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What is ransomware? How to find what kind of ransomware you have been affected with?

Ransomware is a malware that takes over a computer and prevents you from accessing your data until you pay a ransom, as by said by John Villasenor, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.By using encryption key,ransomware encrypts data on the. Attackers will tell if you want to decrypt them, you have to pay, otherwise you will lose your data forever.

The digital extortion racket has been since 2005.Attackers have greatly improved their attacking skills with the development of ransom cryptware.  Recently, a large number of computers were hit in a cyber attack that targeted hospitals, agencies and even some tech companies. So including mobile app development companies Delhi NCR, all tech companies as well as healthcare companies are taking utmost care to combat ransomware.

How your computer gets infected with ransomware?

Mostly, the software infects computers through links or attachments in malicious messages that is known as phishing emails. Attackers try to deceive users by luring them to click on counterfeit attachments.

In order to inject the malicious ransomware code onto users’ computer,attackers encourage users toclick on attachment that takes them to an infected website. 

Find out what kind of ransomware you have

First, you will need to decide whether you’ve been hit by screen-locking ransomware, or any encrypting ransomware, or something that’s just shamming to be ransomware. Check whether you are able to access files or folders on the desktop or in the My Documents folder.

If you have been infected by screen-locking ransomware, you will not be able to get past the ransom note you see on your screen.

If you have been infected by encrypting ransomware, you can browse through apps or directories but can’t open your regular office files, photographs, movies or emails. This is the most common and most harmful ransomware.

If you can both navigate the system and access files, then you’re likely seeing something counterfeit that’s just trying to encourage you into paying. You need not considersuch ransom note.

How to avoid these ransomware attacks?

*If you’re on the affected network and already have been attacked or not yet attacked, disconnect your system from it.

*Use smartphone or a camera to take a photograph of the ransom note

*Reboot your computer in safe mode.

*Run antivirus software to clean the ransomware from machine

*See if there are decryption tools available.

There is no perfect solution to this problem.Users should regularly back up their data then it is possible to restore the files without paying a ransom.

Since they could unleash malware it’s important to avoid clicking on links or opening attachments in malicious email messages.

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If you want to develop any app with high security features, FuGenX will help you.

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Mobile Payments Boost Your Business. Really? Yes Really. i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/mobile-payments-boost-your-business-really-yes-really/

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Wow, there is a super surge in mobile payments. More and more people are using smart phones and tablets to pay online. For this reason, small business owners who are able to receive mobile payments are at an advantage over their competitors. In 2015, trillion dollars were transacted using m-payments, and analysts anticipate that that figure could be double by 2019. If you’re a business owner, you have a super-solid opportunity to benefit from m-payment landscape.

How mobile payments can boost your business?

M-payment solutions are growing rapidly and some of them are creating a huge impact on small scale businesses.Here are three main strategic objectives of m-payment that can boost your business.

Improve productivity

M-payment is important in order to increase business productivity.Whether you’re running a service based business or product based business,mobile payment technology can heavily contribute to your business in the following ways.

*mobile payments make buying easy for customers and increase sales.

*Mobile payments allow you to collect money on the spot — no more billing, invoicing and tracking past due accounts for service-based companies.

* User payment data collected from the app can be used to customize promotions and discounts, further it helps to increaseaverage sales.

*With the simplified billing system, you can decrease financial expenses

*Customers will become more loyal, which increases customers’ lifetime value.

Generate new businesses

Capacity to incorporate m-payments into existing operations can produce new income streams.Safaricon, Kenya’s leading mobile network operator launchedM-Pesa (mobile money transfer system) in 2007. According to Pew Global, today more than 65% of Kenyans use their phones to make or receive payments. Now 86% of Safaricom’s users use M-Pesa, 20% of Safaricoms revenues comes from M-Pesaand more than 40% of Kenya’s population use M-Pesa accounts. For your information, mobile application development companies Delhi are well-known for developing apps that generate new businesses.

Increase stickiness of core business

M-payment solutions can make sense when it is offered for free. It can decrease churn rates and increase customer retention. It enhances end users’ satisfaction level. It expands customer lifetime value. For example, an organization can use payment tools and apps to make users get hooked to your business, grow its user base and integrate other services to the same platform, like food ordering and taxi hailing, etc.

