Arnab’s ‘n Arvind’s just tell me where is justice Modiji, mass murderers are not being booked !

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Arnab’s ‘n Arvind’s just tell me where is justice Modiji, mass murderers are not being booked !

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Anarchist, megalomaniac, immature, urban Maoist, dictator, bhagoda – Arvind Kejriwal has been called all this, and all this is because he is in love with his core subject to fight corruption in high places and giving power to the people! He has been the architect of this line of thinking and the BJP and Congress is trying to hijack the thought and provide lip service and as if they don’t know, how Jumbleybaazee and reality are faaaaar removed from each other and people have successfully segregated the truth from lie by choosing AAP over the rest, at least till the time they prove otherwise.


While Modi’s new grown love for the poor, a virtual closeness to the farmers is fairly dramatic (as always) but what he certainly doesn’t quite realize is, he is inadvertently, copying Kejriwal’s ideas and blurting out jumlaaz, and little does he know: “yeh public hai, yeh sub jaanti hai, yeh Public hai yeh sub samjhti hai” aur “jo naa samjhay wo anaadi hai” – ha ha, no way you can fool the people of Delhi anymore; everyone is getting charged and educated by the hour as they are keeping a tab on the politicians’ actions closely! Its trying to understand the subtleties of the varied interpretations of the Constitution and what would give what result and the correct result; tomfoolery days of hoodwinking is slowly and steadily on its waned way out! Media experts too, even the suave and smart Arnab Goswami is cornered to accepting AK’s correct and earnest approach towards handling this core issue of an elected Government whose approach towards the common man and alleviating their hardships is his devoted and coveted goal which he will get to do finally! You could well give him the ‘confrontationists’ tag too but he knows he is in the correct path of truth which he has to defend, hence he marches ahead and he knows Mr. Modi under the great Rajnath Singh’s guidance had to make this stupid mistake of giving all powers to LG Najeeb Jung, little realizing that AK will throw up that position thunderously sky high so that they learn what it means to have the people by your side; this time you will have to let him work and LET HIM WORK THE WAY HE WANTS as the Delhi’s rocky strength no matter what is with him and not even an earthquake shall shake it !!


It was a great thing to see Arnab on day before yesterday’s debate in Times now; falling in line with the quintessential Arvind Kejriwal. The man who does not give up, and having the ability to sustain through any confrontation no matter how ugly it is and who is his foe, no matter how much bigger than him. He has a proven track record over three years – from his anti-corruption movement days to getting power in Delhi with the infinite majority – a testimony to his tenacity. He now has the power to drag out MLA’s / remove barking opposition who never allowed assemblies to function in the past for vested interests to thrive “desh gaya bhaad mein”! Perhaps the biggest thing that has happened is, the assembly can function now the way it should; I have been to the House of Commons in UK, its such a pleasure to see through the deliberations taking place there / in strict silence, everyone get their turn of talking and deliberating making their points, not like our hooligan Parliamentarians who keep on barking even when the speakers request them to keep quiet and listen to other speakers / no they have to shout and out shout other people and indulge in Miltonic pandemonium – yes even if that means you drown the truth in it as even an Arnab does, but May 26th was a debate to remember when he defended the truth after a long time (in AK’s context)! Of course he exposes lot of lies too !!


Now that its amply clear, that the Centre would have to give in to the idea of not aggravating the issue anymore, its common sense that the Delhi Government shall now fight to discuss the core issue which is the real battle for Delhi! The central question whether Delhi should change and how. This question is at the heart of the demand for full State hood from all parties but none have the courage / will or conviction to take it to its correct conclusion. AK has thus set the ball rolling and how typically in his own maverick style.


Obviously Delhi is important, as the country’s Capital, and even school kids know of it. But the fact which is extremely disturbing and miserable is the shoddy way in which the Centre is handling it / truly rudely, arrogantly, unabashedly shamelessly whatever lily in order to create the most unhealthy state of affairs, where a centre despite having its hands full, is deliberately putting spokes in the working of a legally rightfully chosen elected Delhi government with a complete outright majority and any offensive against it would be complete travesty of truth or anything near to justice! Kejriwal is quite rightly amplifying its own governance grievances, as the Centre is perennially sleeping about matters on granting full statehood, regardless of which party is in power! There obviously is a vested interest involved and it is important to maintain the status quo, as the Centre would like to retain its weapon of arm twisting, on matters which may not be to their liking! Such is the deliberate apathy and regardless of the fact even when the National Capital Territory region may stretch into other states such as U.P and Haryana.


It’s time to re-look at and upgrade earlier arrangements reflected in the Constitution; provisions around independence cannot be the provisions today, especially when we see the Constitution and its manifold interpretations at the hands of greedy country looting politicians. The challenges have changed. Both, common sense-ically or logically, its time to have the much needed re-look at and upgrading the earlier arrangement. Given the growth of the city, demographic and otherwise, the Union government cannot keep treating it as a municipal council. And in order to make this happen and if Delhi has to be governed better then there has to be a better coordination and true demarcations in the share of power between the two governments.


Anything but simplicity is what Modi’s face reflects maybe a cheap mystery, fortunately or unfortunately even a Rahul Gandhi has called it a suit boot ki sirkar which again a clear jibe at the PM. So, the serious looking PM has little respect left at the hands of even a childish Rahul G who is making fun of him; a sure sign as to who will be booted out in the next 5 years if they don’t mend their ways and who will set up a new order!


