’, directed by R Balki. The film features Arjun Kapoor as progressive house-husband supporting his wife, enacted by Kareena, who is a career-oriented woman.

“It is a very different film because of the concept of gender bias. It’s an issue which nobody addresses. There is a stay-at-home husband, there is a woman who wants to work,” Kareena told PTI.

“Today anyways women are there in every field, they are leading the pack. They are definitely more independent than what they were 20 years ago,” she said. Kareena, who last worked in Salman Khan-starrer “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, said it was a challenge to make her character that of an ambitious young woman ¿ real and believable.

“It’s a very interesting role where I have tried to play a girl which will make the audience feel she is as normal as the viewer watching the film. When you play a character, your body type becomes like that. Whether you play a footballer, or boxer, your clothes and hair push you to do that. “But here, to play a normal girl who works at a marketing agency and to make it really believable that she is ambitious, is I think a lot more difficult,” she said. The film may deal with unconventional issues, but when the script was offered to Kareena there was no apprehension at all as she agreed to it without listening the second-half.

“I signed it the minute I heard. When I heard the first-half of the film and it was interval, I told Balki sir don’t tell me the second-half, I am on it,” she said. When asked if her actor-husband Saif Ali Khan has any similarities with the character of Arjun in the film, Kareena said, “Well, not really, because both of us are working in the same profession, so it makes it a lot more difficult. But I am sure Saif won’t mind relaxing a bit more at home.” ‘Ki & Ka’ releases on April 1.


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Gossip: Antonio, Ibrahimovic, Costa, Vardy

Well well, we really are being treated this morning. Somebody turned the Manchester United spurious transfer-ometer up to 11.

Firstly, a report in the Daily Star claims that United are interested in signing Michail Antonio from West Ham. Remember the golden rule: Player + 10 decent Premier League games = Rumoured interest from United.

The whole report comes from someone calling themselves ‘Football Insider’. Us neither.

Next up is Le 10 Sport. The French publication believes that Jose Mourinho is so confident of landing the United job in the summer that he has already sounded out Zlatan Ibrahimovic (the best old man in Europe) over a move.

The intention is to provide both support and competition for Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, which does make sense. It’s also worth pointing out that Zlatan’s love for Jose Mourinho is something very real indeed. He once said he’d die for the Portuguese, which probably won’t be necessary.

‘Chelsea rocked as European giants plot stunning swoop for their star striker,’ reads the Daily Star’s headline. Chief sports writer David Woods has got himself another big transfer scoop. Wonder if this one will happen?

Woods claims that Paris St Germain are aiming to sign Diego Costa this summer. We’re not quite sure how that will ‘rock’ Chelsea; they can just say no.

The Star also claim that PSG could offer money for Costa plus Edinson Cavani, which would be a ballsy shout given that Ezequiel Lavezzi has left and Zlatan Ibrahimovic is leaving.

Chelsea are hosting PSG on the Champions League on Wednesday. This all feels like a well-timed leak.

An ‘exclusive’ from the Times now, who reveal that Jamie Vardy’s new contract at Leicester contains a buy-out clause which allows him to move should any club offer £30m for his signature.

Vardy signed a new three-and-a-half year deal in January amid reported interest from Chelsea and Manchester United, increasing his wages to £80,000 a week. While that was a show of loyalty to Leicester, it has now become clear that Vardy still has an escape route.

That said, Vardy is now 29. Any club that offers £30m to sign him can rightly be labelled as fools.

Real Madrid will target David de Gea and Eden Hazard this summer as they look to complete a major shake-up for their squad…Tottenham are prepared to commit £24m to finally land Saido Berahino this summer…Leicester City are keen on £12m Midtjylland striker Pione Sisto who scored twice against Manchester United in the Europa League…Tottenham have opened talks over a new contract with manager Mauricio Pochettino…Leicester’s French midfielder N’Golo Kante, 24, is in line for a new deal to see off interest from big clubs…

…Everton boss Roberto Martinez has an increasingly uncertain future at the club amid rising supporter unrest… Former Arsenal defender Emmanuel Eboue, 32, is thought to have agreed a short-term deal with Sunderland, despite missing out on the Premier League club’s Under-21 game on Monday…Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has been spotted in Dubai playing with a tiger as he continues his comeback from a knee injury…England defender Luke Shaw hopes to return to training next month and could play for Manchester United before the end of the season.


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Do Computer Coding Toys for Kids Really Work?

From beating the best human players at chess, to flying planes, to running stock market transactions, computers are now used in virtually every facet of modern-day life. But children aren’t being adequately prepared to understand and use this omnipresent technology, experts say.

That’s why many parents are turning to coding apps and toys to help give their kids a head start. The toys, tailored to different age groups, range from robot turtles to stripped-down, visual coding languages made just for kids.

But will that programmable robot or snowman game turn your baby into the next Alan Turing or Steve Jobs?

It turns out, no one really knows, because there’s very little research on the subject, and even less from outside a traditional classroom setting, said Andrew Ko, a computing education researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle.

“We have a very immature understanding of how to teach computer science right now,” Ko told Live Science.

What’s more, coding apps and toys shouldn’t be taking the place of time spent in more traditional childhood exploits, such as playing in the mud or learning to read, experts said. However, early exposure to coding toys and apps can build enthusiasm, and that motivation could potentially translate to future computer science work, experts said.

Different tools for different ages

Most kids need to know how to read or write before they can use coding toys or apps, Ko said. But beyond that, kids can learn the most basic building blocks of coding with toys, such as turtles that can be programmed to move around with a few clicks of a button.

Kids ages 5 and up can also use image-heavy kids’ coding tools or games and apps such as ScratchJr (an app in which kids can program their own stories and games), The Foos (an app that uses visual language to teach coding concepts), or Lightbot (a video game for learning about coding), said Alice Steinglass, vice president of product and marketing at Code.org, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to computer science. Kids ages 7 and up may be able to use simplified visual coding language, such as Scratch or Tynker, she added.

By the time kids reach middle school, they are starting to develop a sophisticated theory of mind — meaning they can make models of how other people are likely to act. Research suggests that it’s also at this age when kids can make predictions about how longer snippets of computer code will run, meaning they can tackle real coding languages, Ko said.

At that age, kids may be ready to make their own robots or, for example, an alarm that detects when a pesky younger brother sneaks into their room, said Sheena Vaidyanathan, a computer science teacher and curriculum developer for the K-8 level of the Los Altos School District in California, in Silicon Valley.

Free, open-source programs such as Arduino , as well as pocket-size computers such as Raspberry Pi, allow kids to simply make their own robots and little devices. They may even be ready, at this point, to tackle rudimentary elements of “real” coding languages such as Python or C, she added.

Expanding access

Early exposure to computer science may be particularly useful for girls and those from traditionally underrepresented minorities. In 2012, women earned just 14 percent of computer science (CS) bachelor’s degrees, while underrepresented minorities held less than 20 percent of all CS degrees, according to the National Science Foundation.

But some research suggests that early exposure can help close those gaps.

For instance, a 2014 study conducted by Google found that early exposure to computer science coursework was one factor in whether women stuck with the field in college. Many first-timers in CS get intimidated in their introductory programming classes when they are up against students who have been hacking their school networks or scripting Python for years, Steinglass said.

“It’s like taking an entry-level Chinese class and finding that every other kid in the class spoke Chinese growing up,” Steinglass told Live Science. “You can feel really lost.”

Cognitive benefits

Still, it’s not clear that early use of coding apps or toys actually makes kids smarter or even better coders.

It would be a mistake for parents to think, “‘If I throw every single toy at my kid, they’re going to be coding geniuses,'” Vaidyanathan said. “I don’t think it works that way. The way they play in the mud and run around and play imagination games is probably just as important.”

And while some research suggests that classroom exposure to computer science helps build CS skills later on, there’s little scientific evidence that a few hours of after-school tinkering with a coding game has the same effect, Ko said. And no toy or app can guarantee that a kid will become the next  Bjarne Stroustrup, the designer of the C++ programming language,

“The idea that toys are something that will promote that learning — it’s really going to promote that first 1 percent of that learning,” Ko said.

Learning grit and resilience

But really, that’s not the point.

“What you’re teaching with these games — it’s not rocket science,” Steinglass said. “What you can learn is that computer science is not scary, and you can get confidence in what you can do.”

Most toys are aimed at getting kids addicted to the feeling of creatively solving fun, open-ended problems, she said. Another upside is teaching them the grit and resilience to overcome the frustration that comes with decoding robot speak, such as “Move (10) steps. Turn 15 degrees. Point in direction (90).”

Still, though games and toys can be fun and motivating, “there’s not a lot of evidence in research that motivation is lasting” and translates to actual computer programming, Ko said.

“It’s very clear from our research that coding can be learned by everyone. It’s not something that someone is born with. There’s no geek gene,” Ko said.

And those are life skills that provide benefits well beyond the computer screen.

“This way of learning or thinking helps with whatever you learn, whether you become coders or not,” Vaidyanathan said.


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Priyanka to play lead in Arnab Midya's next

Four stories woven into one film isn’t new. But playing all the lead characters in them is. That’s what Priyanka is set to do with Arnab Midya’s next.

“The film is a relationship tale where one story deals with my relationship with my father (Debdut Ghosh), another with me and my husband (Prasun Gyne).The third one revolves around my elder brother (Sumit Samadhar) and me, while the last one is about what transpires between my friend (Saayoni Ghosh) and me. All the stories are about complex relationships. Somewhere deep down, these stories share a common connect. But I won’t reveal more,” said Priyanka, who just completed shooting for Anjan Dutt’s latest Byomkesh film based on Chiriyakhana. What about her current projects, we asked. “I am thoroughly enjoying the shoot of TV series Mahanayak, where my character is based on Sabitri Chatterjee,” said the actress.


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Afghanistan hope for T20 glory in adopted homeland

Afghanistan, whose cricketing fairytale has captured the hearts of fans around the world, hope to do their own supporters proud in their adopted Indian homeland with the start of the World Twenty20 on Tuesday (March 8).

Since overcoming the odds to compete in the 2010 World T20 in England, the Afghan team has managed to qualify for all the major international tournaments, including last year’s 50-over World Cup. But this time round, the one-time nomads — many of whom were born or brought up in exile — will be playing on what is now officially home turf after they made a suburb of New Delhi their headquarters.

And with tens of thousands of Afghan expats living in the Indian capital, Asghar Stanikzai’s side can expect to be cheered on by a sizeable contingent of supporters in the game’s heartland.

“I have been with the team for the past 15 years and I am very satisfied with the side’s progress… It’s a brilliant achievement in a very short span of time,” veteran batsman Mohammad Nabi told AFP during a recent nets session in Noida, a satellite city of New Delhi.

“We have seen difficult times back home, where there are no proper cricket grounds and academies. But now we are at the big stage,” added Nabi, who is back in the ranks after a three-year spell as captain.

Although he was born in the eastern Afghan province of Logar, Nabi moved to Peshawar in Pakistan as a youngster when his family sought shelter from the civil war that wracked their homeland. Cricket struggled to get a foothold in Afghanistan under the Taliban. But the millions of Afghan refugees who fled across the border into Pakistan found themselves in a cricketing crazy nation and many youngsters soon caught the bug themselves.

Many grew up idolising Pakistan batsman Inzamam-ul-Haq who agreed last October to become Afghanistan’s new coach with a brief to make sure the team make the second phase of a major tournament for the first time.

If they are to take on the established international teams in the second week of the tournament, Afghanistan must top a group that includes Test nation Zimbabwe, Hong Kong and Scotland. The Scots will be their first opponents in Nagpur on Tuesday evening.

– Inzy in charge –

Inzamam, one of the finest batsman of his generation, says his charges don’t lack for talent but need greater exposure to take the next step up. “I obviously share my experience with them, but they will only learn when put in such situations,” Inzamam told AFP. “If you want to learn swimming then you will have to jump in the water, no matter how many lessons you get on the ground. They are ready for international cricket and now they just need exposure.”

Much of the team’s hope rests on the shoulders of Mohammad Shahzad, the wicketkeeper-batsman who bludgeoned an unbeaten 118 off just 67 balls during a T20 international against Zimbabwe in January.

Shahzad, who was born in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, oozes with confidence as he practises the ‘helicopter’, the trademark shot of his idol, Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. “The troubles back home are not really on our minds when we take the field,” Shahzad told AFP. We are not here just to participate in the tournament, we have come here to do something.”

As part of a deal with the Indian cricket board, Afghanistan is now based at Noida stadium, where a group of fans could be seen seeking autographs.

“It’s wonderful, it’s a treat for us and a dream come true,” said Habib Rahman as he watched the team go through the paces. “We will definitely go watch our team’s games. In Delhi or wherever they play, we will go,” said Badshah Khan, another expat living in Delhi.

Batsman Nabi says the establishment of a permanent base has been a boon, allowing the side to concentrate on the task at hand rather than worry about events back home. “It’s a good facility here and we faced some good cricketers here,” Nabi said. “There are difficult times back home, but we tend to focus on our cricket.”


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We know where we're headed: Keith Sequeira on love story with Rochelle Rao

After making his relationship with model and actress Rochelle Rao public via a reality TV show, actor Keith Sequeira says while there is still time for their wedding bells to ring, they are clear about where they are headed in their relationship. 

The actor entered the ninth season of the popular reality TV show “Bigg Boss Nau” with Rochelle last year, and is glad that their relationship survived the bumpy journey of the controversial show.

Keith said they are meeting each other’s family for a better understanding.

“We know which way we are headed, and we are just sticking to it. She is going to meet my parents and I am going to meet her parents… So we are trying to get to know the families, get to know each other, what are the important things in each other’s life. Once we go through all of that, then we will put it together,” Keith told IANS.

The actor talked about his relationship with Rochelle with IANS last month when he became a part of seven-day Delhi Walk Festival, which was launched by Delhi, I Love you, an independent socio-cultural movement in Delhi.

When asked about doing more reality shows as a couple, Keith said they might do “some dance reality shows”.

Post “Bigg Boss”, the actor, who got fame as a video jockey, and did shows like “Dekho Magar Pyaar Se” and “Diya Aur Baati Hum”, is scouting for “good quality roles”.

He said: “My passion has always been acting. I am looking at good quality roles that will help me grow as an actor, and which I enjoy doing”.


Premier League winner and loser www.ilovenewz.com/premier-league-winner-and-loser

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Premier League winner and loser

Claudio Ranieri
After Leicester’s victory over Watford, Ranieri finally allowed himself to publicly talk up Leicester’s title bid after weeks of avoiding the issue. “We are running for something special,” he said.

It was only a temporary blip, and within seconds the Italian had resorted to his party line: “Every match in the Premier League is a battle. Five points is nothing.”

Five is also the number of points that Leicester have dropped in their last seven league matches, and if they repeat that feat over the next seven games they will surely be crowned as champions. It’s worth pointing out that until the end of April, Leicester have comfortably the easiest run of fixtures. That starts against Newcastle next Monday evening.

Everything is falling perfectly into place. Leicester have avoided the long-term injuries to key players that Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and even West Ham have suffered. They have avoided too the ruts that each of their title challengers have succumbed to. Only once this season have Leicester gone more than two league games without victory, and even that was marked by a 0-0 draw against Manchester City.

Leicester and Spurs are the only two teams in the league to have avoided consecutive league defeats. Having drawn 2-2 with West Brom last Tuesday, Leicester could have lost their place at the top the following evening. Four days later they had established a five-point lead. When Leicester drop points, so do the rest. When other teams drop points, Ranieri’s team takes advantage.

Over their last 38 Premier League matches, Leicester have picked up 82 points. Disbelief and a difficulty in shifting our perceptions of the Premier League’s elite are the only reasons to doubt them now.

Leicester’s incredible defensive improvement
On Boxing Day, Leicester lost 1-0 at Anfield. They remained top of the table, but at that point had the 14th best defensive record in the Premier League. Ranieri’s side had kept just three clean sheets.

Since then, Leicester have kept seven clean sheets. The 14th best defence in the league has transformed into the best, conceding just six goals in 11 games. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this title bid is founded on magic and gold glitter; it’s far more impressive.

Slaven Bilic and the best of both worlds
While Roberto Martinez was busy bringing on a striker for a winger at 2-0 up and with ten men, desperate to achieve victory with a swagger, West Ham’s manager took a completely different approach.

“I said at half-time: ‘We are one down but we are going to do it,” Bilic said after the game. “We have to be less sexy and more lethal in front of the box’. To come back like this nobody can deny we didn’t deserve it. We showed our quality, we showed our stubbornness and we got a great win.”

Pragmatism is not an attribute you immediately associate with Bilic, the rock star manager who sees 100% as minimum expectation rather than upper limit. Take his pre-season view on formations, for example: “Fluidity is much more important – you want your lines to remain close to one another, so they can flow over.” It sounds like Beat poetry.

For all West Ham’s beauty this season, they have shown brains and brawn too. Only Southampton, Arsenal and the two Manchester clubs have kept more clean sheets than Bilic’s side, and only Tottenham have taken more points after conceding the first goal of the game. West Ham supporters worried that their manager would offer plenty of talk but a little less action have been proved spectacularly wrong. Bilic has given them the best of both worlds.

West Ham are one point away from the top four with nine games remaining, Champions League qualification still in their hands in March. The victory at Everton was startling for multiple reasons, but also symbolic for West Ham: They are now two points ahead of their final total last season. Big Slav > Big Sam.

Michail Antonio
Three goals in as many matches, each of them crucial to West Ham collecting Premier League points. If Dimitri Payet is the jewel in West Ham’s crown, Antonio is the diamond found in the Championship rough.

The wingers used by Roy Hodgson in the 12 months are Jesse Lingard, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo Walcott, Andros Townsend and Raheem Sterling. Is there any reason why Antonio shouldn’t be ahead of at least three on that list for the upcoming friendlies?

Jurgen Klopp and a changing mood
Having suffered his first Premier League defeat to Crystal Palace, a limp, dour performance in November, Jurgen Klopp should consider Sunday’s victory a perfect indication of Liverpool’s progress under his management

Crucially, Klopp also played his own role in the victory. Rather than go into their shell and slow down the tempo after being reduced to ten men like Louis van Gaal and Manchester United at the Hawthorns, Klopp instead surprised Palace by switching to a 3-4-2 formation and continuing to put the emphasis on attack. He who dares wins, Rodney.

“It was an incredible performance from all of us, especially after the red card,” said Dejan Lovren. “We stepped up and showed our skills and our character and I think it was a deserved win today.” This was the sort of victory that can truly change the mood. As a bonus, Liverpool’s Selhurst Park hoodoo has ended.

There are still substantial flaws in the squad, of course, and Liverpool’s victory owed much to both fortune and incompetence on the part of Palace. Yet Klopp would surely focus on an improved belief among the players that means every goal conceded doesn’t immediately provoke a ‘here we go again’ mood.

Liverpool have now won their last three league games by an aggregate score of 11-1. It’s surely too late for a top-four surge, but it’s a useful shot in the arm ahead of Manchester United on Thursday evening.

Roberto Firmino
Seven league goals and four assists in 2016; Firmino has had a greater effect by those two measures combined than any other Premier League player. He had me worried for a while.

Harry Kan
The only thing missing from Harry Kane: Spurs Superhero was the striker wearing a comedy costume. Kane might have looked like a hedgehog with its face caught in a plastic beer can holder, but it failed to detract from another wonderful performance and goal against Arsenal. Sarah Winterburn isn’t convinced, but I’d start him in France.

Winners for coming back from the edge to gain a point, but losers for falling another two points behind in the title race. Arsenal must now claw back a point per game on Leicester and have gone five games in all competitions without a win. The mood has improved slightly, but it could hardly have got worse. Now go read a bloody excellent 16 Conclusions.

There is an argument to say that Saturday brought the Premier League’s two most starkly different clubs in opposition.

Newcastle are the most northern club in the league. They are the sleeping giant, crippled by foreign players with big reputations and fees who are underachieving badly. Fans go to a huge stadium in the town centre, but feel a disconnect with a club and owner who they feel have none of their interests at heart. They are managed by an ageing coach seeking redemption but failing badly, desperately unpopular with supporters.. When faced with a run of defeats, the squad’s response was to roll over and effectively throw in the towel. Newcastle still have 24 points. They look doomed.

Bournemouth are the most southern club in the league. They are also the smallest club, vitalised by home-grown players with smaller reputations and fees who are overachieving. Fans go to a small stadium on the outskirts of town, but feel a huge connection with a club and owner who they feel have their interests at heart. They are managed by a young coach trying to enhance his reputation and succeeding, hugely popular with supporters. When faced with a run of defeats, the squad’s response was to pull together and fight. Bournemouth now have 35 points. They look safe.

Who did you think would win?

Riyad Mahrez
Last season, no Premier League player managed to score ten or more goals and contribute ten or more assists. Eden Hazard came closest (14 goals, nine assists) and was named PFA Player of the Year. Mahrez currently has 15 goals and 11 assists.

Stoke City
In eighth place (and seven points off fourth) having scored 31 goals in 29 league games. That’s four fewer than Sunderland and the same number as Norwich. Over a third of Stoke’s league matches have contained one goal or less, and 59% two goals or fewer.

Mark Hughes’ greatest achievement is making people think this is sexy. Perception is everything.


Bertrand Traore
All the love in the world for the way a professional footballer can tw*t the ball with all their might and it still go in exactly the place you’d have aimed for with a delicate curl.

Alan Curtis
Having looked out of his depth when in solitary charge, Swansea supporters must have been worried when Curtis was again given responsibility after Francesco Guidolin was taken into hospital. What has followed is four points in two matches to take Swansea to the verge of confirmed survival. Curtis deserves applause.

Ashley Williams
Williams made 15 clearances against Norwich on Saturday, the most of any player this weekend in the Premier League.

Every now and then I like to marvel at the consistency and fitness of Swansea’s captain, and this gives me the perfect opportunity. Since they were promoted to the Championship in May 2008, Williams has played 28,252 of Swansea’s 28,980 league minutes. He is a modern phenomenon.


Steve McClaren
If Newcastle fans’ opinion was split on whether McClaren deserved more time before Saturday, the capitulation at home to Bournemouth was the final straw. Chants of “Steve McClaren, you’re taking us down” and “Steve McClaren, get out of our club” were sung loudly and proudly from those who had previously harboured hopes that the manager would address the dire situation. When Bournemouth supporters mocked McClaren for being “sacked in the morning”, they were soon joined by home fans. The atmosphere was mutinous.

McClaren’s post-match interview was almost impossible to watch, a broken man who just wanted to be at home, the duvet pulled over his head. The only thing Newcastle’s manager could say with any conviction was an admission: “If we keep playing like that we will go down.”

Spanning 13 months as a manager and time in charge of both Derby County in the Championship and Newcastle in the Premier League, McClaren has now taken 36 league points from his last 123 available (W8, D12, L21). Talk of David Moyes, Rafa Benitez and Brendan Rodgers is inevitable, but there should be only one certainty: McClaren must be sacked immediately. It will be a long time before another Premier League club backs him to succeed.

Newcastle’s coasters
There is an unfair accusation of Newcastle supporters that they have unrealistic expectations of their club, as if they are demanding a top-four or top-six finish. They are not angry that their team is not replicating the fine form of Leicester or West Ham. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

On Saturday afternoon, 52,000 people walked from the town centre up the hill to St James’ Park, the fourth-highest attendance in Europe this weekend. This is a city that lives for Saturday 3pm (and Sunday 1am), the entire weekend mood determined by the performance of its club. All Newcastle fans ask is that the players show some fight. They do not crave success more than any other set of Premier League supporters; they crave effort and passion.

The most damning indictment of Newcastle’s capitulation on Saturday is that (Jonjo Shelvey and Jack Colback aside) no player looked like they even cared. Not only should that be the final nail in McClaren’s coffin, it is a sure fire way to be playing Championship football in August.

Moussa Sissoko
Spends the months in between transfer windows talking about his ‘Champions League dream’, only to stay at the club when no such offers are forthcoming. That’s mainly because Sissoko has been phoning it in for the best part of six months.

“Champions League, you’re having a laugh,” Newcastle fans chanted as his withdrawal was actively cheered by all four corners of the ground.


Roberto Martinez and damaging optimism
It might be the most Martinez-esque anecdote imaginable. At 2-0 up at home to West Ham but down to ten men, Everton’s manager chose to take off winger Aaron Lennon for a forward. Not only that, but Oumar Niasse had only experienced two minutes of Premier League football prior to his introduction. Fifteen minutes later, 2-0 had become 2-3.

Martinez seems a lovely man with a sunny disposition, but his managerial optimism has already strayed far into the grounds of naivety. This is the top-flight coach who said in January: “Would I base the performance on wanting to keep a clean sheet? No… My philosophy is winning games, not keeping clean sheets.”

Until Martinez learns – or accepts – that the two are not mutually exclusive, he will never fulfil his, or Everton’s, potential. Everton have now lost 45 points from winning positions under his management, and 14 since late November. That’s the difference between 12th position and third, success and failure.

“I thought tactically we were outstanding,” said Martinez after the West Ham defeat. “If you look at the way we got set up in the second half, we were the better side and I think we showed an incredible tactical understanding and character.” Alrite Brendan Rodgers.

It’s a drum this column has been banging for some time, but still there is no improvement. If Martinez sees the style of Everton’s football as something to be prioritised over results, the club has a new billionaire owner who would beg to differ. When a squad with “the most exciting group of young players in Europe” has fewer points than Tony Pulis’ West Brom, aesthetics begin to lose their pull.

“With the seven defeats we can analyse every single one and, apart from Manchester United, in every one we performed in an incredible manner and deserved a lot more,” said Martinez after the game, his head still chilly from being left in the clouds.

No Roberto, you have deserved what you’ve got, especially when you blow three two-goal leads in the space of four months and concede more goals at home than any other Premier League team. Martinez may truly believe that the pressure on him has not increased with Everton’s new-found riches, but he is so very wrong. The last ten games of the league season act as an extended probation period.

“We can’t wait to get good wins, good performances and build something special,” were Martinez’s post-match words on Saturday, again spectacularly unaware of his own underachievement. The Spaniard is digging his own grave with a spade in each hand.

Alex Neil and Cameron Jerome
“You have to look at what he offers and if you do take him out of the side what you are losing,” said Neil on Friday. “Look at the last few good performances from us and he has been involved in all of them.

“The one thing Cameron does give us is his work rate is excellent and he keeps the ball well at the top end of the pitch. He gets himself into really good goalscoring opportunities and I would be much more concerned if that was not the case. He is creating chances for himself.”

At 34, Neil’s reputation will not be severely tarnished should Norwich be relegated, but he must beware allowing himself to be tarred with Jerome’s brush. Do the two paragraphs above sound to you like a striker who has had eight shots on target and created five chances in almost 1,500 league minutes this season?

Fewer shots on target than Leandro Bacuna, fewer chances created in 1472 minutes than Stephen Ireland has managed in 191. Cameron’s Britain.

Alan Pardew
Whatever Pardew’s feeling on the penalty awarded against his side (there was contact), the image of a 54-year-old man throwing his coat to the floor like an angry toddler not allowed a second packet of Quavers was hugely enjoyable.

Crystal Palace are still the only side in England’s top four divisions without a league win in 2016. Despite holding a 1-0 lead against ten men for the last third of the match, Pardew’s side somehow transformed victory into defeat. It’s becoming a party trick.

Newcastle supporters are not feeling happy about much these days, so forgive them for their smugness. Pardew is an excellent manager when the sun is shining, but has repeatedly proved himself incapable of turning around a decline. When the rain starts pouring and the thunder rumbles, he’s left struggling to put up the umbrella.

Francis Coquelin
“The appreciation today of the quality of a player is just down with the money you spend,” said Arsene Wenger last May. “If we had bought Coquelin at Christmas for £40m, everyone would say ‘What a signing.’”

And if that £40m signing had dived into a challenge when already on a yellow card, everyone would say “what a silly c*ck”. The surprise is not that Coquelin got sent off for two dim tackles, it’s that it took so long to happen. A red card has been in the post for some time.

There was no doubting the mood. When Kane’s goal hit the back of the net, Tottenham had won the match. The crowd thought it, the players thought it and everyone watching at home thought it. Arsenal were on the canvas, reduced to ten men and hit by two goals in three second-half minutes. St Totteringham’s Day was being consigned to history.

Arsenal deserve great credit for manufacturing a draw out of likely defeat, but Tottenham facilitated their own downfall. Perhaps it was natural after such a high-intensity first half, but they relaxed far too much after taking the lead. Conserving energy is one thing, but a one-goal lead is never sufficient to allow such a luxury.

“We should have gone on to get a third and a fourth to finish the game off,” Kane said after the game. “We maybe dropped off a little bit too much and gave them space to play, and we got punished for it. We all know it was an opportunity missed. You have to learn and move on.”

Pochettino’s young squad cannot be criticised too harshly for their inexperience, but such mistakes are crucial. The only true winners in the north London derby were sat watching less than 20 miles away in Watford.

Arsene Wenger
“I believe that I told you many times in these press conferences that I rate him [David Ospina] as a top class, world-class goalkeeper,” said Arsene Wenger after the game.

Smug and condescending when he feels he’s proved right, dismissive and patronising when proved wrong. It’s really not endearing.

Juan Mata
Just as handsome Juan was winning over the doubters with several excellent (and dominating) performances, he gave up all of his goodwill with the dimmest of red cards. If that is an indication of Mata’s intelligence, the blog must be ghostwritten. He might just have ended his team’s hopes of Champions League qualification.

Louis van Gaal
“You can give the two bookings according to the rules but I think the referee needs to know the player who is doing that,” said Van Gaal. “The referee has to decide within one second but you know that Mata never hurts another player.

“That’s why an experienced referee is always better because he knows the players better, he knows the game better and so on. I think you take that into account.”

No, no and no. If Van Gaal wants character to be taken into account when referees issue punishments, he might as well sell Marouane Fellaini now and avoid the inevitable suspensions. What utter rot from an experienced manager.

Van Gaal has disappointed in many ways since his arrival in England, but he has reached a new nadir: United’s manager just made me side with Mike Dean in an argument. Cheers Louis.

Michael Carrick
Matthew Stead is right; Carrick doesn’t deserve to stay on. There’s a reason that no contract has been forthcoming.

Inconsistency: A disease
Take Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool, four clubs who have mounted title challenges in the last two years to varying degrees of failure. Yes, I’ve included Arsenal.

There is no one reason for the apparent failure of each club to match Leicester’s achievements this season, but the shared inconsistency between four clubs with the strongest squads in the league has acted as an effective handbrake on progress.

Compare the longest unbeaten runs of Arsenal, City, United and Liverpool this season to other campaigns:

2015/16: Arsenal – 6 matches, Manchester City – 7, Manchester United 7, Liverpool 6.
2014/15: Arsenal – 10, Manchester City – 12, Manchester United 10, Liverpool 13.
2013/14: Arsenal – 9, Manchester City – 12, Manchester United 7, Liverpool 16.
2012/13: Arsenal – 10, Manchester City – 15, Manchester United 18, Liverpool 8.
2011/12: Arsenal – 8, Manchester City – 14, Manchester United 12, Liverpool 8.
2010/11: Arsenal – 16, Manchester City – 7, Manchester United 24, Liverpool 6.

Leicester have been excellent and deserve their lead at the top but, should they win the title, there will be several owners looking at their managers and players with distrust and annoyance.

James Milner
It can’t be nice to see your team playing better with ten men without you than when you were on the field.

Since Christmas, Watford have gained as many league points as Aston Villa.

Aston Villa
They lost 4-0 in a league game and the natural reaction was ‘Oh, they’d probably have taken that before the game’. That’s not good.


Surfers Invent Floating Trash Bin to Clean Up World’s Oceans www.ilovenewz.com/surfers-invent-floating-trash-bin-to-clean-up-worlds-oceans

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Surfers Invent Floating Trash Bin to Clean Up World's Oceans

Two Australian surfers are trying to tackle the planet’s water pollution problem head-on, by developing a device that functions as an automated floating trash bin for the world’s oceans.

The device, called the Seabin, can be placed in the water, attached to a floating dock in a marina, and is connected to an onshore water pump. The pump generates a flow of water into the container that collects trash and other debris, according to the inventors.

Plastics and other forms of water pollution have become a big problem, according to the Natural Resource Defense Council. Plastics, in particular, make up a significant portion of the stuff floating around in the world’s oceans; scientists estimate that 4.4 million to 13.2 million (4 million to 12 million metric tons) tons of plastic washed ashore in 2010,Science magazine reported. That is the same weight as more than 435 copies of the Eiffel Tower all stacked together.

The Seabin’s inventors, Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton, met through their mutual love of water sports, according to the project’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which wrapped up in January. Eight years ago, Turton came up with the idea to create a rubbish bin for the water, Ceglinski told Live Science in an email.

There are a few existing ways to clean up marinas and waterways, the inventors said. One is to use trash boats with built-in nets to scoop up garbage as the boats motor around. Marina workers also walk around and scoop up trash where it gathers in the corners of docks. These methods are effective at removing debris, but they have some drawbacks, Ceglinskiand Turton said.


For one, trash boats are very expensive to operate and maintain, Caterina Amengual, general director of the environment for Spain’s Balearic Islands, said on The Seabin Project’s Indiegogo page. Marina workers face a similar problem: Their efforts cannot keep up with theamount of pollution in the water, Eli Dana, general manager of Newport Shipyard in Rhode Island, stated on The Seabin Project’s Indiegogo page.

Turton and Ceglinski said their initiative could help solve these problems.

The Seabin is an “an automated marina rubbish bin that collects floating rubbish, debris and oil 24/7,” the inventors said on their Indiegogo page. The basic design is pretty simple. The device consists of a cylindrical container lined with a natural fiber catch bag and a water pump system with an optional oil/water separator.

The water pump (run by an onshore power source) would create a flow of water into the bin that carries floating trash with it. These pieces of garbage would get caught in the fiber catch bag (made from a natural fiber called hessian). The water would get sucked out of the bin and up the water pump, and then pumped back into the marina.

“The Seabins will [be] made from polyethylene plastics using a mix of recycled ocean plastics, recycled plastic and new plastic,” Ceglinski wrote in an email. “All other components will be materials we [can] reuse or recycle (i.e. aluminum, stainless steel).”

The Seabin Project hopes to have a Seabin production operation in place by the end of this year. Additionally, the group wants to create a small carbon footprint for the product and put a strong emphasis on local production, using sustainable materials in production and finding a way to reuse or recycle the trash collected in the Seabins.

“Eventually, we expect to be reusing all our plastics we have caught and not have it go to [a] landfill,” Ceglinski said.

The project’s Indiegogo campaign ended Jan. 8 and raised a total of $267,667 — more than 15 percent more than its original goal.


Beyonce, Jay Z step out for a date www.ilovenewz.com/beyonce-jay-z-step-out-for-a-date

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Beyonce, Jay Z step out for a date

Singer Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay Z were spotted enjoying each other’s company along with their daughter Blue Ivy following rumours of a fight. 

It was reported recently that Beyonce and Jay Z had a huge fight in their Bel Air rental home. But it seems all’s well between them as the couple was spotted stepping out with their daughter on February 27, reports aceshowbiz.com. 

The “Formation” singer opted for a vintage look, wearing a black printed sweatshirt and a ripped denim shirt. She accessorised her style with a pair of chunky heel boots, a small cross body bag and pink-framed glasses. 

Jay Z kept it sporty in a denim jacket atop a white shirt, complete with a black hat and a pair of high-top Nike Air Command Force trainers. At one point, he was seen carrying his daughter who seemingly fell asleep. 

According to an eyewitness, Beyonce and Jay Z were “engaged, clapping and having fun” at a birthday party that they were attending, and Blue Ivy was “having a blast doing all the activities”. 

The source added: “Everyone had a blast. The kids and adults alike had so much fun that they stayed an extra 20 to 30 minutes after the party ended to enjoy everything.”


Warner relishes record stand with Maxwell www.ilovenewz.com/warner-relishes-record-stand-with-maxwell

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Warner relishes record stand with Maxwell

David Warner and Glenn Maxwell‘s record fourth-wicket partnership saw Australia come from behind and level the three-match Twenty20 International (T20I) series 1-1 against South Africa in Johannesburg on Sunday (March 6). The pair got together when the visitors were reeling at 32 for 3 having lost Aaron Finch, Shane Watson and Steven Smith in a massive chase of 205. Batting at No. 4, something new for the opener, Warner had Maxwell for company as the duo bludgeoned 161 runs off 79 balls to pull off an improbable victory.

“It’s always great batting with ‘Maxi’,” Warner said, after the victory. “He’s not really one where you need to go down and say anything to him. He makes his mind up for himself and that’s the way he plays when he’s at his best.”

Maxwell mixed aggression with caution on his way to a career-best T20I score (43-ball 75). The Victorian unleashed several unorthodox shots from his arsenal to stun the South African bowlers and also played the text-book strokes to good effect. 

The Australian vice-captain told Maxwell to cut down on his cheeky shots, but got the expected response. “There were a couple of times there where I said to him ‘just keep bat on ball’ – he likes to play his little reverse lap – but that’s just him, that’s how it is. Credit to him, without his dig we wouldn’t be in that position (to win the game).”

The 27-year-old allrounder smashed two sixes and seven fours in his blistering essay – two of which startled the opposition. The first was a reverse ramp off David Wiese over short third man while the next was reverse hit off a Chris Morris ball that was delivered at 140 kmph.