Yes, mobile payments are really making life easier for business owners and customers alike.

Want to develop an app or wallet app for your business’s growth?

If yes, FuGenX will help you. FuGenX is a global mobile app development company Delhi NCR, which has helped many businesses grow bigger, including India’s largest online grocery store Big Basket, and Byju’s.


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10 Celebrities Who Became Successful Entrepreneurs i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/10-celebrities-who-became-successful-entrepreneurs/

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Many people think that the majority of celebrities make money just being in spotlight.In fact, they don’t just make money just being in Hollywood or Bollywood, additionally, they choose to be in the business world. Being a star doesn’t bring in continuous flow of money all the times. In fact, only a few celebrities are really managed to move beyond their original careers and develop some seriously successful business empires. The story below about 10 successful celebrities will surprise you.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver living in LA.

Former model and actor, Patrick has been hard at establishing his own venture Blaze Pizza, a pizza corner. The restaurant is located at The Grove outdoor shopping mall in L.A.

Schwarzenegger raised money for the project by himself.

 “It’s been my responsibility to oversee everything. I’m the owner, founder, pizza maker, pizza lover and anything else you want to throw on in there.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are also known as the Olsen twins, who are American fashion designers and former child actresses. To promote their signature boho-chic style and make it accessible to all economic classes with the girls,in 2007Olsen Twins opened their first fashion line with Wal-Mart. Their love of fashion has expanded to open some other lines like elite fashion label the Row in London and Olsenboye with JC Penney. According to Forbes, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen achieves $ 1 billion from annual sales, and their combined net worth is around $ 100 million.

Shaun White

Shaun White is an American professional  snowboarder and skateboarder. He is a two-time Olympic gold medalist. He holds the X-Games records and the highest overall medal count, and has won 10 ESPY Awards. The professional snowboarder closely assists in developing products and contributing revolutionary strategies along with his multi-million endorsement contracts with Burton Snowboards, Oakley, Inc., Target, Red Bull and Park City Mountain resort.He has been invested in creating video games with Ubisoft such as “Shaun White Snowboarding” and“Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder”Since 2001. White is estimated to have earned $2 million per endorsement deal in 2012, according to Forbes.

Jaclyn Smith

The former Charlie’s angel Jaclyn Smithtransformed her passion into creating her own line of cosmetics and fashion.

When describing why she teamed up with Kmart, Smith stated Success:

I’ve always been one to take on challenges and go into unknown terrain.”

In her partnership with Kmart, Smith markets, designs and advertises and in 2008, she extended her apparel brand to the sale and production of artistic decor and furniture. The wise lady currently has a net valued at $75 million.

Clint Eastwood

Eastwood is a well-known actor and director and own Academy Award.EastwoodownsMission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant, as well as TEHAMA Golf Club. He is a worth of $375 million.

Paul Newman

Paul Newman is a renowned actor, and collaborating with A.EHotchner, he founded a non-profit company that sells food products. Newman died in 2008, however, his legacy lives on and the company reported that it is donating a total of $400 million dollars to struggling communities worldwide.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock, despite her success in the world of acting and also extending her career off and,shehas own production company, Fortis Films, which is responsible for the production of popular works that earned $212,742,720 worldwide, called “Miss Congeniality”.

Bullock runs two businesses related to non-entertainment in Austin, Texas: Bess Bistro, a Southern restaurant) and Walton’s Fancy and Staple, a florist/bakery.

Kathy Ireland

The former Sports Illustrated cover model Kathy Ireland has established a business of net worth of $ 350 million. Following her sock line with Kmart in 1993, Kathy started her own fashion company. As her products began to do well in the market, Kathy upgraded her business to Kathy Ireland Worldwide that sells apparel,furniture, bridal wear, and home and garden decor.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is an American actress, model, and businesswoman. In 2008, after her first child birth, she was prompted to create a company that would produce toxic-free products. Alba co-founded  The Honest Company , a consumer goods company that sells non-toxic household products, and she owns 15 to 20 percent share of the company.The company achieved $ 10 million in revenue within its first year of sales in 2012.

