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BOOK REVIEW: Mad Money Journey

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Title Of Book:       “Mad Money Journey”

Author:                    Mehrab Irani

Publisher:                Jaico Books

Genre:                      Fiction

I find this captivating book Mad Money Journey by Autor: Mehrab Irani so interesting because it teaches it’s readers in such a easy & unique manner to attain financial freedom or financial nirvana by following some basic commandments.

The protagonist is John Pinto who is an Orthopedic Surgeon based in Mumbai. As the story unfolds John tries to commit suicide due to huge financial debt but to his rescue comes the Vijai Desai, who was none other than his childhood friend since school days.

Vijay Desai, who owns a big business empire & a billionaire with a vision, in order to help his friend overcome his situation, sends him on a journey to discover the secrets of financial wisdom gained from vast experiences of life for creating a truly successful life of abundance.

The most extraordinary lines from the book according to me, which are so impactful and so correct in every sense: “ The only thing available in abundance in this world is money.”

Each story in this book enlightens you towards your path for financial freedom & well being, awesome work by learned author, very well written, a must read for all, highly recommended.