Even a baffled Warner appreciated his colleague’s repertoire of shots, “That’s something he can do and he’s capable of doing. I can’t do that. If he can do that, he (should) definitely play it. He’s won us games, he’s come in and scored plenty at the back end when we’ve batted first. He’s an exciting player.”

Steven Smith, Australian captain, acknowledged the partnership which helped them get out of the hole. “We didn’t get off to a start so we were behind the eight-ball a little bit, that’s why so much credit goes to Davey and Glenn,” he told SuperSport after the game.

“I thought they summed up the situation really well, they played Imran Tahir really well tonight and that’s been one of our problems – batting between the seventh and the 15th over. We maximised that period and that really set up the game for us,” concluded Smith.

The three-match series has gone into a decider with Australia’s win. The third game will be played in Cape Town on Wednesday (March 9).


Revealed: Why Bigg Boss celebs fail to make it big after the show! www.ilovenewz.com/revealed-why-bigg-boss-celebs-fail-to-make-it-big-after-the-show

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Revealed: Why Bigg Boss celebs fail to make it big after the show!

Bigg Boss may be India’s number one reality show! But history has it that most celebs do not know how to handle the instant fame once they attain stardom from it. They are unable to propel themselves to the next level and fade and fizzle out, or return to their past status over time. So why does this happen?

“It is not only important to be a star, but crucial to maintain the buzz and constantly grow from it. And that’s where the maximum ‘BB returns’ falter,” remarks Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar who has handled the media for a full 20 contestants since the first season.

“The instant success and newfound fan base, largely consisting of diehard, fanatical, nasty and fickle-minded idolizing Twitterati, goes to the heads of many. They cease professional PR activity after the show, assuming they have arrived. In all this adulatory frenzy, what they don’t realize is that Bollywood industry circles work on different parameters,” analyzes the public relations expert.

“After enjoying the powerful Bigg Boss platform, the participants forget to draw up a PR strategy to sustain the momentum required to build their careers further. But the worst scenario is for those who lack the knowledge, focus, vision, guidance, contacts and connections to promote their careers after the humongous hype,” explains the publicist.

True! Given the kind of publicity the contestants get, including weekly attention from megastar host Salman Khan, it would be very important to streamline and channelize their future imaging and branding plans with foresight. Even the show’s winners have lacked that.


Michael Carrick: Goodnight, Mr Marmite www.ilovenewz.com/michael-carrick-goodnight-mr-marmite

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Michael Carrick: Goodnight, Mr Marmite

Even in what are potentially the final throes of his Manchester United career, Michael Carrick continues to split opinion like no other. Has the 34-year-old earned a new contract at Manchester United? Or should he be ushered silently through the Old Trafford back door when his contract expires this summer? Be it Louis van Gaal or his managerial replacement, the midfielder’s future will be high on the agenda come May.

Robbie Savage may disagree, but Carrick is football’s true Mr Marmite. Love or hate. Great or not so great. Over-rated or under-rated. England’s most wasted talent, or a player not even worthy of his 34 international caps. Judgements of the midfielder fluctuate from one extreme to another, with no middle ground.

It is difficult not to invest more into the latter school of thought. Carrick was as listless as his side at The Hawthorns, attempting no shots, making no key passes, registering a passing accuracy of lower than 80%, and making one tackle. With potentially only three months remaining of his Old Trafford career, this is the moment to build a case for the defence. Sunday’s performance merely adds to the prosecution’s growing body of evidence that a new contract should not be forthcoming.

After four consecutive victories in all competitions, Manchester United were back, albeit tentatively. The possibility of Champions League qualification returned, progression in the FA Cup was secured, and a Europa League tie with Liverpool provided a mouthwatering chance to truly capitalise on the renewed positivity surrounding Old Trafford. Van Gaal contrived to remove such good feeling in the only way he can. Over 500 passes, the majority of possession, one shot on target. It was as though the past week and a half had been a delightful dream.

Juan Mata’s idiotic first-half red card made United’s task even more difficult against an excellent West Brom side, but Van Gaal cannot use that as an excuse. Among the Dutchman’s mistakes on Sunday, his substitutions were unforgivable. With the scores level just after the hour mark, and 10-man United holding their own, Morgan Schneiderlin was introduced. Carrick or Ander Herrera – defensive or attacking – would have to be replaced. The outcome was predictable.

Four minutes after Carrick survived and Herrera was removed, United conceded. Van Gaal’s reaction would come ten minutes later. But the plodding Carrick remained on the field. Memphis Depay came on for Marcus Rashford. The final substitution saw Timothy Fosu-Mensah replace Matteo Darmian. When your club is a man and a goal down heading into the final minutes, the manager is often looked towards for inspiration. When that man is Louis van Gaal, a defender replaces a defender. West Brom did not ‘hold on’ for three points; they pushed for another goal, with Carrick a bystander.

Darren Fletcher, a central midfielder cast aside by Van Gaal, was considerably more influential than his counterpart. Carrick made 35 passes into the opposition half; Fletcher made 42. Herrera, despite playing 30 minutes fewer, completed 45. Fletcher won more duels than Carrick, completed more tackles, gained possession more often, and lost the ball on fewer occasions. Carrick was by far the longest-serving United player on the field, enjoying at least four more seasons at the club than any other player. In a time when leadership was required, the stand-in captain was found wanting. In fact, he was barely found at all. If Fletcher was deemed surplus to requirements just over a year ago, Carrick’s position looks untenable.

The former Tottenham midfielder lists five Premier League titles and a Champions League trophy among his 13 pieces of silverware since joining in 2006. His has been an impressive career. But all good things must come to an end. Carrick has scored just two goals and provided two assists in the Premier League since the start of the 2013/14 season in a 68-game sequence. He is no longer of the required standard.

Of the ten oldest Premier League players whose contracts expire in the summer, Carrick is the youngest. It is no coincidence that the majority of those on the list should not be offered a new deal; Carrick is no different. The slow, plodding midfielder has come to personify Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United, a team synonymous with failure. There should be no debate as to whether his decade-long stay at the club ends in the summer.


US Government Invites Hackers to ‘Hack the Pentagon’ www.ilovenewz.com/us-government-invites-hackers-to-hack-the-pentagon

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US Government Invites Hackers to 'Hack the Pentagon'

The Pentagon is about to pay hackers to break into government security systems.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) announced yesterday (March 2) that it plans to launch the first “cyber bug bounty program” in the history of the federal government.

The so-called Hack the Pentagon program, which is slated to begin in April, will allow vetted hackers to find weaknesses in the department’s public websites, applications and security systems, according to defense officials. Participants could win money and recognition for their work, they added.

Bug bounty programs and hackathons are common in private industry. Google, Facebook and Microsoft already use them to expose gaps in their own software. Additionally, these programs can help prevent disruptions in service and reduce the impact of cyberattacks on companies and government agencies, according to cybersecurity experts.

“Bringing in the best talent, technology and processes from the private sector not only helps us deliver comprehensive, more secure solutions to the DoD, but it also helps us better protect our country,” Chris Lynch, director of the DoD’s Defense Digital Service, said in a statement.

Participants in the government’s Hack the Pentagon program will be required to register and submit to a background check.Once vetted, these hackers will participate in a controlled, limited-duration program that will allow them to identify holes in a predetermined network system, according to the Department of Defense. Other networks, including the department’s critical, mission-facing systems, will not be part of the bug bounty pilot program, defense officials said. 

The new initiative follows the administration’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan, announced on Feb. 9, which prioritizes near-term actions toimprove cyberdefenses and lists a long-term strategy to enhance cybersecurity across all branches of the U.S. government. 

“I am confident this innovative initiative will strengthen our digital defenses and ultimately enhance our national security,” Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said in a statement. 

More information about the Hack the Pentagon program can be found on the Department of Defense’s website. Details on the requirements for participation and other ground rules will be available in the coming weeks.


TV hearthrob Yashh Dasgupta gears up for big screen debut! www.ilovenewz.com/tv-hearthrob-yashh-dasgupta-gears-up-for-big-screen-debut

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TV hearthrob Yashh Dasgupta gears up for big screen debut!

only sign a contract when I have 100% confidence in the project,” shot Yashh Dasgupta, aka Aranya Singha Roy, at us. The context? Is he gearing up for a huge career leap post megaserial, Bojhena Shey Bojhena (BSB)?” 


We had always been aware of the kind of adulation this small-screen biggie commands. A look at the serial’s TRP and his fan pages on social media is enough to make an educated guess. But what left us clamouring for our lives was when we decided a do a Puja special shoot with him in 2014, and almost caused a stampede, inadvertently of course. Girls fighting to get a selfie with him, husbands begging for an autograph so they could gain leverage with their wives, elderly women actually taking him for his on-screen character and advising him on his relationship (on screen again) with Pakhi… Yes, we were witness to it all. Also, the fact that he became a popular household name with his stints in national soaps likeBasera, Bandini, Na Aana Is Des Laado had only helped his cause. So, when a little birdie told us that post BSB, which is touted to go off air in May, the small-screen heartthrob might make a big screen debut, we could not keep our curiosity in check. From what we hear, Shree Venkatesh Films is ready to launch Yashh in a big commercial project, soon. Confirming the news, Mahendra Soni, said, “BSB will go off air by end May. And after that, we intend to launch Yashh in films. He is extremely popular among the audience, so it will be a project that can do justice to his fandom. It will be an out-and-out commercial film, as Yashh connects with the masses well. We will give him time to prepare himself before the film goes on the floor.”


That only seems fair, given the fact that Yashh actually can boast of more fan following than even some big-screen stars. “He needs extra police protection when he goes to do shows at suburbs as people go berserk to get a glimpse of him. Yashh is in high demand and he is a fave among the girls. It can be a struggle to get his dates,” said Pijush Khutia, organiser of shows. No wonder, he is one of the highest paid actors when it comes to macha shows, even overtaking popular movie names.


Until some years back, a small-screen actor reaching for the big screen was met with a lot of hurdles. The popular perception was that a TV actor’s mass-connect renders him incapable of emulating a movie-star’s enigma. But then, a slew of actors, like Mimi Chakraborty, Sohini Sarkar, Parambrata Chatterjee, Rudranil Ghosh, Abir Chatterjee, Ritwick Chakraborty and Saswata Chatterjee proved detractors wrong. Is it time for Yashh to follow suit? “As of now, I am busy with BSB and that is my only priority. It is Aranya Singha Roy who has made me so popular and my loyalty to the show is unshakeable. Yes, I had an initial talk with the production house for the film, but I can’t divulge much. All I can say is that the next step is films and it will happen this year. And I am preparing for that. I am doing acting workshops, taking dance and fight lessons. I had many offers to act in films, but I rejected them all, as I was not prepared. But now, I am ready,” said Yash.
So, will it be a Birsa Dasgupta film? Or a Raj Chakraborty one? We can only wait and watch.


Men’s WT20 warm-up fixtures moved out of Bandra-Kurla Complex ground www.ilovenewz.com/mens-wt20-warmup-fixtures-moved-out-of-bandrakurla-complex-ground

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Men's WT20 warm-up fixtures moved out of Bandra-Kurla Complex ground

On the eve of the ICC World Twenty20 2016 qualifiers, three men’s warm-up matches have been moved out of Mumbai Cricket Association’s (MCA) Bandra-Kurla Complex ground and allotted to the Wankhede Stadium and Cricket Club of India’s Brabourne Stadium.

“There are no warm-up games at BKC. One game on the 12th has been shifted to the Wankhede Stadium and the last two games on the 14th and 15th will be held at the CCI,” Nitin Dalal, treasurer of Mumbai Cricket Association, told PTI on Monday (March 7).

In the first of three relocated fixtures, New Zealand will face 2010 champions England at the Wankhede on March 12. The next two will be played at the Brabourne stadium, featuring England and South Africa respectively against a local side on March 14 and 15.

The tournament proper will kick-start on March 15 with India hosting New Zealand in Nagpur.


Big Weekend: Ramsey, Lingard, Klopp, Alli www.ilovenewz.com/big-weekend-ramsey-lingard-klopp-alli

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Big Weekend: Ramsey, Lingard, Klopp, Alli

Aaron Ramsey
Wasted or too limited to start on the right-hand side, not disciplined enough to play centrally. Desperate – by his own admission – to help in attack, but has not scored and has assisted just one goal in his past seven Premier League games. Is not Santi Cazorla. The charge sheet against Aaron Ramsey is quickly running onto a second page

When asked by The Guardian of his season objectives back in the summer, Ramsey’s answer was simple: “I just want to stay fit and healthy, have a full campaign and get my place back in the middle of the park, because that’s where I feel that I play my best football.”

The Welshman started the season continuing on the right, much to his chagrin. Fate dealt Ramsey a winning hand, delivering critical injuries to the Arsenal central midfield before the new year. This was the 25-year-old’s opportunity to impress, to stake his claim, to earn his place.

Suffice to say, Ramsey has failed in that regard. Since Cazorla was sidelined through injury in November, Ramsey has played every minute of the subsequent 14 Premier League games in his favoured central role. Arsenal were two points behind leaders Manchester City before Cazorla’s injury; they are fifth in a league table since, with Ramsey an ever-present at each inevitable slip, stumble and fall in a title quest seemingly doomed for failure.

“I want to have the freedom to go forward but also, once we’re defending, I’ll obviously have to get back in,” Ramsey continued in the summer. “I don’t want to be fixed in front of the back four or in the hole, I want to be the one who can do both and get up and down.”

Consider the above with the fact that no Premier League player is dribbled past more times per game than the Welshman, and it makes for a damning indictment of his tactical discipline. The desperation to score goals and help in attack is admirable but foolish, something which must be tempered, nurtured and somewhat suppressed if looking to excel in a role which demands restraint, control and authority. It is no wonder Arsenal struggle when the player who should dictate their play is too busy revelling in his own ‘freedom’.

Claudio Ranieri
‘One point gained or two points dropped?’ That was the question I asked on Tuesday. Leicester had just drawn 2-2 with West Brom, squandering the opportunity to extend their gap at the top of the Premier League to five points in March. By Wednesday, the question was answered.

Claudio Ranieri could hardly have dreamt of a more ideal scenario after such disappointment at the King Power Stadium. Spurs were soundly defeated when victory would have sent them to the top of the league. Arsenal had the opportunity to close the gap but proceeded to be Arsenal. Manchester City’s title aspirations were already in doubt before such a demoralising defeat. A point and a draw against West Brom trumps no points and three defeats for each of their title contenders.

Watford now await for the league leaders on Saturday. By kick-off at 5:30pm, the Foxes could be second in the table. Spurs face Arsenal at midday, and the former have a second chance at mounting the summit for the first time ever in the Premier League outside of August with victory. At least one of Leicester’s two closest rivals are guaranteed to drop points hours before they play, but Ranieri must ensure his players are concentrated and focused on their own fate. Watford have won just twice in their last 11 Premier League games, beating only Crystal Palace and Newcastle. The only thing stopping a Leicester win on Saturday will be themselves.

Raheem Sterling
The England international must have expected no other reaction at Anfield. A cacophony of boos greeted Raheem Sterling upon his return to Liverpool, his first since leaving the club in acrimonious circumstances in the summer. Jon Flanagan proceeded to subdue his former team-mate before Manuel Pellegrini removed the winger at half-time. It was Flanagan’s first Premier League appearance since May 2014.

An ignominous removal in such a resounding defeat merely compounded what was a bittersweet week for Sterling. The 21-year-old impressed in the Champions League against Dynamo Kiev last Tuesday, before a meeting with the Reds in the Capital One Cup final at Wembley. Sterling cited his desire to win trophies as the reason behind his departure for Manchester City in the summer. This was his first opportunity at silverware. The winger missed a host of presentable chances to seal the cup for City, who instead had to rely on a penalty shoot-out for victory. As questions mounted over his form, another game against Liverpool provided the perfect opportunity to silence the doubters. On Tuesday’s showing, they justifiably grew in voice.

As Manchester City’s battle for trophies on four fronts quickly descends into a fight to secure Champions League qualification, Sterling’s form is one of the biggest worries for the club. The winger has not scored or assisted in his last eight Premier League games. To extend that run against Aston Villa at home would be borderline criminal.

Jurgen Klopp
Excelling or struggling. Mid-table or Champions League hopefuls. Gegenpressing or cause for stressing. Liverpool remain the club where the middle ground is out of fashion. The club progresses from one extreme to another, rarely enjoying an ‘in between’.

Liverpool started Wednesday in the bottom half of the table, one point above Watford and just two above West Brom. By the evening, the gap to their midweek victims, Manchester City, had been reduced to just six points. Champions League qualification was a possibility. From mediocrity to success, with no middle ground.

Jurgen Klopp will recognise the situation. This is a club which requires major surgery in the summer, a side enduring a transitional season under new management. But the German’s challenge is obvious. Liverpool will harbour reasonable aspirations of securing Europa League football next season through their Premier League placing, but Klopp must ensure the club do what they have failed to so far this season: Follow up a big win.

Beat Chelsea 3-1 in October? Lose 2-1 to Crystal Palace in your next league game. Thrash Manchester City 4-1 in October? Edge past Swansea in your next league game. Dismantle Southampton 6-1 in the Capital One Cup? Fail to win any of your next four games, including a 2-0 defeat to Newcastle and a 3-0 loss at Watford. Beat Norwich 5-4? Lose to Stoke three days later. Beat Aston Villa 6-0? Draw 0-0 with Augsburg. Excel, then struggle. There is no middle ground.

As impressive as beating Manchester City is, Klopp must now ensure Liverpool back it up. Making a statement is pointless when you whisper after being asked to repeat it.


Dele Alli
N’Golo Kante and Mesut Ozil have been described as the players who could decide the destination of the Premier League title in recent weeks. Such a description is regularly bestowed upon Sergio Aguero, but the Argentinean, much like his club, have suffered from poor form. But is Dele Alli the most important player in this most unpredictable of title races?

The midfielder’s absence against West Ham was notable. The Hammers outran, out-fought and out-thought their opponents from kick-off to full-time at Upton Park, boosting their own hopes of European qualification in the process. Spurs delivered their worst performance of the season, but not of their own volition; they were powerless. Alli’s presence in midfield may not have altered the game’s outcome, but there is proof to suggest that his absence harms Spurs gravely.

Alli has started 21 games in his first season at White Hart Lane. Having been a League One player just a few months prior, Mauricio Pochettino consigned the former MK Dons star to the bench for the club’s first four Premier League games. They lost one and drew three, with Alli scoring the opening goal against Leicester in August within 15 minutes of his introduction. The 19-year-old started 17 of the club’s subsequent 18 Premier League games from September to February. No club earned more points than Spurs in that timeframe. Injury forced Alli to the bench against Watford at the beginning of February; he assisted the winner three minutes after coming on. Of the six games Alli has not started in the Premier League, Spurs have drawn four and lost two. They have never won without their midfield talisman present from the outset.

It is no coincidence that only one teenager in the whole of Europe’s top five leagues has featured more often than Alli. His importance to the Spurs cause is undoubted. Only Harry Kane has scored more, only Christian Eriksen has assisted more, and only four players have more appearances. It is a mark of his unbelievable progression that Spurs will desperately hope a 19-year-old midfielder whose experience was limited to third-tier football before this season is fit when Arsenal visit White Hart Lane.


Jesse Lingard
Such has been Manchester United’s season, Jesse Lingard’s brief moment as the shining light of the club’s academy has been duly snatched away by Marcus Rashford. Within the space of a week, the winger has made the transition from once representing an image of the future of the club, to 23-year-old squad player.

Similar to Rashford, Lingard was handed his opportunity to impress by Louis van Gaal as a result of the club’s mounting injury problems. After numerous loan spells in the Championship, Lingard finally made his first-team breakthrough in November. And he impressed. Only Wayne Rooney, Anthony Martial and Juan Mata have scored more Premier League goals for United this season. Lingard became a first-team regular. On Wednesday against Watford, the Englishman’s 11-game spell in the starting line-up – by far his longest yet at the club – was brought to an end. Martial returned, with Lingard the man sacrificed.

The winger was introduced as a second-half substitute against Watford, but that will serve as little consolation. He must display resolve and character in his quest to escape the bench once more. Lingard faced a long battle to showcase his first-team credentials. He now faces the different but altogether more daunting task of regaining his spot.


Jonjo Shelvey

“There is pressure, there is no hiding from it. The table doesn’t lie. We all need to come out and show some big balls on Saturday. We want to go out and put on a real show.”

New Newcastle captain Shelvey – an utterly ludicrous statement – can demand “big balls” from his team-mates, but he must be the catalyst. He must provide the inspiration. He has to elicit a response from both himself and the rest of a squad which has won twice in 12 games. It’s time to lead the way, captain.


Guus Hiddink
Can the interim manager with the Midas touch strike the crucial balance against Stoke on Saturday? Win to continue an excellent run and breed confidence, but ensure players are rested enough to face Paris Saint-Germain in a crucial Champions League second leg on Tuesday. He has done little wrong so far, but Hiddink will know there is a fine line between success and failure.


Odion Ighalo and Troy Deeney
Considering the doomed outlook afforded to them in the summer, Quique Sanchez Flores will rightly be more than content with the fact that Watford are 13 points clear of the relegation zone at the beginning of March. But concerns will linger for the manager. His previously prolific strike partnership has become an ineffective union. Odion Ighalo and Troy Deeney have just two assists and no goals between them in the Hornets’ last five games. It is no coincidence that during this sequence the club have drawn two and lost two, beating only struggling Crystal Palace with a Deeney double.

Watford have scored 29 goals in the Premier League this season. Ighalo and Deeney contribute 22 of that total. Own goals is their third-top goalscorer with two. The two strikers aside, no other Watford player has scored more than one league goal. Of those strikes, Craig Catchart’s against Newcastle was assisted by Ighalo, as was Almen Abdi’s against Stoke. Which means Watford have scored just three goals without direct involvement from their two strikers. The club’s form is in direct correlation with that of their once deadly partnership. Mercifully, the Premier League leaders, with the best away record in the league, await on Saturday.


Mark Hughes
Ronald Koeman squandered his opportunity last weekend. Fellow contender for the Chelsea job Mark Hughes will hope his audition for the Stamford Bridge role generates more success on Saturday.

On a slightly more serious note, Hughes will know victory over the Blues could conceivably take the Potters to within one point of sixth place. Their opponents are in the midst of the longest unbeaten run of any side in the Premier League this season, having avoided defeat in their last 12 games. But Hughes will look to inspire Stoke to a fourth consecutive league win for the first time since December 2011.


Plane Debris Could Be from Doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 www.ilovenewz.com/plane-debris-could-be-from-doomed-malaysian-airlines-flight-370

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Plane Debris Could Be from Doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

A piece of a Boeing 777 plane found on the coast of Mozambique this past weekend could be from the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that mysteriously disappeared in 2014, news sources report.

The piece of debris — part of a plane’s horizontal stabilizer skin with the words “No Step” written on it — is currently en route to Malaysia for analysis, according to CNN. Experts think the plane crashed thousands of miles to the east of Mozambique into the Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014, but the location of the newfound debris is “consistent with drift modeling” of the ocean, said Australian Transport Minister Darren Chester, according to USA Today.

If the wreckage is found to be part of the missing plane, it will be only the second confirmed piece of MH370 discovered since the flight went missing, CNN reported. The first confirmed debris turned up on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean in July, according to CNN.

The disappearance of MH370 remains of one aviation’s greatest mysteries. The plane departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia with 239 people on board, but never made it to its destination in Beijing.

Experts will analyze the newfound wreckage to see whether it matches details from the doomed Boeing 777 flight.

“Every manufacturer puts a data tag, or data plate, on every part that goes on an airplane,” except for items such as screws, former National Transportation Safety Board investigator Greg Feith told Wired in July. For instance, different plane parts might be labeled with a part number, serial number, bar code or other data, Wired reported.

“If that data plate is there, it’s relatively easy” to identify a piece and match it to a specific plane, Feith said.


Shocking! When SRK was slapped by a woman in Mumbai www.ilovenewz.com/shocking-when-srk-was-slapped-by-a-woman-in-mumbai

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Shocking! When SRK was slapped by a woman in Mumbai

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan made quite a few candid confessions at the trailer launch of his upcoming film ‘Fan’. While many were amusing, one of them came as a shocker!

While replying to a fan’s question on whether he came by flight or train the first time he travelled to Mumbai, the actor revealed that he came to Mumbai by train and was even slapped by a woman on that journey! 

Narrating the ordeal, SRK said, “I came by train for the first time when I came to Mumbai. The train would turn into a local after entering Mumbai which I was not aware of. So I did not let a few people sit on my berth saying that it is mine, ‘I paid for it.’ I did offer it to a lady, though, saying, ‘you can sit but I won’t let the men with you sit on my berth’. And that lady slapped me real hard saying that ‘it isn’t yours, it is everybody’s.”

Not quite the welcome one would expect into a new city!

In ‘Fan’, Khan will be seen playing two roles, one of a superstar Aryan Khanna and the other of his fan Gaurav, who comes across as his lookalike. 

After the teaser of the film and the anthem track ‘Jabra Fan’ gave the impression that it was a ‘sweet and simple’ kind of film, the trailer might have surprised his fans, considering that this ‘fan’ gets agitated after an unpleasant experience with his favourite star and wants to get even with him.

However, Shah Rukh Khan denied that the ‘fan’ character he plays bears resemblance to his ‘psycho’ characters in films ‘Darr’ and ‘Baazigar’.

Directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra, ‘Fan’ releases on April 15.


Shahid Afridi to stay as Pakistan’s captain despite Asia Cup debacle: Shahryar Khan www.ilovenewz.com/shahid-afridi-to-stay-as-pakistans-captain-despite-asia-cup-debacle-shahryar-khan

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Shahid Afridi to stay as Pakistan's captain despite Asia Cup debacle: Shahryar Khan

Notwithstanding Pakistan’s poor performance in the ongoing Asia Cup 2016, Shahryar Khan, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, has ended speculations about a possible change in captaincy ahead of the upcoming ICC World T20, scheduled to be held in India from March 8.

Pakistan made an early exit from the Asia Cup after suffering humiliating losses to India and Bangladesh during the league phase of the tournament. It led to to several angry responses – mainly from past players – asking for the removal of Shahid Afridi as the captain.

However, Shahryar insisted that the all-rounder will continue to lead the team going into the World T20. “I promised Shahid Afridi that he will be retained as Pakistan captain until the end of the World T20,” said Shahryar on Thursday (March 3).

Even as the captain continues to be solidly backed by the board, there are murmurs of dissent from the background. There have been strong deliberations amongst the board insiders about the team’s recent poor performances and there are observations that the skipper isn’t pulling his weight.

Pakistan’s premium TV channel, Geo News, ran a report stating that the Pakistan captain had missed practice sessions and didn’t bother to attend the net session before the Bangladesh match. News channels have also carried stories about Waqar Younis, the coach, losing his patience and lambasting the players following the defeat against Bangladesh. But the PCB has been quick to dispel all such allegations and they produced an audio message where Waqar expressed his anguish over such blatant false news attributed to him.

“I don’t know from where these speculative things come up because nothing of this sort happened. These baseless reports only hurt the team, country and us,” Waqar said. “What can I say to the players when I know they are trying their best but are struggling since they are out of form. It is very unfortunate (that) whenever we don’t do well, these things come up and are highlighted on not only (the) social media but also in leading channels,” he added.

The PCB Chairman also added that he was saddened over the national team’s recent slump in form and promised sweeping changes, going into the future.

“It wasn’t just a matter of disappointment but it was a painful experience to watch Pakistan play like that,” Shahryar said. “The performance was very poor other then few individuals’ performances, but I can assure that accountability is inevitable and whoever is responsible has to answer. Changes are important in the electoral process and leadership but we have to sit and think wisely. We are not going to make anyone a scapegoat or do the witch hunt but whatever we will do, it will be done with clarity,” he added.

Pakistan will complete their Asia Cup campaign with a match against Sri Lanka on Friday (March 4) before proceeding to India as they continue preparations for the World T20. Afridi’s men begin their campaign with a match against a qualifier on March 16.


Prosenjit-Rituparna back on screen after 15 years. www.ilovenewz.com/prosenjitrituparna-back-on-screen-after-15-years

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Prosenjit-Rituparna back on screen after 15 years.

After 15 long years, the audience will get to see the celebrated screen jodi of Prosenjit-Rituparna in Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee’s Praktan. Even the poster of the film clearly reflects the enviable camaraderie between the two.

“When we were shooting for the poster, the whole team could figure out why Ritu and Bumbada’s (Prosenjit) pairing is so loved by the audience. They just looked at each other and knew what the other person wanted,” said the director.

Giving an insight into the special photoshoot, the director added, “Ritu was hell-bent on listening to a romantic number, while Bumbada was against it as the song was causing him distraction. Both were busy striking a lovey-dovey pose as the photographer was clicking them. But as Bumbada asked the photographer to finish fast since it was not easy to hold the position, Ritu pulled his leg and said, ‘I have no issues and am loving it. Let’s click few more!’ Such is their bonding.”


Watch a Swarm of Drone ‘Lightning Bugs’ Swirl Overhead www.ilovenewz.com/watch-a-swarm-of-drone-lightning-bugs-swirl-overhead

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Watch a Swarm of Drone 'Lightning Bugs' Swirl Overhead

A swarm of dazzling drones lit up the sky and swirled around in a twinkling, orchestrated dance at a TED2016 conference in February.

The drones, which weigh no more than a slice of bread, were just part of a menagerie of futuristic flyers whose “aim is to push the boundary of what can be achieved with autonomous flight,” Raffaello D’Andrea, a professor of dynamic systems and controls at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, said in his talk.

The new cadre of autonomous flyers are poised to take flight for inspection, environmental monitoring, journalism, photography and film, not to mention commercial package delivery, he said. 

Advances in flying

Miniature flyers have come a long way since remote-controlled toy helicopters of yesteryear. Tiny flyers now have the ability to run autonomously, sense their location and even respond to external disturbances. For instance, several years ago, a fleet of autonomous flyers built a 20-foot-tall (6 meters) wall using 1,500 bricks at the FRAC Center in France, D’Andrea said.  Other drones tethered by ropes were able to spontaneously build tensile structures, he said.

But behind all these functions is the ability to localize the objects in space. Historically, researchers have relied on external cameras (or, in the older days, remote control) to help position the drones in space. Now, however, D’Andrea and his colleagues at Verity Studios have built an internal localization technology that does away with this equirement.

“There are no external cameras, each flying machine uses onboard sensors to determine its location in space and onboard computation to determine what its actions should be,” D’Andrea said. “The only external commands are high-level ones such as ‘takeoff’ and ‘land.'”

Futuristic flyers

The team has developed a fleet of strange flyers that completely redefine what a traditional plane should look like. For instance, their flattened tail sitter drones can fly forward and hover efficiently. Historically, one big gust of wind could completely disrupt traditional tail sitters. Using their new localization and stabilization technology, the team has developed tail sitters that can be thrown any which way and somehow recover their original position.

Another prototype, called the monospinner, aims to reduce the glitchiness associated with having many moving parts.

“Helicopters are affectionately known as machines with 1,000 moving parts, all conspiring to do you harm,” D’Andrea said.

By contrast, the monospinner has just one moveable part, a propeller, yet can still fly almost anywhere in space.

Another flyer, called the omnicopter, is an exercise in redundancy. Each half wants to spin in opposite directions. That means that when assembled, omnicopter moves equally well in any direction.

The omnicopter is a move toward more reliable drones of the future, he said. If any part fails, whether it’s a motor or a battery pack, or whether half of the drone is completely disabled, the handicapped omnicopter can still fly where it needs to go.

As the final exhibit, D’Andrea demonstrated a swarm of commercially available quadcopters outfitted with twinkling lights and the research team’s localization technology. The swarm of about 20 drones took to the skies and circled around each other, twinkling on and off in a choreographed dance.

“Because each unit knows where it is in space and is self-controlled there is really no limit to their number,” D’Andrea said.

Though the drones do have practical applications, that’s not really the main draw for D’Andrea’s work.

“It’s a continual reminder of how magical and wonderful the universe is, that it allows creative, clever creatures to sculpt it in such spectacular ways. “The fact that this technology has such huge commercial and economic potential is just icing on the cake.”


Ariana Grande’s third album to be titled ‘Dangerous Woman’ www.ilovenewz.com/ariana-grandes-third-album-to-be-titled-dangerous-woman

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Ariana Grande's third album to be titled 'Dangerous Woman'

inger Ariana Grande has hinted that her upcoming third album would be called “Dangerous Woman”.

In a SnapChat post that Grande sent out on Monday, she hinted that what she first announced as “Moonlight” would now be called “Dangerous Woman”, reports aceshowbiz.com.

Following the revelation, Grande changed her Twitter bio and wrote `dangerous woman` in it. 

She later tweeted what might be lyrics to one of her new songs. 

“Don’t need permission. Made my decision. To test my limits,” the former Nickelodeon star wrote. 

“Dangerous Woman” will be Grande’s third album, following 2013’s “Yours Truly” and 2014’s “My Everything”. 

Grande earlier tweeted that she might change the initial title of her project. She gave further explanation about the change on TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last month. 

`A really long time ago I was convinced that it was going to be called ‘Moonlight’ because its one of my favourite songs that we did for the album,” she said back then.

“And now, as we’re wrapping things up, of course I’ve been writing and singing, we’re at the final stretch… Now there’s this other song that has thrown me for a whirlwind and I love it so much, it’s changed everything,` she added.


Ten January transfers: Why did they bother? www.ilovenewz.com/ten-january-transfers-why-did-they-bother

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Ten January transfers: Why did they bother?

Juan Iturbe (Bournemouth)
“It’s exciting to be able to integrate Juan into the squad,” said Eddie Howe when signing the £16m Paraguayan international winger from Roma on loan. By the end of January, Howe was saying: “Juan’s talent is not in doubt, he’s an outstanding player. We need to get to know him better, and by that I mean that the players on the pitch need to give him the ball at the right time in the right areas. I still feel there’s an adjustment from our perspective to get the best out of him.”

The ‘adjustment’ was to stick him on the bench and leave him there; Iturbe played 15 Premier League minutes in February (in a 3-1 defeat to Stoke) and was not even a substitute for Tuesday night’s win over Southampton. Juan Iturbe not good enough for Bournemouth? Welcome to 2016; it’s mental.

Mohamed Elneny (Arsenal)
“Let’s see how well he adapts to English football before we see if we have got him for a cheap price,” said Arsene Wenger about the £5m midfielder that – by the Frenchman’s own admission – nobody else wanted. You could be forgiven for thinking that Wenger did not want Elneny either; his 20 minutes against Manchester United on Sunday marked his Premier League debut.

It’s almost like Elneny was a sop to the Arsenal fans after Wenger promised Arsenal would be “busy” in the January transfer market. In truth, Wenger trusted the untrustworthy Mathieu Flamini far more than Elneny, who has swapped the Europa League with FC Basel for the FA Cup with Arsenal. We imagine he always dreamt of coming up against David Meyler at a half-empty Emirates.

Alex Pato (Chelsea)
Finally at Chelsea many, many years after Roman Abramovich saw him at AC Milan and fell a little bit in love. Manager Guus Hiddink clearly had no room in his plans for the Brazilian but claimed the move was not a “gamble” because he was only signing on loan from Internacional. A month after his signing, Hiddink declared that he was finally ready to make his debut.

“He’s not ready for 90 minutes but he’s ready to play part of the game,” said Hiddink before leaving him on the bench alongside perpetual unused substitutes Loic Remy and Ruben Loftus-Cheek. They may be wise to invest in a pack of cards.


Oumar Niasse (Everton)
£13.5m. Yes, £13.5m.

“He’s not back up for anyone,” said Everton boss Roberto Martinez after 427 ‘Everton finally sign Lukaku back-up’ headlines. “He has his own ability, his own conditions and is someone who can stretch defenders. Physically he can cope with the physicality of the Premier League straight away. He doesn’t need to adapt.” On Tuesday night he finally made his Premier League debut, playing a grand total of two minutes against Aston Villa; he played on the left and touched the ball twice.

Steven Caulker (Liverpool)
“We looked for Premier League experience because in this short time, you need that experience,” said Jurgen Klopp. It made perfect sense until Caulker appeared in the 89th, 90th and 90th minutes in each of his three Premier League appearances to date. Largely as a striker. He did play as a centre-half in the FA Cup against West Ham – helping Liverpool to a clean sheet – but since then he has been back on the bench as Kolo Toure enjoys a renaissance.

“When I woke up this morning, it still felt very surreal,” said Caulker on the day he arrived on loan from QPR. It still does, Steven, it still does.

Henri Saivet (Newcastle United)
“Henri was nice and composed in the middle,” according to Steve McClaren after the Frenchman’s first Premier League start following his £4.5m move from Bordeaux. So of course he took him off after less than an hour. He did the same against Everton and Cheick Tiote got the call to return to the starting line-up for a comfortable win over West Brom, with Saivet getting a minute on the pitch for his first win in a Newcastle shirt. Whoop.

It remains to be seen whether Saivet or striker signing Seydou Doumbia will play the smallest part in Newcastle’s relegation fight; at least Doumbia got off the bench during Newcastle’s 5-1 defeat to Chelsea and the 1-0 loss at Stoke (though he probably wishes he hadn’t).