Paris Hilton


Most of Paris Hilton’s wealth is not from the Hilton legacy, instead it came from her alternative business line that sells cosmetic and fashionproducts. Paris was recognized as “The Billion Dollar Entrepreneur” by Variety magazine. In more than 40 countries, she has 45 stores, and her fragrance line alone almost reached $2 billion mark in 2014.

Hilton said in an interview with Forbes,

As a little girl I really looked up to them and wanted to do something of my own. I could never have become a trust-fund kid and lived off a monthly allowance. As a teenager, I always said I wanted to make my own money so I never had to ask for anything.”

She is reportedly earning an average $10 million a year from her various lines, which includes pet products, stationer, and bedding.

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8 Options to Raise Startup Capital for Your Business i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/8-options-to-raise-startup-capital-for-your-business/

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Running your own business is agreat decision. You’ve developed your business plan,everything is set, except capital.The type of funding you have to raise entirely depends on the type of business you are starting.There are several ways that are inherent to the start-up process itself, but the proper way of raising it is very crucial.

Enter into a partnership:

Partnership is one of the most common and straightforward methods. Capital investment partners bring a lot more to your idea.Somebody want their partners to take a passive role, others want as key stakeholders and partners in every part of the decision-making process.If they are ready to share industry knowledge, skill and dedication to your company’s profitability, partners would be one of the best fits.

Bank Loans

When you’ve to immediately bring your business to the market, taking loans from banks might be the only option in most cases. Getting a loan can be a risky attempt, when it is a big amount.It is important to understand terms and conditionsin your agreement, your payment deadlines,interest rates and any other fees.You mayalso wantto avoid taking a loan more than you need, which is obviously a good decision.

Getting state or federal funds

When it comes to raising funds for a new start-up, getting it from the state and federal grants is really beneficial. If you have limited options due to your chosen industry or location, there are some great opportunities to those who are adhered to the strict qualifications associated with modern business grants. Unlike a loan, you no need to repay grants.You can make sure that your initial capital will give you a head start to your business success.

Warrington Farm Meats recently got a loan approximating $595,000 from the Small Business Association. With the collaboration of Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation, and M & T Bank, Warrington Farm Meats extended its butcher shop to 9,000 square feet.

Crowd funding campaign

Relatively a new concept, crowdfunding enables businesses to receive funding from large groups of people, each donating small amounts. Usually the process happens over the internet. By using sites like Kickstarter.com, entrepreneurs can raise crowd fund.Individualswho collectively make up the crowdlike to receive more or less equity, incentives, or a special consideration in the final product.

Take advantage of your credit

During the recession of 2008, almost 60 per cent of small business owners relied on credit cards to avoid bankruptcy.Some want to rely on their personal accounts, and on the other hand, many banks offer credit cards for entrepreneurs.

Be a part of contests and other promotional programs

To help start-ups uncover new start-up capitals, many organization shost contests, competitions and other promotional programs.This can help you win substantial cash prizes, and get the increased amount of exposure.

Be a part of startup programs

Startup programs, obviously referred as accelerators or incubators, provide entrepreneurs a massive amount of information and ideas for startup success. Most of these initiatives are focused on technology, hospitality, healthcare and automotive industry. You can get opportunity to meet potential partners and investors here.

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Sleep ‘Aaramse’ Using These Top Gadgets! i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/sleep-aaramse-using-these-top-gadgets/

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Getting a good sleep keeps your body functioning at its best, keeps your blood pressure normal and enable your brain to work super fast. If you are not getting enough sleep, then it may reflect on your entire day’s every activity. So it is important that you should consistently get a good eight hours sleep at night.

Today a key secret behindgood sleep is right sleep-enablinggadgets in the bedroom. So I hope these products are helpful to you to sleep well.


Toronto-based tech company NORA says ‘Say goodbye to nose strips and ear plugs’.NORA is a top solution for snoring.

Nora is the first smart and non-invasive snoring solution that’s designed specifically to stop snoring.You place one piece of it in your pillow and the second pieceof it on a surface near your bed.  The mini pump in the pillow insert will inflate and deflate, gently moving the pillow when the device detects snoring, finally the result is stopped snoring

It was released on November 2016, NOVA is availablefor $300.