Confrontation remains a valid ‘n effective tool of messaging, more so because this country has rogue differences in they way they subjugate the electorate after getting into power and what else can one do when everything that is wrong is projected as right and vice versa which the maverick Kejriwal has proved now and then and shown how he has been, what a master at it. He has proved time and again in the last few years how he takes on his issues. Negotiations just cannot happen when one of the parties is in a clear position of weakness and that is the reason he unabashedly flaunts his street power, and now a power to be recognized in the assembly too, to make his point. This is one of the safeguards of democracy to which even a Modi resorted, for coming to Delhi.


Its foolish to talk of 20,000 litres and 50% power price discounts as bad economics. The biggest truth today is, Arvind Kejriwal seemingly, is the only politician from Delhi who is relevant. His rivals have been reduced to political pygmies, compared to his sharp political acumen. Don’t we feel the hollowness in Modi ji’s claims …”pichle ek saal mein kyaa koi ghotaalaa huaa hai” is what he asks … jaise ki koi ghotaala hogaa bhi toh pakad mein aayega! Modi asks in one years time did you see a scam anywhere? As if even if there is one it will ever surface. They are ever becoming so bold in corruption the finesse is unimaginable; Modi thinks everyone is a fool as he has closed all the institutions which were formed to catch the corrupt – the ED, CVC, CIC, Lokpaal and now he wants ACB too to be off the hook …. How on earth is he ever going to get any answers or results, oh what a hogwash! Complete dramaywaaj !


In fact corruption seemingly is becoming a worldwide malaise – just now heard Praful Patel talking to Rahul in India Today news that India will back the tainted Sepp Blatter at FIFA as nothing is proved against him! It’s a rarity that a Hansie Cronje gives his life for sporting corruption.


Arvind stands tall in his quest and may God grant him the valor and expertise to catch these kingpins of corruptions who are making a mockery of our Nation / Constitution / and the Judiciary which comes out in true justice in rarest of the rare cases only. There’s a method to Arvind’s actions, and his madness has a purpose. As always, it must end in a result, but there’s always ifs and the buts! We the enlightened people of Delhi / India can only pray for more and more selfless educated people throng to his party and get the country its status it truly richly deserve! Centre should back off after HC ruling: ‘Anarchist’ and ‘Immature’ Kejriwal must win this battle! But I am sure the Supreme Court will have heavier weighty people who know how to defend mass murder systems after all how can they give a cakewalk to Kejriwal, after all thick skinned Godzillaaz are gallivanting triumphantly ‘n arrogantly these days !


AAP and Arnab, 2 sides of same coin just that one is an arm chair twister others’ street fighters !

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Dear Raaghav, 

Please read this mail in one go open it only when you have some chilled out time to go thru it!


You’ll recall my cell call yesterday and here are some of the points I bore in my heart, especially with refs. to your appearances in Times Now !


Coming straight to the point I wish you articulate your debates in the following straight jacket wherein you snub and very confidently so, dare into, to put any BJP or Congress spokesperson : Excuse yourself 1st with Arnab and tell him that … with the least sense of immodesty you wish to submit that you feel very belittled when you confront either of these reps. of these parties. Its obvious their rancour against us clearly shows in all these spokespersons day in and day out and along with you together shout me down!


One holds only 3 MLA’s in the assembly and the other one stands fully decimated! In other words “though vanquished still arguing” ! Now, first ‘n foremost please request Nalin / Samvit / to bring down their decibels to 3db and its time Congress’ Tom whatever / Sanjeev Jha etc. should whisper in 0 db … it is only me who can legitimately shout out at 67 db & literally do so but I won’t, as my background is not such that I will shout even when it’s a known record of a rotten history! We have a glorious record of a win due to a Phoenix in the name of my leader Mr. Kejriwal rising from the dust so to say and he has been fighting tooth and nail for a corruption free system and that’s what I stand for, so if I face people with the most dubious of history and records I feel below my dignity to shout back or even reply to such goons! Our not coming to Times Now or Kejriwal ji’s not coming is mainly due to this factor! How can you shout down a person with a great record and not allow him to speak or shout him down and not allow the truth to prevail !


Remind Arnab, we like your ad tremendously in which you say : “We must shout out loud and clear on matters of corruption and make these leaders uncomfortable as they do not like when you shout out on matters relating to their inherent weaknesses” !


Tell Arnab do we have to accept that you are only a verbose of words as otherwise we have never seen you praising my leader tooth and nail like the way you do to your own aggrandizement, taking all praise unto you that you have brought about a revolution of sorts in this country … well you have like any other arm chair communist! My “nidar” leader is out their on the roads and streets of Delhi and India! Imagine if you start praising all of my leaders’ great / good qualities ’n work he is doing at break neck speed in Delhi – just think about the repercussions it would have on other states all over the country. We will have healthy competition and India can become a good looking place to live in, but you have never focused on not even one of his so many great works he is doing along with a host of his other lieutenants, yet no words of praise from you! Do introspect and delve deep within to see where you are going wrong! You can see what impact it is having on the great Modi Govt. They talk of a corruption free government yet they want to put the police out of the ambit of anti-corruption bureau / vigilance.


One year is too short a period of time … they will talk sweetly for 5 years and ask for another 5 years and it will only be the 2nd 5 year stint that all corruption will begin and they will make money like double that of Congress in the process 2nd set of ten years will be lost! You can jolly well see what a thug of a war / tug of war is going on between our leader / the Lt. Gov. / Centre ’n the President and you know what are the legal luminaries saying! Why can’t you do something really constructive by calling the PM to your studios and ask him what he is doing on granting of full statehood to Delhi which is at the root of huge corruption for donkey number of years! Why are all good people like you not talking on such an important subject are you all “mili bhagats of achche din for 10%”??     


