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Having perused the subject notice for selection of Graduate Engineer Trainees in Air India Engineering Services Limited(AIESL), it is my earnest wish to offer my candidature for the same. However the stipulated qualification requirements perplexes me and many of the Aeronautical Engineering Graduates from the Universities in India.


First of all we fail to understand the importance of GATE SCORE in this Selection Process. If an Engineering Graduate has cleared all his semesterexaminations with no arrears and has good academic score of Grade Point Average of over 7 to 8, he is considered for jobs in any Engineering Organization. Generally the students appear for GATE Examination to go for Higher Studies and Research Field. At no point during our studies we realized that for jobs for General Engineering Jobs that too in our selected Domain requires GATE Qualification for getting Employed. For clarity I wish to state that there is no GATE Examination for AERONAUTICAL Engineering; the examination is being conducted for AEROSPACE ENGINEERING. Students who aspire for Higher studies only appear for GATE Exam. If we were aware that the Employment Criteria for Aviation Jobs included GATE SCORE, we would have tried to go for GATE COACHING like others. Now that at this juncture, when we are seeking for entry for jobs, if we are suddenly asked to get the GATE SCORE, it is a Denial of Opportunity for no fault of us.


I dream of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s job, but by this employment notice my ambition is getting shattered. As what we understand, the 4 year Aeronautical Engineering Graduation course make us comprehensively understand the Aircraft Design and System Technology, where as all other Engineering Graduates are not even given rudimentary knowledge of Aviation. By this open category recruitment, we Aeronautical Engineering Graduates feel that we are being ignored and considered secondary for even submitting an Application for a Job in Aviation.


By this I seek the Air India Management, Civil Aviation Ministry, and Human Resources Ministry shall take note of this injustice and give us an opportunity to compete with others in competing for a specialist job in Aviation.

With Highest Regards to the AIESL and Air India Management


I seek your direction.

Thanking all concerned



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