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One disturbing image depicting Slavish India www.thefrustratedindian.com/2015/12/former-union-minister-v-narayanasamy-holding-rahul-gandhis-slippers-one-disturbing-image-depicting-slavish-india/

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One disturbing image depicting Slavish India


India at Crossroads – To Chose Values or Comforts? www.thefrustratedindian.com/2015/12/subramanian-swamy-vs-sonia-gandhi-india-at-crossroads-to-chose-values-or-comforts/

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(IR)Relevance of Laloo in Bihar Politics www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/2015-10-29/IRRelevance-of-Laloo-in-Bihar-Politics-183207

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Is Laloo and his brand of Politics were still relevant in today’s Bihar?  Were they relevant earlier?  



Fringe benefits of Fringe Elements www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/2015-10-20/Fringe-Benefits-of-Fringe-Elements-181754

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How come even Fringe Elements of Society, though appearing to be disruptive, were in fact lay foundations to establishing a robust society.

It is from the venom, the anti-venom is made

Kannan (rkpthegod@gmail.com) is the author of Fizz


Side effects of Intellectual Depravity www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/2015-10-14/Side-effects-of-Intellectual-Depravity-180801

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What happens when the real intellectuals remain silent and self claimed ones take custody of the society?


Find out.


Kannan – Author of “Fizz…”, published by Leadstart




The World is at War www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/2015-10-10/The-World-is-at-War-180156

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Is the fourth world war in progress, albeit informally?









God’s Wish i.indiaopines.com/rkpthegod/gods-wish/

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I’m sure I’ve not created you 
I’m not sure why you created me 

If I represent peace and all that’s good 
I wonder why all violence happens in my name 

Some of you gave me names, shapes and shelters 
The others call me names, shapeless and destroy those shelters 

If you flourish, it’s your hard work 
If you perish, how the hell I’m at fault? 

If I’m the universe and all entities, 
Why I wish you sacrifice my other creations – in my name? 

In my name you waged wars, ravaged cities and societies, 
You Savage! You’ve ruined civilisation evolved over eons. 

Preaching on my behalf, 
You practised all that’s not what I am. 

Only thing you are an expert in – was classification! 
Hell, you split even me, the GOD into many and classified. 

Should I be happy for this? 
Should I be proud of you – my supposed creation? 

Your worship is hypocrisy, but your existence is real 
My benevolence is authentic, yet my existence is surreal. 

How I wish… 
You’ve not evolved 
Remained the same being with some humanity 
You’ve not progressed 
by Destroying the nature, 
Eliminating some creatures. 
Finally, killing your own kind, 
With guns, gases and nukes. 

Puke!!! You’re better with a stone club in your hand 
May be I’m wrong. You remain the same, only the club gone for a gun. 

You’ve me to pray and confess. 
For all my problems, whom I shall address? 

How I wish I really had that power, I’d have vanished forever. 
In my anguish, I cry… To hell with being GOD, let me die!!! 

Poem ends.

How is it?

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Creating a storm in Auto-Rickshaw i.indiaopines.com/rkpthegod/creating-a-storm-in-auto-rickshaw/

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Really, it seems there was nothing that is not as easier than moulding public opinion for or against some topic. Latest one being played in Mumbai was the decision by the state government to issue auto permits only to people who can talk Marathi.

As usual, people started involving politics, culture etc., to condemn the decision. One can’t blame these guys who are blaming the government, for the headlines of all leading news channels/papers are almost distorting the mere fact.

For example – “Maharashtra does it again”.

Funny, I have not seen a taxi driver in Delhi, who cannot speak Hindi and not an auto driver in Bangalore, who cannot speak Kannada. So, in what way it is different, if the government of Maharashtra says that permits would be issued only to Marathi speaking people.

Now, let me assert the fact that I am not a Marathi, nor a Maharashtrian origin guy. I spent about 23 years in Maharashtra, and all I could do was to learn Hindi and a little bit of Marathi. Had anyone spent this much time in Bengal or Tamilnadu, he would have learnt Bengali or Tamil. I never had any aversion to Marathi, but could not learn it due to the sole reason: Marathi is redundant in Maharashtra, at least in the urban area.

Friends from other parts of India may say, urban area is supposed to be cosmopolitan. I beg to differ – cosmopolitan is not defined by – not speaking local language nor was it speaking only Hindi and English. Cosmopolitan means being familiar with various cultures and places. Now, if people coming from other states are not cosmopolitan – in a sense if they cannot accept the local language and customs, and ridicule these, it is their problem. Whether a city or state is cosmopolitan or not will never affect it – as long as it generates revenue and jobs, attracting people from less developed areas.

And, why cry about the cosmopolitan nature of Mumbai, after coming from places that are less cosmopolitan in nature? What right one had to criticise the city, state and culture after coming there for survival?

The hypocrisy of these guys is stands out as these are the same guys who spend good amount of money and time to learn English and gets stamped of their knowledge of the language before trying to move into US and UK.

When there is no objection to learn English, French, or Mandarin, why there should be objections to learn Marathi or Telugu or Tamil, if one wants to live in these states, driving autos?

However, if one examines the issue at hand, it was people and parties of Maharashtra, especially the Shivsena that caused this situation. First, they made the language and culture exclusive of local populace, by declaring that people live in Maharashtra only are Marathis. About two thirds of total Marathi population was excluded this way. Then, continuous agitations against people from other states – this only made the migrants more adamant.

However, the most important thing is there is not sufficient literature, art, music, cinema from Marathi medium. I know, many of my friends quote few authors – but they miss the point. See the quantity and quality of books, novels, magazines, movies made in Telugu, Tamil and Bengali. And in these states, migrants were not persecuted. In fact, these states have adopted migrants. Best case is Tamilnadu, where none of the popular personalities – MGR, Jayalalitha, Rajnikant and Kamal Hassan are Tamilians. But, they became more tamilians than the natives.