Who has the heart to even talk to Congress! Huge no. of suicides went on in Congress time no one talked of it ! Suicides continued unabated in 100 days of Modi sirkaar / no reactions; only when it happens in a pro – farmer rally organized by my chief we have to cry to the media not to politicize it !! But why do you wish to side the party who have politicians whose son kills a Jessica ? They killed a Safdar Hashmi / they killed most heinously Naina Sahani famous as the Tandoori murder case ! They massacred Sikhs / the great BJP has its own dark record of mass murders, most heinous yet none of them are talked about Mr. Goswami & how do we even talk about or even tolerate one representative of the erstwhile Congress who kills D. K. Ravi a great civil servant with a chief minister running from pillar to post to hush up the case most unabashedly, why / why Mr. Goswami you turn a blind eye ??


Venkaiah Naidu has the cheeks to say Kejriwal is uncivilized ! How civilized is he to use such a word on the greatest political figure of our times ! Why / why on earth should an Arvind Kejriwal be under played !! Biggest Liars / Jumlaybaazez are being protected and projected and the low lying honest hard core hard working duty bound guy is being handed over Gazette circulations and ignored by the media and indulging in only Kejri bashing! How dare Venkaiah say the Delhi CM is trying to divert attention from his failure to deliver … which is the failure which he alone can selectively see which no one else can !! And Mr. Goswami you too support it ?? Why what’s going on ?? Can you not see the huge promises being converted into realities ! Just because you are not reporting it … does it seize to be a great news! You deliberately underplay our great strides in leaps and bounds, you cry foul every where against the AAP, just to give a bad name to the dog and hang it ! Don’t forget that a God is over seeing from above and a time will come when all accounts will be settled very appropriately, make no mistakes !


And ending this list of the contentious issues and now for the most contentious one  – how can you call the greatest fraud of a party on the television to attend a debate; I feel nauseated at their very mentioning. The Congress are the biggest thugs of India – they killed our National Hero and floated a cheats theory that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose died in an air crash ! They put a surveillance on the family members and suppressed truth for years – a political hara-kiri which they managed for years and no wonder it muddled the fibre of the whole political set up where everything is politics and everything is really very very dirty politics indeed!!


So all Venkaiah’s / Sidiramaiyah’s / chamchaaz of the the Gandhi’s / the Soniaz / andh bhakts of Modi’s – don’t eulogies persons who aren’t great after all – you can leave a real threat of a ‘D’ guy in hibernation for years in Pakistan and you can call Bhagat Singh / Rajguru / Sukhdev as terrorists !


Mr. Goswami after saying all this, if you still have any Patriotism left in you, you will openly defy your sponsors and espouse the cause of Arvind Kejriwal before it is too late … these Hindu fanatics are making a fool of you by calling you names like the “Baazaaroo” and “Presstitute” and they are deliberately undermining Kejriwal’s huge efforts at trying to get back this country fLifeStylerom its ruined past !!

P.S. This mail is here as we know Raghav Chadha is too full of a well educated well bred graceful guy and may not touch upon the rude realities hinted on in this write up !  Do inform by a return e-mail any time that you read this article Raghav and Arnab! Thanks n God bless!


Salman Khan and Portia, the Daniel comes to judgment on the final verdict of a humane judgement !

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Salman Khan and the Daniel comes to judgment and the final verdict! A pedestrians view SOS Harish Salve!

Me Lord the Government stands guilty at 35%, the Police at 25%, Lack of ideas in Mumbai Muni. Corpn. 15%, Pavement squatters themselves to be blamed at 15% and Sallu bhai at a sad 10% ! My Lord, I shall substantiate my points now to demolish bit by bit the fashionable wannabes’ stand, who just wish to do some lip service in their shallow siding of the poor and downtrodden!  

This is just a point of view and why should anyone be closed not to mull over other points of opinion, regardless of where the final decision goes, as that is about fate and not in our hands! Like in a management class, we learn, there are more than a few ways to tackle one single situation; the final plunge can always be taken after mulling over all of them, then take a decision on the best balanced one, but do give Salman a chance!

So what are the options over here with Salman Khan? Lets give an ace journalist the first say. Is it not an artificial rant of an Oxford returned journalist, well you got to decide and I’d quote Sagarika Ghose – “ When a rich drunk person, without license drives a SUV over poor people, kills one, hurts 3, he won’t be punished – if he’s a celebrity. Farcical!” Well she junks Salman’s claim to freedom.

Who will tell her, to forgive is Divine, and to err is Human and yes, it is was an accident! The Oxford dictionary defines ‘accident’ an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly & unintentionally, typically resulting in damage, death or injury!

This is extremely sad that people wish to take pot shots at rich and the famous, to find out how popular their tweets become and do some arm chair socialism talk. Where were they before the accident – do they ever raise the topic of slum dwellers, their abject miserable lives and how they could help these less fortunate ones; years after years pass and all these 13 years after the accident have also passed, have you ever spoken of the homeless, try and get them some night shelter to hide their ignoble heads in?