Nox Sleep Light

It is time to disable the alarm clock on your iPhone. Nox will help you fall asleep easily with soothing light and sound, and make you wake up naturally with smart alarm.

Nox is a smart sleep light designed to monitor, track, and improve sleep quality. By keeping a huge band on top of your mattress, the Noxsystem will be able to measure your sleep patterns, heart rate, breathing rate and how much you’re tossing and turning.

All the collected data are sent to an app connected to a bedside light that intends to provide you perfect lighting and sounds to make you wake up naturally. You can get sound sleep by the red wavelengths, and soothing sounds produced by the light that enhances melatonin levels.

You can order Nox online for $300.

Chrona Pillow Insert

It may look like a pillow, but it does a lot more.

Chrona is a device that turns any pillow into a ‘smart pillow’. It is able to monitor your sleep patterns at night. By measuring the movements of your head and torso, it can track and increases the quality of your sleep.

With the low-frequency noises it emit, it helps you getdeep sleep, and wakes you up with high frequency noises.

Chrona Pillow is available for pre-order online for $169, and delivery will be by January 2017.

Glo to Sleep and Wake Mask

This Sleep Mask will help your mind focus on the process of relaxation and sleep – naturally and effectively. Whether it’s for a full night sleep or just for a nap, this unique sleep mask will help you fall asleep quickly, sleep deeper, sleep longer and wake up for time.

It is available in various models from $29.99 to $39.99.

Sense Sleep System

It is a simple system that helps you understand your sleep, and wake up feeling great.

When the ball shaped gadget is placed on your bedside table and clipped the “Sleep Pill” (smaller than the quarter size) to your pillow, Sense monitors your sleeping behaviour and provides complete summary. The aim of the device is to help you understand and improve every aspect of sleep, by monitoring the conditions of your bedroom and recognizing your movements during the night, Sense is able to give you detailed insights on how you can sleep better.

This system is available online for $129.

UP3 by Jawbone

UP3 is designed to give you a complete picture of your heart’s health and your sleep. Heart rate is measured throughout the day, which helps you understand how the habits of your daily life affect your heart, and it also measures your light and deep sleep stages and provides tips for better rest.

Jawbone’s UP3 is available on its website for $129.99.

Some other similar gadgets that are available in market areUP3 by Jawbone,Hush Smart Earplug, RythmDreem Headband,Aura Connected Alarm Clock,and PowerSiesta.

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How to Get Top App Ranking on Google PlayStore? i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/how-to-get-top-app-ranking-on-google-playstore/

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Google Play Store has 3 million mobile apps, with 30 categories. This means on an average 100,000 apps are there in your category where you are competing across.Each and every mobile app developer wants their app to stand out and get it to the top of the store. To get to the top of the store requires various factors to be considered. Understanding your target audience, right time, app store strategy and many other things included in it.

Most of the mobile app development companies Delhi develop thousand of apps but as mobile application developers, you have to look into following areas to improve your app ranking and ultimately aiming it to get No. 1 ranking.

mobile app developers Delhi

Build a product whichpeople look for:

Paul Graham, the founder of world’s best startup incubator Y-Combinator, says “make a product which people want”.If you build an application that no one wants to use, then there will be no use. Your app has to be centred in fulfilling the user needs to a niche. A great app that is user-centric is “Grocery app”. You have to provide a service or productin such a way that users cannot survive without using it daily then only you are on your way to becoming successful  business owner. Google measures how much time users spend daily on your app, for every 100 users how many do not uninstall your app, and also measures frequency of app usage.

Organic Ranking:

Organic ranking means ranking to specific keywords after being optimized through app store optimization. This gives more visibility than coming through social media or in-app referrals.

Time spent:

If you develop an appthat users love, then only they spend more time onyour app week after week.The time spent by each user which is more than 1 hour per week help you rank no. 1. Best apps like Facebook and WhatsApp have users spending many hours per day.


If you get 100 downloads each day, how many userscontinue using your app after 30 days. And also check how many users have uninstalled your app. The possibility is the app which app hasthe highest retention rate in a category hasthe highest chance to be featured as no. 1 ranking app on Play Store.

Daily downloads:

The app with highest daily downloads has also a possibility to rank top on Google Play Store.

