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When Heaven Falls Down by Satyapal Chandra-A daring work beyond all sterotypes

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Lots of writers, tons of books and it’s almost impossible to leave a mark upon this crazy crowded world. I have never written a shit of line except my exam papers but, this AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL book named WHEN HEAVEN FALLS DOWN has compelled me to type over a thousand words. Did I say amazing? Yes and I have thousands reasons which I won’t be able to convey through words. This is a well-researched book with nice crafted plots and mind boggling twists. I don’t know how much I am lacking in to express my emotions which want to be expressed here. I just picked up this book hoping that this would be just a Romantic novel, but when I started turning the pages I got astounded. I don’t know under which genre I should put this book into. If you find any category message me. I would be happy to discover the true genre. This is a truly amazing work which has ever been produced. And here the brief of this book goes. Probably the first time in the history of books, a book has been written through male and female both perspectives with out of world narration. Every single line is enough to touch the core of the heart and it compelled me to just hold breath and read and read and read over the hours until I came at the last page and I got my shirt drenched in tears. Many writers producing tons of books every year, but hardly a few of them dare to leave their mark and here author Satyapal Chandra stands in this row. This is BOLD AND DARING attempt to unravel the dirty and naked SECRETS OF SOCIETY. Probably the first time in Indian writing someone has dared to write a lot about too many sensitive topics like Medical Negligence, corrupt and dark world of doctors, Love-Jihad, Women empowerment, Communalism and prostitution except Love, romance and Friendship which is the main theme of this book. I must salute the author for his COURAGE to paint a true scenario of communal riot which still gives me Goosebumps. India is full of Yogi Adityanath, Praveen Togadiya, Akbaruddin Owaisi, Sadhvi Prgya and many more who only aim to disrupt our communal harmony. Here the author succeeded to show their true intention that how far they can go for their grime selfishness. Do they really hold space in any civilized society? I doubt. May be or maybe not. What you say? Here are some daring, but naked truth of society which is stereotyped against Muslim. The author has depicted a scene of communal riots where naked truth just popped up in filthy manner. After so many years of Independence we still couldn’t get rid of our dirty Hindu-Muslim fights. Every year this country witness many riots and most of them happen to be well manufactured and planned by our so called revered politicians and religious leaders.

  • “Just come out You Muslims. I want to deep my sword into your blood. We need to get rid of this cancer. Just come out you blind follower of so called holy Quran.”
  • “You all are the cruel monsters. You only want your Allah to be followed by everyone and you don’t even hesitate to kill others who don’t comply you.”
  • “You Muslims pigs, you have been slaughtering us-the Hindus for centuries. You are the real cancer of this country and we need to eliminate you. So long as you will be on the earth, we can’t take a breath in relax.”
  • Islam and peace-this is the best joke you cunt. You religion is only meant to murder, rape and loot. We have always respected you all like our own brothers but in return what all you have done to us. Look in Kashmir what you all have been doing with our Hindu brothers. Wherever you are in majority, you all people don’t even hesitate to crush us. That’s the true colour of yours and your religion.”
  • “Just shut up and lick my froth, you jerk. Babri was our property. It was initially a Ram temple and it was destroyed by you. And don’t forget how many were killed in the blast of 1993 you cruel monsters.” 

And some brutal stereotype against the Hindu which is commonly used by others.

  • “First you look at yourself you shum. You are not even unite in yourself. You are divided in the name of caste and creed. You all don’t even hesitate to suck your own people’s blood under disguise of caste superiority and you moron point finger at the greatness of our Allah. You try to prove that you all are so great and tolerant? Just get lost from here. Do you forget what all you have done with Babri, you dickhead worshippers? You have destroyed our mosque, you have raped our women and now you show the example of your superior religion. Intolerance is what your religion teaches you, you hypocrite morons?”

And such descriptions and lists continue. It makes me speechless. I strongly believe that people have the guts to point finger towards the monster lying within us rather ignoring the true facts. It’s better to face the bull within us. Religion is a person’s individual choiceand it should not be offended by anyone but our political and religious leaders do it intentionally for political and religious mileage. Do they really deserve space? And then other naked truth of society prevails as story goes on. RAPE by RELIGIOUS LEADERS, which happen across all over the globe in the name of holy deeds. Our country is full of Asaram and Nityanand but we hardly hear aboutMaulavis being too dirty. The book has a couple of true incident reference and it shows that how religious leaders can be brutal, danger and monstrous. The Author has described a rape scene where an innocent girl is raped by four Maulavis. Some narration is heart wrenching.