Goddamnit, for God’s sake, it’s a Road a pavement, not a house or a night shelter! A road, supposed to have trucks, buses, cars and all sorts of vehicles at different speeds, where no one rules out the possibility of a road accident, which occurs by the dime and dozen in our huge big country, all due to an error of human judgment! Its common sense that you skirt / invite trouble if you are to sleep by the roadside, its for one’s asking; come on, don’t you find it suicidal to sleep in a pavement of a busy Mumbai road! And don’t you realize that this is very much a State fault, it’s a multi – fault line! Roti, Kapdaa aur Makaan are a destitutes’ right, which have not been provided to the under privileged after 67 years of independence! 

Secondly, tell me why the night patrol Police cannot be taken to task for not ensuring the pavements / roads are clear and not used as an open night shelter and shoe them off from such vulnerable spots, so that these squatters may not expose themselves to such a dangerous situation! Is it not something like asking for trouble … sleeping in pavements, so close to the road would you allow it too anyone known to you poor or rich! So why can’t we support the very correct point of view of Abhijeet Bhattacharya barring the harsh words which too are part of the bitter truth !

Ms Ghose, why have you not addressed the bigger problems all these years that you are now singing and tweeting a ‘be-sura’ tweet; is it coz’ its fashionable or are you truly following social developments very seriously and your heart bleeds for the downtrodden! I ask why, why these careless rants, its just not necessary! Please read your pre-scripted news on television, which you are good at, don’t pass uncalled for, unsubstantiated, immature judgments!

And my last point, thirdly – why the local municipal corporation have not a.) provided night shelters b.) Why are parks not used to sleep out at night c.) Why stadia’s can’t be opened up to house the hapless at night d.) In rainy seasons why buses can’t be used to give overnight shelters to the homeless!

My simple point is why these relevant questions cannot be asked to the politicians, instead of pushing Salman to the dungeons! 

In fact this case should be used to have a catalytic effect on some of the growth issues of the state, which has obviously not taken place in ages … and this accident could be a turning point in the fate of these slum dwellers; while it should be made into a big issue for giving homes to the homeless and simultaneously have a zero tolerance to any new squatters who should not be allowed to invade Mumbai roads where accidentally a poor xyz celebrity and the hapless victims get into another sad fateful incident!

Now, coming to the question as to, why we are talking about soft peddling Salman’s case? Khuda Qasam, Salman ek nek dil insaan with a Golden heart, how can you take that away from him and how can you do him in for 5 years, impossible! No one wants even a 5 months or 5 weeks term for him, for that matter! In case you have to satiate your judgmental egos and come out with the great theory of – “ Drunken driving is a serious offence, like a person going on a killing spree, he should not be allowed to go scot free. ” Well then give him an exemplary punishment for 5 days and then release him! But, why this special treatment for him, you’ll ask? So here you are … TOI brought out recently, top 10 Humanitarian contributions and I quote:

Salman Khan is amongst the most charitable stars in Bollywood, he is famous for his large heartedness, spurt of on the moment reactions. Here are the points:

  1. Santa Salman : For Salman Khan everyday seems to be Christmas, as he plays the role of year-round Santa Claus to perfection. There is a famous story of a child, who refused to eat until Salman Khan came in person to meet him. The worried parents ran helter-skelter until Sallu heard of it; true to his trademark style, he stopped shooting and made a dash to meet the kid and grant him his wish. No mean achievement!
  1. Help to destitute prisoners :  Salman Khan learned that many prisoners were unable to secure their release from prison. The reason being, they simply did not have money to pay for the legal fine slapped on them. In order to reunite 400 jailed convicts with their families, Salman Khan paid nearly 40 Lakhs through his NGO Being Human.

3. Homeless Kids :

Salman Khan always has had soft corner for homeless kids. Perhaps part of the reason is his own fractured childhood. Being Human is majorly involved in the upliftment for the poor and homeless kids.

4. Charity for Needy

Salman Khan’s generosity for those hit by natural disaster or in dire need of money is not so well known. His charity organization, Being Human, donated Rs.50 Lacs to flood victims in Jammu and Kashmir, besides victims of Bihar floods. He also donated 200 lenses for visually challenged in Sri Lanka. He instantly donated Rs.45 lakh to an old age home.

  1. Cancer Patients

Salman Khan has always been leading and advocating the rights of cancer patients & need to provide them with timely and affordable treatment. He has helped patients with dire needs.

  1. Child – Labour Free India

Salman Khan used his star-appeal and the support of his legions of fans nation-wide, to help eradicate India of child labour. Bachpan Bachao Andolan was a thought headed by them, but Salman Khan’s association, lent weight, gravity and width to the campaign.

  1. Bone Marrow Donation

A little girl Pooja suffering from a life threatening disease was in need of Bone marrow donor. On learning of her requirement, Salman Khan asked his entire football team to go and donate, but when they backed out, the superstar himself landed up at the hospital with his brother Arbaaz Khan and donated his bone marrow.

  1. Clothes, Merchandise, Lifestyle, and Café

Being Human’s business model – for lack of a better word – is based on generating money to finance its charitable activities. It also plans to have larger lifestyle stores and also enter into the cafe’ business. As Salman Khan has often said, he wants Being Human to be his legacy, to be much bigger than him and eventually outlast him. 

  1. Never Signed a Cheque

This story comes from the superstar’s sister, Alvira Khan. She has stated that Salman Khan had never signed a check until 6 months back. He hates money matters, has no idea of all his assets, including a three bungalows farmhouse in Panvel, several properties in and around Mumbai. He enjoys the freedom to concentrate on work, never to be bothered about bank accounts, investments and properties which his father handles.