Yes, Tamilnadu opposed to Hindi. But, it was only when it was pushed down them. Anyway, Hindi was the newest addition to the Indian languages and Tamil had space along with Sanskrit for millennia. And, all Tamilians when they migrate to north, learn Hindi. In fact, their Hindi accent was ridiculed by all Hindi speaking people, including Marathis.

But, at the end of the day, Tamilians could migrate to other places and mixed with local populace, and kept their own identity intact. At home, they could retain the Tamil flavour. Same case with Bengal. Of course, now Shivsena started realising their past mistakes, as I heard one of the Thakerays talking about reviving Marathi on the lines of Tamil.

Hope, there comes a day, people speaking all languages learn to respect other languages.

I could take out one instance from the life of Shivaji, which many in Maharashtra had forgotten. Sadly, now, everywhere Shivaji was painted fair in colour – contradicting the fact that he was dark like the majority of Maharashtrians or Marathas. When one of his generals presented him a beautiful Muslim lady taken prisoner in a war, Shivaji commented: “Had my mother been so beautiful like this lady, I also would have been beautiful”. Yes, only those who respects their mothers can respect mothers of others.

Change has to come within first, before expecting the world to change in tune with us.



Is Owaisi’s entry for the betterment of Indian Politics? i.indiaopines.com/rkpthegod/is-owaisis-entry-for-the-betterment-of-indian-politics/

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Of late, Asaduddin Owaisi, who inherited a well-established political legacy of MIM from his father was more like a businessman ready to test foreign waters.  His success in areas outside of Hyderabad had thrown him into national lime light, despite the fact that his triumphs were limited to few seats.  He became a go to man to the common Muslim voter, who already felt cheated by all those secular political ventures since independence.


His announcement of entering Bihar political arena in the coming elections had already jittered self-proclaimed politicians.  Unlike the minority leaders of north India, for one, he doesn’t depend on any other political leader or party and a foreign returned, educated politician around whom the new generation of Muslims would rally.


That BJP is his main opposition, at national level is no secret.  But, it was not BJP that loses sleep due to his entry into north Indian politics.  BJP, if work out their strategy well, may in all probability welcome him.  It is for the secular parties led by caste leaders, he poses a great threat.  Given the fact that Hindus would never vote enmasse, as caste politics play a vital role in the elections.  And the Muslim votes would normally decide at least in those constituencies where they have considerable presence, forced many of these leaders to become secular.


For the first time in the recent past, there would be one leader from the minority community who would be seeking votes based on religion.  Though Kashmir was full of Muslim parties, voters there behave like Hindu voters of other states and split amongst themselves. Threatened leaders apart, even observers are apprehensive about the repercussions of MIM’s entry into mainstream national politics.


Main concern is his entry would further polarise the voters already divided on religious lines.  Of course, this was always the case with any of our political parties and minority leaders who supported various major parties at different stages.  On the other hand, for MIM, it was Congress or TDP that took their support at various stages.  This, is the main difference between Owaisi and other leaders of Muslims.  He negotiates from the position of strength while others do bargain for some soaps. 


Anyway, there is not a single election since the days of Indira Gandhi, without polarisation of votes, on some pretext.  If not religion, elections were fought and won on caste lines.  Considering the various types of classifications that we are capable of, it doesn’t matter whether the polarisation was on the lines of religion, or region or caste or language.  There was polarisation, nevertheless. 


Coming to riots, if not religion based riots, there were caste based riots.  But, when riots within one religious fold happen, no religious colour is seen.  But, lives lost were lost – irrespective to whomever they belong to.


However, there is one optimism that could be seen from Owaisi’s expansionism.  If he could establish himself as the one leader of Muslims across nation, he would probably become the most powerful leader of the community.  And this increases his bargaining power – or the collective power of the community.


Despite the secular slogans, so far there was very little these secular parties delivered to the average Muslim on the streets.  And these vote bank politics called minority appeasement, and forced susceptible Hindus to consider the election is between ‘us’ and ‘them’ – evolving politics on religious lines.


So, as such, Owaisi’s expansionism would do well to both communities.  For Hindus, it will reduce the friction amongst various castes, albeit temporarily, which, slowly may consolidate.  For Muslims, it increases a strong representation, as they would be having one voice.


However, the problem is for Owaisi.  As the saying goes, reaching top is easier than staying there.  Considering the ever increasing expectations of Muslim youth, he had to find ways to deal – not with the Government that is in power, but the real power centres of Islam – the conglomeration of Imams and Mullahs. 


The difference between the growth rate of (not census one, but economic one) Hindus and Muslims was primarily due to isolation of religious institutions of Hinduism from direct politics.  Hindus may go en-masse to Asharam to Radhe Maa, but when it comes to exercising their franchise, an overwhelming majority are not under the influence of any religious leader.  In fact, this was effectively utilised by various caste based faction leaders time and again to consolidate their base.


For Owaisi, the problem is a double edged sword, and he has no choice but to isolate religion from politics.  Without isolating these religious leaders and modernise education in madrasas, it is next to impossible to provide quality of education to the next generation of Muslims.  And, it is almost impossible to snatch power from the Imams, who became quasi-politicians.  If he fails, to his voters who believed in him feel cheated and he would be pushed into the bandwagon of all those Muslim leaders who used the community. 


Coming to the majority politics and rights of minorities, there may not be any appeasement tactics by the BJP Government, but there would not be any suppression either.  Given the current image of India in global arena, the edge India enjoys over China is pluralism and liberal administration. With lots of commercial interests in stake, BJP would never destabilise the economy and the image.  Last thing they want would be branded as a dogmatic Government. 


One may argue that the representation of minorities may get reduce, but it hardly matters to the community, and the nation at large. 


Speaking of riots by majority community, it is simply an absurd that riots happened only in BJP ruled states.  In fact, riots happened during Congress rule were never probed properly and in many riots, people from both communities were killed.  There would be a stalemate between the Muslims led by a powerful commander and the BJP leaders, as both will not stick their neck for the fear of permanent damage.  The moment nationalist Government will become fundamentalist, majority of Hindus will reject this and this will only lead to bring back the parties with no real voter base.  BJP would never want such a situation.


