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Smriti Irani- the master blaster

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Smriti Irani – the master blaster

Though this phrase was used for Sachin, Smriti Irani is the latest recipient of this title. The manner in which she took over the Parliament by her fiery speech , it was a matter of concern for those people who thought that the educated should be the only entrants into parliament. I agree , but educated doesn’t mean enlightened. So it is better to have an enlightened lady than an educated one who doesn’t speak out in Parliament. The depth of the research , the confidence and the expression was to be seen to be believed. That day she won a lot of admirers. She was already admired by many for having bravely faced the might of Rahul Gandhi for which she has been rewarded too. But on that fateful day, she was a on a rampage . The opposition was a lame duck, running helter skelter. 

Coming to the latest, the Bihar Minsiter’s address to Smriti Irani on the incessant delay of the New Education Policy was tangentially taken somewhere . The delay in education policy was a genuine question. But the astute politician in Smriti Irani took over . Instead of replying to the question she took out the word DEAR and blasted the minister with a lecture of addressing ladies and so on and side stepped the issue of delay. And the whole nation took to this debate for and against with one side talking talking of respect to women and the other spoke of grammar and letter writing correctness and the delay issue was forgotten. This is the mark of an astute leader. Not just did she sidestep the issue but she raised another issue to subvert the attention. Poor Bihar Minister.