  1. Mr. 10%

Salman Khan is not in the business of making a 10% cut in the under table deals. Instead, he keeps just 10% of his earnings for himself and donates the rest to charity. Not surprisingly, his lawyers pleaded before the court that Salman Khan had donated a massive amount of 42 crores in just 3 years.

Salman Khan thus is a giver. God has given him the contraptions to be a HERO, so what can he do, but be one!! He is not a selfish person. He has shown bigger than life large heartedness and what he can do, an ordinary person like you and me cannot! If I was in his place you could have thrown me into jail for a few years I wouldn’t care … In fact I wish I could offer myself if that would condone Salman’s! 

And now for a bombshell! There is a niche audience who have the information of a corporate’s son in his new Austin Martin (priced at a whopping 1.5 crores) very recently spotted, driven at a break neck speed only to crash near a bridge, killing 2 persons outright on this Mumbai road! A newspaper reporting was taken off at the nick of the moment, not a single channel ran the news (as all them are controlled by the megalo businessman ‘n owner of RIL).

Now, this corporate businessman has the well known reputation of taking out one rupee from every Indian’s pocket everyday, thus translating to 1 billion rupees everyday; and then he commits a crime in getting his son’s criminal sins gagged! HE KILLS, GAGS AND GOES SCOT FREE, MS. SAGORIKA GHOSE WHY SHOULD SALMAN THE MAD HATTER, ALWAYS ACT GOD, DONATE AND GIVE AWAY SO MUCH AND BEAR A PAIN FOR 13 YEARS’ TORTURE, THEN WHY CAN’T HE BE PARDONED!!


His good deeds far outweigh his short comings, so there has to be mercy and there are no two ways about it! He has kept millions entertained, brought smiles to the faces of so many hapless, how can we forget him as a great gift from God to all mankind? Answer these few questions and you shall get your replies! May God bless this man! For me he is just poor fellow, victim of circumstance! 

What is done cannot be undone, so the punitive action that is to be meted out to a man of as great a following, talent, and capacity, obviously God’s chosen child, cannot just be the guillotine / lynch / or a jail. As an exemplary judgment he should be made to take complete responsibility of the victim’s family, give them a good life as a compensation for the rest of their living. As a matter of fact a new law could be enacted for the dream world merchants and the likes of Salman for such an unintentional crime, who are very capable of earning handsomely! They should be made to earn and voluntarily donate 10% of their earnings, which should get deposited to the court every month for disbursing to those hapless victims’ families!!

We got to stop cribbing about rich and famous rant, Salman is not just another spoilt brat of a rich man hurtling down Mumbai roads; acknowledge the celluloid Hero is a real life Hero too – as Salman Khan is, a true larger than life Human being worshipped by the poor and loved by his artistic fraternity – men or women, some of them rich, bold and beautiful! Its not just about another hit and run case!



Only if, Arnab takes a position in the media, then Arvind becomes a natural ally a mutual catalyst!

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Only if, Arnab takes a position in the media, then Arvind becomes a natural ally, a mutual catalyst to herald the healthy change India truly deserves! 

On Media Houses and the CM’s admonition for Public trial ! Are salaries to staff, money through Ads., profiteering in lakhs the whole sole aim of Media houses that it has to turn a blind eye to ethics, character, integrity, in order to just do wrong representation, questionable reporting and showing somebody in bad light when they are brilliant minds. Is it not the duty of the 4th pillar to uphold – a great mindset trying to do great jobs, a mindset born out of huge anger against nepotism, corruption, injustice which make your blood boil. An anger, which could kill an ordinary person from cerebral thrombosis, an anger which can make you not just potently paralyzed but where even a quintessential mosquito could turn him to an eunuch!

Can you just play around with the qualities of an upbeat leader of an individual, having natural statesmanship qualities, ultimate courage, with hitherto unseen, unmatched in zeal and dedication of putting country before self, with only one conviction in mind, and that of ridding the country of corruption, to put it right back on track, to the place it rightfully belongs “Bharot aabaar jawgot shawbhaaye sreshtho aashono lawbay” as eloquently put by the great Bengali poet D. L. Roy a century back – meaning India will once again take centre stage amongst the comity of nations where it actually belongs; not where it is today with a record so vicious and sick?


Why pay lip service Mr. Arnab Goswami, day in and day out? Why shout your lungs out?? You were right when you said shouting was necessary to report the corruption that was going on in the country; we agreed to it, loved you for it … but, make no mistakes that the same audience is now watching you / in fact the whole nation is actually watching you and it also understands you, the likes of you, who shout and shout …. JUST TO DROWN OUT THE TRUTH ! We can see through you, whom you are trying to support or there is a motivation / a vested interest !

The AAP is a great idea, come on accept it! History will curse you if you don’t rise to the occasion of helping this movement! It is a great idea as one always thought, if Arnab takes a position in the media in an extremely responsible way that he does sometimes, then Arvind becomes the natural ally and a mutual catalyst which could herald the actual change India truly deserves! Implement the necessary changes in order to get the benefit of that change – support the party at all stages in order to cleanse the age old dirt and lift the country out of such quagmire, which day in and day out Arnab always shows anyway! So why can’t Arnab and Arvind work hand in hand to bring about this great change?

