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Learning to Forgive….Easier Said Than Done!

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Learning how to forgive can be tricky business. Because we are all fallen by nature, we are prone to hurt others and they are prone to hurt us, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. Therefore, learning how to heal from relationship wounds is imperative because they are going to happen. If we don’t address them, hurt turns to anger, anger turns to resentment, and resentment turns to broken relationships. One of the first steps to facilitating forgiveness is understanding your partner’s background. What are all the things in their upbringing that may have influenced their current hurtful behavior? Next, what about your upbringing may be influencing how you’re responding to their hurtful behavior? Third, what about their current situation may have contributed to their hurtful behavior? And fourth, what were you saying or doing that may have contributed to their hurtful behavior back to you? The more you reflect upon these questions, the more your empathy will grow for their behavior, which will pave the way for forgiveness to follow. Click the link for the full article.