So, now it is upto Owaise to chart a new course in the history of Muslims and in India.




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Narabali: Pakistan version of Bahubali my.fakingnews.firstpost.com/2015/08/19/narabali-pakistan-version-of-bahubali/

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Aggrieved by the response received by Fly-Man Rajmouli’s magnum opus – Bahubali, attache-de-culture of Pakistan, who goes by the gun-name Khatarnak has decided to make a movie that was aptly titled “Narabali”. According to the reports in the afternoon edition of dusk, mastermind of Mumbai attacks, Dr. Hafiz Sayeed was asked to weave the story. It appears that Hafiz wanted to act in the movie, but was persuaded against such an idea. “Even if we issue a fatwa to watch the movie, people would be bored as they go to movies to see someone else. After all, Hafiz was all over Paki TV”, was the logic provided by Mr. Khatarnak.

The lead actor of NarBali: Way ahead of Indian Bahu Bali who had just two Baahus (hands) while Nar Bali has many Baahus

The lead actor of NarBali: Way ahead of Indian Bahu Bali who had just two Baahus (hands), while Nar Bali has many Baahus

Hafiz had already decided that the movie consists two parts much like the Indian original, but the story will be in future, a deviation from Bahubali, which had a story in past. War scenes would be shot live, while drones are killing innocent shepherds of Afghanistan. One major deviation in the story will be there would be two war scenes.

In the first part of Narabali, Taliban would be fighting and in the second part of the movie, ISIS would be given a chance. Highlight of the movie is supposed to be the war with ISIS.

First war scene will be in the mountains of Afghanistan, where young and energetic Talibs will be using AK-47s and other leftover armament of Americans. “But it is the second war scene that will be the highlight of the movie”, Dr Hafiz explained animatedly. “In fact, for this movie, I intend to do a thesis on war sciences from the Al-Kill university of Peshawar. As the doctorate would be awarded in a few weeks, I am trying to prefix my name with Dr”, he explained the sudden appearance of honorary title before his name.

It appears that lots of drones would be used in the climax in which, probably either Damascus or Alexandria would be decimated by using a variety of weapons ranging from missiles, tanks to those chemical weapons planted in Iraq by Americans.

Junior Bhutto has already expressed to play the romantic lead, with Hina Khar as his love interest. However, it appears, Senior Bhutto has not agreed to his son playing the role, while he himself was available. “It’s all in the family and we have a way to settle family disputes. Whoever is alive as on the day of shooting, will play the role”, Dr Hafiz explained.

“Don’t think there will not be any Indian connection– One can only take Pakistan out of India, but it is not possible to take India out of Pakistan”, Col. Khatarnak said, “One finalized casting was “Asiya Andrabi” who will be standing near a torn up Pakistani flag with Paki national anthem in the background. But the one is suspense”. However, when a bottle of Chivas Regal was offered, he blurted out. It is none other than our own “Diggi Raza” in the get up of “Manthari Kaka” of Saudagar fame. When asked how it is possible to shoot Asiya Andrabi, who lives in Srinagar, Hafiz laughed at us. “Any woman in burqa can do that role. We just use her name in titles”, he explained pitying at our doubts. However, Diggi Bhai will be coming to Iraq, where a major portion of the movie would be filmed. With Dawood and Memon as producers, he was confident that budget would not be a constraint for them.

When the news of this was broken out, there was a sudden rush of buyers for international rights. For Indian territory, there was a fierce competition but finally Salman Khan lost to Owaisi brothers, who pledged a whopping $100M.



Inspired by FTII, Shinde Balwadi students demand a principal with proven track record my.fakingnews.firstpost.com/2015/08/20/inspired-by-ftii-shinde-balwadi-students-demand-a-principal-with-proven-track-record/

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Ahmednagar. After observing the ongoing Tamasha over the Gajodhar Bhai’s appointment as director, FTII, students of Shinde Balwadi near Ahmed Nagar have realized they too deserve a head who should be with a proven track record, if not a celebrity.

“It is simply a discrimination against us poor villagers” leader of the students Raju Wagh had told the correspondent. “For the last two years I am attending the school, despite the midday meals was not so tasty. And I am clearly disappointed with the results of two years I wasted in the school. It took teacher one full year to teach us Marathi alphabet. Then she started English alphabet. By the time we progressed to G, H; we already forgot Marathi alphabet”. Master Wagh paused to blow his nose and laughed shyly.

Another group comprising NaMo Bhakts (in Saffron Dress).

Another group comprising NaMo Bhakts (in Saffron Dress).

“What qualities you look for in your principal” when the reporter queried, Wagh looked at his supporters patronizingly and sighed. He waved his hand at the kids from nearby four villages. “See these kids. They live in the second India of Rahul Gandhi. And Rahul Gandhi doesn’t know we live here” he exclaimed.

When the reporter repeated the question about the qualifications, Wagh became alert. He replied in a cautious tone, “First, it should be a female teacher. She should be designated as Principal of our Balwadi. Her highest qualification should be SSC, which she should not have passed her SSC even in second class. We want a lady with below average study record only. These teachers with high IQ look down upon us and mistreat”, he paused. In a low tone, he said “The point is it is easy to manage less educated one. If an intelligent person like Rahul Gandhi becomes teacher, he starts asking all unnecessary questions and disrupts classes”.

Meanwhile, one of his supporters brought sweet Lassi for Raju Wagh that he drank in one long sip.

Stretching his hands, Raju explained his future plans. “In our class there is a girl named Kalavathi. Please inform Mr Rahul Gandhi about her and our fight. Tell him to do a Padayatra in support of our cause. Even if we get our Arvind, it is OK. There used to be a poet in his team”, Raju turned to his gang of kids and inquired. “Yeah! Some Viswas. Tell Arvind to send him here. We can have some time pass”.