Yes we all know you were the first to expose the scams on the TV don’t become so egotistical of a megalomaniac yourself repeating that in every 2nd debate of the Newshour. When will you start saying that it was Arvind Kejriwal who walked the streets of Delhi / India to inspire hundreds of youth till now who did not have the courage to come out openly against monolithic bodies. Even you didn’t like Delhi and left it for reasons which everyone knows! You felt you will not have that freedom to do what you are seeking to do … your journalism would be flawed if you do not see the rot till its cure, you are just half way there. So let Kejriwal take up where you leave in the studio and do some real good for India, or else you are exposing your swishy washy self, standing on flimsy ground and making your journalism yellow and look hollow, smacking lack of true courage, integrity and backbone!


Haven’t you Mr. Goswami exposed all the scams; haven’t you exposed the nefarious and sick outpourings of almost archaic Hindu fringe elements now. Have you not been a victim of being called names as that of a Presstitutes / Baazaaru by the opportunistic General turned politician and our beloved Prime Minister?? So why can’t you differentiate or what stops you from seeing good politics and dirty politics? Yes, surely Arvind was doing Politics by calling a Kisan rally but why can’t you say that one must raise that voice for the uneducated farmers that AAP was fighting for a just cause and here you are trying to milk an answer from Ashish Khaitaan whose reply was an eloquent silence, a great form of reply in your high decibel show I thought … he crapped your shouting on that nights debate ! For God’s sake Arnab once a while say I am sorry … you are such a megalomaniac you never wish to say sorry – which Kejriwal has time and again asked for forgiveness! What’s so wrong in asking for forgiveness .. to err is human after all, and to forgive is divine too which is too much for a certain Ajay Maken to think about, as he doesn’t wish to be divine at all ! But why take the audience for being such a fool, you think they don’t understand who is playing to the gallery / speaking the truth ! Haven’t you understood how the people gauged the megalomaniac Modi who ordered the whole cabinet to come out and give speeches against one man who went to become the CM of Delhi! HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THROUGH IT ALL ARNAB! COME ON YOU DON’T EXPECT US TO BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD THAT BJP & CONGRESS ARE HAND IN GLOVE, CONNIVING TO ORCHESTRATE A DELIBERATE SHOWDOWN OF THE GREAT WORK OF THE AAP WHICH THEY ARE DOING ON A REGULAR BASIS ! IF YOU CAN’T SEE THEN COME DOWN TO DELHI, TO PLEASE BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT AS WE STRONGLY BELIEVE IN YOU AS MUCH AS WE DO IN THE GREAT DELHI CHIEF MINISTER ARVIND KEJRIWAL ! Let your journalism be taken a step forward to the next level. Give your ideas to AAP what they should do and what Kejriwal not do and take forward this great movement which vested interests are trying their best to pull it down !


In fact I have said it earlier too Arvind and his men have lead from the front; they are on the streets of Delhi / right in the heat of things not sitting in a plush studio like you ! Why do you deliberately pick inane insignificant topics of Kejriwal which Jet he travels, which special class he flies; why take such inane jibes at as noble a person as Kejriwal? You know your country is more rotten than the state of Venice! Why can’t you ever praise him for not having the Racists attitude of “laal batti” culture on his car and that he is the only leader who vociferously refuses to take the official car in fact he is your Hero who practices genuinely what you preach Mr. Goswami one who doesn’t follow the racist VVIP cultures ! Come on Arnab can you have a special program on Arvind Kejriwal the idealist that he is / the courageous great that he is (he is not firing from inside his studios, which you all are) ! How much can a man in power, take insults lying down for heralding great changes!! You are exemplary in your line, but mind you not every day … in fact I see a megalomaniac in you too not a partial one as you called Arvind today … you cold be dubbed a complete megalomaniac as you are shouting down each and everyone … why no one is ever correct and you are the most perfect ! We all love you for your great sensibilities but what happens when a great AK comes and you let loose a gamut of inconsistent and extreme hard comments on him which he doesn’t deserve at all ! What is the point after all of all your fighting on the “ Newshour ” if you will keep on fighting and there will be no corrections in the corridors of Politics and Indian Parliament ! You know they all are thick skinned sinister rogues, who will forever wish to hide behind the legal systems which they have themselves very systematically corrupted too, and if one has to take legal recourse this country will be down for another half a century or more.


Why can’t you see the miracle of Arvind Kejriwal who has the balls to take on the astronomically super rich ones who wouldn’t care less for the poor and the downtrodden and beware the curse of the poor! You have listed so many negatives of both the big parties which needs attention, but have you succeeded in any? Say in the subject of getting back, black Swiss money? Tell me what are we doing about Land mafia’s? Have we all forgotten the greatly evil Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah, the rotten, hypocrite devil incarnate, so legally, politically, ruthlessly, dirty conniving evil genius, muting truth to kill a dauntless, honest bureaucrat D. K. Ravi, then pay some lip service and then wait for everything to fall back in place! Its just a matter of weeks after all we know about how weak Indian minds are which forget everything so very fast !

Whom are we fooling, that’s the question! Why can’t we ever think on for longer terms for the benefit of the Nation, wait first for the country to develop some honest character / wait for some really true development / let it stand on its feet / let it hold its head high not bow down in shame or are we shameless enough to acknowledge that we are a shameless rogues lot, we side the criminal 10 % and we don’t care if the country goes to the dogs and have no positive honest growth or not !


Go to any state of the country to see the dismal state of affairs – roads all dug up, buildings dilapidated, people emaciated pale, clothes all tattered, everything everywhere shabby. Yet, make no mistakes, we have, handsome number of millionaires; politicians, civil service persons, baabus etc., who have created enormous wealth, befitting or even putting to shame big time Maharajah’s of yesteryears, for whom doubtlessly, its great to keep farmers uneducated in order to exploit and cheat, or have non – educated workers at home, to do the menial’s job, get regular massages from them, in short get all fringe benefits – who cares for the country anyways !


