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I am the human fetus and I do not belong to any religion

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I am human a fetus and I confess that, I do not bear any religion. My parents give me a name and I grow up to a Baby to a Child to a Adolescent to a Youth to a Adult to Old. In the process, I am stimulated to a particular religion.

I am created with the same blood, flesh and all components of a human being. So, why I am forced to be confined to one religion only? Is it because, I have chosen the womb of a particular religion??  Or is it because, I cannot express my opinion??? Or is it that I have not taken birth as Jesus, Muhammad, Adi Shankara, Guru Nanak, Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Zoroaster or founder of hundreds of new religions????

Everyone agrees that religion is a way of living life. Then why so much bitterness among religions, temptations by political leaders and religious leaders to pronounce some religion as bad or inferior than other religion. Does the creator of life in this earth have induced any rule to live?  If yes, why not follow the creator’s rules; If not, then who are we create rules for others to follow? Everyone forgets the basics of religion and interprets same religion in various ways.

I am so much agonized that every day, so many killing of human life occurring across globe due to religion/color of the skin only. Is this the creator of life, ​ever thought about ?​  Are we challenging his creation??​  If yes, then are we forcing the creator to end live in the earth via natural calamities???​

So, can I request you all that let me to choose the religion, like I choose my career, life partner, other choices in my lifetime. It is my Life and I have all right to decide for myself.​


p.s. If one wishes to consider the category of “human” a moral category, then one is left with no way of showing that the fetus is full human without question.