Patrick Bamford (Norwich)
Yes, Norwich. Who knew? After playing less than two hours of Premier League football at Crystal Palace in the first half of the season and declaring his loan spell “terrible”, he joined the Canaries, talked about “total football” and set about proving to Alan Pardew that he had made a grave error by ignoring him in south London.

Norwich boss Alex Neil said he was worth north of £10m and then played him for 34 minutes in a 2-0 defeat to Aston Villa in which the Canaries played very little in the way of “total football”. He has since played one minute in the Premier League. Is this loan spell “terrible” too, Patrick?


Costel Pantilimon (Watford)
When your manager says this – “We respect a lot the status of Gomes because he’s an amazing player. Of course Pantilimon is a good player” – you must know exactly where you stand. Or rather sit. The Romanian has swapped one Premier League bench for another in what must go down as one of the more pointless transfers for both club and player. Even though he has played twice in the FA Cup and kept clean sheets against Nottingham Forest and Leeds, Quique Sanchez Flores has already warned that Heurelho Gomes could take his place when it gets tasty.

The bizarre part of this tale is that the giant Romanian was Sunderland’s first-choice keeper until mid-January. “It is a strange situation,” he admitted. “I don’t really know what happened in the last three weeks. I had a discussion with the manager [Sam Allardyce] and I didn’t feel what he said reflected the reality. It is his call though.” Pantilimon may have the last laugh when he is still sitting on a Premier League bench next season.


Leroy Fer (Swansea City)
Having suffered Premier League relegation with his last two clubs, it made total sense that Swansea would bring in the Dutchman on loan as they found themselves fighting for their own survival.


Mainstream Hindi cinema witnessing change, says Shabana Azmi www.ilovenewz.com/mainstream-hindi-cinema-witnessing-change-says-shabana-azmi

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Mainstream Hindi cinema witnessing change, says Shabana Azmi

Actress Shabana Azmi has said that mainstream Hindi cinema is witnessing a change from the stereotypical portrayal of mothers and other characters in earlier times.

“There is a change coming in mainstream Hindi cinema. Earlier, when there used to be a role of a mother, she would drop the thaali and scream ‘nahi’, an absolutely stereotypical role. And in Hindi films, there was always an attempt to wipe out all the details,” Azmi said at a press meet regarding the success of her film ‘Neerja’. 

This has been changing now, she said, adding that if you see, in mainstream cinema we are locating our characters. 

Azmi plays a role based on Rama Bhanot in the film, the mother of Neerja Bhanot (played by Sonam Kapoor), a flight attendant who laid her life in protecting passengers on a hijacked flight in 1986. 

The relationship between her and Sonam has been one of the highlights of the film, having earned appreciation from critics and fans. 

While there were numerous Punjabi mothers shown in Hindi films, many of them have been stereotypical with the accent, mannerisms and behaviour. 

“For any character it is important that you play different types of characters, and in Neerja’s character, there was a Punjabiyat, but we didn’t blow trumpets about it, only a few lines of it were used, and people have appreciated it. That’s the way forward. The most delightful feeling is that numerous Punjabi mothers said that I looked exactly like them,” Azmi said.

She also said that she’s getting numerous compliments from people who said that she made them cry. 

“Javed sahab cried a lot when he saw the trial; he was speechless for a substantial time. He then watched it in the theatre and again cried a lot there,” she responded on being asked if her husband Javed Akhtar also feels the same? 

‘Neerja’ has done good business at the box-office, having earned more than Rs.50 crore at the box-office in its first week.


Mainstream Hindi cinema witnessing change, says Shabana Azmi www.ilovenewz.com/mainstream-hindi-cinema-witnessing-change-says-shabana-azmi

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Mainstream Hindi cinema witnessing change, says Shabana Azmi

Actress Shabana Azmi has said that mainstream Hindi cinema is witnessing a change from the stereotypical portrayal of mothers and other characters in earlier times.

“There is a change coming in mainstream Hindi cinema. Earlier, when there used to be a role of a mother, she would drop the thaali and scream ‘nahi’, an absolutely stereotypical role. And in Hindi films, there was always an attempt to wipe out all the details,” Azmi said at a press meet regarding the success of her film ‘Neerja’. 

This has been changing now, she said, adding that if you see, in mainstream cinema we are locating our characters. 

Azmi plays a role based on Rama Bhanot in the film, the mother of Neerja Bhanot (played by Sonam Kapoor), a flight attendant who laid her life in protecting passengers on a hijacked flight in 1986. 

The relationship between her and Sonam has been one of the highlights of the film, having earned appreciation from critics and fans. 

While there were numerous Punjabi mothers shown in Hindi films, many of them have been stereotypical with the accent, mannerisms and behaviour. 

“For any character it is important that you play different types of characters, and in Neerja’s character, there was a Punjabiyat, but we didn’t blow trumpets about it, only a few lines of it were used, and people have appreciated it. That’s the way forward. The most delightful feeling is that numerous Punjabi mothers said that I looked exactly like them,” Azmi said.

She also said that she’s getting numerous compliments from people who said that she made them cry. 

“Javed sahab cried a lot when he saw the trial; he was speechless for a substantial time. He then watched it in the theatre and again cried a lot there,” she responded on being asked if her husband Javed Akhtar also feels the same? 

‘Neerja’ has done good business at the box-office, having earned more than Rs.50 crore at the box-office in its first week.


Mainstream Hindi cinema witnessing change, says Shabana Azmi www.ilovenewz.com/mainstream-hindi-cinema-witnessing-change-says-shabana-azmi

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Mainstream Hindi cinema witnessing change, says Shabana Azmi

Actress Shabana Azmi has said that mainstream Hindi cinema is witnessing a change from the stereotypical portrayal of mothers and other characters in earlier times.

“There is a change coming in mainstream Hindi cinema. Earlier, when there used to be a role of a mother, she would drop the thaali and scream ‘nahi’, an absolutely stereotypical role. And in Hindi films, there was always an attempt to wipe out all the details,” Azmi said at a press meet regarding the success of her film ‘Neerja’. 

This has been changing now, she said, adding that if you see, in mainstream cinema we are locating our characters. 

Azmi plays a role based on Rama Bhanot in the film, the mother of Neerja Bhanot (played by Sonam Kapoor), a flight attendant who laid her life in protecting passengers on a hijacked flight in 1986. 

The relationship between her and Sonam has been one of the highlights of the film, having earned appreciation from critics and fans. 

While there were numerous Punjabi mothers shown in Hindi films, many of them have been stereotypical with the accent, mannerisms and behaviour. 

“For any character it is important that you play different types of characters, and in Neerja’s character, there was a Punjabiyat, but we didn’t blow trumpets about it, only a few lines of it were used, and people have appreciated it. That’s the way forward. The most delightful feeling is that numerous Punjabi mothers said that I looked exactly like them,” Azmi said.

She also said that she’s getting numerous compliments from people who said that she made them cry. 

“Javed sahab cried a lot when he saw the trial; he was speechless for a substantial time. He then watched it in the theatre and again cried a lot there,” she responded on being asked if her husband Javed Akhtar also feels the same? 

‘Neerja’ has done good business at the box-office, having earned more than Rs.50 crore at the box-office in its first week.


Mainstream Hindi cinema witnessing change, says Shabana Azmi www.ilovenewz.com/mainstream-hindi-cinema-witnessing-change-says-shabana-azmi

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Mainstream Hindi cinema witnessing change, says Shabana Azmi

Actress Shabana Azmi has said that mainstream Hindi cinema is witnessing a change from the stereotypical portrayal of mothers and other characters in earlier times.

“There is a change coming in mainstream Hindi cinema. Earlier, when there used to be a role of a mother, she would drop the thaali and scream ‘nahi’, an absolutely stereotypical role. And in Hindi films, there was always an attempt to wipe out all the details,” Azmi said at a press meet regarding the success of her film ‘Neerja’. 

This has been changing now, she said, adding that if you see, in mainstream cinema we are locating our characters. 

Azmi plays a role based on Rama Bhanot in the film, the mother of Neerja Bhanot (played by Sonam Kapoor), a flight attendant who laid her life in protecting passengers on a hijacked flight in 1986. 

The relationship between her and Sonam has been one of the highlights of the film, having earned appreciation from critics and fans. 

While there were numerous Punjabi mothers shown in Hindi films, many of them have been stereotypical with the accent, mannerisms and behaviour. 

“For any character it is important that you play different types of characters, and in Neerja’s character, there was a Punjabiyat, but we didn’t blow trumpets about it, only a few lines of it were used, and people have appreciated it. That’s the way forward. The most delightful feeling is that numerous Punjabi mothers said that I looked exactly like them,” Azmi said.

She also said that she’s getting numerous compliments from people who said that she made them cry. 

“Javed sahab cried a lot when he saw the trial; he was speechless for a substantial time. He then watched it in the theatre and again cried a lot there,” she responded on being asked if her husband Javed Akhtar also feels the same? 

‘Neerja’ has done good business at the box-office, having earned more than Rs.50 crore at the box-office in its first week.


New Virtual Reality Suit Lets You Reach Out & Touch ‘Environment’ www.ilovenewz.com/new-virtual-reality-suit-lets-you-reach-out--touch-environment

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New Virtual Reality Suit Lets You Reach Out & Touch 'Environment'

Virtual reality could one day incorporate all the senses, creating a rich and immersive experience, but existing virtual reality headsets only simulate things you can see and hear. But now, a group of engineers wants to help people “touch” virtual environments in a more natural way, and they built a wearable suit to do just that.

Designed by Lucian Copeland, Morgan Sinko and Jordan Brooks while they were students at the University of Rochester, in New York, the suit looks something like a bulletproof vest or light armor. Each section of the suit has a small motor in it, not unlike the one that makes a mobile phone vibrate to signal incoming messages. In addition, there are small accelerometers embedded in the suit’s arms.

The vibrations provide a sense of touch when a virtual object hits that part of the body, and the accelerometers help orient the suit’s limbs in space, the researchers said.

When the suit is connected via a cable to a computer, it links to a virtual reality (VR) headset, such as the Oculus Rift or HTC’s Vive. The suit also shares data with a motion-tracking system — the current version connects to a Microsoft Kinect, but any system will do, according to Copeland.

The combination of motion-tracking and accelerometers means that it doesn’t matter if your arm is out of view of the camera because the program generating the virtual environment will “know” where your hand is and can calculate where it is most likely to be, based on how long your arm is and what the accelerometer tells the device about how your hand is moving.

With that information, a virtual environment can show a tree branch, for example, and tell the suit to vibrate in the spot where it would touch if it were hitting your side or if you were touching it with your hand, the researchers said. It can also set up virtual walls that you could feel. This way, when you are walking around in your virtual environment, you won’t accidently bump into a real wall or trip over your coffee table.

“The real issue is when you use controllers to move in a virtual reality space — it doesn’t correlate to movement,” Copeland told Live Science. “The tracking component lets you get out of the chair and walk around.”

Another issue with existing VR headsets is that some cause motion sickness and nausea. Incorporating the sense of touch could help with this problem, the researchers said, because what a person sees in the virtual environment will match up better with what they perceive with respect to their bodies. (This is one reason people get seasick — the boat is moving but the horizon isn’t, and this disconnect makes some people feel ill).

Still, it will be some time before these VR suits make their way onto store shelves, the researchers said. Copeland, Sinko and Brooks founded a company called Nullspace VR, which has received some funding from prize money and via the Y Combinator fellowship, but the engineers will need additional money to actually build the devices, Copeland said. 

There is some skepticism among industry-watchers about whether virtual reality technologies will truly take off. In the 1990s, it was de rigueur to build virtual reality headsets, but none of those systems ever found widespread use. The problem was twofold: computing power simply wasn’t up to the job of recreating a whole simulated environment, and there wasn’t much a VR headset could do that was a big improvement for existing video games at the time.

A similar phenomenon happened with Nintendo’s Wii video game console, which was introduced in 2006, and the Kinect, which launched in 2010. Both systems received a lot of fanfare and the Wii initially sold well. But, a decade after its launch, Wii sales have slowed, increasing only a fraction of a percent quarter-over-quarter, according to figures from Nintendo’s earnings reports. Microsoft announced in January 2015 that it would retire the Kinect for Windows. In Kinect’s case, the problem was a lack of software that used the system effectively, and in many instances, people needed to move furniture around the living room in order to accommodate the tracker’s field of view.

To avoid the “gimmick” problem, Copeland said Nullspace is making the VR sets available to developers first, to make sure that there is content that could make use of its capabilities.

Copeland said he is confident, though, that once VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and Vive are widely available, the experience will drive users to buy Nullspace’s VR suits as well. Already, when users have tested out the suit, “[p]eople are so impressed… they’re like instant converts,” Copeland said.


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Russell likely to face ban after violating

Andre Russell, the West Indian all-rounder, could face a suspension of a possible 24 months for violating the “anti-doping whereabouts” code, according to the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO). Russell, who is a part of West Indies’ World Twenty20 squad, has failed to appear for three drug tests in the last 12 months, which equates to a failed test under doping laws.

The Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) has appointed a panel to hear Russell’s case. “We received notification of Russell’s violation about two weeks ago and I’ve appointed a panel to hear his case,” Kent Pantry, JADCO’s independent disciplinary panel chairman, was quoted as saying by Reuters.

As per the anti-doping commission rules, athletes must make their whereabouts known to local anti-doping agencies in order to conduct the tests.

Russell’s good show in the Big Bash League (BBL) 2015-16 and the inaugural season of Pakistan Super League (PSL) has made him one of the key members in the West Indian side for the upcoming World T20 in India. With the likes of Sunil Narine (correcting his bowling action), Kieron Pollard (recovering from knee injury) and Darren Bravo (concentrating on Test cricket) having pulled out of the World Cup squad, Russell’s suspension could prove to be a major dent to West Indies’ World T20 hopes.


Kesha thanks fans for support in legal battle with Dr. Luke www.ilovenewz.com/kesha-thanks-fans-for-support-in-legal-battle-with-dr-luke

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Kesha thanks fans for support in legal battle with Dr. Luke

Singer Kesha has broken her silence after a judge denied her request to have her record contract with Dr. Luke and Sony dismissed.

She took to Instagram on Tuesday to thank fans for their outpouring support amid her legal battle with the music producer, reports aceshowbiz.com. 

“I am beyond words in gratitude. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. A million times over and forever thank you,” Kesha wrote along with a photograph of her. 

“The support I have received has left my face swollen from tears. I love you all so much. A statement too large for this format is coming….”, she added. 

Kesha mentioned in a lawsuit which she filed in 2014 that Luke sexually assaulted her.

However, the music producer has repeatedly denied the accusation. 

“I didn’t rape Kesha and I have never had sex with her,” he wrote on Twitter on Monday. He additionally pointed out at an article about Kesha’s 2011 testimony in which she denied date rape by the producer. 

Now, portions of Kesha’s testimony taken from a deposition in 2011 have leaked online. At the time, a manager sued both Kesha and Luke.


Wenger: ‘I’m worried about Arsenal results’ www.ilovenewz.com/wenger-im-worried-about-arsenal-results

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Wenger: 'I'm worried about Arsenal results'

Awfully good of you to say so, Arsene. Suspect those feelings might be shared among Arsenal supporters.

Wenger was speaking after Arsenal lost 2-1 at home to Swansea, the first time since 2007 that they have lost three consecutive matches.

The result caused outright revolt at the Emirates, with supporters leaving before the end and making their feelings clear.

“At the moment I am worrying about our results,” Wenger told Arsenal.com. “We just lost three games and that is always a very disappointing moment for the team. At the moment we don’t dream. We have to be realistic and come back to what we do well, the basics.

“It was a very unlucky defeat because we created many chances, we were unlucky in our finishing and they only had two shots on target which were both goals. It’s a very disappointing result. The players are very doubt but we have to respond to that.”

When asked about Arsenal’s chances in the title race, Wenger refused to commit to any aspirations:

“Let’s focus on winning the next game and not talk about the title tonight. I’m not in the mood to do that tonight. It is a big disappointment for us to swallow this and we need to bounce back.

“It is very difficult to say because everybody drops points. At the moment, I believe that we need to get back to positive results before we speak about the Championship which is at stake at the moment. It is very difficult as it is unpredictable. Manchester City lost, Tottenham lost. It is very difficult to predict what will happen in this league.”


Check out first poster of ‘Sarbjit’ www.ilovenewz.com/check-out-first-poster-of-sarbjit

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Check out first poster of 'Sarbjit'

BJP president Amit Shah and Union Minister of Road, Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Monday launched the first official poster of filmmaker Omung Kumar’s upcoming biographical drama film ‘Sarbjit’ at Shah’s residence.

Also present at the venue were actresses Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Richa Chadha, actor Darshan Kumar and movie producers Bhushan Kumar, Vashu Bhagnani and Sandeep Singh.

“I would like to congratulate the team for making a film on this topic. It’s the story of a young man, who gave away all his life for his nation. I would like congratulate the whole team and wish them success for the film. I hope that the message of the film should reach to every part of India. Dalbir Kaur and Sarabjit Singh’s struggle will motivate everyone,” Shah said at the event.

“It’s a very important topic for our country and its citizens. It’s a very sensitive topic and tells the struggle of a sister and her brother. It will definitely inspire the young generation of our country,” Gadkari said.

“Sarbjit” tells the story of Sarabjit Singh, an Indian farmer who was convicted of terrorism and spying in Pakistan and was sentenced to death. He was attacked by inmates at a prison in Lahore in April 2013 and died a few days later. The film will be narrated through the perspective of the victim’s sister Dalbir Kaur.

The first poster of the film gives a glimpse of Aishwarya as Dalbir Kaur.

Talking about her experience, Aishwarya said: “It’s a subject we are all very familiar with and those who are not, we were very keen that they get to know this story because it’s a very important one that we as a nation would need to understand, recognise and respect. I feel extremely honoured to play the part of Dalbir Kaur, a lady I immensely respect.”

Actor Randeep Hooda will be seen as Sarabjit Singh, while Richa will play Sarabjit’s wife.

Richa described her shooting experience as a “very painful one”.

“It’s a real privilege for me to play Sarabjit’s wife. When we interacted with them, we got to know how deep their pain was. We feel happy that in some way we will be able to tell the human causality with politics involved and the life beyond statistics. It’s a film for peace,” she said.

Meanwhile, Omung Kumar said, “It’s a true story based on a sister’s struggle. It’s a political story. We wanted to create awareness through a different way. That’s why we decided to launch first poster at Amit Shah’s residence.”

Asked whether he should get another National Award after his debut directorial “Mary Kom”, Omung Kumar said: “We have made the film with wholehearted effort. It would be great if I get another award.”


Google Self-Driving Car at Fault for Bus Crash www.ilovenewz.com/google-selfdriving-car-at-fault-for-bus-crash

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Google Self-Driving Car at Fault for Bus Crash

One of Google’s self-driving cars crashed into a bus last month, marking the first time a vehicle in the company’s robotic fleet caused a collision, according to an accident report filed to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The report says the crash took place on Feb. 14 in Mountain View, California, between Google’s self-driving Lexus RX450h and a public transit bus. The collision occurred after Google’s autonomous vehicle (AV) came to a stop and tried to maneuver around sandbags that had been positioned around a storm drain, according to the accident report.

“When the light turned green, traffic in the lane continued past the Google AV,” Google officials wrote in the report. “After a few cars had passed, the Google AV began to proceed back into the center of the lane to pass the sand bags. A public transit bus was approaching from behind. The Google AV test driver saw the bus approaching in the left side mirror but believed the bus would stop or slow to allow the Google AV to continue. Approximately three seconds later, as the Google AV was reentering the center of the lane it made contact with the side of the bus.”

The robotic vehicle was traveling at less than 2 mph (3.2 km/h) and the bus was traveling at about 15 mph (24 km/h) at the time of the crash, according to the report. There were no reported injuries, but the robotic Lexus RX450h sustained damage to the left front fender, left front wheel and one of the sensors on the driver’s side, the report said.


“Our self-driving cars spend a lot of time on El Camino Real, a wide boulevard of three lands in each direction that runs through Google’s hometown of Mountain View and up the peninsula along San Francisco Bay,” Google said in a statement provided to Engadget. “With hundreds of sets of traffic lights and hundreds more intersections, this busy and historic artery has helped us learn a lot over the years. And on Valentine’s Day we ran into a tricky set of circumstances on El Camino that’s helped us improve an important skill for navigating similar roads.”

A study published in October 2015 by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that self-driving cars have a higher crash rate per million miles traveled than traditional cars, though the overall severity of crash-related injuries with autonomous vehicles was found to be lower than that of regular vehicles. At the time of the study, though, no self-driving cars were found to be at fault for the crashes they were involved in. But, it’s important to remember that these findings are preliminary, the researchers said, because self-driving vehicles have spent significantly less time on the road — about 1.2 million miles (1.9 million km) compared with the 3 trillion miles (4.8 trillion km) logged annually in the United States by conventional vehicles.

“We’ve now reviewed this incident (and thousands of variations on it) in our simulator in detail and made refinements to our software,” Google said in its statement to Engadget. “From now on, our cars will more deeply understand that buses (and other large vehicles) are less likely to yield to us than other types of vehicles, and we hope to handle situations like this more gracefully in the future.”


BCCI has told us not to worry: Shaharyar Khan www.ilovenewz.com/bcci-has-told-us-not-to-worry-shaharyar-khan

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BCCI has told us not to worry: Shaharyar Khan

On a day when Waqar Younis, Pakistan head coach, told the media during an optional practice session that he and his team were looking forward to play arch rivals India at the picturesque Dharmasala ground in their ICC World Twenty20 clash, came the news that the much awaited encounter on March 19 was in trouble because the Himachal Pradesh government had expressed its inability to provide security for the match.

With this news trickling in, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chose to throw its weight be hind the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Shaharyar Khan, PCB chairman, on Tuesday (March 1), sounded confident that the issue would be resolved. “I came to know about this some time ago through the TV channels.

“However, I was called up by the BCCI officials and clearly told that there is nothing to worry as the issues will be re solved. I was promised that the Pakistan team will be provided with the highest level of security when we arrive in India later this month,” Khan pointed out.

When asked if Dharamsala fails to host the game, will Pakistan have specific venue in mind to face India? “I would not want to comment on that simply because it will be equivalent to jumping the gun. For the moment, let’s wait and see the developments in the coming days.

There is no point making any statements.” Khan said.


Busted: Aditya and Shraddha caught cosying up again www.ilovenewz.com/busted-aditya-and-shraddha-caught-cosying-up-again

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Busted: Aditya and Shraddha caught cosying up again

Cute, cosy and cuddled up — actors Aditya Roy Kapur and Shradha Kapoor’s characters seem much in love in the first look of Karan Johar’s production “OK Jaanu”.

Karan shared the first look of the actors on Twitter. Shraddha is seen embracing Aditya in the snapshot from the film, to be directed by Shaad Ali. 

“Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor, Mani Ratnam, Gulzar, A.R. Rahman, directed by Shaad Ali. And it’s ‘OK Jaanu’,” Karan, who will produce the film under his banner Dharma Productions, captioned the image.

A remake of the Tamil film “OK Kanmani”, “OK Jaanu” marks the return of Aditya and Shraddha together on the silver screen after the 2013 film “Aashiqui 2”.


Leicester 2-2 West Brom: Pulisball reigns www.ilovenewz.com/leicester-22-west-brom-pulisball-reigns

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Leicester 2-2 West Brom: Pulisball reigns

West Brom halted Leicester’s title charge with a hard-earned 2-2 draw at the King Power Stadium on Tuesday.

The Foxes are three points clear of second-placed Tottenham, who go to West Ham on Wednesday, after being frustrated by the battling Baggies.

Goals from midfield duo Danny Drinkwater and Andy King cancelled out Salomon Rondon’s early opener before Craig Gardner’s classy free-kick earned a point for Albion.

Jamie Vardy and Shinji Okazaki hit the bar for the hosts, who were the better side, and Wes Morgan blew a glorious chance to win it late on.

Claudio Ranieri’s side will now face an anxious wait when Spurs go to Upton Park, where a win for their title rivals will be enough to send them top on goal difference.

The Foxes’ pre-match points tally of 56 was already their highest ever in the top flight but cracks showed despite their late 1-0 weekend win over Norwich.

The Canaries stifled Leicester for much of the game and Albion set about doing the same early on before taking a surprise early lead.

Darren Fletcher spotted the run of Rondon after 11 minutes and the striker out-muscled Robert Huth in a heavyweight clash on the edge of the area before poking his shot through the legs of the onrushing Kasper Schmeichel.

In doing so, Albion became just the third visiting side in the league this season – after Tottenham and Aston Villa – to score first at the King Power Stadium.

It sparked Leicester into action and Okazaki volleyed over from six yards.

Vardy should have levelled on 27 minutes when, unmarked, he headed straight at Ben Foster from Riyad Mahrez’s cross.

The Foxes, though, were building momentum and grabbed the equaliser three minutes later.

A corner routine was worked back to Drinkwater 25 yards out and the midfielder’s drive clipped Jonas Olsson to loop in over Foster.

The goal, Leicester’s 50th in the league this season, was fortuitous but the hosts capitalised and maintained their drive, only for Vardy’s header to smack the bar after 36 minutes.

Since levelling the hosts had been the better side – although nowhere near their fluid selves- but did find a second in first-half stoppage time.

There had been little flowing football from the hosts but the Foxes conjured a sweeping move when Marc Albrighton’s crossfield pass found Mahrez and he teed up King to steer in from 15 yards.

The midfielder, in the team because of N’Golo Kante’s hamstring injury, had not scored in the league for 11 months.

But Albion hit back just four minutes after the break when, following Mahrez’s handball, Gardner curled a brilliant free-kick past the motionless Schmeichel from 25 yards.

It allowed the game to take a similar pattern to the first half with Albion scoring early and Leicester pressing.

And just like the first period the Foxes hit the bar when Okazaki shuddered the woodwork with a 57th-minute header.

It was a glaring miss from the striker but the chances kept flowing as Jeff Schlupp’s drive deflected at Foster minutes later.

Rondon then hacked over from close range as the game opened up before Foster denied Vardy – after he outpaced Gareth McAuley – with 20 minutes left.

Both sides pushed for the next goal, with Gardner shooting over and Huth heading wide, but the Foxes looked more likely to grab a priceless winner.

And, with four minutes left, Morgan almost found it when Olsson slipped in the area but the Foxes’ skipper was denied by Foster from 10 yards.

Mahrez then volleyed wildly over and Leonardo Ulloa could not force the ball in during stoppage time as Leicester were forced to settle for a point.


Britney Spears strips in new music video www.ilovenewz.com/britney-spears-strips-in-new-music-video

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Britney Spears strips in new music video

Singer Britney Spears has released a raunchy mini music video for the song “Breathe on me” on Instagram.

The song is taken from her album “In the Zone”, which came out more than a decade ago.

Spears posted the video clip on Instagram on Tuesday, reports aceshowbiz.com. 

“Girls just wanna have fun. Never released a video for this song… So decided to do a little tease on Instagram instead… Enjoy!” she captioned the video. 

The “Toxic” hitmaker also shared a couple of black-and-white clips showing her dancing. 

“In The Zone” came out in 2003, featuring hits like “Everytime” and the Madonna duet “Me against the music”. Spears is now working on her next album, which she’s doing between shows on her Las Vegas residency and is planned for release later this year.


Microsoft Builds Underwater Data Centers www.ilovenewz.com/microsoft-builds-underwater-data-centers

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Microsoft Builds Underwater Data Centers

The ocean is home to many strange relics of human existence, from a Texas-sized garbage patch, to barnacle-encrusted oil rigs to gold-bullion-filled shipwrecks. Now, scientists are hoping to add cloud-computing data centers to the list.

Microsoft Research has built a prototype data center that it recently deployed beneath the waves off the California coast. Ultimately, the new research endeavor, called Project Natick, aims to use seawater to cool the thousands of computers used in a typical data center. Building underwater data centers could also speed up data delivery, the researchers involved say.

“Half of the world’s population lives within 200 kilometers [124 miles] of the sea, so bringing data centers to the ocean made a huge amount of sense to be able to make the actual cable to our customers as short as possible,” Jeff Kramer, a research engineer with Microsoft, said in a video about the project.

Data centers are incredibly energy intensive; in 2013 they gobbled up about 91 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, or the energy produced by 34 coal-fired power plants, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Much of that energy goes toward cooling the blazing hot computer chips inside the server racks.

What’s more, companies typically place data centers in remote areas, such as the massive Google data center located in The Dalles, Oregon, because the huge amount of land needed is less expensive there. But ascloud computing becomes the norm, more people’s essential data is stored in these far-flung places, meaning the information must travel a longer distance, taking longer to reach the end user.


Long-term ocean dwellers

While the concept sounds outlandish, Microsoft’s underwater server capsule relies on many established technologies. The servers are standard servers encased in a steel drum 8 feet (2.4 m) in diameter, with sturdy bolts and fittings to make it waterproof. The steel drum is fitted with tubes and cables that transfer heat from the hot chips inside to the cool ocean outside. The computer chips housed inside are cooled with liquid nitrogen.


Long-term, the team hopes these capsules can sit at the seafloor, quietly powering the world’s Internet usage, without any maintenance for five years. So the team needs to make improvements in the materials to make that a reality, according to a press release.

Right now, cables snake out from the water to the shoreline to power the servers. But one day, the team hopes to generate the power to operate the servers beneath the waves by employing underwater turbines.

In November 2015, the team used a crane to drop the server 30 feet (9 m) below the water’s surface off the Central California coast. After 105 days, the team found the servers performed better than they hoped, even running some commercial cloud software. To see if the project is viable, Microsoft is planning to deploy additional underwater servers off the coast of Florida or somewhere in Northern Europe.


Kanchana to woo Chiranjeet on screen www.ilovenewz.com/kanchana-to-woo-chiranjeet-on-screen

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Kanchana to woo Chiranjeet on screen

Kanchana Moitra can’t stop praising Chiranjit Chakraborty, with whom she acted in Paromita Munshi’s short film The Last Tram.
In the short, she played the role of a sex worker and Chiranjit, a poet. And now we hear that the actress will romance Chiranjeet in Munshi’s next film, based on Sirshendu Mukherje’s story Guha Manab, which will go on the floors from February 26.
“I will try to woo Chiranjitda in this film. My character is an NRI who returns to Kolkata and falls for his character, knowing well that he is married,” said Kanchana. The film also stars Amrita Chatterjee in a pivotal role.
“Working with a veteran like Chiranjitda is an honour as there is so much to learn from him. On top of that, I am a huge fan too,” added Kanchana who just completed shooting for Anjan Dutt’s next Byomkesh Bakshi film, based on Chiriakhana.


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Pattinson ruled out of Australia domestic season

James Pattinson, Australian pacer, has been ruled of for the remainder of the domestic season with a bone stress injury in his left shin, Cricket Australia (CA) announced on Tuesday (March 1).

“James had a recurrence of his left shin soreness following the second Test in Christchurch and had follow-up scans in Melbourne yesterday,” said David Beakley, CA physiotherapist.

“These scans have shown some inflammation around the shin consistent with bone stress. James will now require some time off to allow this injury to resolve and will not be available for the remainder of the domestic cricket season.”

Pattinson, who made his Test debut in 2011, has been plagued by injuries throughout his brief international career. In 17 Test so far, has taken 70 wickets at an average of 26.15. His last international appearance was the second Test against New Zealand at Christchurch where he returned figures of 6 for 158.


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King Khan is Back: Watch the first trailer of 'Fan'

Days after unveiling the ‘Fan’ anthem, makers of the Shah Rukh Khan-starer have released the trailer of the film.

The trailer was unveiled at Yash Raj Film Studios in Mumbai in presence of the superstar and his fans.

Ok so haven’t seen the trailer or venue myself. Excited to see you all and the trailer!!! pic.twitter.com/UroLWC4H5u

— Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 29, 2016

Earlier, makers of the film released the film’s official poster.

Duniya ke sabse bade superstar ka sabse bada FAN will cross paths with his idol soon. Here’s the official #FANPoster pic.twitter.com/P9TsI9E75I

— FAN (@FanTheFilm) February 29, 2016

‘Fan’ features Shah Rukh Khan in double avatars, one as a superstar and the other as his young lookalike admirer, Gaurav.

‘Fan’ also stars Waluscha De Sousa and Shriya Pilgaonkar, the daughter of Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar.

The film is helmed by the ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ director Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra.
‘Fan’ is slated to hit theatres on April 15.


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Premier League winners and loser

Tottenham and their attacking energy
“It wasn’t our intention to play like this,” Swansea coach Alan Curtis said after the 2-1 defeat to Tottenham. “They just had wave upon wave of attack.”

It was a striking admission from Curtis, but he was left with no choice. Swansea were not just pinned back, they were tied up with rope and chains and the padlock key swallowed for good measure. Tottenham had 34 shots, the highest by any team in a Premier League game this season. Mauricio Pochettino’s side also managed 14 on target; no other team this season has beaten 12. Only the heroics of Lukasz Fabianski stopped the scoreline being as embarrassingly one-sided as the match statistics.

Seven of the Tottenham side that face Swansea had played against Fiorentina on Thursday evening, and yet three days later they were not only able to turn in a dominant performance, but also to cope with trailing 1-0 at half-time.

While their north London neighbours looked sapped of energy and fight after a five-day gap between fixtures, Spurs were the opposite. They completed 603 sprints, the most of any Premier League team this weekend, and covered 122.1km. No other team managed more than 115.4km.

This superhuman physical and mental energy may well run dry before the end of the season, but we’ve been saying that for some time. In the final stages of their last two league games, it has been Tottenham and not the opposition who has won the points. Someone search Pochettino for his wand and pointy hat; he must be a wizard.

Louis van Gaal
A victory to turn every expectation on its head. Defeat to Arsenal with a ragtag bunch of youngsters, stand-ins and square pegs in round holes was supposed to rubber-stamp Van Gaal’s departure as Manchester United manager. The Dutchman ended it three points from the top four and in a stronger bargaining position than he has been for three months.

There is an argument that Sunday’s match was Van Gaal’s ideal scenario. Backs to the wall and with little to lose in a big game, the pressure was – for once – not piled in front of his own dug-out. Van Gaal’s willingness to trust in youth was, by his own estimation, one of the reasons he got the job: “It is the culture of Manchester United, and that that is why they take me as a manager, I think.”

Yet it would be remiss not to praise Van Gaal for the victory. Despite Arsenal’s ineptitude, United’s manager offered at least his middle finger in the direction of those who have called for his immediate sacking (including me). His own under-achievement is well-established, but there is life in the old dog yet.

“I have never seen the dressing room quite so happy and relaxed,” Van Gaal said after the victory over Midtjylland on Thursday. “Not only the players who played, but those on the bench and those who are injured, they were all laughing and talking with each other and happy. It has been quite a long time since that happened.” At the time it seemed a fanciful claim, but Sunday brought emphatic evidence.

In times of adversity, a manager discovers those in his squad who will sink and swim. He may only be enjoying an Indian summer but, against Arsenal, Van Gaal proved himself to be the ideal man to hand out the rubber rings and armbands to his team of kids.


Ineffectual home performances against struggling sides are not the signs of champions. Scruffy late winners from substitute strikers really, really are.


Guus Hiddink and Chelsea resilience
Since Hiddink’s appointment on December 19, Chelsea have taken 21 points from 11 matches. Extrapolate that across the entire season, and they would be sat ahead of Arsenal in third place, four points behind Leicester. Chelsea’s turnaround may not have been stunning, for such an adjective seems out of place when discussing Hiddink, but it has been hugely impressive.

Most striking of all is the resilience that Hiddink has added to this Chelsea squad, low on morale after the Mourinho era. They have come from behind to take at least a point in five matches under the Dutchman’s interim stewardship.

In his first ten weeks in charge, Hiddink’s Chelsea have collected seven points from losing positions in the league. That’s as many as Mourinho’s Chelsea managed in the whole of 2015.

Cesc Fabregas
Between start of season and January 15 (Premier League):
Minutes per goal – No goals scored
Minutes per assist – 724
Minutes per shot on target – 181

Between January 16 and February 28 (Premier League):
Minutes per goal – 270
Minutes per assist – 270
Minutes per shot on target – 108

You have to hand it to Fabregas. He got so sick of everyone going on about him starting the season strongly and tailing off that he decided to completely reverse the trend. How’s that late-season form looking now, chumpos?

Saido Berahino
“If he plays like he did today everybody will start talking about him,” Pulis said about Berahino after the 3-2 victory over Crystal Palace. “His mind is clear and he is set on his football again. The most important thing is that he has a God-given gift and he should squeeze the pips from it, and have a great career. Everything will follow. If he is playing well he will get the recognition – and the move.”

Those last three words may sit uncomfortably with Berahino given his isolation at West Brom. The striker played pretty well last season and all bids were rejected, so further promises are likely to fall on deaf ears.

For now, however, there must only be positivity. With Berahino starting his second league game since October and scoring a wonderful goal, the striker must surely now have earned an extended run in Pulis’ team. Weird how having your best players on the pitch helps a side to perform better.

Yannick Bolasie
The last game Bolasie started was also Palace’s last league win, against Stoke on December 19. His introduction at half-time changed the pattern of Saturday’s game, if not the result. Alan Pardew will be hopeful that his winger can again be the difference against Sunderland on Tuesday.