Sorry to say we have had a completely mismanaged country and it still continues shamelessly and make believe governance which is totally mis – governance in reality ! While Media now needs to introspect or else it is hijacking / robbing the country of a possibility of a great turnaround with a great leader at the helm who has come through the coaching of the revenue services of the land backed with an IIT degree and a Magsaysay award.


Time is ripe to show the door to the Congress who are decimated in Delhi completely and that history will reverberate all over India and why not ? It’s a murderers party, it killed Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose / its MLA’s son Manu Sharma killed Jessica Laal / its old time crook HKL Bhagat was behind the successful elimination of a great street playwright, my friend and fellow class mate Safdar Hashmi. Who could forget the sad Naina Sahni famous tandoori murder case. So many farmers dying for so many years, there is no voicing their woes only when a farmer accidentally dies in a AAP organized rally the 0 % strength party has the loudest voice in the TV shows and quite happily Arnab anchors it without a word against such rogues! The party has a dubious distinction of not celebrating any one beyond Nehru or the Gandhi’s not even a Shastriji or a really great Narsimha Rao a master linguist a great leader with such acumen and erudition ! And what could be worse a bunch of chamchaaz ’n sycophants whether Digvijay, Mani Shanker name any member the whole party is willing to do ‘ji – huzooree’ to a foreigner who has completely ruined the country in the past few years / decades right to the really sad Shiela Dixit and the great Suresh Kalmadi! In fact in hindsight the rot had set in since Nehru did his dirty politics right at the very beginning with the first big lie of Netaji being killed in an air – crash and then the illegal surveillance of the national hero’s family ! This party is best forgotten as, being vindictive will only be dirtying our hands and minds with the dirtiest of thoughts and dirty infected diseased blood!


Getting back to Public trial of media houses and the Newshour of 4th May ’15. What on earth makes you think Arnab, that Arvind’s career is fledgling? Just because Kejriwal has just walked away with 67 seats you guys have lost it completely! Having no work in Delhi assembly and Congress completely wiped out, decimated and as they can’t throw any more mikes and chairs at each other in the Vidhaan Sabha assembly, these guys are shouting and fighting in Arnab’s studios like nobody’s business – least of all Arnabs’! Look at the pretty face of Nupur Sharma, it looks so horrid when she gets excited and shouting on top of her voice and others, seems she is really stung by the loss at elections. She is worse than an already hopeless Shazia Ilmi! Then that Congress stooge I have named him Tom Tom Tommy after my faithful animal that licked a lot! He claims to have been a journalist earlier … the shameless Congress man and the BJP spokesperson were clearly complimenting each other and taking turns in shouting down a young astute fresh face in Indian politics Raghav Chadda a breath of fresh air! Instead of doing a complete introspection and a deep study of their faces you’ll see the utter futility of their lives. And it is here that may I ask who gives them the right to shout so much … BJP could be allowed a 3db voice in Arnab’s studio and Tom Tom Tommy should never exceed a simple 0db … he should shut up in all respects as the party he represents should not be allowed in debates on subjects of Delhi! They gagged so many things when they were in power so now they are facing a 0 decimation in Delhi Assembly why do you call them on the Newshour debate pertaining to Delhi clearly they are out casts unless Times Now is deliberately doing it to put AAP in a bad light.

Yes Arnab, the guillotine approach does not go anywhere similarly your insensitive approach too takes you nowhere! While Saba Naqwi is always fairly balanced, Hartosh Baal was no good; I much liked Vinod Mehta instead, he was quite a contrast to Arnab a definite gentleman! Concluding this long article on this very important issue, come let us be positive and at least make an attempt to really do some good to our poor Nation, after-all, all this shouting and fighting is only to say we love this nation so so much! Come on try and understand Arnab – it has been a very long arduous journey from Bahadur Shah Zafar’s “Lagta nahin hai jee meraa ujday dayaar mein” (my heart doesn’t come to terms amongst these utter ruins) the ruins thrown on us by the Congress, I am sure you understand it deep down! I am also sure you do understand the fever of Arvind Kejriwal – referred to as in Ram Prasad Bismil’s “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab humaaray dil mein hai” (my heart now wears the fearlessness hitherto only seen in Martyrs!) … Come let us help Arvind Kejriwal lest you not stop short of a real bloody revolution, which obviously simmers!





Intellectual Netas – Netaji Bose was denied a term – surely thumbs up to Arvind !

