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“Who Hacked my brain” in Hindi has been authored by Kumar Gaurav

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Another self-help book, In the world of writing but a science fiction & suspense love story is emerging thru. The book named “Who Hacked my brain” in Hindi has been authored by Kumar Gaurav. This book claims that readers will experience a journey from farther planet to the earth and experience various scientific discoveries. In the process of this journey of reading the impulse of getting successful by doing something impersonal for society will be transmuted by the reading itself. This book claims that the mental laziness must be vanished after reading this book.“Who Hacked my brain” in Hindi has been authored by Kumar Gaurav

Since this is a love story the interest will bind the readers to read it till the last chapter and once the book is closed after complete reading, the person will not remain the same. This book claims to teach many tools in relation with personal fulfillment, behavioral etiquettes, about goal setting, mind science, and brain power. As mentioned in above line this is the package bound in one science fiction love story. And the topping of its’ suspense keeps the reader thrilled throughout its read. Which is definitely something amazing experience. As of now, only Hindi readers can take benefit for this. Not only this, book claims about the major problem with the world are suffering from procrastination will also be resolved merely by reading this book. This book transmutes the urge of getting things done in now with a balanced analysis of priority of the activities listed in to do. This book claims to hold the power to create great scorers, employees, employers, business persons, successful sales persons or a fortune creator. This claim is something incredible and same time unbelievable.

The author of this book is settled in Pune, India and is an IT professional. This creation has involved a lot of personal research, past studies, experience and experiment in the field of mind science and brain power. His inclination towards mind science made him write this book as a story. In many of his personal interviews, he said, “to ready many, had to write one” J

The most important factor of this book is about its’ main character, Raj. This book is a journey of a common man Raj, who is an IT sales person. He is quite busy in his 9 to 5 job. Despite this, his dream to be successful keeps him busy at night doing some scientific inventions. His continuous effort and learning in the course of battling with failure, allowed his to emerge as a billionaire finally. What actually he learned in the process and demonstrated in front of the world, book talked about it. This is thought provoking that even though his all idea were stolen, he managed to become billionaire and the same time a scientist. To know all the secret behind “how”, it generates interest to read this small novella.

The declarations made are so powerful and fascinating but how much truth is there in this we shall come to know only after reading this. Will this open the secret to success in the reality or not readers of this book will certainly comment?


With much love.




A Blue Rose Publication KAASH penned by Ashish Shukla

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There comes point in your life when you need to stop reading people’s books and write your own.

So with the above thought I had started to plot something on canvas, which resulted in a book after hard fought two years.

As I am from typical Hindu Brahmin Family, where writing is considered as hobby not skill or profession, so I already knew the journey of writing the book will not going to be easy at all, but I also knew that an engineer can do anything if they take some determination, and this novel is perfect example of that.

Thanks a lot to the electrical impulses of my brain which allowed me to think, imagine and re-collect the old memories, so that I moved ahead on the track of writing the novel.

The novel KAASH…belong to all of them who chase and fight with their dreams, because dreams do come true.

To live up and to fulfil our dreams we need three utmost things in life. First our own efforts, second our family support and at the important is destiny.

We can manage our efforts and family support but the route of destiny is not in our hand.

People often believe that fate is pre-destined and nothing can be changed, but is this really true? May be not.

The novel KAASH… is about a guy who is battling his own destiny to accomplish his dreams and to turn around the fortune

Whenever he wanted to live his dreams, his fate duped him, but he had a never say die attitude, so he continued his combat against his destiny alone.

A time came when it seemed he would probably win the battle as everything was falling in place for him, but his destiny had some other plans.

Once again his fate has betrayed him, once again he gets injured by the destiny but the injury is more brutal this time, he is shattered and looking down & out

Will he put down his sword in the battle field and except the defeat or will he rises up once again?

Will anyone be there to accompany him?

Will he be able to conquer his own destiny?

Will he be able to change path of the destiny?

I know the moment you open and sink into KAASH…, you will escape from the world, into a story that’s way more interesting than yours will ever be, because some book you read, some book you enjoy but some book will thrill up your heart and soul and KAASH…is definitely one of them.




Shadows at Dusk novel which exposes and bemoans horrendous acts being perpetrated on girls and women

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“Something sinister is afoot in Rajasthan. An organized sex syndicate uses cattle hormone to ‘develop’ kidnapped young girls into women and forcing them into flesh trade.”

Such headlines would make any reader shudder. So would Shadows At Dusk, as this novel exposes and bemoans horrendous acts being perpetrated on girls and women. The story unfolds the life of a middle-aged woman, masseur by profession, who relives her anguished trajectory rendering an insightful narrative that showcases not only the pain of an archetypal Indian woman, but also throws spotlight on the plight of well-heeled urban women through her close interaction with them. It becomes poignantly ironic when she deciphers such uncomfortable similarities in the lives of these women despite their privileged social and economic backgrounds.

Neelmani Bhatia has penned this book for every woman who has suffered since Eve walked the planet earth, for her ability to break the conventional shackles, and hail the woman power – the power to make sacrifices, the power to abrogate her own identity, the power to make men feel powerful so that they could achieve greater heights. That is, the power of silent suffering.