Marcus Rashford
He scored with his first two shots in the Europa League. He scored with his first two shots in the Premier League. He couldn’t celebrate his memorable league debut because he had a chemistry exam on Monday morning.

Maybe it’s United who found the perfect formula.

Michail Antonio
Four goals and two assists in his last ten Premier League games. I’m really happy for him. No, honestly, I am. *Sobs*

Newcastle supporters’ best weekends of late may all have coincided with their side not playing, but this one was better than most. The six sides around them all played, and took a total of one point between them. Now for Steve McClaren to make the most of the leg-up.

Slaven Bilic
Bilic is now four points away from matching Sam Allardyce’s total from last season. Plenty are still waiting for the West Ham wobble, but still it refuses to come.

Only the top two have lost fewer league games than West Ham this season. To be four points off the top four at the beginning of March under a new manager bedding in new players is a remarkable achievement.

Connor Wickham
Joins Dwight Gayle as the second Crystal Palace striker to score more than once in a Premier League game since Andrew Johnson in February 2005. Any more of this funny business and Wickham will be on the transfer list.


Arsenal fans
The club, the players and your manager are all making you look like fools. It’ll never change until wholesale changes are made.

For more on Arsenal and their latest bottle job, go to 16 Conclusions.


Mesut Ozil
After the League Cup final, Sarah Winterburn wrote that Liverpool were a 9/10 club with 7/10 leaders. Wonder whether Ozil gets the opposite feeling?

Against United, Ozil did what Ozil does. He scored one, assisted another and created five other chances. The German’s six chances created was more than every other player from both sides combined. He is also now just two away from Thierry Henry’s all-time Premier League assist record, and we’re still in February.

In terms of chances created, the gap between Ozil and third place is the same as the gap between third and 63rd. He is by far and away the best attacking midfielder in the Premier League. If only Arsenal had the strikers to take full advantage.

Ozil’s creative magnificence should be handsomely rewarded. He should be picking up a Premier League winner’s medal in May, and being named PFA Player of the Year. Instead, he’s in danger of (again) having the FA Cup as his biggest hope of a trophy in March.

Ozil is serving up Michelin-starred food for steak and chips strikers. Arsenal supporters must be worried that such a task soon gets tedious.


Theo Walcott
Walcott already got a good kicking in 16 Conclusions, but it really is worth repeating just how terrible his 63 minutes were: ‘No shots, no chances created and six passes completed in 63 minutes. He touched the ball 17 times and managed to lose possession on ten occasions. It would be hard to do worse deliberately.’

Wenger put faith in Walcott for a big game with good reason. Michael Carrick and Daley Blind’s comparative lack of pace made them sitting ducks for a quick forward prepared to play on the last shoulder. Even with both United central defenders dropping deep to counteract the issue, Walcott was expected to make hay. He ended up making his supporters scream.

As Arsenal’s – and thus Wenger’s – longest-serving player, Walcott’s own fortunes are entwined with that of his manager; it’s easy to see him being cleared out in the post-Wenger spring clean. On the evidence of Sunday, it can’t come too soon. Like Arsenal, the stagnating Walcott is unreliable in the most crucial moments. It’s an imperfect recipe for success.

Alan Pardew
“We’re regarded as an underclass,” Pardew said in December. “It’s beginning to bug me. I don’t hear a lot of promoting English coaches and managers. There are no English or British managers in the top teams. I get accused of being arrogant. For me, it’s self-belief. English coaches really have to have a steely resolve because the press are tougher with us.”

“Foreign ownership has taken the focus away a bit,” he continued. “Immediately I look at the Reading job [Steve Clarke had just been sacked] and think ‘a foreign manager is going to get that’. Jobs come up in the Premier League and the first three or four names are foreign.”

It was good to see Pardew finally stick up for that most mistreated and downtrodden element of English society, the white, English, middle-aged football manager. It was also good to see him realise that the press are tougher on English managers than foreigners, like that time the press analysed the way little Englander Andre Villas-Boas stood on the touchline. The foreign coach has been getting an easy ride for too long, while managers like Pardew, Allardyce and Harry Redknapp are never touted for big jobs by their mates in high places. Good on the little guy!

Pardew was also right to be worried about ANOTHER foreigner coming in at Reading after massive foreigner Steve Clarke cocked things up. Brian McDermott may sound like the name of a man born in Slough, but he’s actually from the Peruvian town of Chimbote, where they only study football through analytics. Children in the town even have their eyes removed to stop them watching actual matches and believing their gut instincts. Bloody hipsters.

Of course, Pardew’s big bold statement came after Palace had beaten former club Newcastle 5-1. He’s been a lot quieter lately. On Saturday, Palace lost their seventh league game in eight, and they have now taken three league points from the last 30 available. Lose at Sunderland on Tuesday and relegation becomes a possibility.

Still, at least Pardew is well away from the top half, where all those ghastly foreigners live. Best to be in the bottom seven, with the other three English managers in the Premier League.

NB: For those keeping a record, Pardew blamed referee Jonathan Moss for Palace’s latest defeat.


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Moving Ink: Cool Animation Tech Brings Tattoos to Life

People have been inking decorative marks on their skin for thousands of years, as part of cultural traditions or as personal adornment. But a new spin on this old art form brought tattoos to life like never before: A combination of animation and a technique called projection mapping creates magical tapestries of light and movement that flow, slither and march over a person’s body in real time.

In July 2015, Oskar & Gaspar, a collective of multimedia and visual artists based in Portugal, staged a landmark event in Lisbon, Portugal, called “Ink Mapping” that used projection mapping to transform tattoos into dynamic works of art.

Projection mapping combines traditional projection technology with software that conforms the projected media to fit within the boundaries of a three-dimensional surface — like a building façade — rather than a flat, rectangular screen. This allows artists to design motion sequences that follow a unique pathway of planes, curves and crevices, embracing the architecture and structure of the projection surface as part of the visual story.

And while the combination of real-world objects and animation is usually created in movies and television long after the cameras stop rolling, projection mapping brings them together as you watch.

The group had already experimented with mapping projection onto bodies and faces, a representative told Live Science in an email. “And because we are big fans of tattoos, it seemed like the next logical step to bring these two types of art together,” they said. “Two years ago, we started to experiment on our own tattoos, and it became crystal clear that the result would be fascinating.”

The results were, in fact, astonishing, adding light play, depth and movement to a wide range of tattoo styles — creating spinning mandalas, flapping origami birds, supernovas, and even a winking, eyebrow-raising portrait of Salvador Dalí that recalled the “living pictures” seen in the “Harry Potter” movies.

However, the moving tattoos weren’t born of magic but from the combined efforts of about 40 people working on model and setting preparation, image capture, lighting, content creation and projection. Each animation began with photographs of the tattoos, which were rendered as 3D models and incorporated into a motion sequence. Then, the human subject was positioned in front of a projector while video-mapping software was used to line up the animated media with the original tattoo and to get everything to fit within the projection area.

A demonstration that animated tattoos on both sides of a model’s body took about 2 hours to produce, while other demos that focused on more isolated body regions needed about 45 minutes of preparation, the artists said. Then, the projector was activated, and shadows played across a gargoyle’s face, and an origami bird flapped across an arm, leaving trails of ghost-birds behind it. In another instance, a tree grew, bloomed and shed its blossoms over someone’s back.


South Africa series ideal opportunity to gel well before World T20: Smith www.ilovenewz.com/south-africa-series-ideal-opportunity-to-gel-well-before-world-t20-smith

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South Africa series ideal opportunity to gel well before World T20: Smith

Heading into the 2016 ICC World Twenty20, Australia have made some radical changes to the side. While the performance in the Big Bash League (BBL) 2015-16 has played a key role in the inclusion of a few players, the 3-0 loss against India in the Twenty20 International series at home too has led to some ousters.

Peter Nevill, Adam Zampa and Ashton Agar are all yet to make their T20I debut as Australia take on South Africa in a three-match series ahead of the World T20. With Aaron Finch recovering from his injury and three other players vying for the opener’s spot, Australia are yet to find their right combination.

“It’s about moving forward and trying to get everything going in the right direction before the World Cup. We’ve got a few options for guys that can open the batting, there’s about four guys vying for a spot there. The bowlers are working hard to get into the eleven but I think it will take a whole squad to win a World Cup,” Smith said on Monday (February 29).

“For us it’s about playing some T20 cricket together, we haven’t played a great deal of T20 over the last couple of years so it’s a great opportunity for us to try and gel together as a unit before the World Cup.”

Steve Smith, who has led Australia in only a solitary T20I so far, has been handed the responsibility of leading the side in World T20 to be played in India in March-April.

“Hopefully the South African curators can try and make the pitches a little bit slow and turning, I think that would benefit both sides, so we’ll wait and see what they come up with,” he added.

Despite Australia’s dominance in Tests and One-Day Internationals, where they are No. 1 and world champions respectively, they haven’t found similar success in the shortest format. Smith believes that the game has evolved following the advent of T20.

“I think it’s changed a lot, guys have got so many different deliveries nowadays – slower-ball bouncers, wide yorkers, different kinds of slower balls, things like that. Guys are able to hit the ball 360 degrees, which is hard to stop. I just think the game has changed so much, it’s moving forward and that’s great.”

Speaking about plans to stop AB de Villiers, one of the finest batsmen across formats currently, in the upcoming series, Smith said that even as he is a difficult player to stop, there are a few ideas in place.

“It’s very difficult to do, he’s one of the most destructive – if not the most destructive – batsman in the world and he does hit the ball 360 degrees, so when he is going he’s very tough to stop,” Smith said. “We’re going to have a few plans in place for him that will hopefully work, but he’s a terrific player and very hard to stop.”

“They’re a very good T20 team, they’ve got some class players that can take the game away from you very quickly. So, for us, we want to win every series we play and I guess in the back of our minds we know there’s a World Cup not long away. But it’s about focusing on this series and trying to do what we can to win,” he concluded.


Mails: Is Liverpool’s U-Turn really a win? www.ilovenewz.com/mails-is-liverpools-uturn-really-a-win

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Mails: Is Liverpool's U-Turn really a win?

Cheers, Sunderland
In regards to the Anfield walkout and the boards subsequent reaction, I think the result of the game against Sunderland helped immensely. It could be argued otherwise but the protest seemed to destabilise the team and showed how important the “12th man is”. How many points would this cost Liverpool over the course of a season? Hopefully someone else can do the hard work and analyse this properly, presenting their findings to the mailbox.

Now to keep up with the mailbox theme, I will use a thesaurus to find a word no-one else knows and use it to make myself look clever:

Regardless, the boards response to the protest was fervent (it means heartfelt).

Seamus, Liverpool (Irish not a Scouser)


Victory comes at a cost
There was a graphic on Sky showing that the victory was actually going to cost the fans more for their season tickets as you would have all games raised to the categroy A cost. So instead of a season ticket for 2015/6 costing £1031 (6x£59+10x£53+3x£49) the 2016/7 cost is £1121 (19x£59).

So whilst the club have appeared to back down they have effrectively raised the price of your tickets for 13 games a season and taken another £90 off you.

Without wanting to sound negative or belittle the achievement is it really a victory or just a smaller defeat?


Don’t get carried away
I hate high ticket prices as much as anyone and think it’s great that Liverpool fans achieved what they did. However, it can’t be ignored that a big reason for their “victory” was that the overall loss to Liverpool FC’s earnings was relatively low.

It has been publicised that it was only 200 or so tickets that would be at this price, which means the loss per match for the club of switching them to £59 rather than £77 would be around £3600. It’s probably more than this because I imagine there were some more price points between those two that were also reduced, but with the amounts of money that football clubs make and spend, we can all see that this matchday loss is pretty much insignificant.

I’m not saying it’s not a big win symbolically because it is. A fan protest has caused a club to reduce ticket prices (or at least not increase them), which sets a precedent for the next time this happens at another club. This is massive.

However, if the ticket price increase would have brought in a significant amount of money, I’m not sure they would have backed down so easily. Also, it probably helps that Liverpool FC is in the midst of clusterf**k on the pitch.

What I’m saying is, don’t expect the results of this protest to set a trend quite yet.
Adonis Stevenson, AFC


Stand up for Liverpool fans
Following Liverpool supporter’s successful protest against the ticket prices rise, it is imperative that the fans of rest of the Premier League teams show support of this “win”. The best way I can think of doing this, is if all the fans at Premier League matches (and perhaps even the Championship matches) this weekend stand up and applaud at the 77th minute.
Peter (I still want Villa to beat Liverpool, it’s the hope that kills)


Walk out for Mignolet
FSG are awesome. When the next first shot on target goes in, can we all walk out as a protest against Mignolet?
Yorkie (lfc)


Are cheaper tickets bad news?
All the talk of ticket prices has brought several arguments to the table; the clubs can afford it, but why should they because this is a capitalist market, etc, etc. But has anyone considered that lowering ticket prices will make it LESS likely for the average fan to see their team? Hear me out…

Let’s take John Nicholson’s article. He says tickets should cost £5 – £15 for all regular tickets. Many fans welcome that it would seem, having read various articles. But has anyone actually stepped back and taken time to think about what that actually means for the average fan? For most clubs (correct me if I’m wrong), 75% are season ticket holders. That is already something of a ‘closed shop’, especially at the ‘super clubs’ (of which I am a season ticket holder). So if we reduce tickets to, say £10, I suspect no-one would fail to renew their season ticket because it would be ridiculously cheap. Therefore, no new fans would be able to get their hands on season tickets (and I know for a fact there are some season tickets held by people who have long since passed away, but have been passed to friends/family members). So you have reduced ticket prices and so made it virtually impossible for anyone ‘new’ to get a season ticket. Those who were priced out will never get back in. Is that really what people want?

Now, to the remaining 25% of seats available (of which a fair chunk go to away fans). If those tickets are now priced at £10 each, guess what, a multiple of the people who used to try to get those tickets at the old price will almost certainly go for the newly priced ones. Instead of 10 willing buyers per ticket, that will grow to 20? 50? 100? Fans from overseas, so called ‘day trippers’ and people who just fancy a cheap day out will jump at the chance of £10 tickets. “What shall we do with £10, go to the pub for a couple of pints or try to get a ticket for Arsenal vs. Tottenham?!” The lowering of ticket prices will perversely make it LESS likely for the so called ‘real fans’ to get their hands on tickets.

At the moment, if a fan cannot attend a game at late notice due to illness, social or work event, when they know they are losing £60, you can guarantee they will try to offload it and thus give someone new a chance to go. But with the proposed ticket prices, they are missing out on just £10? Not even worth the bother to try to sell it, just don’t turn up.

It’s true Premier League clubs can afford to offer £10 tickets, they could afford to offer free tickets, hell, they could afford to pay you to go, but that is completely ignoring the adverse consequences.
Dommy S


Leave us alone
Spurs fan. I am very much enjoying the season, but please can people stop talking about us. Pretend you can’t see us. Just replace “Tottenham” with “Liverpool” or “Stoke” or something else whenever we are mentioned.

In the next few weeks our fixtures go- Man City (A), 4 days later Fiorentina (A), 3 days later Palace (H), 4 days later Fiorentina (H), 3 days later Swansea (H), 3 days later West Ham (A), 4 days later A*****l (H). 20 days, 7 games, maximum recovery time of 4 days.

After that run we can see where we are. Right now, nothing to see, nothing to talk about, nothing been done.

Please, please, please. Leave us alone till then. On the 6th March there will be a chance to assess what our season could be.

Popular officials
Nick Miller’s piece on the fourth official made for good reading, even if the revelation that Messrs Robinson, Evans, Mourinho, Faria Poyet and Pardew can be incredibly odious is hardly earth-shattering.  What it made me wonder, though, is are there any managers/coaches out there renowned for having a good and cordial relationship with officials?

When there were allegations of racism surrounding Mark Clattenburg, The Secret Football wrote a column about him, describing his habit of referring to big players by their nicknames and everyone else by their surname, but also mentioning his use of wit to disarm an angry footballer. As TSF pointed out, it’s hard to be irate when you’re trying not to laugh.

The fourth official’s sideline presence is almost unique to football (“unique” in the sense that I can’t think of any others but I’m convinced I’ve forgotten something obvious), because other sports’ extra officials are usually required to oversee replays.  Despite that, there must be some managers/coaches that fourthers don’t dread working with.  Good officiating in any sport is a strong combination of knowledge/interpretation of the rules and rapport with players/managers.   As the excellent Pierluigi Collina profile pointed out, the best of the best referees get players to accept they are right even when they are wrong, and they wouldn’t be able to do that without a good working relationship with the players.

One thing I found from being involved in ice hockey is that officials do what they do through their love of the game, and that out of the heat of battle, most were happy to chat to players, coaches and fans alike.  Many are even happy to explain decisions to fans, providing there isn’t any hostility.  I can’t imagine Phil Dowd wanting to do that somehow.

Given that there are 10 matches in each round of fixtures, each requiring several officials from the same finite pool, it’s likely that clubs will encounter the same officials several times a season.  There must be some allocations that aren’t greeted with a mix of dread and contempt, so has anyone got any examples of what is effectively the opposite of Nick’s article to highlight?
The literary Ed Quoththeraven


Why update on injuries?
After reading the comments from Owen about the never ending Sturridge speculation it got me wondering why clubs release information about player injuries in the first place.

People generally seem unaninmous in their opinion that Sturridge’s situation has naff all to do with anybody but Sturridge and Liverpool.

Surely this is true for every player at every club? I don’t really understand what a club gains by saying ‘Our star player will be out for this many games’. Wouldn’t it be better to keep your opponents guessing? Likewise, wouldn’t it be better to pretend your player wasn’t back from injury, only for the opposing manager to see his name on the teamsheet on matchday, leaving his best laid plans in tatters?

Even away from the pitch, surely documenting the injury woes of a player in the press hurts his transfer value when you try to bung him to some other bugger in the league. So why do clubs do it? Is it a rule somewhere?

Dan (Incidentally, I feel like the headline vs the content in that article was easily Mediawatch worthy)

Why great players are usually crap managers
I read Rio’s words this morning and just wanted to say I’m tired of Giggs being touted for the United job (and mostly by his mates). Apart from having the charisma of a stuffed chicken and his top-flight management experience being limited to watching Fergie do it (because that worked so well for Robson, Ince, Hughes, Bruce, Keane, Sheringham, Neville and even McClaren and Queiroz) and a subsequent close-up view of two failing regimes (not sure how valuable that is), it’s ignoring one golden rule of management: great players tend to make crap managers.

The best managers tend to be people who were the top level’s more limited players and foils for others brilliance: no-nonsense defenders (Pochettino), base midfielders (Guardiola, Simeone), people that never even made the grade (Mourinho) or the more basic of attackers (Ferguson was a goal scorer but not exactly considered skillful). This is because they had to rely on their hard work and reading of the game to make up for what they lacked in skill and natural ability. Even Alladyce has a limited style that reflects his limited ability as a footballer but does enough to get you there.

In comparison, the more talented footballers will either tend to take their abilities for granted and get frustrated at others falling short (Hoddle, for example, was widely known for deliberately humiliating England players in training) and therefore pay less attention to detail, or they are unable to make that switch to the dugout for lack of personal glory (hi everyone in the warm, cosy Sky box).

Obviously there are exceptions – I don’t believe Savage could be Clough Mk II, Neville was the epitome of the hard-work-compensates-for-natural-ability player (although he is in Spain and I’d like to see him try again in England), Daglish didn’t exactly do badly – but anytime people like Giggs gets touted for the top jobs without any proper managerial experience I cringe.
David P, Manchester exile


Choking on cup romance
Have to agree with Flash551ft from this morning’s mailbox on the BBC coverage of the FA Cup, it has been slightly nauseating this season in the way they have tried to ram the romance down our throats. The matches they’ve shown have been pretty good without the need to force a narrative. The Salford ties earlier in the season were good but it was quite clear who the Beeb wanted to win.

In the 3rd round replay of Leicester v Spurs it was cringeworthy as Jonathan Pearce fawned over Leicester’s play, giving us biographies of each player, as all the while Spurs were outplaying the Foxes. And the interviews on the pitch at half time with Leicester players as if it was some kind of potential giant-killing (Leicester were – and still are – above Spurs in the league!).

And last night was similar. I love the BBC and their sporting coverage but this season’s FA Cup has been a bit off-putting.
Kevin G


Juan wish
I read with interest the gossip today about the yet (unsubstantiated) rumours of Jose taking charge of Man United and looking to sell Juan Mata

As a Chelsea fan who was delighted with the reception that Juan received when he was substituted at the weekend – I would love it if there was even the smallest possibility of us re-signing Mata if the above does come to fore.

We have never replaced the goals and creativity from AM since selling Juan, and required Hazard to step up massively last season towards the title. Oscar is just far too inconsistent and whilst on his day he can be fantastic – these days just do not happen often enough and it is often like having another defensive midfielder defending from the front. With Juan back in the centre and providing we keep Hazard on the left and Willian on the right – this would be much more balanced than what we have at the moment

It may be the only shining light to come from Jose taking over at United….
Stephen (Juan day it may happen…)


Simeone to Arsenal?
Having read your piece on 5 managers who could come to the Premier League it suddenly occurred to me. Next season our little league could have all of; Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Arsene Wenger, Pocchetino, Jose Mourinho and of course Claudio Ranieri. That is eye-wateringly amazing. All those managers in one league?! Has anything more remarkable ever happened? I don’t think anyone is going to be able to predict what will happen.

The second thing that occurred to me in all the fuss about Pep going to Citeh (rather than replacing Wenger at Arsenal of course) is that Diego Simeone could well be the ideal replacement for Arsene. I am fairly sure that with all that lot in the league next season Wenger won’t be retiring at the end of this season but he could be marked to replace him at the end of next. His attacking style will suit us and he will re-introduce our old tough way we used to play.
JazGooner (probably getting a bit excited because of Super Duper Sunday coming up)


Postcard from China
Chinese football. The standard isn’t very high for reasons of general Chinese culture. The best players won’t get chosen unless they or more specifically their family have connections, which is practically everything Chinese,(in a country of well over a billion people if you don’t think they have quality here you are stupid), there is a feeling that this is changing, but it will take time to come to fruition.

A previous Mail said big money transfers recently have come from a big company, this is partly true, except that the company (suning) is government owned. The government is clearly trying to improve the league. I would guess with none other than financial and possibly social reasons… They want the World Cup and they don’t want to be left out.

The problem will come when they have already paid lesser names huge amounts they don’t deserve and realize it can’t be sustained if they want to keep attracting bigger names.(this is possibly a big maybe).

China’s boom has advanced far more infrastructure wise than it has socially, and it will be interesting to see how long these big(ish) names last. I for one no matter the money imagine Rooney surviving here.
Luke (in China) Chengdu

Talking s***
Relating to manager Steve Evans complaining about a decision he hadn’t seen because “he was having a wee at the time” – according to Private Eye, Michael Gray on Channel 5 came out with this genius commentary. “Steve Evans, the Leeds manager, missed the goal as he’d gone to the toilet. He had to ask his number two what happened.”
Rick Spangle


Unmanned Sub Hunters & Robot Battle Managers On the Horizon, DARPA Says www.ilovenewz.com/unmanned-sub-hunters--robot-battle-managers-on-the-horizon-darpa-says

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Unmanned Sub Hunters & Robot Battle Managers On the Horizon, DARPA Says

Space battles, unmanned submarine hunters and artificial intelligent systems that help human commanders make split-second decisions may sound like science fiction fodder, but military researchers are hard at work trying to make them a reality.

The U.S. military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has put millions of dollars into projects to develop such technologies, as well as other projects to make cheap, reusable rockets and war technology, officials with the agency said Wednesday (Feb. 10) in a news briefing.

The U.S. has typically faced big, monolithic adversaries (think the USSR during the Cold War) or hostile nation states (like Iraq during the Gulf War), and over the past few decades, it has been incredibly dominant, said Steve Walker, the deputy director of DARPA.


In the future, however, “we can’t pick the next hotspots in the world and we can’t necessarily focus on the fights we can win,” Walker said.

Instead of a limited set of well-known foes, the U.S. now faces a myriad of quickly shifting and interconnected threats, from traditionally hostile nation states to criminal organizations to terrorist networks. Fighting those enemies may require something beyond the large, expensive military systems that take ages to design and build.

“We need to mix it up,” Walker said.

Robot and man

Toward that end, DARPA is investing in a number of technologies that make warfare cheaper and more flexible.

For instance, the agency is investing in the development of a futuristic, relatively cheap space plane called the XS-1. The reusable plane would launch into suborbital altitudes, flying at hypersonic speeds of Mach 10, to deliver fleets of mini-satellites, then return to repeat the process.

Other proposed projects would take humans out of at least some of the equations of modern warfare. For instance, the agency is designing an unmanned warship that could hunt down ultraquiet diesel submarines — all without a human aboard. The first prototype, dubbed the Sea Hunter, is a 130-foot-long (40 meters) behemoth that took its maiden voyage in the waters off Portland earlier this month and will be christened in April. Such ghost ships could be connected in an invisible grid with other manned vessels, constantly communicating to dynamically assess threats.

Another project aims to put artificial intelligence (AI) in the cockpit with human pilots. The AI would then be used to sabotage the enemy’s communication networks.

“The way we would do that is by first of all scouring the spectrum in real time and then second of all applying some of the most amazing technology from the frontiers of artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn what the adversary is doing in the electromagnetic spectrum, start making predictions about what they’re going to do and then adapt the on-board jammer,” said Arati Prabhakar, the director of DARPA.

Currently, completely unknown signals must be sent back to a central command station, where they sometimes take months to decode, she said.

And the newly proposed Hallmark program would leverage artificial intelligence systems to rapidly assess dynamically changing data in futuristic space battles — then present a set of two or three decisions to a human commander, who would be able to make decisions more quickly than he or she otherwise would.

“You don’t want to overload the human; you want to give them exactly what they need to make the decision,” Walker said.


Barbados Tridents sign de Villiers for Caribbean Premier League 2016 www.ilovenewz.com/barbados-tridents-sign-de-villiers-for-caribbean-premier-league-2016

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Barbados Tridents sign de Villiers for Caribbean Premier League 2016

The 2016 edition of the Carribean Premier League (CPL) has received a massive boost as Barbados Tridents have signed South Africa batsman AB de Villiers for this season on Thursday (February 11). The Proteas Test skipper also claimed that he turned down an opportunity to play in the Big Bash since it collides with South Africa’s home series against Sri Lanka.

Vijay Mallya, who also owns the Royal Challengers Bangalore, also holds a stake in the Barbados franchise.

“Barbados is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I am honoured to have been invited to join the Tridents,” said de Villiers. “The CPL has been growing each year, and Im pleased that this year the league fits so neatly within the Proteas international schedule.

“Vijay Mallya, chairman of Royal Challengers Bangalore, my team in the Indian Premier League, has recently secured an interest in the Tridents and I am very much looking forward to joining forces with him in another part of the world.I’ve had a careful look at my schedule and am looking forward to the next few months. For players in my position, it is important to find a balance between playing international cricket and participating in the various T20 leagues around the world.

“I remain absolutely committed to international cricket but, this year, it just so happens I can play in the CPL as well; in contrast, for example, I have declined offers to play in the Big Bash League in Australia because it clashes with our home series against Sri Lanka.”

South Africa will play a tri-series with West Indies and Australia and a couple of Test matches at home against New Zealand in August and there won’t be any clash with the CPL and de Villiers, as a result, will not be forced to miss international games or games for the franchise.


Exposed: What do Bollywood celebs fear? www.ilovenewz.com/exposed-what-do-bollywood-celebs-fear

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Exposed: What do Bollywood celebs fear?

Karan Johar fears that his right profile is captured instead of the left on camera; Parineeti Chopra is scared of plane landings; Neil Nitin Mukesh is afraid of being alone — it is such fears and more that a string of Bollywood stars have shared ahead of the release of “Neerja” — a biopic on a fearless woman.

The celebrities shared their fears as part of a unique social media campaign made for the Sonam Kapoor starrer “Neerja”, which encourages unleashing one’s fears and exhibiting courage.

Produced by Atul Kasbekar under the banner of Fox Star Studios, the film, which is slated to release on February 19, revolves around the hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi in Pakistan and how a flight attendant named Neerja Bhanot saved the lives of 360 people on board the air craft. 

To support her bravery, many Bollywood celebrities took to various social media sites to share videos of their fears and how they overcame it under the hashtag “#fearvsneerja”.

Here’s what the stars have said:

Salman Khan shared a piece of advice given by his father Salim Khan: “Jo darr gaya samjho mar gaya”. 

Anil Kapoor shared: “My biggest fear is sitting on the dining table and going hysterical and berserk where food is concerned. I overcome it by sitting with my wife who keeps on slapping on my hand so that I don’t eat too much.

Filmmaker Karan Johar spoke about his biggest fear which is of his right profile being captured instead of his left profile which he feels makes him look best.

Actor Shahid Kapoor shared a rather light hearted video in which he said he doesn’t have any fear, while Priyanka Chopra talked about a rather unique fear which she termed as ‘No-Mo Phobia’ — fear of no mobile phones.

Parineeti Chopra terms “plane landing” to be her biggest fear; and Alia Bhatt shared that she fears “missing out” and so she battles it by being everywhere and doing everything.

Anupam Kher is fearful about losing his memory one day, and Huma Qureshi spoke out loud about her fear of dreams. 

Rajkumar Rao shared: “My biggest fear would be that one day my director would say action and I will just freeze. I wouldn’t know how to act.. I wouldn’t know how to crack it. It’s like god will take away acting from me. I don’t know what I would do then.” 


Tottenham: The title race’s other fairytale www.ilovenewz.com/tottenham-the-title-races-other-fairytale

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Tottenham: The title race's other fairytale

“I don’t want to joke about that, but there’s a lot of media interest in Liverpool, with Klopp, Mourinho – a difficult start in the league, it’s never happened with him. It’s different things and maybe for us it’s good” – Mauricio Pochettino, November 1.

It’s a difficult thing, publicity. Those who get lots of it complain that it is suffocating. Those who get far less complain that they’re being ignored. Media attention isn’t like Goldilocks’ porridge; it’s never just right.

Yet even by reasonable standards, Tottenham’s title bid has flown under the radar. They are the statutory third slot on Match of the Day, the forgotten member of the three/four/five/six/seven challengers. During a week in which Michael Carrick has talked up Manchester United’s title hopes, few at his old club are clambering up to the rooftops to shout.

In an age where bad news sells far better than good, there has only been room for one fairytale. Leicester have that written, published and at No. 1 in the bestseller list. The only question is where they rank on an imaginary (and ultimately meaningless) all-time achievement list.

When Spurs moved up to second by beating Watford last weekend, even those enthralled by the Premier League raised an eyebrow, as if Pochettino’s side had effected a bizarre overtaking technique. Quique Sanchez Flores may have described Spurs’ players as “animals”, but they are closer to the tortoise than the hare. Actually, they’ve just got more points than 18 other clubs, and have lost only twice since the opening day.

Not that Tottenham’s manager minds the understated nature of this title challenge. “It is better not to speak too much, only to show, to work hard,” Pochettino says. “This is the better way to show we are ready to compete and after, we see what happens.”Pure Pochettino, the perfect quiet man for quiet improvement.

Pochettino has his own explanation for the lack of frenzy: “For me, historically Tottenham is one of the biggest clubs in England. It is not a surprise we are in a good position.”

Yet that assessment is misleading, whether wilfully or otherwise. Until 2006, Tottenham had never finished in the top six of the Premier League. It is 55 years since they won the Championbship, and 53 since they finished in the top two. Twelve clubs have won the league since Tottenham in 1961: Ipswich Town, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Leeds, Arsenal, Derby County, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea.

By every measure other than in comparison with Leicester, Tottenham’s title bid is remarkable. Their commercial income is just over half that of Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, and far less still than the two Manchester clubs. Their wage bill of £100m for 2014/15 was far lower than Arsenal (£192m), City (£194m), United (£204m) and Chelsea (£215m), and also £44m lower than Liverpool’s. The gap between Tottenham and Hull City in 18th in that salary ranking was the same as between Tottenham in sixth and Liverpool in fifth. 

It goes beyond wages. Since June 2013, only one current Premier League club has made a profit on transfers: Tottenham. While selling Gareth Bale obviously distorts that statistic, it only underlines Pochettino’s recovery work. Across North London they might tell you to talk about net spend, fella, but at White Hart Lane actions speak louder than words.

On the field, Tottenham are enjoying the exuberance of youth without dwelling on the comparative lack of experience. Of the 14 players used against Watford on Saturday, nine were aged 23 or under. According to the excellent transfermarkt.co.uk, with an average age of just 24.6, Pochettino is in charge of the youngest squad in Europe’s top five leagues. This is over-performance, achieved well ahead of schedule.

Yet while Tottenham’s improvement is notable, it is not sexy. There is no stand-out player in the shape of Mesut Ozil, Sergio Aguero or Jamyad Vardrez, rather a number of exciting yet reliable parts combining to create a greater sum. The rise of Dele Alli has taken the pressure off Harry Kane, around whom the hysteria has mercifully abated. Kane has more league goals during this season than at this stage of last.

Instead, it is the rapid improvement in Tottenham’s defence that acts as the backbone to their title bid. Last season, they ranked 16th in the Premier League for goals conceded (53, more than relegated Hull City). The following is a list of teams in Europe’s top five leagues with a better goals conceded per game ratio in 2015/16: Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid. 

Tottenham ended last season having had 171 shots on target, allowing the same amount on their own goal. They were on the level, every strength counteracted by a weakness. This season, that same scoreline now reads 167-75. Pochettino has achieved three years’ work in 12 months.

Pochettino’s side face a test of their credentials at Manchester City on Sunday, and must soon balance participation in three different competitions with a smallish squad. But after Sunday they must play only one of the top eight away from home, and have now won six straight matches. Spurs really can do this.

There is nothing wrong with avoiding media scrutiny. In fact in a post-Bale, post-’Arry era, Tottenham have welcomed their time away from the spotlight’s glare. Reflection stops us going blindly along the path. Plaudits are fine until you start to believe them.

Yet it would be remiss not to appreciate what an extraordinary season this is for Tottenham, and they do not need to win the league to make that so. While everybody understandably marvels at Leicester, pokes fun at Manchester United and Chelsea and anticipates Pep Guardiola, there is a silent revolution going on at White Hart Lane.

Improvement in the individual makes headlines. Improvement in the team makes progress. Tottenham are the fairytale with no Prince Charming.


Matt Damon returns to action mode in ‘Jason Bourne’ trailer www.ilovenewz.com/matt-damon-returns-to-action-mode-in-jason-bourne-trailer

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Matt Damon returns to action mode in 'Jason Bourne' trailer

The first trailer of Matt Damon’s upcoming action spy thriller film “Jason Bourne” debuted during the Super Bowl 50. It gives a sneak peek into a few of the high-octane action sequences in the film.

The sequel sees Damon and director Paul Greengrass re-teaming to bring the famous CIA agent out of retirement. It has been nine years since Bourne appeared on the big screen. Now the upcoming instalment marks the fifth film in the franchise, reports variety.com.

“I know who I am. I remember everything,” Damon said in the 30-second video.

The series started in 2002, with “The Bourne Identity”. The last movie in the series came in 2012 with “The Bourne Legacy”. However, neither Bourne nor Damon appeared in that film. Jeremy Renner starred as Black ops agent Aaron Cross.

In “Jason Bourne”, Julia Stiles is set to return as Nicky Parsons. 

Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones and Vincent Cassel will make their debuts in the franchise.

“Jason Bourne” will release on July 29.


Will the World’s Largest Supercollider Spawn a Black Hole? (Op-Ed) www.ilovenewz.com/will-the-worlds-largest-supercollider-spawn-a-black-hole-oped

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Will the World's Largest Supercollider Spawn a Black Hole? (Op-Ed)

Don Lincoln is a senior scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermilab, the United States’ biggest Large Hadron Collider research institution. He also writes about science for the public, including his recent “The Large Hadron Collider: The Extraordinary Story of the Higgs Boson and Other Things That Will Blow Your Mind” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014). You can follow him on Facebook. The opinions here are his own. Lincoln contributed this article to Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.

Cutting-edge science is an exploration of the unknown; an intellectual step into the frontier of human knowledge. Such studies provide great excitement for those of us passionate about understanding the world around us, but some are apprehensive of the unknown and wonder if new and powerful science, and the facilities where it is explored, could be dangerous. Some even go so far as to ask whether one of humanity’s most ambitious research projects could even pose an existential threat to the Earth itself. So let’s ask that question now and get it out of the way.


But it’s not really a silly question for people who haven’t thought carefully about it. After all, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s biggest and most powerful particle accelerator, is explicitly an instrument of exploration, one that is designed to push back the frontiers of ignorance. It’s not so unreasonable to ask how you know something isn’t dangerous if you’ve never done it before. So how is it I can say with such utter confidence that the LHC is completely safe?

Well, the short answer is that cosmic rays from space constantly pummel the Earth with energies that dwarf those of the LHC. Given that the Earth is still here, there can be no danger, or so the reasoning goes.

And that could well be the final story, but the tale is much richer than that short (but very accurate) answer would lead you to believe. So let’s dig a bit deeper into what makes some suspect a danger, and then explore a fairly detailed description of the point and counterpoint involved in delivering a solid and satisfying answer to the question.