It appears that there is a rival group of Raju in the Balwadi. Another batch of kids came in a procession chanting, “NaMo, NaMo”, like Naga-Sadhus. Raju pointed at them and said, “See the blind Bhakts. They don’t have a vision for our future and are content with the existing teacher”.

Exhausted on listening these arguments, reporter asked Raju about the existing teacher. Raju, aping NaMo, simply turned his head in another direction looking at Kalavathi. Suddenly, he saw someone coming and ran away. Kalavathi came forward and said, “She is his mother and our teacher. And a strict one. He simply can’t stand her at home and in school. That is the crux of the problem”.



Latest fad: Spy cameraman of ‘Cheat Sheet’ my.fakingnews.firstpost.com/2015/08/20/latest-fad-spy-cameraman-of-cheat-sheet-2/

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Irked with the fact that the photograph by Prem Singh, photojournalist from The Telegraph stole the limelight on the penultimate day of monsoon session of the Parliament, established news agencies, TOI & NDTV have fired their correspondents on duty in Parliament on the fateful day.

That priceless capture which made nation's day and questioned many photo journalists' talent!

That priceless capture which made nation’s day and questioned many photo journalists’ talent!

TOI’s Urn-ab-GO-Swami who felt insulted that for the first time, it was not his shrilling voice but a silent photo that viewers across nation preferred to pass their time. As his news hour registered least TRP in the last two years, on Thursday night, furious Swami called his team that was present in the Parliament covering proceedings that did not happen in the last two weeks.

“The nation wants to know – how and why you could not take a snap of the cheat sheet, while someone from a local newspaper could do it”, Urn-ab roared making the reporting team shiver with chills down their spines.

After firing them immediately, he called the more talented wing of TOI, the one that covers bosoms of Bollywood and asked for the photographer of Piku’s cleavage. “I think he is more needed in Parliament, given his skills of zooming onto body parts of people and photograph them, without their realisation. I strongly recommend him to be transferred to the news division that provides real news sometimes at least.

Burkha Datt, on the other hand was more lenient on her team and gave them two options. Either to report war news from border or leave. The wise team has exercised their wisdom and resigned from NDTV on their own. When his wife asked why he chose to resign, the cameraman told his wife, “Burkha wants us to work from the Pakistani side of the border and not from Indian side”.

Meanwhile, it was rumoured that Ram Gopal Varma and Mahesh Bhat have already contacted Prem Singh of cheat sheet fame offering him work in their next projects, both of which he declined. Buoyed by the new found fame, Prem Singh had set his eyes on a higher standard and was expecting a job in SS Rajamouli’s next project. However, when he came to know that this director works with only software engineers and creates a movie through software, and doesn’t need physical persons, he felt aghast.

However, as per the latest news reports, he was chosen by the NSA to act as a secrete cameraman, to take photographs of cross-border terrorists, by zooming into the valleys of Kashmir and sand dunes of Rajasthan, which he readily accepted. “I may be considered for CEO by Google images one day”, he happily said at the prospect of zooming through satellite cameras and thanked Rahul Gandhi for providing the breakthrough.



Strangers in their own Country rkpthegod.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=12&action=edit&message=6&postpost=v2

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Witnessing the presence of great personalities was a rare chance and I didn’t let this to slip and attended the book launch ceremony, mainly because it was Julio Ribeiro that was launching the book. Contrary to the image I had created since my childhood, he looked soft and his talk was one that not only enlightens, but entertains. With a coat of humour, he even corrected few technical glitches in the book. He was one of the heroes that independent India has seen.

He still is remembered as the man, who contained Punjab situation. A super cop. It is strange to hear such a man feeling stranger in his own country. With all due respect Sir, may I ask you who is not a stranger in this country? This is a mini world, conquered and reconquered by rulers from all places, races and religions.

Have you ever realised how the families of your police raided during insurgency in Punjab felt? For that matter, any family lived in naxal infested areas, when our notorious police visits them for search operations.

In this country, if start from the top, Pandits from Kashmir were kicked out of their homes and lead refugee lives in their own country. Many sikhs were killed under the supervision of the person, who appointed you as in-charge of Punjab police. Many Hindus and Muslims die in numerous riots that dot Indian calendar like festivals. People from south and north were abused in Mumbai repeatedly. People from north-east were discriminated in almost all metros. And people in north-east kill people from north and east in their land. In southern states, our water wars are as notorious as world wars and situation at border between Karnataka and Tamilnadu resembles LOC.

You, during the book launch stated that even Christian community practices casteism in Goa, which probably may not be as wide spread as it is in Hinduism. Muslims, whenever they do not fight Hindus, fight amongst themselves.

Come on! We were like this. We are like this. And probably we will remain like this. Strangely, we are not bad than any other country. Perhaps, we are better than many developed countries that remain hypocrite, by preaching equal rights while practising the converse.

Had it been any other country, a person from minority community would not have been given charge of police. All Indian origin people in west had to convert before occupying any public office, in ninety percent cases. Without comparing to the rest of the world, have you ever analysed why Indian society remained like this even after nearly seven decades of Independence?

People like you, who held prime positions could never tell those running the Government to act impartially! Yes, it was your fault. Have you ever asked Rajiv Gandhi, how and why the Punjab became terrorist state? All you did was eliminating unwanted persons. May be by the time you took charge situation worsened. But, HAVE YOU EVER ASKED RAJIV GANDHI, WHO CONVERTED PUNJAB INTO A TERRORIST STATE?

Had you and many others like you asked this question, you would not have felt stranger in your own country. As you people have not asked, not only you, but each and every citizen of this country is now a stranger. If anyone in power disagrees, let that person give up his security.

As the philosophy of this land goes, “what one gives, he gets it back”. Still, you need not feel threatened. Whenever you feel threatened, just call me. I’ll be there for you, like so many others.


Narendra Modi – Fishing in Troubled Waters rkpthegod.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/narendra-modi-fishing-in-troubled-waters/

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Relation between India and Sri Lanka was as old as the Indian literature. Since then, it appears the relation remained same. A relation between Rama and Ravana – opponents. Many significant incidents have happened since the last visit by a Prime Minister of India.