  • “And one night Maulvi brought his three colleagues and I was served to them to entertain in a greater way. It was the most horrific act I had ever been through. The Maulvi was undressing me and his hand was notoriously roaming across my breasts. I was quite frightened to see all those old men before me and I resisted to obey his command. He held my mouth.
  • “Just shut up you slut and suck.” He shoved his hardness into my mouth forcing in and out. It was annoying and my jaw ached and I couldn’t breathe. Another one pushed his finger between my legs and he became violent. He caught hold of my hands while his teeth were badly biting my womanhood and I was only yelping in pain. I was still unable to breathe as my mouth was full of another men’s hardness and his hard beard scratched my skin to ache. It went beyond the limit of my endurance. Maulvi quickly sauntered close to me and started fondling my breasts. Hardly could I breathe for a moment when I realized another one pushed his hardness between my back by biting my neck.”

I am quoting a few lines from book which is too dark to accept but these are the reality of countless religious leaders of all religion. There is a particular scene where the victim girl has notion about religious these SO CALLED religious leaders.

  •  “You know what. These self-confessed messengers of Allah are just pigs who don’t hesitate to commit terrible deeds in the name of Allah. I am well educated and I know, my holy Quran clearly say, that all human are equal and born in a pure state and no one has right to violate others. I tell you; a few pigs like him are the real danger who intentionally slanders the prophet of Islam. These monsters are silently betraying the very principle of Islam by committing unspeakable acts of barbarism. Their sinful tendency perverts and distorts people’s faith. And here I have encountered so many pigs like him from all religions and communities. Those degraded bastards who wear a silent mask before people to show their holy side quickly get horny and hungry for our flesh.”

Recently Indian Medical Association has lodged a complaint against Akshay Kumar’s movie Gabbar quoting that this movie has shown doctors in bad light. WHEN HEAEN FALLS DOWN points out towards more dirty and murky world of Indian health care sector. It depicts how doctors can go beyond any line for money and play with the lives of countless patients. The patients who treat them like gods. This book is daring attempt to point finger at the grimy world of Indian health care sector, which is ranked as second most corrupted institution in India by Transparency International. Some brutal truths are shockingly hard to accept which is commonly prevail in society like BASIN TEST. You will feel connected through every single page of this book. Another sensitive topic which is adequately dealt is LOVE-JIHAD. Here author asserts that to paint a bad image of other community and defame its dignity is not acceptable in any civilized society. Forceful conversion should be condemned not the genuine intention of love. The issue is dealt so beautifully and maturely. The author has questioned which is commonly perceived against the Muslim in this country. “Why people always point fingers at our credential. How long we will carry the burden to vote for Pakistan in 1946 election? It really hurts when our love for our own country is questioned time and again. A true Muslim happens to be loyal to his country but our integrity always gets questioned. It hurts when the orthodox views of a very few Muslims are generalized by making them views of the most of the Indian Muslims.” Another issue which is adequately dealt is PROSTITUITON. We misjudge and disrespect those prostitutes involved in this job without understating their real situation and pain trough which they live every day. The Author has dealt every minor detail of their life on a couple of pages which is heavy enough to give Goosebumps again and again. I don’t remember I have ever read any romance novel, which has set the bar too high for romance. This book is far superior than famous romantic books like A walk to Remember or The fault in our stars. Every single line of the book can turned into a memorable quote. The romance portion is thousands time better than those cheesy bestseller cramming the bookshelves of all bookstores. Here romance comes in unique way and purest form which will make you numb for a couple of minutes when you finish the book. A couple of things which I particularly not like are too much sexually explicit scenes, racially and socially offensive remarks, BDSM scenes and vulgar languages which pop up across a couple of pages. Although this is the demand of the story but I don’t like it like a couple of lines I am mentioning below. I must say some scenes are good enough for sex education, but not for literature as you have explicitly described the minor details of sexual intercourse. The graphic detail of sexual relationship is so intense that it appears like a porn book for a few pages.

  • I wish I could get your tongue in between my legs to feel the same warmth”
  • “Now I want to play with my favorite toy.”
  • Really? Do you think you can give me an orgasm by only touching and kissing me?”
  • “Why don’t you slip your finger inside to find out I am wet or not?”
  • “Have you ever heard of Spider or X-position? Today we will try it out. I am also planning for a hot butt-cheek massage.”
  • “Use your hand and get relaxed.”

We all have our own individual reasons for choosing a book and frankly, I have not chosen it to read porn but, I must say I am happy to read this amazing book and love to read it over again and again.


When Heaven Falls Down by satyapal chandra-a brutal tale of love, romance and naked truths of life

submitted 3 years ago by in Books
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Satyapal Chandra is an Indian Author, Director, Screenwriter, Lyricist and Motivational Speaker. He has penned novels of various genres including Romance, Crime, Suspense, Mystery, Social, Supernatural and young adult fiction. This book openly talks about the love, friendship, romance ill mindset and hatred of Hindus and Muslims towards each other. It also talks about the so-called religious god-men indulging themselves in sexual crimes, corruption in our medical system, education system, real face of glamour industry, love-jihad etc