Skeptics have proposed that the LHC would produce many possible dangers, ranging from the vague fear of the unknown to some that are strangely specific.

The most commonly mentioned is the idea that the LHC can make a black hole. In popular literature, black holes are ravening monstrosities of the universe, gobbling up everything around them. Given such a depiction, it’s not at all unreasonable for people to then wonder if a black hole created by the LHC might reach out and destroy the accelerator, the laboratory, then Switzerland, Europe and finally the Earth. This would be a scary scenario, were it credible — but it’s not.

What immediately follows are the weaker (but still compelling) reasons why this possibility is, well, not possible, and in the next section you will see the cast-iron and gold-plated reasons to dismiss this and all other possible Earth-ending scenarios.

The first question is whether a black hole can even be created at the LHC. Alas, when looking at all of the scientific evidence and using our most modern understanding of the laws of the universe, there is no way that the LHC can make a black hole. Gravity is simply too weak for this to occur.

Some skeptics protest that one explanation for the weakness of gravity is that tiny extra dimensions of space exist. According to that theory, gravity is really strong and just appears to be weak because gravity can “leak” into the extra dimensions. Once we start probing those tiny dimensions, the strong gravity could perhaps make a black hole. Sadly for black hole aficionados, no one has found evidence for the existence of extra dimensions, and if they don’t exist, the LHC can’t make black holes.

So the entire underlying idea of that particular possible danger is built on a long shot. Yet, even in the unlikely case that extra dimensions are real and a black hole can be created, there is a good reason to not worry about black holes damaging the Earth.

The shield against that hypothetical danger is Hawking radiation. Proposed in 1974 by Steven Hawking, Hawking radiation is essentially the evaporation of a black hole caused by its interactions with particles created in the vicinity of the hole. While black holes will absorb surrounding material and grow, an isolated black hole will slowly lose mass.

The mechanism is a quantum mechanical one, involving pairs of particles being made near the surface of the hole. One particle will go into the hole, but the other will escape and carry away energy. Since, according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, energy and mass are the same, this process has the effect of very slowly decreasing the mass of the black hole. Even though one particle enters the hole, the loss of the other results in the hole slowly evaporating. This is a tricky point. Most people think of a black hole as the mass at the center, but it’s actually both the mass at the center and the energy stored in the gravitational field. The particle zooming down to the center is just moving around in the black hole, while the particle that moves out escapes the black hole entirely. Both the mass of the escaping particle and the energy it carries are lost to the black hole, reducing the energy of the entire black hole system.

And the rate at which a hole evaporates is a strong function of the hole’s size. A large black hole will lose energy very slowly, but a small one will evaporate in the blink of an eye. In fact, any black hole the LHC could possibly make, via any possible theory, will disappear before it can get near any other matter to gobble up.


Another proposed danger is a thing called a strangelet. A strangelet is a hypothetical subatomic particle composed of roughly an equal number of up, down and strange quarks.

Mind you, there is zero evidence that strangelets are anything other than an idea born in the fertile imagination of a theoretical physicist. But, if they exist, the claim is that a strangelet is essentially a catalyst. If it impacts ordinary matter, it will make the matter it touches also turn into a strangelet. Following the idea to its logical conclusion, if a strangelet were made on Earth, it would result in the entire planet collapsing down into a ball of matter made of strangelets … kind of like turning the Earth into an exotic version of neutron star. Essentially a strangelet can be thought of as a subatomic zombie; one that turns everything it touches into a fellow strangelet zombie.

But there is no evidence that strangelets are real, so that might be enough to keep some people from worrying. However, it’s still true that the LHC is a machine of discovery and maybe it could actually make a strangelet … well, if they really exist. After all, strangelets haven’t been definitively ruled out and some theories favor them. However, an earlier particle accelerator called the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider went looking for them and came up empty.

Those are but two ideas for how a supercollider could pose a threat, and there are more. We could list all of the possible dangers, but there remains something more unsettling to keep in mind: Since we don’t know what happens to matter when we start studying it at energies only possible with the LHC (that is, of course, the point of building the accelerator), maybe something will happen that was never predicted. And, given our ignorance, maybe that unexpected phenomenon might be dangerous.

And it is that last worry that could have potentially been so troubling to the LHC’s creators. When you don’t know what you don’t know, you … well … you don’t know. Such a question requires a powerful and definitive answer. And here it is…


Given the exploratory nature of the LHC research program, what is needed is an ironclad reason that demonstrates that the facility is safe even if no one knows what the LHC might encounter.

Luckily, we have the most compelling answer of all: Nature has been running the equivalent of countless LHC experiments since the universe began — and still does, every day, on Earth.

Space is a violent place, with stars throwing off literally tons of material every second — and that’s the tamest of phenomena. Supernovas occur, blasting star stuff across the cosmos. Neutron stars can use intense magnetic fields to accelerate particles from one side of the universe to another. Pairs of orbiting black holes can merge, shaking the very fabric of space itself.

All of those phenomena, as well as many others, cause subatomic particles to be flung across space. Mostly consisting of protons, those particles travel the lengths of the universe, stopping only when an inconvenient bit of matter gets in their way.

And, occasionally, that inconvenient bit of matter is the Earth. We call these intergalactic bullets — mostly high-energy protons — “cosmic rays.” Cosmic rays carry a range of energies, from the almost negligible, to energies that absolutely dwarf those of the LHC.

To give a sense of scale, the LHC collides particles together with a total energy of 13 trillion (or tera) electron volts of energy (TeV). The highest-energy cosmic ray ever recorded was an unfathomable 300,000,000 TeV of energy.

Now, cosmic rays of that prodigious energy are very rare. The energy of more common cosmic rays is much lower. But here’s the point: Cosmic rays of the energy of a single LHC beam hit the Earth about half a quadrillion times per second. No collider necessary.

Remember that cosmic rays are mostly protons. That’s because almost all of the matter in the universe is hydrogen, which consists of a single proton and a single electron. When they hit the Earth’s atmosphere, they collide with nitrogen or oxygen or other atoms, which are composed of protons and neutrons. Accordingly, cosmic rays hitting the Earth are just two protons slamming together — this is exactly what is happening inside the LHC. Two protons slamming together.

Thus, the barrage of cosmic rays from space have been doing the equivalent of LHC research since the Earth began — we just haven’t had the luxury of being able to watch.

Now one must be careful. It’s easy to throw numbers around a bit glibly. While there are lots of cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere with LHC energies, the situations between what happens inside the LHC and what happens with cosmic rays everywhere on Earth are a bit different.

Cosmic ray collisions involve fast-moving protons hitting stationary ones, while LHC collisions involve two beams of fast-moving protons hitting head-on. Head-on collisions are intrinsically more violent; so to make a fair comparison, we need to consider cosmic rays that are much higher in energy, specifically about 100,000 times higher than LHC energies.

Cosmic rays of that energy are rarer than the lower energy ones, but still 500,000,000 of them hit the Earth’s atmosphere every year.

When you remember that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, you realize that the Earth has experienced something like 2 billion billion cosmic ray collisions with LHC-equivalent energies (or higher) in the atmosphere since the Earth formed. In order to make that many collisions, we’d need to run the LHC continuously for 70 years. Given that we’re still here, we can conclude that we’re safe.


The cosmic ray argument is fantastic, as it is independent of any possible LHC danger, including ones we haven’t imagined yet. However, there is a loophole that potentially reduces the argument’s strength. Because cosmic ray collisions are between a fast-moving and a stationary proton, the “dangerous” particle (whatever that might be) gets produced at high velocity and may shoot out of the Earth before it has time to damage it. (It’s like in billiards when a cue ball hits another ball. After the impact, at least one, and often both, go flying.) In contrast, the LHC beams hit head-on, making stationary objects. (Think of two identical cars with identical speeds hitting head-on.) Maybe they will stick around and wreak carnage on the globe.

But there is an answer to that too. I picked the Earth because it is near and dear to us, but the Earth isn’t the only thing being hit by cosmic rays. The sun gets hit as well; and when a cosmic ray hits the sun, it might make a high-energy “dangerous” product, but that product then has to travel through a much larger amount of matter. And this doesn’t take into account that the sun is much larger than the Earth, so it experiences many more high-energy collisions than our planet does.

Further, we can expand the number of cosmic targets to include neutron stars, which consist of matter so dense that whatever potentially dangerous thing we might consider will stop dead in the neutron star right after it is made. And yet the sun and the neutron stars we see in the universe all are still there. They haven’t disappeared.


So that argument is the bottom line. When you ask if the LHC is safe, you have to realize that the universe has already done the experiments for us.

Cosmic rays hit the Earth, the sun, other stars and all the myriad denizens of the universe with energies that far exceed those of the LHC. This happens all the time. If there were any danger, we would see some of these objects disappearing before our eyes. And yet we don’t. Thus, we can conclude that whatever happens in the LHC, it poses exactly, precisely, inarguably,zero danger. And you can’t forget the crucial point that this argument works for all conceivable dangers, including those that nobody has imagined yet.

So having established the ironclad safety of the LHC, what then? Well, we absolutely hope that we do make black holes in the LHC — as explained, they would be tiny and not gobble up the planet. If we do see tiny black holes, we’ll have figured out why gravity seems so weak. We’ll probably have established that extra dimensions of space exist. We’ll be that much closer to finding a theory of everything, a theory that is so persuasive, simple and concise that we can write its equation on a T-shirt.

While we are now assured that the LHC is utterly safe, it is absolutely true that the safety question was important for scientists to investigate. In fact, the whole exercise was a satisfying one, as it used the best scientific principles to come to a definitive conclusion that all can agree is valid. So now we can push back the boundaries of our ignorance, with only our increasing excitement of the prospect of a discovery to distract us.


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OMG! FIR filed against Sunny Leone

A FIR has been lodged against ‘Mastizaade’ actors Sunny Leone, Vir Das and Tusshar Kapoor and the film’s director Milap Zaveri at the Adarsh Nagar Police Station in Delhi.

The FIR has reportedly been lodged against them over a scene in the movie where condoms were discussed inside a temple. 

‘Mastizaade’ ran into trouble in 2015 for its risque content. The film was denied a censor certificate in May 2015 and was given an ‘A’ certificate only in August 2015.

Released on January 29, ‘Mastizaade’ is a raunchy comedy of errors revolving around Aditya Chotia (Vir Das) and Sunny Kele (Tusshar Kapoor) who fall for the twin sisters, Lily and Laila, played by Sunny Leone.


Nalin Khaitan and the baby called Gemini Arabians www.ilovenewz.com/nalin-khaitan-and-the-baby-called-gemini-arabians

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Nalin Khaitan and the baby called Gemini Arabians

“Cricket is something I’m absolutely in love with. Doing something in the sport was always my dream, and I’m living my dream.”

When an endeavour is embarked upon, fuelled by passion, it is little surprise that it will attain success as has been the case with the Gemini Arabians in the inaugural edition of the Masters Champions League.

“I’ve been interested in cricket for the last 20 years and have been playing regularly,” Nalin Khaitan, the owner and CEO of the franchise told Cricbuzz sitting in the stands of the Sharjah Cricket Stadium while watching his team bat against Virgo Super Kings. “This is a whole new level that we’ve taken our love for cricket to. My dad used to play cricket back in India. I started training at the Madan Lal Cricket Academy in Delhi and then I shifted to Dubai and started team Interface which is a local club team. Now we have Gemini Arabians.” 

With a squad that contains luminaries like Virender Sehwag, Brad Hodge, Kumar Sangakkara, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Muttiah Muralitharan, Saqlain Mushtaq and Kyle Mills among others, it looked strongest on paper. That did, eventually, transcend onto the cricket field as well given that Gemini are undefeated in the tournament until theknock-outstage with each of them working in great tandem with the other.

“I think the advantage we have over other franchises is that I myself play on these pitches regularly,” said Khaitan. “In Sharjah, in Dubai, you don’t need somebody bowling at a 140 kmph plus. You need somebody with some good slower deliveries that’s why Rana Naved and Kyle Mills have been useful. On slow pitches you obviously need spinners. You don’t get any better than Murali and Saqlain in that.

“And I went for batting heavy as the top order is what scores you the runs. It was all very well-thought. We had done a mock auction as well. We spent a lot of time in trying to build a proper team and we’ve executed it quite well.”

Gemini, however, has not just been clinical in every department on the field which has seen them find different ways of winning, but the franchise has been run in the most proficient manner off it. With clear roles and responsibilities assigned, the lack of chaos has certainly played a part in the success story of the team while other franchises are seemingly grappling with a lot of extraneous issues.

“I’ve only implemented what I do at my local club level to the team and it lookslike it’s working fine,” Khaitan said. “The feedback that I get from the players is that they are quite happy and satisfied. I personally don’t involve myself in the game. I let Viru take care of the players and the team. What I can contribute outside the playing time, I can do. I’ve let people know their roles and I let them take charge.”

The junior Khaitan has been in the industry of telecom and mining for the last 10-11 years, having followed his father’s footsteps right out of school. This venture, however, has been closest to his heart. Not just on the cricketing front, but also on the personal front where he has learnt much and is all pepped up about things that can be done differently the following year.

“We had a meeting with the general secretary of Dubai Cricket Council to see how we can improve UAE cricket,” Khaitan said, briefly distracted by Chanderpaul throwing his bat at a delivery, quite literally as the ball went flying towards gully. “That’s interesting,” he exclaimed before getting back to what we were discussing earlier. “So, during that meeting, there was a mention of the MCL and I loved the concept. We’ve all grown up seeing the IPL and Big Bash and I’m thought to myself why not have a team of our own? And if it is happening in UAE we shouldn’t be left behind.”

And they weren’t left behind in any way plausible as they’re at the forefront both on and off the field. “I’m lucky to have a great bunch of guys (cricketers). They make my job so much easier. They’re not a difficult lot at all. They’re very cooperative, very helpful. It’s our first time too and we tend to make our mistakes and instead of cribbing about it, they guide us through it. So the experience has been fantastic and we’re looking forward to the next year where we feel we’ll try and do better than what we’ve done.”

When Sehwag had said at the start of the tournament that his side had the advantage as it was an all-round endowed side, it wasn’t underplaying the opposition, but knowing Gemini’s strengths, which, going by their performances so far in the tournament was evident in itself. They breezed through most games and found ways of winning in tougher ones. However, going into theknock-outs, all teams start with a clean slate.

Gemini do have what it takes to see the league through, but will they hold fort when it matters most? Khaitan would most certainly hope so as it’s not just his franchise that he cares about, but in the larger scheme of things, he has one eye out for cricket in the United Arab Emirates.


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Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom refuel romance rumour

Singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom have sparked romance rumours again as they were spotted cosying up to each other while attending the birthday dinner of Bloom’s manager Aleen Keshishian.

Bloom picked Perry up and the two headed to the birthday bash venue – the Sunset Tower here. 

“She was nervous about being spotted and entered quickly trying to cover up,” an eyewitness stated.

Based on some photographs obtained by dailymail.co.uk, it appeared that the 31-year-old singer didn’t want to be caught by paparazzi as she was seen covering her face with her hair while inside Bloom’s car.

The eyewitness added that before entering the place, Bloom held the door open for Perry, who donned an oversized beige long coat atop a colourful dress. 

“Orlando opened the door for her. They were holding hands in the car. They each rested their arms on the center console and they were definitely interlocked,” the eyewitness said. 

The party was also attended by the likes of Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Keshishian later posted on Instagram a photograph of herself along with some friends at a table, where Perry and Bloom also sat. 

Perry and Bloom exited the restaurant separately, but then they got in Bloom’s car together and left the place. 

“He exited first and she followed a few minutes later and was seen talking to Bateman, his wife and a few others that were around,” the eyewitness said.

“But when the valet brought their call, Bloom and Perry hopped in and went back to her place together.”


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Sunderland at 8/1 is crying out for a tickle

Manchester City v Leicester City
How big is this then? Leicester, whose title bid the experts said would die an ignominious death, are currently three points clear in February and know a result here would deal a huge psychological blow to their rivals. The Citizens know a win would take them top on goal difference, just at the time big rivals Arsenal are doing their customary post-Christmas choke. Big Claudio Ranieri was adamant “we are still the underdogs” this week and for this match at least, the bookies agree. Leicester are a whopping 5/1 with the camel coats to spring a surprise at the Etihad. But would it really be a surprise? They rolled Liverpool in midweek and have scalped Spurs, Everton and West Ham (among others) on their travels this season. I am going to take a position on them here. Smash into the hosts at 4/7 if you will but they can’t be trusted at the back without big Vinny Kompany and Jamie Vardy is back on the goal trail. As the man himself might say ‘Back Man City, get banged’.

Aston Villa v Norwich City
Two sides who have been having a mare in recent weeks. It already looks too late for Villa, who shipped five players out during the January transfer window without strengthening. Norwich have been sinking like the proverbial stone (they’ve lost five in a row and conceded 17 goals in that time). You pays your money and takes your choice here. My choice would be Villa, who started brightly against West Ham in midweek before Jordan Ayew went all Chuck Norris in the East End.
Betting: Aston Villa to win 2-1 at 10/1 (bet365)


Liverpool v Sunderland
Liverpool should prevail here but they have thrown in some complete dog sh*te in recent weeks and I just think Sunderland at 8/1 is crying out to be tickled. A glance at the table suggests that the Black Cats are up sh*t creek again but how many times in recent seasons have they pulled it out of the bag? And how many times have they scored improbable wins away from Wearside? Plenty, that’s how many.
Betting: Sunderland to win at 8/1 (Betfred/Paddy Power) 


Newcastle v West Brom
The Toon stunk the joint out at Everton the other night, and their failure to bring in a top-class defender in January could come back to haunt them. The Baggies beat the Toon 1-0 in December but it was a close-run thing and they’ve not won in the top flight since January 2. Back Newcastle here to react positively to their Everton debacle and claim a crucial three points.
Betting: Newcastle to win and both teams to score at 4/1 (Coral)


Stoke City v Everton
Ross Barkley crowned his 100th Premier League game with two goals in midweek. Granted they were both pennos but one was a sumptuous ‘Panenka’ and he is looking every inch the emerging world-beater many predicted a few years back. He revealed recently he takes inspiration from watching footage of Mike Tyson on YouTube before games. Ross mate, don’t start taking chunks out of opponents’ ears, try to fornicate with everyone or get yourself a ridiculous tattoo on your cheek. Just score against Stoke at the Britannia. That’ll do for us fella.
Betting: Barkley to score anytime at 100/30 (Betfair Sportsbook) 


Swansea v Crystal Palace
Swansea’s recent form has been impressive under new coach Francesco Guidolin and I think their new slick approach will prove too much for Palace, who have been playing with the collective poise of an old cream and black Morphy Richards four-slice toaster in recent weeks.
Betting: Swansea to win 2-0 at 21/2 (Bet Victor)  


Tottenham v Watford
Spurs have won their last five and I wouldn’t put off anyone who loves a lumpy odds-on single to steam in here at 1/2. If you want a bit more value Harry Kane (five in his last seven) is a meaty 4/1 to notch twice down the Lane. Chas & Dave would no doubt approve.
Betting: Kane to score 2+ goals at 4/1 (Ladbrokes)


Southampton v West Ham
The Saints are on a bit of a roll at the moment and probably justify slight favouritism but the Hammers have some legitimate threats in attack so I am happy to steam into the odds against here about both teams finding the auld onion bag.
Betting: Both teams to score at 23/20 (Coral)


Bournemouth v Arsenal
Arsenal can go f*ck right off. I was waiting on them for over £600 the other week against Chelsea at home and on Tuesday night had myself a Hail Mary £140 treble consisting of West Ham, Manchester City and, you’ve guessed it, those pesky Gunners. They failed to find the net despite 1037 shots on target and the 0-0 result means that I am genuinely eating Lidl beans and sausages on toast now until payday. Now I’m not going to sit here and call Arsene Wenger. I’m not that uncouth. I’m a gentleman. And a man of peace. I will say though that some people just need a high five. In the face. With a rusty hammer.
Betting: Both teams to score at 10/11 (bet365) 


Chelsea v Manchester United
An intriguing fixture here to finish off the weekend as United (who’ve won their last two and scored six in the process) battle a Chelsea side now unbeaten in 10 matches. I think the Red Devils look a different side with Michael Carrick back in and pulling the strings, and Wayne Rooney was absolutely breathtaking the other night. If Wazza can pick up where he left off against Stoke, odds of close to 3/1 about an away win here might look all wrong on Sunday evening. Despite all the nonsense (both on the pitch and in press conferences) LVG may just be developing a siege mentality at Old Trafford and don’t sleep on them going on a long unbeaten run from here. Like most impartial observers, I want Leicester to win the league, but if they don’t I’m all for United sneaking up on the rails. Picture the scene, Louis van Gaal full of Heineken getting his testicles out on the open top bus around Manchester, waving them at the fans and screaming “Look at my big balls. I told you it was proshhesssh”.
Betting: Manchester United to win at 29/10 (Sky Bet)


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Kangana emerges as the best female performer of the year


According to a survey conducted by Ormax Media, Kangana Ranaut has been voted as the best female performer of the year for her film ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’. The actress scored 80% for her impeccable portrayal of a Haryanvi girl in the film. The poll was conducted based on the audience’s evaluation of an actor’s performance over a period of four weeks from the film’s release.

The actress’s brilliant portrayal of Tanu and Datto in ‘Tanu weds Manu Returns’ has truly taken the audience by storm.

Seeing how the talented actress has charted her career and aced her performances, it comes as no surprise to see her acing it yet again!

Kangana will be next seen in Rangoon opposite Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan.


Huawei Introduces Mate 8, M2 Tablet In Africa And UAE www.ilovenewz.com/huawei-introduces-mate-8-m2-tablet-in-africa-and-uae

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Huawei Introduces Mate 8, M2 Tablet In Africa And UAE

Huawei recently launched its two latest flagship devices the Mate 8 smartphone and M2 tablet into the Africa and the Middle East market at the Madin at Jumeirah Dubai, UAE. The new flagship devices feature the world’s most advanced smartphone and tablet technology ever: a new benchmark of amazing performance, efficiency and long battery life.

Speaking at the event, Vice President Middle East Region, Huawei Consumer Business Group, (CBG), Mr. Sandeep Saihgal, said“2015 was a successful year for the Huawei Consumer Business Group and we anticipate 2016 to be an even bigger one with immense growth following the launch of these two flagship devices.

The Mate 8 is the ultimate high-end smartphone designed for the professional, striking the perfect balance between high performance and long battery life. And when designing the M2, we equipped it with an impeccable sound system to take the user’s experience to the next level. Both of these devices reflect Huawei’s continued dedication to bringing the latest innovation and style to our consumers.’’

The Huawei Mate 8 is the ideal smartphone for today’s on-the-go professional. The all-new smartphone is lightweight, sleek and stylish design, dual sim compatible and operates on Android Marshmallow 6.0. The phone is available in Moonlight Silver, Space grey, Champagne Gold and unique Mocha Gold. It features a stunning 6” FHD display, hosting the most powerful chipset and a high-capacity battery. The Mate 8 is designed from the ground up for productivity and its hardware and software have been fine-tuned to provide an elegant, efficient experience.
mate 8 frontThe Huawei Mate 8 smartphone is the first to run the Kirin 950 chipset and is equipped with a 4000mAh high-density battery. The Mate 8 delivers industry-leading power efficiency offering over two days of normal usage and with rapid charging technology; the device is able to charge a day’s worth of power in just 30 minutes. Running on Huawei’s EMUI 4.0, based on Android Marshmallow 6.0, the Huawei Mate 8 offers hundreds of user experience tweaks and improvements, including a built-in automatic defragmentation service that continues optimizing system performance. The Mate 8 features a split-screen mode that enables enhanced multitasking between apps.

Speaking about the phone, George Al Kafrouni, Regional Manager, Device Product & Training Middle East Region, explained that, “With the ‘Super Hands-Free 3.0’ technology users can enable their hands-free operation in a variety of environments. Whether in a car, a conference room or at a crowded party, users can enjoy clear conversations from up to 3 meters away. The Mate 8 features omnidirectional recording and directional playback with three microphones, which automatically detect sound sources and record voices from all directions. Additionally, the Mate 8 provides document readjustment camera mode, which automatically straightens images that are captured at an angle for better viewing.”

“The Huawei Mate 8 Supports Global Connectivity And More Bands Than Any Other Dual-SIM Phone, Including 4 2G Bands, 9 3G Bands And 18 4G Bands In 217 Countries And Regions With 1,334 Operator Settings. This Makes It The Perfect Device For The Global Business Traveler,” He Added.

Over 400 guests attended the event from across the region including media and partners who witnessed the unveiling of the latest innovations. The launch comes shortly after the devices were globally unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.Renowned comedian Tony Abou Joude kept the crowd entertained; by introducing the spectacular launch of the two devices. The night was then rounded off with a beautiful recital by violinist Hanine El Alam.

During the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas, the Huawei Consumer Business Group was awarded 16 awards including: IDC: 2015-2016 Global Top Brands, Engadget: Best Mobile Device, TechRadar: Best Smart Phone, Android Authority: Best of CES 2016, Android Central: Top Pick CES, Best Mobile, Network World: Best of CES 2016, SlashGear: Best Mobile, Tom’s Hardware: Best Smartphone, Expert Review: Best Smartphone, Computer Bild: Best product: Mobile, Techlicious: CES Top Pick, Chip Chick: Top Pick: Smartphone Computer Active & Alphr.com: Top pick CES 2106, Men’s Health: Best of CES.
The new Huawei Mate 8 smartphone will be available in Huawei retail partner stores mid February 2016.


Taylor out, Southee back for first Australia Test www.ilovenewz.com/taylor-out-southee-back-for-first-australia-test

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Taylor out, Southee back for first Australia Test

Ross Taylor, senior New Zealand batsman, has been ruled out of the first Test against Australia, starting next Friday, putting rising batting star Henry Nicholls in line for his debut.

Taylor is struggling with a side strain suffered during a Twenty20 International match against Pakistan last month.
“Henry has been very impressive the way he’s made the step up to international cricket and we’re confident of the job he can do for us in the top order,” Mike Hesson, New Zealand’s head coach said.
Nicholls’ international career consists of eight ODIs with an impressive 61 against Australia in the Auckland ODI on Wednesday which New Zealand won by 159 runs.
On the other hand, Tim Southee, who suffered a foot injury in the third One-Day International against Sri Lanka in December last year, has been declared fit to resume international duties.
The squad announced by New Zealand Cricket on Friday (February 5), on the eve of the second ODI against Australia, also includes Matt Henry, all-rounder Corey Anderson who missed the November Test series in Australia.
Hesson said Southee, who forms a potent new-ball attack with Trent Boult, was New Zealand’s most experienced bowler and “we’re excited to have him fit and a part of our pace bowling attack.
“Matt also comes back into the squad after some really strong performances throughout the summer, and with Corey’s return we now have a number of seam bowling options to consider.
“It’s well documented how good a Test side Australia are and we know it will take some exceptional cricket for us to have a chance of taking out the series,” Hesson said
Wicketkeeper BJ Watling, who is nursing a back injury, has been named in the squad but Luke Ronchi has also been selected as his cover.
The first Test starts in Wellington on February 12 with the second and final Test in Christchurch from February 20.
New Zealand’s squad for first Test: Brendon McCullum (c), Corey Anderson, Doug Bracewell, Trent Boult, Martin Guptill, Matt Henry, Tom Latham, Henry Nicholls, Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee, Neil Wagner, BJ Watling and Kane Williamson. Luke Ronchi as wicketkeeper cover.


Catherine Zeta-Jones: I’m not anti-plastic surgery www.ilovenewz.com/catherine-zetajones-im-not-antiplastic-surgery

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Catherine Zeta-Jones: I'm not anti-plastic surgery

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has denied ever having plastic surgery despite constant rumours of her going under the knife. 

Zeta-Jones, 46, admitted that she wouldn’t rule out plastic surgery in the future and doesn’t judge those who have made the decision.

When asked if there was pressure in Hollywood to stay looking young, Zeta-Jones said, “You don’t have to be a beauty queen to be an actress, the roles that are coming my way are different and more interesting.”

She added, “But I’m not anti-plastic surgery at all. Contrary to public opinion, I have not been under the knife … Yet, is what I say! If I feel like it, I’m going to go ahead and do it! If (surgery) makes you feel better, who am I to tell someone that it’s wrong?”



Big Weekend: McClaren, United, Arsenal www.ilovenewz.com/big-weekend-mcclaren-united-arsenal

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Big Weekend: McClaren, United, Arsenal

The feel-good factor sparked by Newcastle’s transfer activity has disappeared almost without a trace following an “unacceptable” showing in their 3-0 defeat at Everton. Most worryingly, Steve McClaren put the surrender down to poor attitude, rather than any of the technical deficiencies his squad so obviously display.

The Magpies are barely good enough when their mentality is right and McClaren said before the Everton trip that his side cannot waste any more games, which is exactly what they did at Goodison. The manager compared his side’s approach to the dark days in November when they lost 3-0 and 5-1 to Leicester and Crystal Palace respectively. McClaren tried the stick, then the carrot, with the latter approach then prompting wins over Liverpool and Newcastle.

McClaren needs to provoke the same reaction because time is running out for him too. He’s already lost a large proportion of the supporters and Mike Ashley will surely remember the experience of last season, when the Toon almost paid for his inertia with their top-flight place.

A scenario that would leave Newcastle five points from safety this weekend is not all that unlikely. The Magpies then go to Chelsea, after which they have an 18-day break, which some supporters have already identified as the most convenient time to make a managerial change.

So victory is a must on Saturday. To achieve that, Newcastle must break down a stubborn West Brom side, and keep them out with a makeshift defence. Chancel Mbemba and Paul Dummett are likely to be missing with the suspended Jamaal Lascelles, meaning either Rolando Aarons or Jack Colback will play at left-back, with Steven Taylor drafted in for his first start in six months. Good luck.

The Canaries have lost their last five, and as Daniel Storey pointed out in midweek Winners and Losers, Alex Neil’s side have conceded four more goals in that run of defeats than the previous 12 matches. That, and the fact that they have allowed more shots on target against them in 2016 than any other team, points immediately to where the problem lies.

Neil fielded two new recruits in the back four during the 3-0 home defeat to Tottenham. Ivo Pinto was dreadful in the first half, while centre-back Timm Klose summed up his debut like this: “I thought I had Harry Kane under control but he scored twice.”

Villa Park this weekend could see two teams s***ing themselves through 90 minutes. Villa have won one of their last 12 at home while Norwich have triumphed in only one of their last 11 on the road. Both sides are neither solid nor threatening in attack. At least Norwich have Steven Naismith and Patrick Bamford to freshen up their forward line, while Neil must realise that a point is not good enough against Villa, a team in turmoil and a club seemingly resigned to relegation.

Manchester United
Two wins and six goals have relieved the pressure slightly on Louis van Gaal, but it all seems too little too late for the Dutchman. He appears likely to make it to the summer but all signs point to a parting of the ways come the end of the season.

Van Gaal can still leave United as a Champions League club and maybe even trophy winners, but consistency must be found quickly if the 64-year-old is to head off to the Algarve on anything other than a sour note.

The win over Stoke was widely seen as United’s best home performance of the season but that will count for little if Van Gaal sends out a team to frustrate Chelsea. It’s not clear how much input Van Gaal currently has – the players appear to have taken their opportunity to seize some of the control from their dictatorial coach – but the Blues are certainly not a force to be feared.

Van Gaal has yet to find a balance between attack and defence on the road, with the draw at Newcastle impressing more observers than the smash-and-grab win at Liverpool. At least Michael Carrick is back to orchestrate matters in front of the back four, but there’s only so much he or anyone else can do when the manager keeps picking Marouane Fellaini as a holding midfielder.

The Gunners are in real danger of reverting to the same old Arsenal. Their title challenge is far from over, but Arsene Wenger’s side need to show that their recent struggles have been nothing more than a blip – one that ends this week.

Three points from a possible 12; no wins in four games; and no goals in the last three have given Wenger plenty to chew on. The pressure has always got the better of his side over recent years and it is back on the Gunners in a big way as they head to Bournemouth on Sunday.

Wenger has spoken repeatedly about how this Arsenal team is different, but failure to beat the Cherries would make it their longest winless run in the Premier League for five years. Defensively, they look sound, having kept four clean sheets in six games since their Boxing Day gubbing at Southampton. Wenger’s problems begin in front of his back four, where Aaron Ramsey and Mathieu Flamini appear incapable of working as a pair. Is Mohammed Elneny ready for a start? If not, why was he Wenger’s only January signing? Francis Coquelin played five minutes against the Saints. If he’s ready, play him.

Mesut Ozil was at his creative best again against Southampton but he and the Gunners are lacking the potency to make their opponents pay. Wenger did not add a top-class striker in January – you don’t find them in the streets, apparently – but it’s no good moaning about that until the increasingly inevitable inquest in the summer.

Bournemouth’s mood will be in stark contrast to that of their visitors, with Eddie Howe’s side having won three of the last four and gained seven points from their last three Premier League matches.  But with Coquelin and Alexis Sanchez both back, this is a game Arsenal must win to capitalise on one or both of Leicester and Manchester City dropping points when they meet on Saturday.


If the Foxes’ title charge is to come off the rails, surely it will be over the next two games, with a trip to Manchester City preceding a visit to Arsenal.

But why should it? Jamie Vardy is back on fire, Riyad Mahrez is still doing his stuff and Claudio Ranieri’s side look more solid than ever having conceded just one goal in their last six Premier League matches – a run that started with a clean sheet against City.

Ranieri said Leicester “have to run, run and run a lot” at the Etihad but that is a given with the Foxes. If they are beaten on Saturday, it won’t be because City out-graft them.

What’s the worst that could happen? If Leicester lose to City and Arsenal, they will still remain in the title race and firmly in the Champions League mix. They can go to City free of any expectation, and that alone makes them dangerous opponents for Manuel Pellegrini’s side.

Alan Pardew
Crystal Palace go to Swansea in a wretched vein of form, having lost their last five Premier League matches and picked up only two points from last 21 available.

Even Handsome Pards sounded like he was feeling sorry for himself after the home defeat to Bournemouth on Tuesday when he bemoaned his side’s lack of composure and the officiating: “No one gets sent off against us, no one.”

Palace’s lack of potency again irked Pardew but Emmanuel Adebayor’s lack of match fitness means the manager must plod on at Swansea with what he’s got. Which is not a lot. Injuries have ravaged Pardew’s squad, with Yannick Bolasie missed most. Yohan Cabaye, though, is back this week, which is handy given James McArthur is now out for the rest of the season.

On top of his squad’s fitness problems, there is a feeling that Palace have simply plateaued. The Eagles probably overachieved during the first half of the season and spent Christmas Day in sixth place before their form dropped off a cliff. The depth of Pardew’s squad means Palace are not yet top-six material but they are better than the 12th place they currently occupy. The next four games against the Swans, Watford, West Brom and Sunderland are an opportunity for Pardew to lift his side back to where he feels they should be.

A trip to Liverpool might be seen as something of a free hit for 19th-placed Sunderland, but the performance in the defeat to Manchester City on Tuesday gaves the Black Cats reasons to approach Anfield with feelings slightly more positive than dread.

Sam Allardyce admitted post-match that his side are in “big trouble” but perhaps his pessimism was borne out of frustration at not taking any points from high-flying City. The Black Cats boss added four new first-teamers in January, with three making a very positive impression on Tuesday night.

Lamine Kone looked very assured in the heart of defence; Jan Kirchhoff recovered from a dreadful debut at centre-half to offer a far more accomplished contribution as a holding midfielder; Wahbi Khazri looked a threat when he came on.

If the Black Cats can offer the same level of performance then Liverpool should hold no fear, but much will depend on Big Sam’s expectation.

The boss wanted his side to be close to a point per game before the final eight-match run-in. That leaves Sunderland needing 11 points from the next six games. Time is slipping away and though Anfield might be the trickiest road trip remaining this season, Allardyce and the Black Cats should go to Merseyside in a positive frame of mind.

Mark Hughes
Since being spoken of as a contender for the Chelsea and Manchester United jobs, Hughes’s Stoke have got themselves in a rut. In their past four matches, the Potters have exited two cup competitions and lost two Premier League games, both 3-0.

On Saturday, Stoke face an Everton side one place and one point below them. It is the start of a run of five matches against opposition currently in the bottom half of the table. Hughes has to use the positivity generated around the Potteries by the record signing of Giannelli Imbula to stop the rot.

Romelu Lukaku could be missing for Everton, which is convenient for Hughes given his lack of available centre-halves and his team’s dire defending at Old Trafford on Tuesday.


Soham, June and Hiraan to contest elections? www.ilovenewz.com/soham-june-and-hiraan-to-contest-elections

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Soham, June and Hiraan to contest elections?

Come summer, Dev is going to have competition at the top of the pecking order of Tollywood stars-turned Trinamool politicians. If reports coming from within the ruling party are to be believed, Soham -Dev’s competitor at the box office -may fight the Assembly elections on a Trinamool ticket along with other showbiz personalities like June and Hiraan.

The grapevine has it that names like Srabanti, Nusrat, Arindam Sil and Jagmohan Dalmiya’s daughter Vaishali are also being discussed within the Trinamool as possible candidates.