Rahul’s Secret Mission – Greater Kashmir

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From reliable sources, it was learnt that the crown prince of India, aka Rahul Gandhi was not on sabbatical, but working on a breakthrough venture by any Indian politician, so far.

Inspired by the team of professionals charting course of victory for Narendra Modi in general elections, immediately after general elections, RaGa had also recruited many a fresh and veteran political scientists, management and IT professionals.

Extrapolating the strategy of NaMo and AmiSh to form government with PDP, RaGa’s team has come up with a brilliant idea that could change the face of subcontinent politics forever. And, if sources are to be believed, both Congress and BJP would be partners in the scheme of things that may evolve in next few months.

If BJP and PDP, two ends of political and ideological scale could compromise for the sake of power, why not India and Pakistan form a coalition government in Kashmir, including the piece of land that is currently misruled by Pakistan. Feelers were sent to BJP camp immediately after Delhi became Congress Mukht, to both Indian and Pakistan Governments. RaGa was happy that finally he could propose something concrete in his entire career.

Though NaMo has positively responded initially, it took a push and out of box thinking from RaGa’s part to convince NaSh, the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The finishing touch was to declare the settlement of Pandits in New Delhi as part of the Greater Kashmir that would comprise Jammu, Kashmir (both sides of LoC), Ladakh and Remote Kashmir. Even China has agreed to part with the Aksai Chin area currently controlled by the Red Army. There was a video conference between AmiSh and Commerce Minister of PRC in which, AmiSh has offered to buy all artillery (including 25% of army tanks) requirements of Indian Army from China, for the next twenty five years. The artillery import contract papers, however were already signed and the contract was awarded to the Gujarati businessman, who bought the NaMo suit.

RaGa has offered to head the first coalition Government of Kashmir, reminding all parties concerned that at least ten percent of his blood belongs to Kashmir and Pandits, in particular. As none was interested to take the responsibility that may in fact a headache, both Indian and Pakistan Governments have consented to this proposal.

Pakistan Army that was initially opposed to the idea has agreed when they were told about the province called remote Kashmir in the heart of Delhi. Article 370 would be modified into 370A wherein all provinces of Kashmir would be guarded by a common army comprising battalions of India and Pakistan. In fact, already officers of Pakistan Army started trying for a placement in Remote Kashmir.

However, strangely, it was the otherwise obedient Indian Army that opposed this idea vehemently. Fearing the budget spent on Army operations in dangerous battlefield would reduce drastically affecting their post retirement plans, many a colonels have formed a union and presented their case to Dr. Panikkar, defence minister. One of these officers commented how Pakistani officers could accept this proposal that may kill their finances. But, Doval’s team of sleuths working overtime across border have the reason for this change of mind of Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army was directed by Hafeez Sayeed to accept the proposal as he saw an opportunity to expand his speak and shoot business across border. He was already in touch with Imam Bukhari and a deal may be sealed in a week or two. However, soldiers and frontline officers of Indian Army are supporting the proposal, as it was their lives that were sacrificed so valiantly, by the Army in current situation.

Giving credence to this proposal was the visit of Jayasankar to Pakistan. One unverified fact was that already Mr. Vadra had started acquiring lands in PoK expecting a real estate boom there once Greater Kashmir is formed. He apparently trying to get Mr. Khemka on board of his directors, to ensure paper work is done perfectly, without leaving any loopholes. Who else can check these contracts better than Khemka?

When the news was discussed in private circles, it was learnt that Yogendra Yadav wanted to open an AAP franchise in Greater Kashmir, to which Prashan Bhushan opposed and argued that there shall be plebiscite in entire India and Pakistan to get approval of people of India and Pakistan. This debate has spoiled the mood of Arvind who was already under tension about getting money to pay for the free electricity and water. Sting conducted by Arvind himself on him has established that the real reason for the expulsion of YoYa and PraBhu was this debate and not all other sundry matters being discussed in media.

Informally informing the proposal to both Iran and Italy Governments, Sonia Gandhi has requested these Governments to consider joining the coalition of Greater Kashmir and extending it to Iran and Italy. “It is a fact, that there is also Persian and Italian Blood in RaGa”, she augmented her case.


Feminine Hypocrisy – Part 2

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Let us discuss another video I saw today. To be frank, it was hilarious. One girl was asking audience why they look at her legs, despite them being lovelier than theirs. Come on, they see your legs simply because you show them. She says, all leading actresses wear sarees and item girls wear skimpy clothes. Now, to be honest, it was at least three decades before heroines have given up sarees for bikinis. As they put it, script and scene demand this! Why don’t they say simple truth? We wear bikinis because we get paid to.

Remember Chandni Bar! Despite the leading lady played the role of prostitute, despite she wore revealing dresses, the movie could not be called obscene. In fact, we, a group of bachelor guys watching the movie could not take the story when the heroine decides to become prostitute again, for money so that she can get her son out on bail. We stopped the television and went out. Even after so many years, I have not watched the movie again.

To the girl in the video, I only can say, she was wrong! Yes. She was simply, absolutely wrong. Yes, there were rapes committed by some people. You may call Delhi, the rape capital of India. You may celebrate Rape-public day.

She simply didn’t get her basics correct. She asked, “If a man is with six women, he is a stud. If a woman is with six men, she is slut. Why this difference?” Probably, she did not have a grandmother or grandfather to tell her stories of ancient India. Let me play the role for her.

My dear lady, do you know who are the “panch maha pativrata” in scripture of India? Assuming you know what a pativrata means, it was not Sita, the famous queen of Ram, for whose sake Ram killed Ravana. It was neither Savitri who chased Yama to hell. They were Ahalya, Draupadi, Tara, Kunti and Mandodari.