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Just recently I was congratulating one my favourite journalist friend who was sharing her article with me! I praised her for a good article but having said that I also told her in no unequivocal terms that there was a certain unintelligent strand of opinion brought in and thrust upon, as faculties of common sensical logic apparently was not being used, only great words and names were used instead as if you are going into some deep thinking process, making your article look intellectual with Marx / Lenin … and good many names thrown in to make it look such ! Perhaps Yogendra Yadav knows that using the expression “Stalinist purge” would be sufficient for the aam aadmi intellect to absorb so he didn’t get into more names ! I told her you have freely got into a very good display of great names, a style which sprays intellectual fragrance but again devoid of common sense …. excuse me saying ‘devoid’ of the usual sense unadulterated with unnecessary colour of ones educated mind ! I went on to tell her, essayist William Hazlitt had pointed out “On the Ignorance of the Learned” likewise; you are only exhibiting your learned self – missing out the essence, crux or representing it completely out of place – to say the least. I said, I love Hazlitt who said it so well … A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles …. I am sorry Arvind Kejriwal is not just that stuff and to say – Delhi elections was some kind of a presidential-style election, built on a personality cult – would be a gross injustice done to the persona of our new CM of Delhi. I repeat – a gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles – this best describes a personality cult best suited by a campaign maybe of a Priyanka Gandhi, but not a Kejriwal no certainly not. Do you think Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is in any way less intellectual than these two impractical and useless non-politicians called Yogendra and Prashant two put together! Sorry I know I can also succumb to Yadavs’ fine analytical mind but not after what they did just recently – both these bright minds the other one being the utterly and only judgmental dissector fell a victim of their own very poor intellectual prowess and political experience or lack of perceiving capacity of the real issue at hand and the acumen needed to analyze it; in fact they miserably failed in it ! The sheer Kejri Phenomena defies definition against a background of dogged determination trying to come out of a situation which can only be compared to that of having fallen into a deep well. A pathetic situation of having to digest humiliation by the minute in deafening loud mouthing of a word “bhagoda” of someone trying to find his way out of corruption for India, being looted ever since Moghuls / British / Congress rules / BJP runs, everyone’s looted ! That person who is as brave as you could only read in stories … I have my class mate murdered by Congress goons Safdar Hashmi … it does not take much time as I know in present times for a D K Ravi to become past tense !

In hindsight, how can you even compare Manmohan Singh’s intellect, I don’t have a better bitter word to describe my feeling as I can through a Bengali / Hindi word ” Dhikkaar ” with such erudition / education which makes a mute spectator a yes man plunderer with a 20 years’ political career or more ! Here is a CM … one of the finest brains in the World I’d say … when economists after economists like Manmohan Singh / Amarthya Sen (my daughter took classes from both in Venkateshwara College & LSE ) have failed India, no one had the courage to write / speak out ruthlessly / brutally honestly, which a phenomena like Arvind could project – that its “Corruption” at the root of it all … But maybe who knows you’ll not be chosen a PM by one certain Sonia of the great Congress … or maybe you may not get nominated for a Nobel Prize who knows, so stay safe – this conflict of interest angle cannot just ever be seen by anybody and everybody including famed journalists and they need to turn a blind eye – can’t you read and see the intellectual works of a certain Arvind Kejriwal in his book “Swaraaj” which whizzed past 10k selling mark confirmed by publisher of the book ! What could be more gross injustice as she said – ‘perhaps Yadav ‘n Bhushan’s mistake was to believe their formidable cerebral attainments would give them a natural pre-dominance in a system which shuns thinkers’ – does that mean Arvind has no relationship with deep profound thinking?? I dare say Indian’s will be lucky if they can let Arvind Kejriwal consolidate his electoral gains derived from a hard – very very hard battle – he has a vision far truthful and far reaching in its effect than a Nehru / Indira / Congress / Modi BJP put together. The results of whose rules have failed to alleviate the miseries of the downtrodden of India for decades after decades – an India which has become shameless – Rapes, Murders, Political Dishonesty, Corruption, Apathy, Injustice nothing matters and here is a guy 5 feet something, infinite size chest harbouring a heart forcing protest to sleep in 4 degrees in deep winter for a certain hitherto unknown Jyoti Singh, now an international story India’s Daughter ! It’s a sham ‘n shame Indians like us all have a sick amnesiac mind which forgets greats and deeds of the greats. Good educated people perhaps unknowingly doing untrue journalism and disservice to the nation for self gains – again I say conflict of interest …. !

No its not just about gravitating towards mass connects and whether one likes it or not – the winner has to take it all – like as in Jo Jeeeta Wohi Sikander – I dare say all that would be very very shallow to say and hollow in assessment, of a great individual who has a name that defies the definition of a phenomena – a some one named Arvind Kejriwal who won first recognition outside his country with a Magasaysay award – all due to his intellectual prowess, then his sheer “Courage” which you and I do not possess to take on the astronomically moneyed and the mighty challenging the Ambani’s / Gadkari’s / Khursheed’s / Sibal / name it and he’ll tell you the depth’s of Swiss accounts which even a Modi rant-ed about, to reach the Big chair but proving completely ineffective till date, in fact what will the poor guy do he may be having some ideals but the huge criminal followers in Parliament and his men wants the moolah and he has no control, so he is on international trips. Come on I told my friend I expect some truth from you, and made clear that it was enough of her reflective, bookish, from the box writings, we expect a much better and a really great in depth thought from her; we want something new, passionate – I told her maybe give us some Arnab-ee stuff in print …. not that he is fully truthful either, he is generally great except when it comes to Kejriwal … all of our journo friends talk of lesser mortals like a Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan who have proved to be anti-national as I feel anyone who opposes Arvind is anti-national and they are not all that intellectual either … they are as lazy as a Manmohan or those politicians who don’t win an election, or as avaricious as any other political player wanting every thing without blood sweat toil and tears … one thing is certain I drove home my point, all journalists definitely gravitate to one side when it comes to the true singing the “Gunn gaan ” of Sri Sri Arvind Kejriwal – Definitely Intellectuals can be a Neta and a true Neta …. Netaji Bose never got a chance in fact he was robbed of his term as Nehru of the era was never inclined nor interested in any truth to prevail …. Maybe by a miracle … if Kejriwal gets some terms and he delivers then at last truth shall prevail and Indians will be happy with “Satyameva Jayate” at long last – come let us cross our fingers for Arvind ! Jai Hind !!