If these stars indeed get tickets, they will join a host of other faces from Tollywood -MPs and MLAs -within the party’s ranks, like Tapas Paul, Satabdi Roy , Moon Moon Sen, Chiranjeet and Debashree Roy . It will also signal that the south Indian tradition of filmstars like Jayalalithaa, NT Rama Rao and Chiranjeevi joining politics has become the common trend in Bengal too.

Admittedly , it is not easy for stars to find their footing in politics. Debashree Roy , who defeated CPM heavyweight Kanti Ganguly and is completing her first term as a Trinamool MLA, said, “I was at a loss when I went to my constituency , Raidighi, for the first time. Electricity, roads, water supply , hospitals -everything was in a mess. I didn’t know if I would be able to make a difference. But with time, I got accustomed to my new role and started working for the people.”

Dev, MP and Tollywood heartthrob, visits his constituency Ghatal quite often.”I love my job as a politician.Being a hero and delivering big dialogues in an air-conditioned room is very easy .But actual heroism is when you go to these places and face the reality and stand by your voters.My film schedule keeps me busy but I feel it is still my responsibility to be by their side in their hour of need,” said the actor.

Chiranjeet has enjoyed his stint as an MLA so far. “I enjoyed my work as I directly got to meet people who made me what I am today . I have developed a strong bond with the people of Barasat and I have worked very hard for the improvement of the area,” said the actor.


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Negi, Shami included for World T20 and Asia Cup

The India squads for the Asia Cup and the World T20 were announced today (February 5). Pawan Negi and Mohammad Shami made it to both squads.

The meeting was attended by the national selectors along with MS Dhoni, the India captain, and BCCI Secretary Anurag Thakur.

“We always give importance to domestic performances. Horses for courses have worked well. Looking at the IPL and other domestic T20 tournaments,” said chief selector Sandeep Patil.

Asia Cup and World T20 Squad: MS Dhoni (c), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Hardik Pandya, R Ashwin, Harbhajan Singh, Jasprit Bumrah, Ashish Nehra, Pawan Negi, Mohammad Shami


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Fine-Tune the World with 'Augmented Reality' Earbuds

Imagine if you could make a garage band sound as if it were playing in a concert hall, or if could turn down the volume of a screaming baby on an airplane.

New earbuds from the Here Active Listening can now instantly transform sounds from your surroundings. These wearable devices seek to “augment reality” — in this case, your soundscape.

In the future, these devices could enable translation of live speech, much like the “universal translators” in “Star Trek,” said researchers at Doppler Labs, where the Here system was invented.

“We believe in a future where supercomputers can fit in the ears,” Noah Kraft, co-founder and CEO of Doppler Labs, told Live Science.

The Here system differs from both virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. Virtual reality headsets, such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, block the user’s view of the real world, while augmented realityheadsets such as Google Glass and the Microsoft HoloLens superimpose images onto the real world to create a mixed reality. In contrast, Here seeks to modify what people hear instead of what they see.

“We think the future is in wearable technologies, in our case, hearables,” Kraft said. “We want people to be more engaged in their environments, to personalize their sonic experiences.”

The Here system consists of a pair of earbuds that use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to a smartphone app. A microphone on each Here earbud captures incoming sound waves. Electronics in each bud can modify these sounds, and then miniature speakers play the result, all in less than 30 millionths of a second, leading to no perceivable delay, according to Doppler Labs. Users can use the smartphone app to adjust Here’s settings.

The earbuds can boost or reduce the volume, bass, treble, reverb and other aspects of live sounds in a person’s environment. For example, you could dampen noise from chatter in a crowded room or crank up the bass of music playing at a club.

Grammy Award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer said he is a fan of Here. “You can turn off your nagging mother or the dog barking,” Zimmer said in a promotional video. “It’s about having control of your life beyond the ear that you were born with.”

To nullify sound, the earbuds possess not only complex internal air spaces, but also active noise-cancelling technology, which generates sounds to counteract incoming noises. “We can remove the screeches that subways make,” Kraft said.

Here can operate for 4 to 6 hours with the help of a rechargeablelithium-ion battery and low-power electronics that optimize battery power. Moreover, the case that holds the earbuds houses two extra charges as well, Doppler Labs said.

Through Kickstarter, Here raised more than $635,000 from more than 2,800 backers. Doppler Labs then raised $17 million from venture capitalists to help bring Here to market. The makers have created a limited run of 10,000 Here units. The waitlist for these devices currently exceeds 25,000 people, but Doppler Labs said it will make Here available to buy at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, in April. The feedback from users on these units will help Doppler Labs tweak Here for the mass market, and “we hope to be consumer-ready by the end of the year,” Kraft said.

Doppler Labs emphasized that Here is not meant for phone calls, nor does it play music that’s been wirelessly transmitted by smartphones. Here is not a hearing aid, either, nor is it meant to replace the kind of hearing-protection systems used at firing ranges.

However, Kraft noted that Here could one day find use in real-time translation. “Who doesn’t want to work on a ‘moon shot’ idea like that?” he said. “We’re only at the beginning of the journey right now to help give people full control of their world.”


Fine-Tune the World with ‘Augmented Reality’ Earbuds www.ilovenewz.com/finetune-the-world-with-augmented-reality-earbuds

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Fine-Tune the World with 'Augmented Reality' Earbuds

Imagine if you could make a garage band sound as if it were playing in a concert hall, or if could turn down the volume of a screaming baby on an airplane.

New earbuds from the Here Active Listening can now instantly transform sounds from your surroundings. These wearable devices seek to “augment reality” — in this case, your soundscape.

In the future, these devices could enable translation of live speech, much like the “universal translators” in “Star Trek,” said researchers at Doppler Labs, where the Here system was invented.

“We believe in a future where supercomputers can fit in the ears,” Noah Kraft, co-founder and CEO of Doppler Labs, told Live Science.

The Here system differs from both virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. Virtual reality headsets, such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, block the user’s view of the real world, while augmented realityheadsets such as Google Glass and the Microsoft HoloLens superimpose images onto the real world to create a mixed reality. In contrast, Here seeks to modify what people hear instead of what they see.

“We think the future is in wearable technologies, in our case, hearables,” Kraft said. “We want people to be more engaged in their environments, to personalize their sonic experiences.”

The Here system consists of a pair of earbuds that use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to a smartphone app. A microphone on each Here earbud captures incoming sound waves. Electronics in each bud can modify these sounds, and then miniature speakers play the result, all in less than 30 millionths of a second, leading to no perceivable delay, according to Doppler Labs. Users can use the smartphone app to adjust Here’s settings.

The earbuds can boost or reduce the volume, bass, treble, reverb and other aspects of live sounds in a person’s environment. For example, you could dampen noise from chatter in a crowded room or crank up the bass of music playing at a club.

Grammy Award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer said he is a fan of Here. “You can turn off your nagging mother or the dog barking,” Zimmer said in a promotional video. “It’s about having control of your life beyond the ear that you were born with.”

To nullify sound, the earbuds possess not only complex internal air spaces, but also active noise-cancelling technology, which generates sounds to counteract incoming noises. “We can remove the screeches that subways make,” Kraft said.

Here can operate for 4 to 6 hours with the help of a rechargeablelithium-ion battery and low-power electronics that optimize battery power. Moreover, the case that holds the earbuds houses two extra charges as well, Doppler Labs said.

Through Kickstarter, Here raised more than $635,000 from more than 2,800 backers. Doppler Labs then raised $17 million from venture capitalists to help bring Here to market. The makers have created a limited run of 10,000 Here units. The waitlist for these devices currently exceeds 25,000 people, but Doppler Labs said it will make Here available to buy at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, in April. The feedback from users on these units will help Doppler Labs tweak Here for the mass market, and “we hope to be consumer-ready by the end of the year,” Kraft said.

Doppler Labs emphasized that Here is not meant for phone calls, nor does it play music that’s been wirelessly transmitted by smartphones. Here is not a hearing aid, either, nor is it meant to replace the kind of hearing-protection systems used at firing ranges.

However, Kraft noted that Here could one day find use in real-time translation. “Who doesn’t want to work on a ‘moon shot’ idea like that?” he said. “We’re only at the beginning of the journey right now to help give people full control of their world.”


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Hugh Jackman gushes about wife

Actor Hugh Jackman, who will celebrate 20 years of marriage with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness this April, says their marital bond keeps getting “better and better”.

“She’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I’m kind of really grateful that I met before anything kind of happened because everything that’s happened in my career and on screen, off screen we’ve always done it together,” Jackman said on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, reports etonline.com. 

The “Wolverine” star also revealed how he met Furness. 

“That was my first job, where I met her. She was the star I had this major crush on her. Everyone did,” the 47-year-old explained. 

“The whole crew had a crush on her and I was so embarrassed that I didn’t talk to her for about a week,” he added.


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Mediawatch: Ready to welcome Neymar?

We can take Neymar
If you thought that the end of the transfer window meant the end of piping hot rumours mess, you were wrong. ‘NEYM IN FRAME’ shouts the back page of The Sun.

‘Neymar has put Premier League suitors on red alert after his dad revealed he could quit Barcelona,’ the piece begins. ‘Manchester United lead the race for the Brazil superstar, with rivals City and Chelsea also monitoring the situation.’

In fact, it’s not The Sun’s own work. They mention ‘reports in Spain’ in paragraph three, although fail to detail the actual source.

Luckily, Mediawatch started early today. The original report comes from Catalunya radio, and their journalist Jordi Borda.

Luckier still, Jordi Borda is on Twitter. So what did he tweet about Neymar ‘quitting’ Barcelona?

‘Neymar pare li ha dit al jutge que el seu fill només vol renovar amb l Barça tot i q té una oferta milionària x marxar. Ha parlat d’una oferta de 190 milions.’

Or, in English: ‘Neymar’s father told the judge that his son just wants to renew with the club even though he has a multi-million offer. He spoke of an offer of €190m.’

Weird how The Sun managed to translate the offer part correctly, but got the ‘revealed he could quit’ bit completely wrong? Mediawatch supposes numbers are just easier to translate.


Tackling the important issues
‘Move over Eva Carneiro…Brazilian medic Rossana Torales must be the sexiest doctor in football’ – The Sun website.

Yeah Eva, move over. It doesn’t matter about your medical qualifications, CV or previous experience, because we think this person is better looking. And to us, that’s what matters.

‘A SEXY medic branded the ‘New Eva Carneiro’ is breaking hearts all over Brazil,’ the piece begins.

We’ll stop you there. She’s only been ‘branded’ that by you, because that’s as complex as your thought process gets.

The Sun’s world, where apparently it’s still 19-f**king-73.


China in his hands
‘EXCLUSIVE: Teixeira set for £35m China switch as Liverpool lose out on Brazilian’, reads the headline on MailOnline’s football homepage.

‘Liverpool target Alex Teixeira will become the latest player to move to the mega rich Chinese Super League in the next 24 hours in the biggest transfer deal of the year so far worth around £35million,’ Sami Mokbel’s ‘exclusive’ begins.

‘The stunning move which will see the Brazilian forward join from Shakhtar Donetsk to link up with Ramires at Jiangsu Suning comes a huge blow to Liverpool, who refused to bid higher than £30m.’

A stunning move sure, but ‘exclusive’? Website thisisanfield.com had the story three hours before MailOnline published their copy.

Thisisanfield also had the common courtesy to credit their source, Brazilian media outlet Globo Esporte and their journalist Rodrigo Cerqueira.

Maybe ‘exclusive’ just meant ‘exclusive to England’. Sorry no, wait. ‘To an English newspaper’.


Pep in your step
In their eternal wisdom, Sky Sports News HQ asked (and presumably therefore paid) Tony Cascarino and Steve Howey to each come up with their expected Manchester City team under Pep Guardiola next season.

Mediawatch imagines that when both proffered no inside knowledge of Guardiola’s transfer targets, they were reassured that it didn’t really matter. “Fill your boots, boys,” a producer possibly said. And fill their boots they did.

Cascarino adds Seamus Coleman, John Stones, Marcelo, Luka Modric, Paul Pogba and Andres Iniesta to City’s current side.

Wonderfully, Howey somehow manages to go one step further into surreality. He picks Coleman (why always Coleman?), Pogba and Iniesta but also adds Raphael Varane, David Alaba, Antoine Griezmann and Gareth Bale to the team. Mediawatch would conservatively estimate those signings to cost £360m.

‘Pep doesn’t even play 4-4-2,’ as one rogue pointed out. Because that’s the biggest issue here.


The grade and the good
A midweek Premier League programme only means one thing: Skysports.com’s Premier League grades. This week they’ve got Nigel Winterburn and Tony Cottee in to offer their thoughts. This is a job that clearly needed more manpower.

Winterburn is clearly the star of the show, bringing some of the most incredible insight Mediawatch has been unfortunate enough to read. Sit back and learn.

– Liverpool are awarded the same grade as West Brom. That’s a team that lost 2-0 vs one that drew 1-1. Excellent start.

– On Arsenal: “I think they needed to win the game.”

– On Fraser Forster: “Fraser Forster who is a goalkeeper of fantastic quality, but as we keep saying that’s what top goalkeepers are there to do.”

– On Norwich: “Alex Neil is going to have to find the solution to scoring goals without conceding too many or they are going to find themselves very quickly in the bottom three.”

That last one made Mediawatch hoot. Thank goodness we got the expert opinion on how to win matches: Score more than you concede.

Easier said than done
“I think he’ll be more than disappointed, Laurent Blanc, he really will. Luis Suarez, from an attacking point of view, was fantastic. But when you know you’ve got a player like him that will commit you, that will take you into the box if he can, you’ve just got to wait for help.

“You try and wait for your team-mates to get around, you delay, deny space and try and show him a certain way. He did everything he shouldn’t do. He just carried on towards him and Suarez eight times out of 10 will stick it through your legs, or if not then around you the other side” – Gary Neville has some advice for Paris St Germain manager Laurent Blanc and David Luiz on how to cope with Luis Suarez in April 2015.

That evening, Luis Suarez had scored twice. On Wednesday, Suarez managed four against Neville’s Valencia. Perhaps Blanc will give him a call to advise how to keep him down to just two?

Lady luck
“I hope to score seven goals or more again. It’s always good to score but, this season, I have missed a lot. Sometimes it is the luck and I hope it turns. I know it is coming though because, okay, the luck can resolve itself. In the last few games, I’ve had the chance to score but the keeper is there or he makes a great save. That’s football as well but I hope the luck turns. I know it is coming” – Marouane Fellaini.

Small point, Marouane. You missing the target or a goalkeeper making a save isn’t luck. It’s skill, or a lack of.

Better together
“He [John Terry] hasn’t been as commanding as last season, when he played every minute of every game and was outstanding, but it’s not as if he’s been any worse than any of the other Chelsea defenders” – Glenn Hoddle, January 23.

“He’s still performing at his very best. People put him under pressure and were wrong in the criticism he got earlier in the season. I think he’s playing as well as he’s ever played” – Hoddle, February 3, on BT Sport ahead of Chelsea’s game against Watford.

Terry must have really impressed Hoddle against MK Dons and ten-man Arsenal.


Honestly, don’t just write down everything they say
‘They’ve got to sort that out or we might see Stoke re-evaluating where they can finish again because they had a good run of form and Mark Hughes spoke about re-evaluating where they could finish, but now they might be changing it back to what they thought before’ – Nigel Winterburn, transcribed on Skysports.com.

Actual tears.


Ask a simple (and long-winded) question…
‘How did Man City transform themselves from a club slumping down the leagues, to two-time Premier League winners appointing the world’s best boss?’ – Skysports.com.

Sheikh Mansour is worth over £20bn. We’re racking our brains.

Metro headline of the day
‘Man Utd’s Rooney has just embarrassed Arsenal with this mind-blowing stat’ – Metro.

Perhaps if you write headlines for the Metro all day, Wayne Rooney scoring more league goals than Arsenal in the last month really is ‘mind-blowing’.


Arjun Kapoor gets a glimpse of ‘dreamy’ Delhi www.ilovenewz.com/arjun-kapoor-gets-a-glimpse-of-dreamy-delhi

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Arjun Kapoor gets a glimpse of 'dreamy' Delhi

Delhi is known for its energy and vibrancy. But a different side of the national capital was unfolded in front of Arjun Kapoor during his shooting schedule for “Ki and Ka” here. The actor says Delhi gets “a little still, a little dreamy and a little melancholy” during night.
The actor shared his experience of witnessing the serene side of the city on Twitter.

“Night shoot and you get to see a different side of Delhi…a little still, a little dreamy, a little melancholy…and lots of TRUCKS passing by,” Arjun tweeted.

Come morning, and the Gunday actor came up with a way to ditch the morning blues as he shared a selfie with India Gate in the background.

R. Balki’s Ki and Ka is a romantic film about two people with contrasting ideologies. While Arjun essays a progressive house husband, who lovingly supports his wife’s ambitions, Kareena Kapoor Khan portrays a super ambitious career-oriented woman in the movie.

The film is slated to hit the theatres next year.


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What Makes A 'Smart Gun' Smart?

Every time a toddler accidentally shoots a friend or family member, a teen kills himself via gunshot or a shooter perpetrates an act of mass violence, public discussion circles back to “smart gun” technology. The concept has roots in a 1995 National Institute of Justice (NIJ) study that recommended a technology-based approach to reduce the incidence of police officers killed in gun-grabs by assailants. More recently, President Obama’s message on gun violence included specific recommendationson federal actions designed to promote the development and commercialization of electronic gun-safety systems.

The term “smart gun” has been embraced by the popular press as a catchall for all forms of electronic personalized safety technology. The idea is to make sure a gun can be fired only by its authorized user. But the different scenarios in which a gun could be inappropriately discharged call for fundamentally different safety systems.

The metaphor of a common door lock is a useful way to think about the various technological approaches. The key serves as the personal identifier. The pin tumblers that recognize the key inside the lock serve as the authenticator. And the latch serves as the block. All electronic gun safety systems must accomplish all three of these basic functions – identify authorized shooters, authenticate their credentials and then release the block to the firing mechanism.

How one satisfies those needs is subject to the performance constraints of the application environment and the physical constraints of the weapon itself. These differences create distinct branches on the family tree of personalized-weapons technology.


One group of solutions owes its heritage to the NIJ study focused on protecting police weapons from takeaway during a close quarters struggle. It suggested a token-based proximity sensor using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). A number of working RFID prototype guns have been demonstrated, beginning with Colt’s 1996 handgun and including Triggersmart, iGun M-2000 and the Armatix iP1.

In a badge, wristband or ring, a user wears a passive RFID tag, like those embedded in products to prevent shoplifting. It’s the “token” and serves as the key in the front door metaphor. Like a physical key, it can be duplicated or shared. What matters is possession of the token, not the identity of the token holder.

A wireless RFID reader is built into the gun and serves the role of authenticator. It generates a signal that activates the RFID tag to respond with an embedded code. If there’s a match, the electromechanical components unblock the weapon firing system and the gun functions normally. The response time of these systems is generally dependent on the choice of electromechanical components used in the blocking system (e.g., servomotors, solenoids, shape memory metals), but are generally less than half a second. By design, the gun can remain active as long as there is a signal link, or in some configurations as long as pressure sensors detect the gun is being held.

If the tag is too far away from the transmitter to self-activate and respond, then it’s like losing your key to the front door – the gun remains locked down. The Armatix iP1, for example, specifies a range of 15 inches. If you try to spoof the transponder with a signal that does not contain the individual code, it’s like using the wrong key – it may fit the slot but cannot be turned because it does not match the tumblers – and the gun remains locked down.

Various designs interfere with the mechanical firing mechanism in different places – from trigger bar to firing pin. There are also different technologies including solenoid actuators, shape memory alloy-based components and even electronic firing systems that serve as the deadbolt to be released upon receiving an authentication system. The details are proprietary to the individual products on the market and reflect design trade-offs in power consumption, free space to accommodate components and response time.

Proximity of gun to token is not an absolute determinant of rightful possession during a close-quarters struggle. But the technology does offer simplicity of operation, easy weapons exchange across permitted users (i.e., partners) and reliably disables a weapon from use if the officer has been overpowered and the duty weapon taken.


The benefits of a token-based system in a street encounter become a liability in the home. The viability of the approach is wholly dependent on the owner securing the token where it cannot be accessed by denied users. But guns used for home protection are more likely to have token and weapon stored together to prevent any delay in the event of an intrusion. And anyone who has both the token and the weapon can fire it.

A second group of technologies evolved in response to child-safe handgun legislation adopted in New Jersey and Maryland in the early 2000s, designed to prevent unauthorized use of personal firearmsstored in the home. Biometric authentication systems eliminate the physical token. Instead, a measurable physical characteristic of any authorized user becomes the key. It can’t be taken without permission, counterfeit or otherwise transferred.


To date, fingerprints have been the primary attribute used in biometric systems. Kodiak Arms Intelligun and Safe Gun Technology’s retrofit for rifles use fingerprint detection as a primary mode of security. If the fingerprint is the key, then the sensor and pattern matching software are the pin tumblers that perform the authentication function in these guns.

The most widely used sensor technology relies on capacitance imaging of the fingerprint. The variation in distance between the ridges and grooves of the finger and the sensor plate creates a distribution of electrical charge storage (capacitance) that can be measured in an array of conductor plates in the sensor. Other fingerprint sensors rely on infrared (thermal) imaging, and some use pressure detection to create a digital pattern that is a unique representation of the print.

The sensor software needs to be trained to store acceptable patterns that may represent different fingers of a single user or various fingers from multiple authorized users. After that, any pattern that doesn’t match within some specified tolerance is rejected. The reliability of the authentication process is influenced by the resolution of the sensor, the extent and orientation of the exposed finger, and physical factors that can interfere with the mapping. For example, moisture on the finger can defeat a capacitive detector, cold fingers can reduce the reliability of thermal imaging, and dirt, paint or gloves can obscure the fingerprint beyond recognition.


There are other types of biometric security being explored. One prototype sponsored by NIJ adopted vascular biometrics that detect the blood vessel structure below the skin surface. An emerging class of biometrics are dynamic or behavioral and combine some element of individualized physicality amplified by learned patterns of behavior. For instance, voice identification combines the structure of one’s vocal chords with the breath patterns of speech learned in infancy. Electronic signature authentication captures the speed and pressure of pen on LCD pad (and not the image of the signature) as the signer executes handwriting in a pattern ingrained early in life.

Over the last 15 years, our research team at NJIT has developed a gun safety system based on anovel behavioral biometric called Dynamic Grip Recognition™ (DGR). The team demonstrated that changes over time to the pressure pattern created on the grip of a handgun as one counter-braces the force of trigger pull were individual to the user, reproducible and measurable.

Our prototype detects grip patterns during the first 1/10th of a second of trigger pull and unlocks the weapon with no apparent lag to the shooter. Because DGR works during trigger pull of a properly held weapon, the approach can also reduce accidental firings during mishandling of a loaded weapon.


McClenaghan looking forward to smooth return www.ilovenewz.com/mcclenaghan-looking-forward-to-smooth-return

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McClenaghan looking forward to smooth return

Mitchell McClenaghan, New Zealand pacer, said that he ‘calmed down’ when he realised that he could see properly after being hit over his eyebrow during the first One-Day International (ODI) match against Pakistan at the Basin Reserve in Wellington.

A bouncer from Anwar Ali hit the helmet andricochetedto hit his left eyebrow. He was admitted to a hospital straightaway where two metal plates were inserted.

Narrating the experience, the New Zealand pacer said, “My first thought was why didn’t I hit it. Then, when I was trying to get (the ball) out, my conscious thought was ‘can I see?’,” McClenaghan told stuff.co.nz on Thursday (February 4).

“I realised the impact was above the eye and I’ve seen a few cases where people haven’t been able to make a comeback from that. I calmed down as soon as knew I was able to see out of the eye.

“It was a shock to see the damage, how bad it was and getting the plates was a bit of a shock as well. I’m hoping the job (the surgeon) has done is going to mean I’m going to be able to move forward and still play the game that I love,” he added.

McClenaghan, who missed the remaining two ODIs against Pakistan and has been ruled out of the ongoing series against Australia, has been named in the squad selected for the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 which is set to be held in India in March-April.

“My bag went straight to Auckland, so (the helmet) is sitting in the changing room, I haven’t even gone in and looked at it yet,” he said.

“It might be one of those things you put on your mantelpiece as a constant reminder of how much it hurt and also how lucky I am to be able to make a comeback and play this game again.

“I’ll be looking to try and make sure I get a helmet that fits properly and the same thing can’t happen again.”

New Zealand were reeling at 99 for 6 at one point in the Wellington ODI and the pacer, who walked out to bat at No. 10, smashed his way to a 18-ball 31, including three boundaries and two sixes, before being hit.

“The boys will tell you I’m pretty confident when it comes to throwing the willow around.”

“I love taking the attack to the guys who have bowled to me in the past, I’m looking forward to the challenge.

“I know it’s going to be hard. The brain works in funny ways in terms of letting you do these kind of things, but I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to overcome them,” he concluded.


McClenaghan looking forward to smooth return www.ilovenewz.com/mcclenaghan-looking-forward-to-smooth-return

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McClenaghan looking forward to smooth return

Mitchell McClenaghan, New Zealand pacer, said that he ‘calmed down’ when he realised that he could see properly after being hit over his eyebrow during the first One-Day International (ODI) match against Pakistan at the Basin Reserve in Wellington.

A bouncer from Anwar Ali hit the helmet andricochetedto hit his left eyebrow. He was admitted to a hospital straightaway where two metal plates were inserted.

Narrating the experience, the New Zealand pacer said, “My first thought was why didn’t I hit it. Then, when I was trying to get (the ball) out, my conscious thought was ‘can I see?’,” McClenaghan told stuff.co.nz on Thursday (February 4).

“I realised the impact was above the eye and I’ve seen a few cases where people haven’t been able to make a comeback from that. I calmed down as soon as knew I was able to see out of the eye.

“It was a shock to see the damage, how bad it was and getting the plates was a bit of a shock as well. I’m hoping the job (the surgeon) has done is going to mean I’m going to be able to move forward and still play the game that I love,” he added.

McClenaghan, who missed the remaining two ODIs against Pakistan and has been ruled out of the ongoing series against Australia, has been named in the squad selected for the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 which is set to be held in India in March-April.

“My bag went straight to Auckland, so (the helmet) is sitting in the changing room, I haven’t even gone in and looked at it yet,” he said.

“It might be one of those things you put on your mantelpiece as a constant reminder of how much it hurt and also how lucky I am to be able to make a comeback and play this game again.

“I’ll be looking to try and make sure I get a helmet that fits properly and the same thing can’t happen again.”

New Zealand were reeling at 99 for 6 at one point in the Wellington ODI and the pacer, who walked out to bat at No. 10, smashed his way to a 18-ball 31, including three boundaries and two sixes, before being hit.

“The boys will tell you I’m pretty confident when it comes to throwing the willow around.”

“I love taking the attack to the guys who have bowled to me in the past, I’m looking forward to the challenge.

“I know it’s going to be hard. The brain works in funny ways in terms of letting you do these kind of things, but I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to overcome them,” he concluded.


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Dev to fight it out in Chander Pahar 2

With anacondas, jaguars, piranhas and caimans on their mind, Dev and director Kamaleswar Mukherjee are gearing up to start shooting Chander Pahar 2 in the Amazon rainforests from March.

Dev, who was seen battling black mambas and lions in Chander Pahar back in 2013, has already started training in horse riding and swimming to gear up for the sequel. The actor recently wrote on Twitter: `Good morning.back to training fr #CP2.Thz time it wil b super difficult but let’s hope fr the best#kamalda (sic)’.

Kamaleswar has just returned from a recce in the Amazon and is busy with the pre-production. “Our base camp will be Manaus in Brazil and we will shoot extensively in the two rivers, Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes. There are many underwater shots for which Dev has to be an impeccable swimmer. The canvas of this film will be twice as grand as Chander Pahar. The audience will get to see anacondas, black caimans, jaguars, rattlesnakes and many other animals,” said the director.

Apart from Dev and Laboni Sarkar, who plays Shankar’s mother here, there will be eight to 10 actors from Brazil. “There will also be an Italian actress playing Shankar’s friend,” revealed Kamaleswar. Dev, who is quite excited about the project, said, “I don’t know how to swim but will have to prepare for a sequence where a ship is shown sinking mid ocean! I will also have to fight with black panthers, piranhas and crocodiles!”


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Who are Europe's best U21 performers?

Dele Alli needed just two minutes to score his seventh league goal of the season for Tottenham on Tuesday, while Anthony Martial completed a rare sweeping Manchester United counter attack with a sublime finish for his sixth. Both players unsurprisingly rank among the best players aged under 21 this season, but who else makes WhoScored.com‘s top six across Europe’s top five leagues?


6) Anthony Martial (Manchester United) – 7.29 rating
Having become the most expensive teenager in footballing history in the summer there was plenty of pressure on Martial to succeed at Old Trafford. Having hit the ground running, the Frenchman looked unaffected by the weight of expectation as he coolly went about his business to score four goals in his first four appearances for the club.

An understandable slump in form would follow, but the forward has looked back to his best this year, picking up WhoScored.com man of the match ratings in each of his last two appearances. With nine goals and six assists across all competitions, he has proven to be United’s strongest summer signing by a distance. Only three players have completed more dribbles in this season’s Premier League (55) than Martial.


5. Thomas Lemar (Monaco) – 7.29 rating
With Monaco needing to replace the attacking input of Martial, Leonardo Jardim will have been delighted with summer signing Thomas Lemar’s start to life in the French principality. Impressing having broken into the first team at Caen last season, the versatile youngster has played across the line of three behind the striker for his new club. He’s impressed wherever he has been deployed.

In 14 Ligue 1 appearances this season, three of which have come from the substitute’s bench, Lemar has scored four goals and registered two assists to earn an identical rating to the departed Martial. Tending to play in a more central role than the United man, the 20-year old averages 1.7 dribbles and 1.6 shots per game, along with a commendable 1.6 tackles.


4. Marc Stendera (Eintracht Frankfurt) – 7.32 rating
At just 20 years of age Frankfurt midfielder Stendera has already amassed over 50 league appearances in Germany’s top-flight and is sure to be on the radar of clubs across the continent. His box-to-box style will appeal to many suitors, coupling an impressive defensive output with strong figures going forwards.

Only one player is averaging more tackles per game in the Bundesliga this season (3.4), while Stendera has also completed 2.0 dribbles per game and mustered 1.8 shots. A return of two goals and an assist is modest, but if he can add to those tallies then there’s no reason why the youngster can’t play at the very top level. Bayern, Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen will be keeping tabs.

3. Dele Alli (Tottenham) – 7.33 rating
With seven goals to his name in 22 league appearances this season, Dele Alli has already become an integral part of Tottenham’s first team. His goal tally is bettered only by Georginio Wijnaldum of Premier League central midfielders, with a further four assists proving just how effective the teenager has been in the final third.

Alli has made light work of the step up from League One to the top flight, and looks a certainty for Roy Hodgson’s England squad at the Euros. He, like Stendera, has all the attributes to become a complete midfielder, averaging 2.1 tackles and 2.1 interceptions per game, along with 2.3 shots.


2. Ousmane Dembele (Rennes) – 7.43 rating
Just as we’ve gotten to grips with multiple Dembeles, another one crops up. At just 18, Ousmane is one to watch. He has made an instant impact in Ligue 1, scoring four goals in just seven starts across five different starting positions. His pace and trickery is best suited to a place on the wings.

Already awarded three WhoScored.com man of the match awards from 11 appearances this season, the first came in his very first league start for the club, with a goalscoring display against Bordeaux. Meanwhile, only three players are averaging more successful dribbles per game in France’s top tier (3.5). Dembele will prove very difficult for Rennes to keep under wraps. Just please don’t move to Tottenham.


1. Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich) – 7.56 rating
It’s fair to say the two-year loan deal agreed between two of Europe’s biggest clubs for Bayern to secure the services of French forward Kingsley Coman from Juventus caught many off guard. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the teenager now that Pep Guardiola’s summer switch to Manchester City has been confirmed. The 19-year old has featured 13 times in the league for the Bundesliga champions and looks set to become the long term successor to injury-plagued compatriot Franck Ribery. Would Pep want to pack him in his suitcase?

With three goals and two assists to his name in Germany’s top-flight, Coman has offered great balance to the exceptional Douglas Costa on the opposite flank when the duo have started. With 3.5 successful dribbles per game, only the aforementioned Brazilian and Borussia Monchengladbach’s Ibrahima Traore have averaged more in the Bundesliga.


Rebel Wilson’s dating struggle www.ilovenewz.com/rebel-wilsons-dating-struggle

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Rebel Wilson's dating struggle

Actress-comedienne Rebel Wilson thinks dating in the public eye is difficult because people expect her to be like her characters.Asked about dating as a famous personality, Wilson said: “I think it’s a lot more difficult. People think you are how you are on screen and in this new film I’m pretty much an alcoholic party animal,” reports femalefirst.co.uk. “Me in real life is total opposite to that. I don’t really drink and I like going to the movies and nice restaurants, rather than clubs,” she added.

The ‘Bridesmaids’ finds the dating “rules” in US difficult to navigate. “Culturally, things are a bit different in America. With American girls, it’s all about who should pay and it’s all about rules you should follow. I don’t even know all the rules,” she told Look magazine. But the 35-year-old says she won’t be turning to online dating to find a partner. “I personally don’t like it. I think there’s an abundance of people who are lying. One of my favourite TV shows is ‘Catfish’ and it absolutely fascinates me. These people are going online and looking for love and then still having major dramas,” she said.




Dutch Police Deploy Drone-Disabling Birds of Prey www.ilovenewz.com/dutch-police-deploy-dronedisabling-birds-of-prey

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Dutch Police Deploy Drone-Disabling Birds of Prey

For law enforcement officers around the world, partnering with animals is a time-honored tradition. Mounted police do their duty on horseback — and, in some countries, camelback. Specially trained dogs serve and protect by sniffing out drugs and explosives. But in the Netherlands, police officers are inaugurating a new species of animal partner — eagles — to take down illegal aerial drones.

In a statement released Jan. 31, the Dutch National Police Corps announced a new initiative using birds of prey to intercept unwanted drones. The program was developed and tested in partnership with Guard from Above (GFA), a Dutch company located in the Hague that specializes in training large, predatory birds to “hunt” and subdue robotic prey.

A video published by the National Police Corps of an indoor demonstration shows a handler releasing an eagle, which swoops toward a hovering quadcopter drone, snatching the machine out of the air and flying off with it into a corner of the training ring.

According to Mark Wiebe, innovation manager of the National Unit of the police, the eagle reacts to the drone as it would to its normal prey — not only grabbing it while in flight, but taking it immediately to ground, as it would any animal that it had just nabbed and was ready to eat.

“For years, the government has been looking for ways to counter the undesirable use of drones,” Sjoerd Hoogendoorn, GFA co-founder, said in a statement. “Sometimes a low-tech solution for a high-tech problem is more obvious than it seems. This is the case with our specially trained birds of prey. By using these birds’ animal instincts, we can offer an effective solution to a new threat.”

The bird taking down the drone in the video appears to be a golden eagle, a powerful bird that typically preys on small mammals, but is capable of fighting off bears or coyotes when defending its prey or young, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. In 2012, a viral video convinced many that a golden eagle had carried off a small child, though the video was later proven to be a hoax.

Dutch police are currently investigating different approaches to containrogue drones, which can interfere with helicopter flights, cause injury to bystanders, and even be used for criminal purposes, Wiebe said in the statement. Safety nets, which were tested by Tokyo police in December 2015, are also being considered. The police will make their final decision about making the eagles a permanent part of the squad after the test period concludes — “in a few months,” according to the statement.


Darren Lehmann fit to join squad in New Zealand www.ilovenewz.com/darren-lehmann-fit-to-join-squad-in-new-zealand

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Darren Lehmann fit to join squad in New Zealand

Darren Lehmann, Australia’s head coach, is expected to the join the national squad, currently touring New Zealand for the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy, on Saturday (February 6) in Wellington where the two teams play the second game of the ongoing One-Day International series.

Lehmann, 45, was hospitalised after the final ODI of the home series against India in Sydney, on being diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis. The coach was consequently advised to not fly out with the team, at least before the conclusion of the ODI leg of their New Zeaalnd tour.

However, the head coach has now received the necessary medical clearance to join the squad ahead of time. Lehmann, though, will miss the start of the second game which begins on the day he rejoins with the unit in Wellington.

“Darren has received clearance from specialists in Australia to travel on Saturday and return to work,” Dr. John Orchard, Cricket Australia’s chief medical officer said.

Australia are being headed by interim coach and former cricketer Michael di Venuto in Lehmann’s absence but have failed to win a single game since then. The hosts were whitewashed 3-0 in the Twenty20 International series before starting the New Zealand tour with a massive 159-run loss at Auckland on Wednesday.

“We’d love to have our coach here,” Steven Smith, Australian captain, had said after the Auckland defeat.

“There’s no doubt about that. He’s unwell at the moment obviously and he’ll be back soon enough. So we’ve got to move on, I don’t think today was him to blame. It was certainly the players. We didn’t adapt well enough and we were outplayed.”

Lehmann will stay back in Wellington, where the first Test of the two-match series begins on Friday next week, while the team, headed by di Venuto will fly out for the third and final ODI in Hamilton.