Ahalya was the one who was cheated by Indra, when he comes in disguised as her husband. Draupadi, you may be knowing, the famous wife of five men – and she was not called slut. Tara – There were two references. One was the wife of Brihaspati, who elopes with his student Chandra. The other Tara was shared by varana brothers Vali and Sugreeva. Kunti, had sons with various persons. And the last candidate on the list, Mandodari was simply a wife whose husband kidnaps other’s wife.

If someone really wants to know why these ladies were called pious, one has to understand the evolution of culture in this land or any land. Culture is not necessarily limited to few sexual sculptures of Khajuraho temple. If really people lived in those times were obsessive to sex, all temples shall have same depictions.

If you are happy that a beggar called you sister, there may be scores of others who feel offended when called behenji. What shall we call them? Please enlighten me. By the way, there was one MP, who requested his sisters and mothers to cover themselves. He was so furiously attacked by your liberal society fearing they may be deprived of free expose, he had to apologise. Where such apologies exist, no reasons would work. You’ll continue to have your rape capital and Rape-Public Day celebrated daily.



Feminine Hypocrisy – Part 1

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Last month, I watched one video in which one girl makes fun out of a prospective candidate for life partner, for expecting her not to wear short skirts so that her legs are not visible to others. He even suggests her to be a housewife as he is earning sufficient. Now, the girl calls him stinky fart and insults him. The purported idea of the video was supposed to be a satire on those males who try to dominate or impose their views. However, it ended in giving an impression that it was the girl who was imposing and dominating.

The video, and its presentation raises few more questions than they answer. Are girls ready to marry any Tom, Dick and Harry, who doesn’t work and looks black or drinks and flirts with other girls? I don’t think majority of girls would be wanting such a guy to be their life partner, say husband, for even a brief period, considering the current life time of the married life.

Any girl would want a man working with an MNC with a flat in the suburb and a sedan to drive. If his parents don’t exist (they don’t think from where he came?), he is preferred as the in-laws problem is not there. He is expected to be fair and handsome with dress sense and lots of humour.

Now, doesn’t it sound like hypocrisy? The girl can expect anything from her future partner and if the boy expects something, he is a stinky fart. If he says, she may stay home with his mother (who, alas is another WOMAN!), he was regressive and obstructing her dreams. If a woman wants to work, well, she can get a job and go on. She can marry someone who was looking for a working wife. It is that simple! If someone wants a housewife, is it really a crime? If someone wants his wife to wear a saree and cover her legs, is he being retrograde? At the most (I am consciously not using – best), he can be called conservative.

Consider the case of a working mother. Her son, witnessing her toiling long hours in office and at home decides not to subject his wife same struggle of a working wife and mother, so that his children can get her spare time that a working mother could not spare. Will it be regressive or progressive? After seeing economic independence of the same mother, if his sister choses to be a working women, will it be progressive or regressive? In fact, it is simply how a person observes and analyses before responding to various situations. It is neither regressive not progressive. It is simply their choice! And, I feel, everybody is entitled to live their lives according to choices they chose themselves.

Coming to the marriage, everyone from the groom (or prospective groom)’s family looks at the girl in a different way. Groom’s father may evaluate status of the bride’s family. Mother may look for a girl on whom she can depend for her remaining life; after all she expects to spend more time with the girl in house. Groom’s sister may look for a girl who can be a friend in need. His brother may look for a girl who can play the role of mother and sister together. Finally, it is the groom that looks for a girl, who may be good in bed. If he has to think beyond bed, it would certainly be sum of criteria looked by all others.




Pakistan – The Warring Cousin creative.sulekha.com/pakistan-the-warring-cousin_621838_blog

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One can take Pakistan from India, but it is not possible to take India out of Pakistan.

From ancient times, this land had witnessed warring brothers and cousins. First reference to this effect was in Ramayana, the first epic which depicted the struggle between Vali and Sugreeva. Then, of course, there was Vibhishana, who played an important role in bringing down his own brother, the mighty Ravana.

With times, things have become complicated and the next epic dealt with politics played between warring cousins that climaxed with one batch getting annihilated.

As a child, I read a story, probably in Chandamama. There were two brothers doing penance on opposite banks of the river Ganga. Vexed with their penance and continuous chant in a loud and not so sweet voices, God finally decides to pay a visit. He goes to the elder one and grants a wish. Being a wise one, he enquires whether God had visited his younger sibling and granted any wish. “I am going by seniority, and first is your chance”, God replies.

Elder brother requests double of whatever his younger brother would wish. Sighing, god leaves to meet the younger brother. Without feeling happy to see the God, younger one enquires about the wish he granted to his elder bro. On knowing his bro asked for double of what he gets, the cunning little brother asks God to make one of his eyes blind.

God had nothing to lose and happily grants the wish.

Despite eons have passed, people and societies in the Indian subcontinent have not learnt lessons and they still remain either partially or fully blind, only thinking how much damage they can afflict on others.

Despite Pakistan was carved out of India only based on religious prejudices, people still retain the mentality that provokes them to strive for the destruction of India. This was simply due to the inherent Indian-ness that still functions in their minds, subconsciously.

Like the younger brother in the story, Pakistan was ready to lose one eye, hoping to turn India, full blind. Whether it was for trying to grab Kashmir or continuously engaging military throughout the border and exporting terror, Pakistan had not thought consequences of its actions over long time. When market is under recession, all production lies in stores. And when the shelf life is over, rotten production spreads disease in one’s own yard.

Now, the problem is few living creatures enjoy filth instead of despise. Future actions by Pakistan can indicate to what stage their thinking has stooped to. Have they recognized the piling filth in their country from their strategies aimed for across the border? Or have they accustomed to reveling in the filth so much, they forgo the future of their next generations?

Now comes the question – why and how India could not turn the way Pakistan had turned.

The reason is India had many a conflicts within and prides too much, bordering on arrogance, to recognize Pakistan, an equal enemy. And in the world of chaos India have within borders, somehow, Pakistan became the point of common enemy to all warring factions and so collectively, they strived to progress. And, India should be thankful to Pakistan for this.