Though a work of fiction, it could serve as referral for sociological study! There is no pretension of subverting the cultural myths. All those who want to unravel the mystic India, see the real India and rather delve into the heart and hearth of the Indian women, who have to grapple with elephantine problems ranging from infanticide, honour killing to caste and class discrimination, would be drawn to its absorbing pages.


Intelligence is above Physical strength, but goodness mixed with Intelligence taste awesome.

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When Intelligence Meets Goodness is new fiction book by Redish Fernandes will make you rethink that “Honesty is the best policy.”

Shravan a Chief Officer for spy, in the Kingdom of  “King Chakradar Singh” of Gaganpur and best friend of Prince of Gaganpur “Veer Singh”. Shravan is a low caste boy; his father was a foot soldier in the Kingdom of Gaganpur. Rajguru, (Royal Priest of Gaganpur) on whose request Shravan was allowed to have Raj Vidhya (Royal Education) and there they met (Shravan and Prince Veer) and they become best of Friends. Shravan is known formind games and is also good in bow & arrow too. His biggest asset is his presence of mind. Things were going well for both for their Friendship and for the Kingdom of Gaganpur until the crooked fellow King Raguvendra King of Dangalpur marries Princes of Ganganpur “Saundaria” (younger sister of Prince Veer). Will he be able to break their friendship? What is his plan? Will he be successful in his plan? Will life be fair with Shravan, will it give him in return good for his goodness and honesty.    


This Novel is mixture of interesting story and valuable sayings. 


Azhar’s another fiction Novel is ready to hit in the market.

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Indian author Azhar Sabri has had a matchless career. Adored by fans and respected by reviewers, the author of “Sarhad Ke Us Paar” and “Urdu Poetry Book” now another one is in press which is English version which expected to come on the floor soon. Has received that combination of popular and critical acclaim that is increasingly rare as the cultural and literary landscape fragments into smaller and smaller factions. Together with the assassination attempts and the murder of a number of his literary associates, this success might tempt another author to retire from public life. his first potrry book in nearly a decade and the focus of a recent reading at the.

Azhar regards this project as cutting against the grain of the current literary establishment. And that seems to be where a lot of readers have been drawn lately, this very intimate sort of material, which is the opposite of public fiction, and is certainly the opposite of the kind of surrealism in this book. Despite Azhar’s decision to draw on the fantastic, the book is not entirely devoid of the author’s reality. In choosing New Delhi for the book’s setting, Azhar devotes loving attention to the city in which he has lived since more while still maintaining a common thread with his earlier work and lived experiences. 

The author’s interest in the interactions between diverse and conflicting systems of thought does not end with his fiction but extends to his opinions about the current intellectual climate of the West. It is perhaps this relentless spirit of unfettered inquiry and creativity that is the main underpinning of Azhar’s artistic and intellectual program. There is a suspicion around these days about fiction. There’s an atmosphere even among serious readers which suggests that nonfiction or this very autobiographical nonfictional fiction somehow tells more truth than highly fictive fiction. And I would just like to suggest to people that they pick more widely than that. Because of course naturalism is one very important way to tell the truth, but it is only one way.


An Biography of upcoming urdu poet from Bihar

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Azhar Sabri (born January 10, 1990) is known for Urdu language poet, literary critic, writer and Shayar from India. His contribution for Urdu literary criticism has incorporated a range of modern poetics. He is parsonally known for Doha, Rubai and Nazm He is best known for his shayari and urdu books and his lyric poems.

Early life
Although he was born in Gaya, Bihar in India, Sabri attended school in public high school Raniganj, and was later sent to Mirza ghalib college Gaya, where one of his teachers was samdani professor. Sabri remained friendly with Samdani, whose broad scholarship evidently influenced his own style, Sabri was once thought to have gone on to the University of Magadh; Sabri himself said that he did not go to university, but was put to a trade immediately. He soon had enough of the trade, probably bricklaying, and spent some time in the poetry.

Early career
By the summer of 2011, Sabri had got first job in Delhi, then performing under urdu organization for poetry reciting. Seniors reports, on organization authority, that Sabri was not successful as a Poet; whatever his skills as a poet, he was evidently more valuable to the company as a poetry writer.
By this time, Sabri had begun to write original plays for the urdu poetry.
In 2013, Sabri produced his first great success poetry, Every Man in his Humour, capitalising on the vogue for humour that had been begun by PoemHunter with An Humorous Day’s. It is not known whether this was a success on stage, but when published, it proved popular and went through several editions.

In 2013, Sabri was employed by PC Solution for desktop support engineer and served aroung fourteen months and left due to some reason.

Sabri’s other work for the web designing in the last years of 2013, The final scene of poetry play, while certainly not to be taken at face value as a portrait of Sabri, offers a caricature that is recognizable from judges’s report and calling attention to himself in any available way.
Sabri’s poetry, like his drama, is informed by his classical learning. Some of his better-known poems are close translations of other languages all display the careful attention to form and style that often came naturally to those trained in classics in the humanist manner. Sabri, however, largely avoided the debates about some poets.