Inside Story: Why Virat and Anushka are on verge of break-up? www.ilovenewz.com/inside-story-why-virat-and-anushka-are-on-verge-of-breakup

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Inside Story: Why Virat and Anushka are on verge of break-up?

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s social media behaviour suggests all may not be hunky dory in their relationship.

Fans of ‘Virushka’ – the couple nickname for cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma – went into a tizzy recently after they unfollowed each other on Instagram. Rumour mills suggested that Virat ended his three-year relationship with Anushka after she declined his marriage proposal, saying that she wants to currently focus on her career. Now, with Virat unfollowing the ‘Bombay Velvet’ actress on Twitter as well, is it a subtle message to the world about their ‘break-up’?

Though actresses dating cricketers is not new, Virushka became one of the most talked about couples in recent times. They first met in 2013 while shooting for a commercial and soon rumours of them being a couple started doing the rounds. They stuck to the “good friends” stance until a year ago. In February 2014, Anushka-Virat were spotted walking hand-in-hand in Auckland where India was playing against New Zealand. Later that year, the actress admitted to dating the young Test captain. Ever since, the duo has been spotted together, holidaying or visiting each other’s houses. He even stood up for her when she was blamed for his poor batting performance.

So now, by maintaining distance on social media, Virat has set the grapevine abuzz with rumours of trouble in paradise. However, his fan clubs claim that there is a problem with his Instagram account – it keeps blocking/ unfollowing those on his top-visited list. But he has unfollowed Anushka on Twitter too, technical error or not, we don’t know. She, however, continues to feature in his 9.24 million-strong followers’ list.

Despite repeated attempts, Anushka Sharma remained unavailable for comment.

Their love story as it happened
July 2013: The couple met on the sets of a commercial, and their chemistry in the ad sparked dating rumours.

January 2014: Buzz about them grew stronger when Virat went to Anushka’s apartment in a car sent by the actress, instead of going to the designated hotel when Team India returned to Mumbai from its South Africa tour.

February 2014: Anushka and Virat were caught on camera walking hand-in-hand in Auckland where India was playing against New Zealand.

March 2014: The cricketer took off to Sri Lanka to meet the actress during the shoot of ‘Bombay Velvet’.

April 2014: Virat was spotted yet again at the Jodhpur airport. Reports suggested that he was in the desert city to meet Anushka who was there for a monthlong shoot of her debut production venture ‘NH10’.

October 2014: The couple made their first public appearance when they went to watch an Indian Super League game together. 

>> Many entertainment websites reported that Virat and Anushka’s parents have already met each other, thus fuelling wedding rumours.

November 2014: Although the lovebirds had been spotted together a number of times, they had never admitted to being in a relationship. However, their acceptance came in the form of Virat blowing a flying kiss towards Anushka in the VIP box after hitting a century against Sri Lanka. Later that month, both admitted to be dating. The same month, the actress sprung a surprise on the cricketer when she landed in Ahmedabad a day before his 26th birthday.

December 2014: The lovebirds rented a flat in Versova to spend quality time with each other whenever Virat was in Mumbai.

March 2015: Not only was Anushka present to watch her man in action, Virat too kept a tab on the actress’ achievements. He took to Twitter to praise her performance in ‘NH10’. He wrote: “Just watched #NH10 and I am blown away. What a brilliant film and specially an outstanding performance by my love @AnushkaSharma. SO PROUD 🙂 (sic).” The actress, undoubtedly was exhilarated and responded by saying, “@imVkohli Thank You. SO happy. (sic)”

April 2015: Virat slammed critics for blaming Anushka for his poor performance and India’s ouster from World Cup 2015. “At a human level, I would say I was hurt and the people who said those things and the way they said should be ashamed of themselves,” he said. “In last five years, the number of matches I have helped India win and the consistently I have played is more than anyone else in the team,” added the cricketer.

Also, rumours about a possible engagement began doing the rounds yet again when Anushka met Virat’s parents while she was in New Delhi to attend Suresh Raina’s wedding.

July 2015: The couple went on a holiday to South Africa and this came to light after the chef of the lodge commented on Virat’s Instagram picture (Read more). >> The couple made their first red carpet appearance together at a beauty awards gala and couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Talking about Virat at the event she said, “He’s my very, very good looking arm candy.”

September 2015: Virat landed in London to meet Anushka who was busy shooting for Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’.

November 2015: Anushka logged air miles to reach Mohali and celebrate Virat’s 27th birthday.

October 2015: Media began speculating if the couple was finally ready to tie the knot when the actress and the cricketer were spotted coming out of a restaurant in the city along with Anushka’s father. In the same month, an entertainment portal reported that the two were spotted house hunting in Worli. Gossip mills started speculating that the two were ready to move in together.

January 2016: News came in that Virat and Anushka unfollowed each other on Instagram sending their fans in a tizzy.


Barca 7-0 Valencia: Can’t spell seven without ‘Nev’ www.ilovenewz.com/barca-70-valencia-cant-spell-seven-without-nev

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Barca 7-0 Valencia: Can't spell seven without 'Nev'

Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi both scored hat-tricks as Barcelona put one foot into their second successive Copa del Rey final after a 7-0 rout over 10-man Valencia in their semi-final first-leg at the Nou Camp

Suarez bagged an early brace before Lionel Messi scored twice either side of the interval to take his career tally to 500 goals. Neymar missed a penalty in a one-sided first-half but his Argentinian counterpart completed his hat-trick late.

The Uruguayan then joined his striking partner by heading in his third before claiming a fourth in the closing stages as the cup holders heaped more pressure on Los Che manager Gary Neville.

Neville’s side were looking to put their league woes behind them, having failed to register a win in eight La Liga games since the current England coach was appointed in December.

The Copa del Rey has been a happy hunting ground for Valencia, however, as they reached the last four whereas Barcelona were seeking to extend their 26-game unbeaten streak in all competitions.

But the visitors got off the worst possible start after seven minutes.

Neymar dispossessed Andre Gomes inside the Valencia half before playing through Suarez, who fired a low shot past Mathew Ryan in the Valencia goal.

Barca were on the front foot once again as Neymar picked out Messi, who set up Suarez – but Jose Gaya was able to block the former Liverpool man’s shot.

But Suarez made it 33 goals in 33 appearances moments later as Sergio Busquets floated in a beautifully weighted pass into the path of Alex Vidal, whose first-time pass was blasted past Ryan by the Uruguayan.

Los Che struggled and things got worst for Neville’s side as the hosts grabbed a third goal on the half an hour mark.

Andres Iniesta found Neymar on the edge of the area before the Brazilian’s cheeky backheel eventually found the surging run of Messi, who slotted home.

Daniel Parejo headed over as the visitors had a rare glimpse at goal but they were lucky not to concede a fourth in the closing minutes of the first half.

Messi smacked his effort off the crossbar before Shkodran Mustafi was given his marching orders after denying a goalscoring opportunity for his challenge on the Argentinian inside the box.

And with virtually the last kick on an eventful opening period Neymar missed the resulting penalty as his shot hit the post.

The home fans roared on the introduction of Denis Cheryshev, whose appearance in an earlier round for rivals Real Madrid got them eliminated from the competition because of suspension, early in the second half.

Pique, Messi and Busquets had chances to stretch the lead further after the break before the Blaugrana fans were on their feet again as the Argentinian superstar grabbed his second.

Suarez turned provider as his flick met the feet of Messi, who shuffled past the hapless Valencia defence before firing into the bottom corner – his 500th career goal for Barcelona.

Valencia thought they had scored a consolation in the 67th minute but Rodrigo’s effort was ruled out for offside.

Things went from bad to worst as Parejo carelessly lost possession before Messi beat Ryan at the near post.

Barca continued to run riot and they made it 6-0 as Suarez completed his hat-trick when Sergi Roberto found the forward at the far post to head in.

The former Liverpool striker increased the visitors’ misery as his 35th goal of the season, with next week’s second leg at the Mesalla a virtual formality for Luis Enrique’s men.


Mariah Carey wants ‘beautiful but humble’ wedding www.ilovenewz.com/mariah-carey-wants-beautiful-but-humble-wedding

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Mariah Carey wants 'beautiful but humble' wedding

Singer Mariah Carey, who got engaged to billionaire James Packer after a whirlwind romance, says they want to keep the wedding ceremony and celebrations simple.

“We are not doing a big wedding because he did two big weddings, and it’s kind of like, ‘I’ve done a big wedding too. We would rather make it beautiful but humble,a eonline.com quoted Carey as saying.

While Carey was previously married to music executive Tommy Mottola and “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon, Packer was married twice before, to Jodhi Meares and Erica Baxter.


US Military’s F: 35 Fighter Jets to Make British Debut in July www.ilovenewz.com/us-militarys-f-35-fighter-jets-to-make-british-debut-in-july

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US Military's F: 35 Fighter Jets to Make British Debut in July

The U.S. military’s next-generation F-35 fighter jets will make their long-awaited overseas debut this summer at two air shows in the United Kingdom, Air Force officials recently announced.

The 56th Fighter Wing, stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, will showcase F-35A Lightning IIsat the Royal International Air Tattoo in Gloucestershire and the Farnborough International Airshow in Hampshire, both in July.

The summer events will be the first time the F-35s cross the Atlantic Ocean for the overseas air shows.

“We’re very excited about demonstrating this capability to the world,” Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, said in a statement. “The F-35 represents a new way of thinking about data integration, weapons and tactics. We’re thrilled to highlight the program and the amazing Airmen who support this cutting-edge fighter.”

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is billed as the most advanced warplane of its type yet developed, but the program has been plagued with delays and cost overruns. In July 2014, the U.S. military canceled what would have been the F-35’s international air show debut after one of the planes suffered an engine fire. The United States’ entire fleet of F-35s was subsequently grounded for two weeks as military leaders and aviation authorities investigated the cause of the fire, which was later determined to be from a damaged turbine blade.

At this summer’s British air shows, the U.S. Air Force will also demonstrate World War II-era planes, along with aircraft from the Korean and Vietnam wars, according to military officials.

“Being a part of these heritage flights allows the world to learn more about the F-35 and at the same time see just how far air power has come over the years,” Brig. Gen. Scott Pleus, commander of the 56th Fighter Wing, said in a statement. “The F-35 will be the backbone of the Air Force fighter fleet and represent the future for the U.S., our partners and allies. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to see how amazing the F-35 is.”

The Royal International Air Tattoo, the world’s largest military air show, will take place from July 7 to 9 in Gloucestershire, and the Farnborough International Airshow is scheduled to run from July 11 through 17 in Hampshire.


Mustafizur Rahman ruled out of PSL with shoulder injury www.ilovenewz.com/mustafizur-rahman-ruled-out-of-psl-with-shoulder-injury

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Mustafizur Rahman ruled out of PSL with shoulder injury

Mustafizur Rahman, the Bangladesh seamer who sustained a shoulder injury during the second Twenty20 International (T20I) against Zimbabwe on January 17, will not take part in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) that starts on February 4.

The 20-year-old left-arm seamer, who has been in the limelight after impressive performances in international cricket since making his debut against India last year, was picked up by Lahore Qalandars for USD 50,000 in the PSL player draft. However, he will not feature in the maiden edition of Pakistan’s T20 tournament as he is “still about two weeks away from getting fit,” Jalal Yunus, the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s (BCB) media committee chairman said on Tuesday (February 2).

“We are hopeful that he can be ready for the Asia Cup T20s,” Yunus said. “We want him to be fit for the two major T20 tournaments coming up which includes the World T20.”

Even before Mustafizur picked up the injury, it was reported that BCB was not too keen on allowing the player to participate in the PSL in order to manage his workload and also avoid players getting too familiar with the young pacer, keeping in mind the Asia Cup T20 and the World T20. However, Yunus rubbished the reports, saying: “It is not the BCB’s policy not to allow a player to go to a domestic T20 competition.

“Tamim [Iqbal], Shakib [Al Hasan] and Mushfiqur [Rahim] are all supposed to be flying off to the UAE tonight to play in the PSL. Five Bangladesh players are in the IPL auction. If they get picked and are fit at the time, they will play in the IPL. BCB have no issues with such things,” he added.


BO: ‘Airlift’ in 100 crore club; ‘Mastizaade’ and ‘Saala Khadoos’ tank www.ilovenewz.com/bo-airlift-in-100-crore-club-mastizaade-and-saala-khadoos-tank

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BO: 'Airlift' in 100 crore club; 'Mastizaade' and 'Saala Khadoos' tank

Sunny Leone starrer ‘Mastizaade’ and Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Saala Khadoos’ hardly pose as competition to Akshay Kumar’s ‘Airlift’ as it enters Rs 100-crore club at the box office.

Last weekend’s box office battle was a case of “when two fight, the third one wins it all”. Fresh releases Sunny Leone-starrer ‘Mastizaade’ (Read review) and Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Saala Khadoos’ (Read review) proved no match for holdover hit ‘Airlift’ (Read review) as it dominated the public’s movie menu even in its second weekend. The patriotic drama featuring Akshay Kumar has comfortably made it to the Rs 100-crore league now. 

Trade pundit Taran Adarsh says, “‘Airlift’ had an impressive first week run with business escalating over the weekend. It remains the first choice of moviegoers and is Akshay’s fourth film to have crossed Rs 100 crore after ‘Housefull 2’ (2012), ‘Rowdy Rathore’ (2012) and ‘Holiday’ (2014). The overseas collections have also been good.”

As far as the latest releases are concerned, sex comedy Mastizaade had a slow start and found limited takers due to its risque content while sports drama ‘Saala Khadoos’ attracted the niche audience. “‘Mastizaade’ met the same fate as the previous week’s sex comedy, ‘Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3’. On the other hand, there were high expectations from ‘Saala Khadoos’ as it has been produced by Rajkumar Hirani. However, the collections have not matched the appreciation it received from several quarters,” says trade expert Amod Mehra.

Collections of the sports film starring R Madhavan and boxer-turned-actress Ritika Singh, however, picked up over the weekend. “Sunday’s business was almost double of what we saw on Friday. The word of mouth publicity is quite good,” adds Adarsh.

BO stats

Rs 9.93cr
‘Saala Khadoos’ (opening weekend)

Rs 18.20cr
‘Mastizaade’ (opening weekend)

Rs 58.46cr
‘Airlift’ (second weekend; overall: Rs 102.76 cr)


Mails – Arsenal players just aren”t winners www.ilovenewz.com/mails--arsenal-players-just-arent-winners

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Mails -  Arsenal players just aren

nd January, it seems
Seriously what is it about Arsenal and February? You could set your watch by them.
Simon CFC


Most Arsenal players just aren’t winners
Your piece about Wenger’s post match comments begins with the following quote: “Look, I don’t know why you say same old Arsenal. For 20 years we have been at the top of the Premier League.”

And therein lies the massive problem – we have been top of the Premier League, when it matters – for 12 years now. We’ve picked up this “same old Arsenal” tag from 2004 to now because we are bottlers who are good but just not quite good enough come May.

Tonight was a joke. Two of Wenger’s brilliant ‘rabbit out the hat’ players dictating everything, and the blokes they’re playing with being nowhere near the required level. Giroud, Walcott, Campbell, Flamini, even Ramsey who I love (crap tonight). These players are not winners.

One of Ozil or Sanchez will go as soon as Pep Guardiola decides which one he wants and we’ll be licking our wounds again.

Doesn’t matter though, because we’ve been top for 20 years and a transfer window must be just around the corner now surely….?
Joe, AFC, East Sussex


The formation is the issue
So after being two points clear after 20 games and beating Man City in an impressive display, we’re now winless in four games and goalless in our last three. To me the problem isn’t the personnel, it’s Wenger’s tactical inflexibility. For a manager who preaches playing the game the right way and talks of an attacking philosophy his stubborn persistence with a 4-5-1 formation, even for home games, is baffling.

Granted it’s more of a 4-2-3-1, but still, only playing one striker even with home advantage is conservative to say the least. It’s also makes our play extremely predictable. Generally it’s played from the back, then out to the wings and then back inside to look for Ozil. So if teams can stifle Ozil we struggle massively.

Even if Ozil does get a ball in and we create a chance he only has Giroud as an option and therefore our chances of scoring are automatically slimmer than if we had two players up there. This isn’t to say Giroud isn’t good enough either. He has many strengths but the mobility needed to operate as a lone striker isn’t one of them. His main strengths are his finishing, his strength and his ability to bring the ball down and hold up play. These qualities would perfectly complement someone like Walcott/Campbell/The Ox, players with more speed and energy but not as good finishers, operating as a support striker.

My suggestion would be playing a 4-4-2 diamond or rather a 4-1-3-2. The only change to the current formation would be losing one of our deeper lying CMs in favour of support striker. Playing two CMs at home for me is overly cautious and the fact we’ve scored seven less than Spurs and Leicester, and nine less than Man City highlights this fact.
Simon C


Bottom-half midfielders who are better than Flamini
Didn’t really feel up for writing any conclusions on that shocking Arsenal game, so I decided to list Premier League players better than Mathieu Flamini in his position:

Yann Mvila
Jonjo Shelvey
Ki Seung Yung
Jack Cork
Harry Arter
Andrew Surman
Darren Fletcher
Alex Tettey
Oriol Romeu
Victor Wanyama
Etienne Capoue
Valid Behrami
Ben Watson
Muhammed Besic
Gareth Barry
James McCarthy
Tom Cleverley
Yohan Cabaye
James McArthur

And that’s only from teams in the bottom half….
Alex AFC (Special mention to Ramsey, Walcott, Giroud and Campbell who were also horrific)


Can Walcott please leave our club?
The key question is Walcott just a quick Mathieu Flamini? I mean he comes on, runs around a lot (usually to nowhere in particular), is generally pointy and shouty but doesn’t actually do anything.

Ten years is more than enough! Time to get those ridiculous, unearned, wages off the books in the summer.
Seán AFC Dublin


An Arsenal fan: Spurs will finish above us
After 20 years it’s finally going to happen. Spurs are going to finish above Arsenal. There’s one main reason for this, they actually play as a team. All of their players put in a shift and boy does it show.

On the other hand we’ve got Arsenal who are nothing but a team of individuals at this point. Ozil has more or less carried us through the first part of the season and did that again today creating 10(!) chances throughout the match, but one man can’t do it all.

Whilst Spurs, Leicester and City were all working their socks off and reaping the rewards, players like Giroud have decided it would be fine to just stand around and wait for a chance to put on a plate for them.

Ramsey and Flamini have decided they want to become attacking mids and abandon their centre mid posts. In contrast to this players like Vardy and Kane are working hard to find space for chances to be created and players like Drinkwater, Kante, Dier etc are actually playing where their manager has put them and doing the job they’ve been given.

I don’t really know if Wenger hasn’t motivated the players or if they are simply not fit enough to do what a majority of the Spurs/Leicester players have been doing. But one thing is for sure, Spurs are a better team than we are. We may have better individuals but as a cohesive unit they are streets ahead.

I can’t see a way that Arsenal will be able to finish above Spurs when, bar the City and Bournemouth games, we’ve been playing like a team of individuals for 2 or 3 months. But hey, Wenger will still be rewarded for yet another sub par season with a new contract. Who needs Pep..?
Matt, Arsenal Fan

A Spurs fan: Yeah, we’re title contenders now
Strange this, but as I write this at half time in the Spurs v Norwich game, it just dawned on me that I finally believe we are title contenders.

A rebound goal and a dodgy (maybe) penalty against a side that conceded five last week have somehow made up my mind. It’s clearly an accumulation of factors, but I just know that in previous seasons we’d be 0-0 at half time in this game before conceding and losing 1-0.

I watched it so many time, lost so much sleep over it. This Spurs team can win ugly through the sheer volume of pressure we put on other teams. So un-Spursy. We are the anti-Spurs and I love it.
Joel (Please Poch never leave)

Emre Can: At least Biscan could tackle
Just how long can Klopp stick with the ego that is Emre Can? At least Igor Biscan could tackle but the contribution from both on the ball is pretty similar. Can strikes me as player that got noticed as a young player in under 16s when he was actually around 20.

On a separate point do Liverpool practice crossing at training ? They can’t cross and they can’t defend them, so they either don’t practice them or they are so rubbish at crossing that in practice they look reasonable defending them.


So that’s a back eight of Goalkeeper of the day – Craig Dawson, Jonas Olsson, Gareth McAuley, Jonny Evans, Darren Fletcher, Sandro, Claudio Yacob.

Tony Pulis really is ridiculously negative at times.
Greg Tric, Nairobi

Benteke and Sakho: Get in the bin
Do us a favour Jurgen, dump Sakho and Benteke in a skip outside the King Power before you leave please.
Steve LFC, London (via Bootle)


Manchester United were good!
United just played some great football and won 3-0 so I’m going to say some nice things because that was nice. Nice.

Rooney now has seven goals and two assists in seven games. I don’t know what happened to him, or how it happened to him, but it’s lovely to see him proving us all wrong.

Daley Blind is a very, very good footballer. He’s consistent, passionate, has great vision and can play a number of positions. People like to assume that versatile players aren’t as good because they haven’t nailed down a position, those people are wrong because Blind is a delight.

Martial occasionally loses the ball and sometimes makes the wrong decision, but my God what a brilliant player. Always involved, always threatening and oozing confidence. His goal was absolutely beautiful (great vision by Rooney too.) I’ll never forget the “WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY” headline from Mirror Sport. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Bojack Horseman (Otherwise known as Borthwick-Jackson) has been very good so far. He plays with confidence and can put in a hell of a cross. Looks a great prospect. Plus it’s hilarious to watch him run.
Gaaavie (Please make this your new philosophy, LvG?), Cape Town


Love for Martial, Rooney and LVG
LVG has received a lot of criticism since he took over from Moyes, but he really does deserve plaudits for sticking with Wayne Rooney when seemingly the rest of the galaxy had turned on our number 10. Wayne really has hit a purple patch with 7 goals in 7 games now.

For me its not even his predatory tap-in last night or his great early cross to Martial to set up the latter’s beautifully caressed top corner finished that impressed me last night, its his ‘finish’ for that disallowed goal (for a foul on Glen Johnson) that showed me he has his confidence back and hasn’t lost his instinct.

To give a keeper ‘the eyes’ and then stick it in his near post is a really difficult thing to do for a player short on confidence and Rooney stuck it in with aplomb, albeit for nothing. The willingness from LVG to give Rooney the best chance to beat Sir Bob Charlton’s records is really good to see and displays a great deal of selflessness from the gaffer, something LVG has never been commended for.

Anthony Martial was supposed to be a back up option to Rooney but he is proving to be our main man in every game he plays. Keep this up and the comparisons with Henry will start turning into “he can be better than Henry. His general willingness to take defenders on and his affinity toward the odd speculative shot make him really unpredictable.

He strikes a calm and mature figure on the pitch and I just found out that Martial, at barely 20 years old, is married and has a daughter! It would seem that that maturity isn’t confined to the field. The footballing world could be in for a real treat watching this boy develop. For all the talk of a dearth of top strikers in the world the Premier League seems to be really blessed where current and future prospects are concerned. Aguero, Martial, a rejuvenated Rooney, Vardy, Iheanacho and Kane, to name a few, look really good at the moment. Long may it continue!

This is in no way a sign of a new dawn that will see United surge up the table and finish second but, it does give us a glimpse of what the team has in its locker when everything clicks. The front 4 of Martial, Mata (as the number 10), Rooney and Lingard look a real threat going forward and once Memphis learns how to defend on that left flank and Martial is allowed to play the position that the number on his back suggests he plays (and Rooney is phased out in time of course), this United team will be a force to reckon with. Had Herrera played alongside Carrick last night Stoke might well have received a rugby score.

LVG has infuriated almost every United fan this season with some abject performances but whoever takes over from him, and us fans, will undoubtedly be indebted to him for laying the foundations for a great young team to develop.
Buchule Fulanisi, East London, RSA


Hooray for Leicester
I work with a Leicester City fan. Watching him attempt to function on a daily basis is simply fascinating. He’s obviously trying to live a normal, everyday existence and pretend that whatever he happens to be doing at any particular moment is vitally important, but every so often the mask falls away and he breaks out into a ridiculous grin. Sometimes he even giggles.

I’m trying to imagine what it would be like to be in his shoes; it’s pretty miserable being a Wolves fan right now, but it wasn’t so long ago that Leicester were scrapping away in the second tier with us, and we’re similar clubs in many ways.

There’s a whole bunch of us in the Championship – Forest, Derby, Leeds, Wednesday, a dozen others – who are looking on with a huge dash of envy and no little sadness that it’s them and not us. But then you look at the rest of the league table, and see Leicester still sticking their scruffy neck out above the Manchester clubs and Arsenal and Liverpool with the season two thirds gone, and you think of all those ordinary fans just like us who are bouncing up and down uncontrollably at their desks and grinning and thinking “What the f**k? What the f**k?” and you want them to win it almost as desperately as they do.

So, a plea to the footballing gods on behalf of all us middling, wish-it-was-us clubs… please let them p*ss all over everyone’s chips and win it, eh?
Ian (We miss you, Benik), Northampton

A Leicester fan gushes
Another unbelievable night at the King Power. This is just getting so beautifully mad. Everyone, including us, keeps expecting the wheels to come off. But we now go into away games at Arsenal and Man city, where even losing both will keep us right in the title race. I’m beginning to think that we might actually do it.

After years of listening to Liverpool, arsenal, spurs, etc fans complaining about not winning the league, how hilarious would it be if “little Leicester” do.

Europe seems a certainty now. I can’t wait, even if it is Europa league. Football is just brilliant joy at the moment, long may it continue
Toby (we’re staying up) Mitchell

Serious kudos to Manchester City
It’s now an oft-repeated statement (sometimes voiced as a complaint) that Premier League soccer is “just a business” as if in some way that was a bad thing. It was thus ever so – certainly don’t remember a club declaring they were just in it for fun, or were planning to operate as a non-profit or planned to register as a charitable institution.

What is risible however, is the complete failure of many top clubs to actually operate as a credible business. It’s comical to imagine most of these organizations trying to run a business in any other arena other than football, where less successful clubs are essentially subsidized by broadcast revenues driven mostly from the success of the teams from the upper echelons. They’d be out of business faster than you could say “doing a Leeds”.

Manchester City, on the other hand, are actually operating as a well-run business. Since the 2008 takeover, the club has developed and executed against a long-term business plan where the pieces are now falling firmly into place. It’s easy to write off their success as simply being funded by Mansour’s many millions, but that’s far from the truth. Aside from operating with a relatively stable management and executive team (only two first team coaches in seven seasons is pretty stable by any standards over recent years) there are many things to admire about the organisation, and not just from the lack of panic-firing and panic-hiring of head coaches.

They are obviously planning long-term with the £200 million development of the City Football Academy and investing heavily in the coaching setup there. I doubt this is being done for a philanthropic reason to supply quality players to other clubs, or to give the neighborhood kids a place for a kick-about. They’re building the talent pipeline.

From a financial perspective, the numbers are truly interesting. The recent Deloitte Money League report for the 2014/15 season show City ranked 6th in Europe, domestically outperformed only by Manchester United in third spot. What I find interested in these numbers is the proportion of their revenues that come from match day – ticket sales – is far less that the other six at £43M – compare that to Arsenal just behind them in 7th who rake in a Europe-high £100M from their supporters.

This isn’t because their crowds are much smaller – City’s average attendance is around 54,000 (the third best in the league), a tad less than 99% of capacity. Arsenal average 99.3%, United 99.5%. The difference is that City don’t ream their fans. Their most affordable season ticket is the second-best price in the country, only £5 more expensive than the cheapest (Stoke). City make up the difference from TV and merchandise revenues which looks to me like a club that understand the importance of keeping your supporters happy and therefore your home games boisterous. You can pretty much hear a pin drop at some Arsenal games, and today’s news that Liverpool fans are upset about the ticket prices in the expanded Anfield shows that some other organizations are not as concerned with the well-being of their fan-base; some clubs pretty much take them for granted.

The most recent financial results for the 2014/2015 season show them returning a profit of £10.7m, which compared to the appalling losses of 2010/11 shows a company in fine financial fettle. Take all this together and it’s no surprise that they were able to hire Guardiola; it’s been part of their strategy since Roberto Mancini departed.

It’s irrelevant whether Pep could coach Villa, or Sunderland, or endure wet Tuesdays in Stoke or worry if he’s about to get the bum’s rush from Roman Abramovich – he doesn’t need to. Most other clubs should be looking enviously at City – not because they hired Guardiola, but because they have the setup and planning that made the hiring possible.
Steve (nothing to see here), Los Angeles


At least Villa have accepted that they’re doomed
Aston Villa’s transfer window was not a shambles. It was prudent preparation for the championship. To be frank, signing anyone in January would have been irresponsible. Leeds Utd irresponsible. Portsmouth irresponsible. Bolton irresponsible.

The criticism of Villa’s conduct in January ignores the important fact that *they were already down* at the beginning of the month let alone on deadline day. Yes, not mathematically down but a Villa revival has been possible but not plausible since October. Buying anyone now would have been financially irresponsible….a waste. It’s Villa already down and two of Newcastle, Sunderland or Norwich. To even get to the same positon as Swansea and Bournemouth Villa’s form would have had to Bayern to shame….not plausible.

Villa fans, the rest of the season will suck but take it from someone who experienced it….being a giant in the Championship is quite fun. And with the huge number of fixtures, there is a good chance some youngsters will get their chance to make a break through and either become club heroes or good cash cows (Andy Carroll).

The club is actually a “winner” in that it has done what it can to ensure long term survival. Remi Garde though….poor guy. The job ain’t what they told him it was in the interview. Having said that, the worst thing he could do is walk away – he might get a reputation as a quitter. Plus a season in the championship will boost his winning numbers and offers the chance of a trophy on his CV.
Hugo (NUFC) Adelaide.


Did you really think he’d miss his chance?
So tonight, on official Groundhog Day, Arsene Wenger, after an inept transfer window (check), sees his team continue a mediocre sequence (check), and sees the “title challenge” they were odds-on for after Xmas (check), evaporate further with an insipid, dull goalless 90 minutes (following on from the previous 180 minutes without a goal. Check check).

And what’s that I see, Arsenal who were in a two-horse race now sit in fourth (check). And despite years of laughable excuses about “oil money”, Leicester and Spurs who spend less combined on wages are streets ahead.

Happy Groundhog Day!
Stewie Griffin (YAWN)


Jisshu, Nilanjanaa to be a part of Chalo Let’s go sequel www.ilovenewz.com/jisshu-nilanjanaa-to-be-a-part-of-chalo-lets-go-sequel

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Jisshu, Nilanjanaa to be a part of Chalo Let's go sequel

For a while now, we’ve been hearing of a sequel from Anjan Dutt’s oeuvre. First it was The Bong Connection 2, but that plan seems to have been put in the cold storage as the maverick actor-director-musician is gearing up to film the sequel to his 2008 hit, Chalo Let’s Go.

Tentatively titled Let’s Go Again, it should star the original quartet of Rudranil Ghosh, Ritwick Chakraborty, Saswata Chatterjee and Parambrata Chatterjee. The big news is that Jisshu U Sengupta and wife Nilanjanaa may also be part of the project.”The film will be shot in Darjeeling from the end of this year. If the film brings together Jisshu and Nilanjanaa, it will be a bonus, since they haven’t worked together in a long time. Arindam Sil and Bidipta Chakraborty, who played pivotal characters will also be part of this sequel. The sequel may take off from the point where Chalo Let’s Go wound up,” said a source close to the unit.

“The film will be shot in Darjeeling from the end of this year. If the film brings together Jisshu and Nilanjanaa, it will be a bonus, since they haven’t worked together in a long time. Arindam Sil and Bidipta Chakraborty, who played pivotal characters will also be part of this sequel. The sequel may take off from the point where Chalo Let’s Go wound up,” said a source close to the unit. Jisshu, who has forged a unique working relationship with Anjan, having done two Byomkesh films together, said, “I’m yet to hear the script, but my character will be a new entry. I watched Chalo Let’s Go years back and loved it, but I have to watch it again for a reference point.” The 2008 film had four friends who start a travel agency and take a group across north Bengal. What happens on this journey was the crux of the film. With the sequel, Anjan is gearing up to revisit the hills once again.


Douglas Booth warned by Russell Crowe www.ilovenewz.com/douglas-booth-warned-by-russell-crowe

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Douglas Booth warned by Russell Crowe

Hollywood star Russell Crowe warned actor Douglas Booth that working with him would be the most “interesting” thing he ever did. 

The 23-year-old actor ran into trouble with his “Noah” co-star because he spent a lot of time on the set of the blockbuster texting his then-girlfriend, but following the telling off, he now leaves his phone in his trailer, reports femalefirst.co.uk. 

“I was on set in New York and always on my phone texting and I remember Russell coming up to me and saying, ‘You’re never going to be doing anything more interesting than working with me and (director) Darren Aronofsky. What are you doing on your phone?'” Booth said. 

“And he was completely right. Now my phone doesn’t come on to set so I stay present in every moment,” Booth told Britain’s Marie Claire magazine. 

Booth has just finished filming “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” with actors Lily James, Matt Smith, Suki Waterhouse and Sam Riley and found working on the comedy a “pleasure”. 

“Some movies are a slog to get through. Sometimes you think, ‘Why are we all here?’ Slogging these long hours, going through hell, but you do it because you’re making something wonderful and you’re immensely proud at the end,” he added. 

“We all hung out and had a wonderful time. It was a pleasure to go to work every day.”


Jadeja is India’s most lethal weapon: Paul Harris www.ilovenewz.com/jadeja-is-indias-most-lethal-weapon-paul-harris

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Jadeja is India's most lethal weapon: Paul Harris

Paul Harris was never an orthodox left-arm spinner. The former South Africa spinner was defensive in his approach and would often be criticised for not flighting the ball enough. With the South African team management soon preferring other spinners to Harris, the 37-year-old saw his career ending prematurely. Following a similar approach is Ravindra Jadeja, who also bowls flat, wicket-to-wicket and rarely flights the ball.

While there have been a few detractors, Harris says he is extremely impressed with the 27-year-old left-arm spinner’s performance.

“I am really impressed with the way he operates. He has his limitations but what amazes me is the way he tries to excel in those limitations. He varies his pace and the ball that skids on can really catch the batsmen by surprise. His slower one can also deceive batsmen. In the end, he is giving results and that’s what matters for India,” Harris, who is playing for Gemini Arabians in the inaugural Masters Champions League (MCL) in Dubai, told TOI.

India’s triumph in the recent Twenty20 International series against Australia was largely due to the efforts of their batsmen. With India hosting the ICC World Twenty20 next month, the form of their batsmen will be crucial. Harris, though, feels it will be the bowlers who will give India the edge over others. “Spin holds the key and India have the best spinners at the moment. Ravichandran Ashwin is the No. 1 spinner in the world now and knows the conditions like the back of his hand. So is Jadeja.

“Not only his bowling, his fielding will also help India’s cause. He can also score valuable runs while coming at No. 7 or 8. Jadeja is India’s most lethal weapon and has a great influence on the side,” said Harris.

Harris feels while India will bank on spinners, South Africa will need their pacers to fire upfront.

“See, xcept Imran Tahir, we don’t have quality spinners. So we will need our pacers, especially Dale Steyn, to fire. It is unfortunate that Steyn has picked up an injury now. Hopefully, he will be ready in time for the tournament. Otherwise, Morne Morkel, Kagiso Rabada and Kyle Abbott need to step up. We have won the T20 and ODI series against India in India last year and it should hold us in good stead,” Harris concluded.


Energy Evolves as 4th Industrial Revolution Looks to Nature (Op-Ed) www.ilovenewz.com/energy-evolves-as-4th-industrial-revolution-looks-to-nature-oped

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Energy Evolves as 4th Industrial Revolution Looks to Nature (Op-Ed)

In Davos, Switzerland, at the 2016 World Economic Forum annual meeting, industry leaders focused on what they call the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Whereas the First Industrial Revolution used steam and waterpower in manufacturing, the second used electricity to power factories, allowing production on a much larger scale. The Third Industrial Revolution introduced sophisticated technology and automation, which has touched every aspect of people’s lives. The Fourth Industrial Revolution promises to do even more.

Eying these advances, Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the forum, said he perceives the “brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another.” In their scope, scale and complexity, these changes will be “unlike anything humankind has experienced before,” which will transform “entire systems of production, management and governance,” he said. 

This Fourth Industrial Revolution, Schwab said, “is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.” Ironically, this fast-paced technological and space-age world is bringing humanity back to earth, to the power of nature. Some of this power of nature comes from the very linkages Schwab talks about, linkages of information technology, nanotechnology, industrial technology and biology. [Paying for Nature’s Bounty? It May be the Cheaper Alternative (Op-Ed)]

These linkages enable precision farming to reduce use of chemicals and improve yields ; they improve solar cells by patterning them after the physical design of leaves. And some of the power of nature is seen in the use of digital information: sophisticated mapping and engineering insights paired with knowledge of natural systems to inspire new solutions in health care, urban services and even community resilience from storms, floods, fires and more.

Consider oyster reefs. They protect shorelines by absorbing wave energy and reducing the power of waves by as much as 76 to 93 percent, thus reducing coastal erosion, flooding and damage to coastal infrastructure. The Nature Conservancy is working with communities, engineering companies and others to restore oyster reefs. This work brings together digital information, coastal modeling, engineering and ecosystem insights to reduce risks to communities from coastal storms.