Of course, there are few Indians who don’t want to credit Pakistan even for integrating India, at least during a 20-20 match or a one-day. They quote again:

One can take Pakistan from India, but it is not possible to take India out of Pakistan.  


Thesis of Mohammed Ayub Khan

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When I was browsing news, I came across an article, probably thesis of Mohammed Ayub Khan.  Perhaps he is one of those from Indian sub-continent settled in Caucasian country pretending they are better equipped to comment on a faraway third world nation.

Of course, he threw few facts.  Like Muslims in India really did not prosper from the Congress Governments that ruled India for a major period so far. He states, nevertheless, congress Governments have provided security to Muslims.  His refers to riots during partition, riots happened in 2002 and riots that took place in the recent past, after Narendra Modi assumed office of the Prime Minister.  I would like to remind subtly, to Mr. Khan that there were numerous riots that happened in the states ruled by Congress. 

If he is interested in facts, he may very well enhance the gambit of his research to find out the percentage of Muslim population in the cities riots happen.  One thing he wrote was correct.  There were few overacting politicians or Godmen feigning as if they represent the Hindus raised their voices.  As for the riots, he better get into the facts to find out why they happened in a state that was run by Azam Khan.

He claims, despite Supreme Court absolving, there were questions about Modi’s role in riots.  Modi’s Government has refused to identify Muslims as minorities and not doled out any special provisions.  So, the other alternative is Majlis from Hyderabad who wanted to cede Hyderabad to Pakistan.  Their ruler Mr. Owaisi, is not in jail and became MP, despite a video recording of him chasing a TDP member during elections was shown on TV.  With such a leader, Mr. Khan wants to rescue Muslims.  Another option to Indian Muslims, as per Mr. Khan is to form a National Muslim Party.  Seems he forgets there is one such party in Kerala. 

Now, I wonder how a national Muslim party can be secular and BJP is not.   Why he wants a special status to Muslims.  Is it not the policy of Congress in the last sixty years that failed to improve the condition of Muslims?  

In the riots happened during Congress times, especially in Hyderabad, it was Hindus those were killed a lot.  During those times, however there were no televisions to shout from rooftops spreading the menace.  Editors of print media exercised so  restraint never the death toll was given in terms of Hindus and Muslims.  Can Mr. Khan get the Government to release those documents?  In fact, one of the riots that happened in 1991, was rumoured to be organized by one Congress leader to overthrow the reigning CM of Congress. 

And, Mr. Khan, how secure are Hindus in Pakistan?  Why Pakistan has chosen to be an Islamic Republic rather than a Secular Republic?  Does it not show something to be suitable to do research for a doctorate?  Why population of Hindus reduced in Pakistan?  Why the Government there did not do anything over there?  What is your opinion on this?

Leave Hindus in Pakistan.  How many Muslims were killed in Islamic countries due to sectarian violence? 

If an illiterate Muslim preaches that Muslims has to worry in India, one can understand.  But, it pains when a doctorate student preaches such thing.  If you want to earn your dollars write on something else.  Please leave us Indians, both Hindus and Muslims.  We remain here, despite all our internal squabbling.  If you are really interested in solving the problems of Muslims, come to India and debate with Mullahs to allow Muslim Children to study and get more jobs.  Don’t try to bring religion out of one’s house.  It is personal and let it be personal. 

People like you, with some academic credentials speak of such nonsense, more Hindus will start oppose Muslims, as few Congress leaders found out in a hard way.  Politicians, BJP of Congress do not help people of any religion, be it Hindus or Muslims.  They only help their kith and kin, apart from financiers.  We believe we can lead better lives if politicians do not intervene with our routine.  And, this is applicable to Muslims as well. 

Link to Mr. Khan’s article



When I made a WRONG guess! creative.sulekha.com/when-i-made-a-wrong-guess_621716_blog

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During Emergency and subsequent movement by JP, I was a kid.  Still, I remember the flag of the erstwhile Janata party and people rallying to oust the Government that was basically a dictatorship.  Then I witnessed anti reservation movement in Andhra Pradesh, in which youth that supported and pushed NTR to grab power came out in streets against their ideal idol.  I was in college and one of the protesters remarked, “We still support him, except on this one issue”.  Those were the times when young sway to the tunes of Jana Natya Mandali. 

Immediately afterwards, VP Singh proclaimed himself as the anti-corruption messiah and I remember NTR organizing and coordinating another grand alliance.  Despite NTR was not a recognized name due to his very short political career he used all wits he learned in his trade and the efforts by the opposition pulled down the Government that has the largest mandate in independent Indian history.  BJP was frankly a no name at that time.  Still communists were the opposition in many a states and in other few, it was regional satraps that were alternative to Congress.

Somehow, VP could not continue with the coalition.  Sensing the opportunity, BJP invoked the mandir issue.  Probably believing offence is better defense, VP Singh countered with the mandal issue.  Bothe climaxed in two opposite results creating a mutual mistrust in Indian public between all religions and castes. 

Only the largesse of economic reforms by so far the best PM of India (at least in my view) could stabilize the society to some extent.   With reforms, in fact PV had made Congress and BJP same, except their names.  Before his time, there were two differences in the policies of BJP and Congress, they being the economic and foreign policies. 

Congress was pretending socialist and hence no open economy.  Extending the socialism to Communism, despite being the leader of NAM, India used to slightly incline towards Russia.  Even the American pampering of Pakistan ensured that India remained in the Russian gambit.  Secularism and Nationalism, despite being the trump cards of Congress and BJP, could not attract people in the earlier era.  As there were no issues, these two became main issues.

Then Kejriwal came donning the cap of Aam Aadmi.  After seeing the confidence he generated during the movement along with Anna, Kiran Bedi, I admired his organization skills.  When he contested elections, I thought it was a good sign, perhaps too good. 

During regular chat on politics in office, I commented “He is committing a mistake.  Present Aam Aadmi is not what he is thinking.  People were trained to expect freebies from the Government.  This fellow will ask them to pay taxes.  He will ask to behave as responsible citizens.  He will expect ordinary citizens to become regular citizens, with responsibilities.  Throughout the independent Indian history, people were taught only of their rights but never about responsibilities, unless during warlike situations.  Even to express patriotism, we need Pakistan, and mostly in the form of a cricket match.  He will win the elections and become CM.  Soon after, he will realize he was fighting for wrong kind of people and will resign to solitude and may not resume his social work that he was known for earlier”.  After long arguments and counter arguments, I successfully convinced my colleagues. 

                My first disappointment came when he did not win the elections, despite winning over the favourite CM of Delhi.  Then, to my dismay, he took support of Congress to form the Government and this was only expected from politicians like Lalu, Mulayam and Karunanidhi.  This could be done only by two sets of persons.  Either politically naïve or sheer opportunists!  I cannot expect politically naivety from Arvind.  Then, it must be the other one.  Now, I resigned to myself.  Then came the final nail shattering all my beliefs.  He resigned”

Alas, I was wrong.  It was not the Delhi public does not deserve him.  It was he, who do not deserve the public.  Yes, they were not good.  But, neither he was. 

At the end, my colleagues pooh-poohed me for the theoretical analysis as if I am a member of planning commission. 

Now, Kiran Bedi entered the arena.  This time, I don’t dare to guess.  Let the time tell.


Objectification of God

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We start with the conundrum: Did God create Man or Man created God?


Despite being named a conundrum, the puzzle fizzles out because it is not possible to ask God for an answer. And when the question is posed to humans, the fizzle becomes too much and one gets acidic.


Some believe in God. Many believe in God. Some of them love in God while the others hate them. A few, of course, ignore him. Now, it seems I classified God’s gender.


Most of humans, including many atheists agree to one basic character of God – He is supposed to represent that is GOOD. Normally, those who remain atheists remain because the concept of God is illogical and irreasonable.


However, many a wise men do believe in God, for the simple reason that true wisdom knows what is not known. So, unless there are clear answers for any question that can be asked, belief in God will exist.


Considering there is God, now comes who is he, what is he, how is he and where is he? I think it is time to reason out.


God is said to be the driving force of the universe and resides in heaven. God is also said to be ubiquitous, i.e., he is in all beings, living and non-living.


People lived in ancient times needed God whenever they were threatened by anything and everything. Even now, this need of God remain unchanged. However, unlike us, they stressed their evolving brains to decipher the metaphor – GOD. They did it in many ways.


God was initially objectified and personified. For the evolving humans, the nature was a mystery (which remained still, for most of the unexplained part, despite all advances in science). People worshipped Sun and Fire. Ancient Indians considered all five elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Sky as parts of nature that are necessary for life. Whatever is needed to survive and live is God. Yes, God was simple in those days. Give and take one or two elements, people world over in those days irrespective of their place of residence, have worshipped nature.


Slowly, with increasing advances in lifestyle, even in those times, people must have been stressed out. Hence, the quest for PEACE. It is the inner peace that they strove for. For the people with low IQ, prayers were devised, which are nothing but praising the God and requesting him for next meal. As always, there were few who thought beyond next meal, started MEDITATION. Now, for meditation, one needs to have good concentration. And, it is easier to concentrate on any object, rather than concentrating on nothing.


Objects used for meditation and prayers varied a lot from natural forms like fire to human forms, when God is portrayed as a human. Even the reproduction parts of human were considered to represent God.

[This particular worshipping object in the form of phallus was condemned by many, as it was perversion or simply eroticism. However, still there is no other equipment that can infuse life so easily in a process called sex using these parts, despite all advances in science. All that can grow in labs use one living block, at least. From where the first building block of life came? Science may answer this question in future, as it had answered so many in the past. Still, even when it answered, it remain something that even dogs, flies, animals could do and were doing since beginning. So, considering the value of life and the way it was valued in those days, gives an insight into these forms]


Let us see why objectification was necessary (at least in those days, or as long as we don’t really understand the concept of god).


Knowledge is propagated by language and books. Science has mathematics to explain through formulae. And mathematics used numbers to represent digits. Consider there were no digits, does it mean there is no mathematics or the rules of mathematics do not hold? No, Digits simply represent positions of values. Rules of mathematics still hold. Digits are used only for our understanding. If ‘8’ represents value of ‘SEVEN’ instead of ‘7’, does the value of SEVEN change? No.


Same with language. If ‘P’ is called “Queue’, does the letter comes complaining. Never. But the reader gets confused definitely. This is simply a process of standardization.


There are various languages and scripts to illustrate various facts, emotions and other nonsense. Even mathematics has hexagonal, decimal and other ways in which numbers were arranged. Parameters like length to weight are expressed in tens of units. Weight of the stone remains same irrespective of unit in which it was expressed.


Similarly, God remain unaffected even if he was portrayed or not. He doesn’t mind even if one prays, loves, hates or ignores.


Problem with evolution and in general, the mass psychology is many a times, people lost focus on the core but concentrate on paraphernalia. So, slowly prayers and meditation have more with the objects or their forms rather than the actual mental WILL that induces peace in the praying person. And, when great men resembling good were revered, after few generations, they become demigods before finally becoming gods.


Yes, few wise men think of this unwanted wavering of mind from the actual goal of praying or meditation. But, there were and are many holy men, for whom it is beneficial to keep general masses as followers.


Now, one prophet says objectification wavers mind from God to others and so does not want to depict the God and nor him. Does it mean the prophet wanted to kill those, who depict or portray God or him? No, he is too intelligent to warrant something so brutal like this. What does it mean? Now, even without any portrait, the same prophet who objected objectification had people killed in his name, by followers who claim they are following his rulebook. He would be devastated at such strange turn of events. He might have felt failed, after all his endeavours to remove objectification of God.


And, being the most powerful and omnipresent, God can take care of those who violate his rules. God even knows, who in his name incite people with not so evolved brains, to kill others promising virgins in heaven. And he delivers justice, at appropriate time.