Such fast-paced change that links multiple fonts of knowledge is also opening up new ways of conceiving how society can fulfill its energy needs, which is good news for communities across the globe striving to address climate change. The World Economic Forum’s 2016 meeting comes on the heels of the historic Paris Agreement on climate change, in which more than 190 nations committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, coupled with the global commitment to address climate change, puts entrepreneurs, communities and individuals in a position to reinvent how America fuels, generates, transports and uses energy. 

Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and other leaders in the fields of technology, research and investing have formed Breakthrough Energy Coalition to supercharge clean-energy innovation. These industry leaders vow to spur a new level of public-private partnerships that invest early in projects, with the potential for affordable, reliable energy that produces near-zero carbon emissions. Imagine an energy revolution taking place at the speed of social media or with an adoption rate as fast as that of the smart phone. 

The energy sector will continue to transform and diversify energy sources to increase choices, reliability and security while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing additional transparency to consumers about energy costs. 

But not all of the innovative action of this new revolution centers on energy. The fourth revolution — and its nexus in addressing climate change — is driving changes in finance, insurance, city services, building design, risk management and more.

  • The insurance industry is incorporating natural infrastructure in its risk modeling and spurring new investments in nature-based solutions to help reduce risks to storms, erosion, flooding and other threats.
  • Cities are using nature to help clean the air, handle storm water, cool temperatures and supply drinking water. 
  • Planners, developers and infrastructure providers are expanding the use of nature-based solutions to enhance urban and coastal resilience.

And some of the largest innovations are not technological, but instead institutional. New arrangements like “green performance contracts” can improve economic, environmental and energy performance. Consider the example of raw potatoes supplied to potato chip manufacturers. A study of the carbon footprint of potato chips, summarized by PwC, revealed that prices were set by weight. Responding to the price signal, farmers controlled humidification to produce moister (and thus heavier) potatoes. Despite strict moisture-content specifications set by chip manufacturers, farmers still added a few extra grams of water weight per potato, which increased the price paid for the raw potatoes, but added no value to the final product. The total additional weight was significant, and it took extra cooking to burn off the extra moisture. 

In a life-cycle analysis of the potato chip carbon footprint, this extra cooking turned out to account for an unexpectedly high percentage of the chips’ energy consumption. The greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy from this extra cooking actually dwarfed those from transportation of the potatoes to the factory. 

The solution to this challenge was straightforward: change the procurement contract to provide farmers with an incentive to produce potatoes with less moisture without compromising product quality.

Other energy-performance contracts are emerging among builders and governments, providing customers with comprehensive measures that improve energy efficiency, expand use of renewable energy and use distributed electricity generation. Often these services are accompanied by guarantees that savings produced by a project will cover the full project cost. 

As I see the unfolding of this Fourth Industrial Revolution, I am reminded of the words of Alfred, Lord Tennyson: “The Earth is so huge, and yet so bounded.” The world sees growing demands for energy, food, water and other resources as populations grow and incomes rise, putting pressure on finite resources. But the good news is that humanity’s imagination is unbounded and therein lies hope for a healthy and prosperous future. 

Combining knowledge in information technologies, chemistry, nanotechnology and more with solutions drawn from nature is helping to reduce waste, use resources with greater precision, and link economic opportunity and environmental benefits.


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Wenger: Great strikers not found on streets

Arsene Wenger has hit backs at claims he should have signed a striker in January, saying that they “do not walk in off the street”.

Wenger’s comments come after Arsenal drew 0-0 with Southampton on Tuesday, with the hosts failing to breach Fraser Forster’s goal despite having 21 shots.

The Gunners are now without a goal in their last three Premier League matches, their worst run since 2009, and some believe Wenger should have targeted a new striker in the summer transfer window, if not the one which has just passed in January.

But Wenger has rejected such claims, saying that world-class strikers “do not walk in off the street”. We doubt that’s where Manchester United found Robin van Persie when they signed him – from Arsenal – to fire the club to the Premier League title in 2013.

“If you know a world-class striker who could strengthen our team you should have told me before the transfer window was over,” Wenger said. “They do not walk in off the street and say ‘please take me’. They are all at big clubs and under contract.

“We produced quite a good performance in the second half and created ten good chances. The performance we wanted was there but we can’t be happy with the way we finished our chances. That is what is disappointing. Some players missed chances they should take and our finishing is very bad at the moment.

“We started slowly but in the first half Özil had two good chances. The second half was one-way traffic but we still couldn’t score, we didn’t make enough of our set pieces. If you could not play, if you could not create a chance you feel concerned, but we had 70% possession today and 22 shots on goal. Finishing is a bit cyclical, and right now it is very down.”

Right now, Wenger and Arsenal are one of the biggest losers of the transfer window. Sorry, Arsene.


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Revealed: What is Parineeti's Valentine's Day plan

Actress Parineeti Chopra says she will be working on Valentine’s Day this year and doesn’t have any romantic plans for the day.

“I have no plans on that day. I am working, shooting for the whole day. So you can come and see how I shoot on Valentine’s Day,” Parineeti said during a product launch.

Valentine’s Day has been lucky for her, considering the fact that her last hit “Hasee Toh Phasee” released around the same period.

She has often claimed that she is single, though her name has been linked to “Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl” director Maneesh Sharma, and actors Arjun Kapoor, Uday Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapur in the past.

Her victory over weight issues recently grabbed the spotlight.

“Weight loss is a very long and difficult process. I’ve been working on myself for 11 months now and I feel it’ll still take a couple of months to reach where I want to.”

“I used to think about food the whole day, what I’ll eat next and what after that. It has to come within you if you have to lose weight. You just have to remain consistent and mentally strong if you want results. I just told myself that I have tasted all food that I wanted to taste, I don’t want to do more and I want to be fit now,” she said.


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My retirement will be permanent: McCullum

He took the cricketing fraternity by surprise with his unexpected decision to retire from international cricket, at the age of 34, just ahead of the upcoming ICC World Twenty20 in March-April in India. So is Brendon McCullum, easily one of the most destructive batsmen in the world, having second thoughts, especially after finding out that the former Australian skipper Michael Clarke is hungry to play competitive cricket again?

“No, I wouldn’t think so,” McCullum said. “I was a little bit surprised to read that.

“I guess everyone is different and everyone makes their own decisions based on how they’re feeling and how their lives are panning out. If Michael does make a comeback, then I’m sure he’d make it a success as well,” McCullum said on Wednesday (February 3).

McCullum, who has decided to keep plying Twenty20 cricket for franchises, expressed his faith in the new crop of players. “We’ve got the leaders in the group who can take it to a new level,” he said.

“It’s just a timing thing and it’s nice to get out now when people still kind of like you and you’re able to make some contributions.

“There comes a time when you have to step out of the spotlight at some point and there’s other things that you want to do in your life as well.”

Kane Williamson has been named as McCullum’s replacement as the captain of the national team for the upcoming World T20, and is expected to be confirmed as their One-Day International and Test skipper too, soon after.

McCullum says he has asked his teammates to focus on the game instead of their outgoing skipper.

“Realistically, it doesn’t count for much once the game gets under way and that’s the message that has permeated through the group over the last couple of days,” he said.

“Play what’s in front of you, and that’s not just for every game but every single ball.”

Steve Smith, his Australian counterpart, also praised the retiring McCullum, calling him a terrific player and leader.

“No doubt, they will want to send him off in the best way possible and it is up to us to not make that happen,” Smith said.


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I had beaten up men for proposing to me: Mimi

Team Ki Kore Toke Bolbo discusses love, its many expressions and their shooting experience with CT Mimi Chakraborty and Ankush, the lead pair of Ravi Kinagi’s Ki Kore Toke Bolbo, is a lethal combination. Whenever they meet, they fight like cats and dogs. And the situation was no different when the duo got together with their director for a chat with CT. The trio, however, revealed quite a bit about life and cinema between the rounds. Excerpts:

The film, Ki Kore Toke Bolbo, was previously called Sindoor Khela. Why was the title changed?

Ravi Kinagi: Oh, I just felt Sindoor Khela would sound very dated in today’s time and age.Mimi Chakraborty: True. And then, Ki Kore Toke Bolbo is apt, as the film is about a couple who find it difficult to confess their love for each other.Ankush: Yes, but it’s even more apt as it’s releasing around Saraswati Puja -it’s the Bengali’s answer to Valentine’s Day , when most youngsters go through that dilemma.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

RK: This time I will, as my film is about confessing your love before it’s too late.

MC: How can there be just one special day for love? Ridiculous! It’s just a day for florists and gift shops to make money .

A: I quite like it when girls send me flowers and cards on Valentine’s Day (winks), but personally, I’m not a believer.

What’s the film about and how was the experience of working in it?

RK: Akash (Ankush), an RJ, marries Anjali (Mimi), who demands a divorce right on their wedding night.Akash calmly agrees, but on the condition that they do so only after moving to Kolkata. In Kolkata, the court grants them six months’ time to reconsider their decision and soon, they become the best of friends and Anjali realizes that she has fallen in love with Akash. But she finds herself unable to express her feelings to him. Caught in a perpetual emotional dilemma, she struggles to hide her feelings from Akash. Then the court approves their divorce. Will they finally be able to express their love to each other? That’s what the film is all about.

MC: I loved playing Anjali, as at one point, she hates Akash, and then she starts loving him. The best part is when she tries to hide her love from him. So, there was a lot of scope for acting.

A: Akash is going through a heart break on a personal front, but on air, he solves others’ romantic prob lems, as he is a love guru. So, it was fun trying to bring out the duality of the character.

In real life, did you ever feel ki kore toke bolbo?

RK: I’m an introvert who had an arranged marriage. So, proposing to any girl in college was out of question! I fell in love after marriage and never thought twice before expressing my love for my wife. But professionally, I guess there are many in the industry who felt that way before approaching me for work, as I’m known to be a strict man.
A: Indecision is never a problem with me. I take time to be sure of my feelings, but once I am, I have no qualms in admitting it to my beloved. There’s a dialogue in the film, “Amake prem e chhuyeche sir, police e kicchu korte parbena.” I believe in that.MC: In school and college, I’m sure many guys faced this dilemma. There were instances of me beating up guys for proposing to me! 


MC: Ankush, you just keep quiet! The producers haven’t paid me so much that I’ll discuss my personal life! You can tell your love story with Oindrilla to the world (and an argument begins!)
RK: God! These two used to fight like Tom and Jerry on the sets. And you know what? Mimi used to do all the misdeeds openly , but Ankush is a chupa rustam. Now, break it up you two!

Ravi is known to be a very strict taskmaster. Did you two feel the heat?

MC & A: Oh yes! Don’t even ask! A: But now, when we see ourselves onscreen, we feel all that scolding was necessary .
RK: On the sets, I would often see them busy with their adda. And whenever I approached, they would pick up their scripts and act as if they are reading really hard. They act even when the camera is not rolling (laughs)! But I must admit both are director’s actors and a pleasure to work with.




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Leicester 2-0 Liverpool- It couldn

Jamie Vardy’s wonder strike helped Leicester send out a title warning as they breezed past Liverpool 2-0.

The striker’s brilliant brace maintained the Foxes’ three-point lead over Manchester City – ahead of their top-of-the-table showdown on Saturday.

In front of watching England boss Roy Hodgson the 29-year-old netted a stunning 25-yard effort before firing in from close range to continue his stellar campaign.

Vardy is in talks with City to extend his deal and reached 18 Barclays Premier League goals for the season to underline his importance to Claudio Ranieri and help prove outstanding Leicester’s title credentials.

They were everything Liverpool were not, incisive, gritty, classy and determined as the Reds showed Jurgen Klopp how far they have to go.

Leicester were on top from the off and Riyad Mahrez curled wide inside two minutes and they came closer seven minutes later.

Vardy, who had already worried the messy Liverpool defence, scampered down the left and delivered the perfect cross for Shinji Okazaki, only for Simon Mignolet to turn his header onto the bar.

The hosts found it too easy to work space behind the visitors’ backline as Vardy stretched Klopp’s men.

Liverpool were angered when Robert Huth’s stray elbow caught Adam Lallana in the face but it was symptomatic of the game, the Reds were rarely up for the fight.

Mignolet saved Mahrez’s speculative volley after 15 minutes as Leicester threatened with every attack.

Slowly, Liverpool regained some composure as Jordan Henderson and James Milner tried to assert some authority but they needed Mignolet to ensure they went into the break level when he turned Mahrez’s brilliant 30-yard effort over.

The Reds, in contrast to Leicester’s feisty assaults, were powderpuff.

Roberto Firmino lacked the presence to worry Wes Morgan and Huth and Liverpool’s aimless attacking efforts never troubled the hosts.

Alberto Moreno came closest when he woefully shot over five minutes before the break but the visitors had yet to find their radar.

Emre Can’s deflected drive just after the restart showed improvement but Dejan Lovren continued to wilt against the pace and determination of Vardy.

And the England forward showed why he is so highly valued at the King Power Stadium on the hour. For all of the Foxes’ neat play, it came from a route one ball from deep by Mahrez.

Vardy was instantly on the move, leaving Lovren trailing, and he allowed the ball to drop over his shoulder before unleashing a first-time half-volley from 25 yards which screamed over Mignolet.

Worse was to follow for Liverpool 12 minutes later when Vardy doubled the lead.

The visitors’ defence were sloppy to allow Okazaki to shoot and Lovren saw the striker’s deflected effort run through to Vardy who did the rest.

In between, Leicester wanted a penalty after Okazaki seemed to be felled by Moreno but they did not need the extra help.

In response to Vardy’s opener Klopp threw on Christian Benteke but the striker increasingly looks like a £32.5million misfit.

But for Leicester, Vardy was worth his weight in goals as they kept their title bid on track.


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Smartphones Could Generate Own Power with New Coating

A transparent material that can be attached to a smartphone’s touch screen could help the device generate electricity whenever anyone taps it, researchers in China say.

Touch screens are now found on most cell phones and tablet computers. Using a touch screentypically involves finger taps, and scientists at Lanzhou University in China reasoned that the mechanical energy from these motions could be converted into electricity to charge the phone’s batteries, which could significantly extend the working time of these portable devices.

The researchers developed a new material based on a transparent silicone rubber known as PDMS. Scientists embedded wires in this rubber that were made of lead zirconate titanate that were only 700 nanometers, or billionths of a meter, wide. For perspective, this is about 140 times thinner than the average width of a human hair.

As the rubber solidified, the researchers used electrical fields to align the nanowires in the rubber in columns. This alignment helped set both the material’s electrical and visual properties.

Whenever such nanowires are bent — for instance, whenever anyone taps on the material — they generate electricity, a phenomenon known as piezoelectricity. By making sure the nanowires are lined up with one another, the researchers helped ensure that they would react to finger taps in unison, generating as much energy from the motions as possible.

When the material is viewed head-on, these incredibly narrow wires are largely invisible, and the material can look mostly transparent. As such, the nanowires “can harvest tapping energy on a screen without influencing the screen’s normal working,” study senior author Yong Qin, a materials scientist at Lanzhou University, told Live Science.

In addition, when the material is viewed from an angle, the nanowires interfere with light rays, which means that anything seen through the material at that angle will look blurry. As such, the material can also help protect a user’s privacy by preventing anyone nearby from being able to peek at someone else’s smartphone screen.

In experiments, tapping on the material generated an electrical current of 0.8 nanoamperes, or about one-millionth of the electricity used by a hearing aid. The scientists noted that the results of future research could help their material generate more current to efficiently recharge the batteries of mobile devices.

Electrical signals from nanowires could also help researchers develop more sensitive touch screens, Qin said.

The scientists detailed their findings online Jan. 13 in the journal Small.


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Filmmakers haven't tapped my full potential yet, feels Tabu

She has given path-breaking performances in several critically acclaimed movies, but actress Tabu feels Bollywood filmmakers have not utilised her full potential yet. 

When asked if while looking back she feels filmmakers have not tapped her full potential, Tabu told PTI, “Absolutely. I don’t think I’ve tapped my full potential, forget the filmmakers…I think a very minuscule part of my potential has been tapped.”

The 44-year-old actress, who has won two National Awards for her roles in “Maachis” (1996) and the 2001 drama “Chandni “Bar”, says she feels like this because she has a different understating of herself today.

“I feel that may be it’s not true. May be I feel that now when you have a different understanding of your own potential, of yourself. I feel I could’ve done things in so many different ways,” she said.

“I’ve got to do a lot. But I feel there is a lot which can be done also. Of course everybody thinks and feels like that,” she said. Following her award-winning stint in “Chandni Bar”, Tabu then acted in “Maqbool” made by filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj’s, who she believes “allowed” her to try different things as an actress. “He has allowed me to do it. I got a chance to do it with him. I didn’t even know what was in store for me in ‘Maqbool’ or the kind of film he was going to make. I was just too excited to play this character which was unusual for a Hindi cinema heroine to do at that time,” she said.


The “Cheeni Kum” actress, who worked with Bhardwaj again in “Haider”, says an actor looks at himself the way a director visualises him.

“Vishal sees in me something which not everybody else is able to. Just to get that from a director that ‘Oh my God he is visualising me like this’, it makes your work different. You look at yourself the way a director looks at you. That gives you the basis for your performance,” she said.

Tabu will be seen next in Abhishek Kapoor’s “Fitoor”, releasing on February 12. The film, which stars Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur, is based on Charles Dickens’ novel “Great Expectations”.

The actress has been part of several book adaptations, from “Maqbool” and “Haider” – based on William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and “Hamlet” respectively, to “Life of Pi” (based on a book of the same name by Yann Martel) and “The Namesake”, based on a novel by Jhumpa Lahiri.

“I don’t know why all book adaptations come to me. I must become the poster girl for adaptations of books,” she said.

When asked if it is easier to play a character based on a book, Tabu says, “I didn’t know anything about the characters till the scripts came to me. I haven’t read those books. “Because I have not made my own thing about them, I go by the script and whatever brief my director or writer gives me about the character,” she added.


West Indies win controversial thriller to enter quarters www.ilovenewz.com/west-indies-win-controversial-thriller-to-enter-quarters

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West Indies win controversial thriller to enter quarters

West Indies vs Zimbabwe

West Indies beat Zimbabwe in a thriller by two runs to secure their passage into the quarter-finals in Chittagong on Tuesday (February 2). Needing three runs off the last over with one-wicket in hand, Keemo Paul mankaded Richard Ngarava, the non-striker, wholeft the crease while backing up before the delivery was bowled. West Indies appealed on the first ball of the final over and the umpires had to rule the batsman out. The bat was on the line when the bails were removed and that meant the decision went in favour of the bowling side.

Batting first, west Indies made a modest 226 for the loss of nine wickets in their 50 overs. Shamar Springer top-scored with 61 while Gidron Pope and Tevin Imlach, the openers, chipped in with 30 and 31 respectively. Rugare Magarira, the left-arm spinner, impressed yet again with figures of 3 for 28 but on the day, when Sprit of Cricket took a severe hit, it wasn’t enough to prevent Zimbabwe from crashing out.

At one stage, Zimbabwe were well placed at 143 for 3 in 32 overs. With 84 needed in the last 18 overs with seven wickets in hand. But then the slide began as they kept losing wickets to eventually lose the game in heartbreaking fashion.

Brief scores:West Indies226 for 9 in 50 overs (Shamar Springer 61, Tevin Imlach 31, Rugare Magarira 3-28) beat Zimbabwe224 all out (Shaun Snyder 52, Adam Keefe 43, Alzarri Joseph 4-30) by two runs.

Bangladesh vs Namibia

Bangladesh capped off the group stage with a resounding eight-wicket win over Namibia, who also have qualified for the Super League quarter-finals ahead of South Africa, the defending champions, in Cox’s Bazar.

Having won the toss, Bangladesh decided to bowl first and had Namibia reeling at 10 for 2 by the sixth over. The visitors never managed to recover from that start and were bowled out cheaply for just 65.

The spinners picked up seven wickets between them to wreck the Namibian batting line-up. In reply, despite losing two quick wickets with just 13 on the board, Joyraz Sheikh and Nazmul Hossain Shanto ensured there were no further hiccups as they wrapped up the win in 16 overs.

Brief scores:Namibia65 all out (Niko Davin 19, Ariful Islam 2-9, Saleh Ahmed Shawon 2-10) lost to Bangladesh66 for 2 in 16 overs (Joyraz Sheikh 34*, Fritz Coetzee 2-20) by eight wickets.

Scotland vs South Africa

South Africa finally came up with a dominating performance in the tournament but it came a little too late. They thrashed Scotland by ten wickets in their final group game in Cox’s Bazar.

Opting to field first, their bowlers struck at regular intervals and if not for wicket-keeper Harris Carnegie’s unbeaten 29, the minnows might not have crossed 100.

Chasing 128 for the win, the openers faced identical amount of deliveries and ended up making the same amount of runs. Both had faced 87 balls to remain unbeaten on 64 as they wrapped up the win with 21 overs to spare.

Brief scores:Scotland127 all out in 45.4 overs (Harris Carnegie 29*, Sean Whitehead 2-16, Dayyaan Galliem 2-16) lost to South Africa 129 for no loss in 29 overs (Liam Smith 64*, Kyle Verreynne 64*) by ten wickets.


Rita Ora dating rapper Yoni Laham? www.ilovenewz.com/rita-ora-dating-rapper-yoni-laham

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Rita Ora dating rapper Yoni Laham?

Singer Rita Ora is reportedly in a romantic relationship with rapper Yoni Laham, also known by his stage name BRIDGE.

The “Poison” hitmaker met the rapper through mutual friends and they are said to have become closer after that, reports aceshowbiz.com.

The two were spotted cosying up to each other after a dinner date at a restaurant here last week. Laham was seen wrapping his arms around Ora’s shoulder. The rumoured couple was also spotted having a great time with friends. 

According to a source quoted by The Sun, they “had been getting on really well and she loved his company.

“He is a bit of a socialite and they have a lot in common, especially when it comes to music. Rita has always been a big hip-hop fan and is really into his stuff.”

In fact, their friends already describe them as a couple, the source said, adding: “A lot of her mates are saying that she and Yoni are officially an item but it’s still early days. Knowing Rita, she will be taking things slow, she won’t rush into anything too quickly.”


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Top 10: Ridiculous January transfer rumours

he January transfer window is over. Now to get these football matches out of the way so we can concentrate on the real sport: the summer window. Here are the ten most ridiculous rumours of the winter.


10. Scott Dann to Chelsea
With news of John Terry’s imminent departure/potential stay/obvious attempt at ensuring everything is about him at Chelsea, attention turns to who could replace him in the summer. A four-time Premier League winning captain of the club, the central defender has 477 Premier League appearances to his name, and will breach the 700 mark in all competitions later this season. These are big shoes to fill. Only a particular form of sh*thouse will do.

Fortunately, the Sunday Mirror brought us news of Terry’s replacement over a fortnight ago. Even before the announcements and counter-announcements, Steve Stammers revealed that the club had lined up the man to usher out the 35-year-old. Was it a young, fast, European centre-half? A cultured title-winner? Scott Dann? If you answered with the latter, congratulations.

Not only was Dann linked with Chelsea by the Mirror, but the wage he would be offered was revealed. There would be no more £60,000 a week at Crystal Palace. No siree. Nope. Chelsea were willing to double his wages. They were willing to pay Dann £120,000 a week. Apparently. Stammers also reported that Dann was 27 years of age. He turns 29 in under a fortnight.


9. Ander Herrera to Manchester City
Those predicting that 2016 would offer a fresh slate to the world of football transfer rumour reporting did not have to wait long for their hopes to be dashed. What better way to dash them than link Ander Herrera with a move to Manchester City on New Year’s Day?

To be fair to Don Balon, one part of their transfer puzzle has fallen into place. The Spanish publication reported at the start of January that, as part of Pep Guardiola’s arrival at Manchester City, the coach wanted his countryman Ander Herrera to cross the Manchester divide and make the Etihad his new home.

It was quite the spectacular transfer window in the eyes of Don Balon, in fact. Their exclusives included Alexis Sanchez joining Manchester United, Alexis Sanchez joining Real Madrid, Javier Hernandez joining Arsenal, Radamel Falcao joining Barcelona, Mesut Ozil joining Real Madrid, Memphis Depay joining Real Madrid, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic joining Manchester United. And Chelsea. And Arsenal. Instead, we got Steven Fletcher moving to Marseille.

It would be nice to think that we won’t hear from Don Balon again after such a poor record of reporting in the transfer window, but we know that they will return with a vengeance in the summer. And everyone will lap it up. If Don Balon have proven anything this month, it’s that British outlets are not alone. Foreign ones are just as prone to bullsh*t.


8. Harry Kane to Bayern Munich
For those who reserved even the smallest fraction of doubt concerning Harry Kane’s authenticity, our fears were truly realised in early-November last year. You can thank The Sun for that.

Their man Mike McGrath scooped a big tasty EXCLUSIVE as the month rolled in and the countdown to the January transfer window ticked on. He reported that Bayern Munich had joined the £50million race for Kane.

‘The German giants have watched the Spurs striker THREE times,’ McGrath reported back on November 1. THREE times, you say? Get the #WillkommenKane banners at the ready.


7. Lionel Messi to the Premier League
Death, taxes and being the greatest footballer in the world. Or, rather, death, allegedly not paying your taxes, and being the greatest footballer in the world. It’s been a busy few months for Lionel Messi.

It started with The Sun. It always does, doesn’t it? They claimed back in October that Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United had made ‘informal approaches’ with regards to the Barcelona forward’s future. By November, the Daily Star had an EXCLUSIVE, with Arsenal revealed to be the Premier League side that Messi wanted. Just over a week later, and Manchester City were offering the 28-year-old an £800,000-a-week contract at the Etihad. Cue the greatest Photoshop of our times:

6. John Stones to Real Madrid and Barcelona
The Daily Mail’s report that Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City would engage in a £50million battle for John Stones seemed unlikely when it was reported on January 23. Just over a week on, it looks utterly preposterous.

Which of Sergio Ramos, Pepe or Raphael Varane was Stones supposedly replacing in the central defensive pecking order at Real? And the reported arrival of the 21-year-old would hardly have left Thomas Vermaelen and Marc Bartra worrying for their Barcelona futures, never mind Gerard Pique and Jeremy Mathieu. Amidst an influx of high-profile mistakes, Stones had somehow because an even more precious commodity than before.


5. Wayne Rooney to China/Chelsea
When does an EXCLUSIVE become a WORLD EXCLUSIVE? When The Sun realise that China is not a city just north on London, that’s when.

Back in November, Phil Thomas broke the news that Wayne Rooney could be headed to China. The Manchester United and England captain, having just turned 30, was expected to surrender his £300,000-a-week contract at Old Trafford, uproot his young family to a country thousands of miles away, and play in the Chinese Super League, a competition that was founded in 2004, the same year Rooney joined United.

Two weeks prior, the Daily Mail were among many reporting that Rooney had been offered £75million to team up with his former national team manager Sven Goran Eriksson at Shanghai SIPG. They claimed neither EXCLUSIVE nor WORLD EXCLUSIVE.

Still, some were not satisfied by these revelations. In a sad sign of modern football reporting, The Independent and the Metro were the two British outlets who claimed that Chelsea were the frontrunners to sign Rooney in November. The story was based on odds from Sky Bet. Oh for fu…


4. Abel Hernandez to Arsenal
Narrowly beating Arsenal’s link with a £20million move for Watford striker Troy Deeney is the rumour claiming that the Gunners wanted Abel Hernandez from Hull City. That’s Hull City of the Championship. And Abel Hernandez of four goals in 26 career Premier League appearances.

In fairness to Hull’s club-record purchase, Hernandez has 15 goals in 23 Championship games this campaign. But still, really? The claims came from Tuttomercatoweb, who reported that Arsene Wenger was a fan of the 25-year-old. With Arsenal fighting for the Premier League title, a maiden Champions League and a third consecutive FA Cup, a striker from the second tier was being lined up. If this was the alternative to the daily updates on Karim Benzema’s protracted move to the Emirates, then thank you; we were amused.


3. Robert Lewandowski to Liverpool
Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Liverpool. Of the five aforementioned clubs, two can stake a claim to be among the finest in the world. Two more boast only the riches befitting of the finest clubs in the world. The other is Liverpool.

Liverpool will look to defend their title of ‘odd ones out’ in the summer after being linked with Robert Lewandowski throughout the winter. The Reds have neither the money nor the quality to tempt one of the world’s leading strikers to the club. But that did not stop the transfer rumours.

It is no coincidence that the first rumour linking Lewandowski to Liverpool surfaced on October 11 last year. Jurgen Klopp, Lewandowski’s manager at Borussia Dortmund, had been appointed manager at Anfield just three days prior. The Daily Mirror expected his arrival to persuade Lewandowski to leave perennial Bundesliga champions and Champions League contenders Bayern Munich for a club who finished sixth in the Premier League last season. Such is the Klopp effect.

Just a week ago, the Liverpool Echo reported that the Reds were willing to rival Real Madrid – who had bid £75million – to land Lewandowski. Will the madness ever stop?


2. Jamie Vardy to Barcelona and Real Madrid
It was the moment the joke went too far. Fine, Jamie Vardy, break Ruud van Nistelrooy’s Premier League record for goals in consecutive games. Whatever. We don’t care. Just don’t you dare touch the real achievement; leave Jimmy Dunne’s exploits alone. And don’t get linked with Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Yet so it came to pass. On November 12, football reporting died. The Daily Mail told us that Barcelona and Real had planned on sending scouts to England’s friendly with Spain to watch Vardy that month, but the Leicester striker had been ruled out with a groin injury. Then in the midst of his record-breaking run, Vardy had scored in nine consecutive Premier League games, and topped the scoring charts by a fair margin with 12 strikes in as many games. Vardy had five goals in 34 top-flight appearances before this campaign, but no bother. Form is permanent, class is temporary.

Now 29, Vardy has two goals in his last ten games. But we should never forget the year he was linked with the world’s two biggest clubs, or with a move to Chelsea or Manchester City for £30million. Never forget.


1. Everyone to Real Madrid
You thought transfer deadline day was quiet and underwhelming, didn’t you? You were under the impression that Stoke had made the biggest signing of the window, and that Steven Fletcher moving to Marseille was the story. Have you forgotten how Real Madrid signed Eden Hazard for £80million, purchased Sergio Aguero for £70million, and then splashed out £185million on David de Gea, Paul Pogba and Robert Lewandowski, sending Jim White into a coma? Silly you.

What do you mean none of that happened? Has anyone broken the news to Antony Kastrinakis? The Sun’s European football ‘expert’ scored the biggest EXCLUSIVE of the January transfer window by far just a fortnight ago. With Real Madrid’s FIFA-imposed transfer ban having been announced on the afternoon of the previous day, Kastrinakis worked himself into overdrive to source his massive pool of Real Madrid contacts. Within hours of Real Madrid learning of the transfer ban, they had worked out their plans and helpfully told Kastrinakis, who duly slapped it on the back page of the next morning’s newspaper. Real Madrid were signing everyone. What a scoop.

Real Madrid did not sign a single player in the whole of the January transfer window. What happened, Tone?


Big Mystery: What’s brewing between Hrithik and Kangana? www.ilovenewz.com/big-mystery-whats-brewing-between-hrithik-and-kangana

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Big Mystery: What's brewing between Hrithik and Kangana?

With B-Town abuzz with news about Kangana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan’s ‘relationship’ since last weekend, we dig deeper to find out what exactly could have transpired between the two.

It was a year ago that Kangana Ranaut in her characteristic candid manner let a secret out that set tongues wagging. She had hinted that she’s seeing someone, and her love life is exciting, but she was also treading cautiously since she said that she wanted to ensure everything worked out before making the relationship public. Soon after, it was reported that the mystery man in her life was Hrithik Roshan. But the actor denied the whole report, openly asking the reporter to go see a shrink.

Sources say that this could have been because Hrithik was still dipping his toes in water as far as Kangana was concerned and might have not been sure of the relationship at that time. Sources close to the duo say that they were friends even while working in ‘Kites’ (2010). “Hrithik was going through some trouble in his personal life at that time and he would talk to Kangana about it and that’s how they got close and became friends.”

The two are said to have got closer during the shoot of ‘Krrish 3’ (2013). After Hrithik’s divorce with Sussanne Khan, his wife for 13 years, came through, it seemed like their friendship went to another level. Sources close to the stars say, “Kangana and Hrithik continued meeting each other till the story of their relationship broke out and then Hrithik tweeted denying it all.”

Soon, their relationship is said to have blossomed again as “they obviously like fighting with each other”, said a source with a smile. “Their on and off relationship has been going on for a while now, even though Hrithik has not spoken about it openly,” said the source.

However, a bigger rift seems to have taken place now as a whole new controversy erupted when they were not on talking terms. The entire scene that happened a year ago seemed to play all over again as Kangana in an interview made a telling remark about “exes who do silly things to get your attention”, when asked if she was ousted from ‘Aashiqui 3’ starring Hrithik Roshan. Surprisingly, even though she did not take Hrithik’s name, he retorted with a tweet saying something to the effect that he would rather go out with the Pope than the wonderful women he’s linked with.

While their sly remarks and tweets keep us amused, one should mention that Kangana seems to have won this round with her endearing honesty again. Her reaction to Hrithik’s tweet is more direct. “I respect the other person’s opinion. It’s very likely that a person can have a different perspective of the same situation or rather the past. But then, stick to your stand. Don’t contradict yourself and slyly pursue people, spy on them and chase them. So, we sign and seal the deal, and then move on.”

Looks like the gutsy girl is ready to finally move on, from whatever situation she is in.

He said, she said
October 3, 2014
After earning rave reviews for ‘Queen’, in which Kangana’s character sets out on a journey of self-discovery after being dumped by her fiancee, the actress revealed about a new man in her life in an interview: “My love life is exciting. When you are in love, you kind of have to be sure about things that you make public. I hope it works out… Love is such a thing; it’s so special, so I hope I get in a position of talking about it in public.” She, however, did not reveal her special someone’s name.

December 11, 2014
A city daily suggested that Hrithik Roshan is Kangana’s mystery man and that they have become serious about each other after being friends for seven years and working together in two films – ‘Kites’ and ‘Krrish 3’. It also said, “Two months ago, she wasn’t sure where the relationship was going because Hrithik was going through a divorce from his now ex-wife Sussanne Roshan.”

The next day, the actor slammed the daily on social media in his post that read, “This is so absurd it doesn’t even get me angry. Are these papers and writers just plain delusional? Price of being single I guess. But I”m not paying. Unless it’s for the shrink who I think these journos need. 🙂 u guys have a wonderful day (sic).”

October 31, 2015
Entertainment websites ran stories of Kangana and Hrithik avoiding each other at a film festival. However, industry sources claimed that it was an attempt to hoodwink the public into believing they were no more together. “They’ve decided to take it easy in public, as Hrithik is currently going through a complicated divorce proceeding. If shown to be in a relationship so soon after his separation from his wife then he would end up looking like a bad father. He has asked his PR team to go slow on the single-ready-to-mingle image.”

When asked about the alleged affair, Hrithik reportedly said, “Oh my God! What should I say about it?”

The previous month, Kangana had also denied the rumours (probably since they were going through their “off” phase) while promoting her last film when she stated, “I don’t have anyone in my life as of now. I am single but I am not open to dating because I am committed to my films and roles. Relationship is a lot of work. I don’t want to be unfair to someone.”

January 28, 2016
Asked for her reaction on being ousted from Aashiqui 3 which apparently features Hrithik Roshan, she said, “Yes, many lame rumours are doing rounds, even a dumb ass can tell where these rumours are coming from. I don’t know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me that chapter is over and I don’t dig graves.” While media went into a tizzy over Kangs referring to Hrithik as an ex, the actor, who usually keeps mum about his personal life, retorted on Twitter: “Ther r more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of d (Im sure wonderful)women d media hs ben naming. Thanks but no thanks. (sic).”


Back spasm rules out Albie Morkel; troubles Jason Roy www.ilovenewz.com/back-spasm-rules-out-albie-morkel-troubles-jason-roy

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Back spasm rules out Albie Morkel; troubles Jason Roy

David Wiese, South Africa all-rounder, has been added to the squad for the first two One-Day Internationals (ODIs) against England after Albie Morkel suffered a back spasm during the recently-concluded Momentum One-Day Cup.

The injury has ruled him out for the first two ODIs. Even as the MRI scan reveals damage to the vertebrae in his lower back, Morkel can be fit to play for the last three matches of the series.

Choosing to remain positive, Morkel told on Monday (February 1), “I think I have been playing some of the best cricket of my life in the last year and a half. If you cannot accept setbacks like these, remain positive and move on, the sporting world will be a dark place.”

Earlier, Marchant de Lange was called in as a replacement for the injured Kyle Abbott. Despite the twin injuries, JP Duminy doesn’t feel the South African side is any weaker.

“I don’t think we’re weakened. I think the replacements are good enough to stand in for those players. It’s not an interruption in any way for us. We know what’s needed as a squad and it’s important for us to stay unified as a team, no matter who the personnel are.

“The confidence from the one-day cricket point of view has been pretty good… We’ve won our last two series. But we know this is a tough challenge that faces us, and that England have also been playing really well in this format,” he added.

Meanwhile, things aren’t any prettier on the other side of the camp. Jason Roy, England opener, skipped Monday’s practice session after suffering back spasm. He will undergo a fitness test ahead of the first ODI in Bloemfontein on Wednesday.