Overall downloads:

When yourapp downloads grow day by day and you keep improving your product or services, it helps you rank well. A stable and sustainable download is also crucial.

App Store Rating and Review:

In any category, the best apps have ratings above 4.4 out of 5. Don’t try to get fake ratings and reviews because Google measures “retention rate” and “time spent on the app” by users. In case if Google find any asymmetric correlation between these two, then it might penalize your app by decreasing your ranking.

Google tracks keywords like ‘like’, ‘useful’, ‘love’, and other positive keywords in the app reviews. Negative keywords like ‘not useful’, ‘hate’, ‘bad’, etc. are also considered.In case of negative keywords, you should try personally reachingusers who gave negative reviews.Listen to their concerns and try to work on that. The apps which have ranked well have positive keyword count of more than 1000.

Active Users:

Active users are those who use the apps frequently. 90% of mobile apps have active users that is below 10%. The apps which are ranking well have active user base of above 30% except gaming apps.

Keep the above factors in consideration while working for app ranking, which will improve your app store ranking drastically.

Want to develop an app that can achieve No 1 App Ranking on Google PlayStore?

If yes, we are here to help you, as a premiere mobile app development company Delhi NCR. We at FuGenX develop apps that people like to download and love to use. We are giving services from app design to development and promoting your app on the app store. FuGenX is also one the foremost iPhone app development companies Delhi.


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There are many steps in the website design and development process. However this version can be utilized by anyone, regardless of who they hire to design their web site. I hope this helps when considering building your own site.

The exact process may have changed slightly, but the basic process is the same, from designers to designers.

Information about website

The first step in developing a successful web site is to collect information. It is most important one, it refers the understanding of your business goals and dreams and how the web can be utilized to help you achieve those goals.


During the planning, your web designer will help you decide what technologies should be implemented. When planning your Web site, such as CMS (content management system), any contact forms, etc. to discuss what would be needed.


Your web designer for your website, create one or more prototype designs. It usually appears as a .jpg image of the final design. Your designer should allow you to view your project design and development stages. So you will have the opportunity to express your likes and dislikes on the site is designed.


The development stage is the point where site itself is created. At this point, your Web designers to take a sample from the individual graphic elements of the original use them to create a functional site.

On the technical front, a successful Web site requires an understanding of front-end web development. It involves a valid HTML / CSS to increase the flexibility of the functionality of the current web standards compliant code, as well as writing for as large an audience.

Testing and delivery

Your web designer will attend the final details and test your web site appears. They will test things such as functionality of forms or other scripts, viewing difference between different web browsers, ensuring that web site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most browser versions.

Once you have your web designer to give its final approval, it’s time to deliver on. An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program is used to upload files to your web site servers.


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Everything You Need to Know About Airbnb’s New Services i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/everything-you-need-to-know-about-airbnbs-new-services/

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Airbnb is looking to go beyond being simple accommodation booking place to a complete travel experience destination.

Airbnb app upgraded itself to completely new and additional experiences. In addition to booking places to stay, Airbnb allows hosts and locals to offer different tours.At an event, CEO Brain Chesky said the goal behind upgrade is to give travellers guidance on what they can do in the destination. These services have been in its agenda, as of June, the services appeared on the beta.

For Airbnb, it gives another layer to interact with customers.With the monetization of these services, Airbnb can establish itself as a full-pledged company.Now being a merely competitor to hotel companies like Marriott, Airbnb is having an ample of opportunity to be a real competitor.

If you’ve traveled – domestically or, internationally, you can get guidance to what are the things you can do. “Trying food”,or “finding museum”are much easier with Airbnb.Airbnb wants to focus on the things that can have more targeted recommendations.

Chesky said, most of the experiences cost under $200.Users can have preview of experiences before booking it. Walking tours or lessons in astronomy in the areacould be experienced by users as demo.

The hosts will be able to cash in more than just booking their homes.With the growingeconomy,it is opportunity for locals who are experts in serving customersfor generating some extra cash on the side.

Airbnb is alsotrying to make booking tables at restaurant. There is also a possibility for users to have details on trips. When booked anything, for example tourist places, meet-ups or experiences, users can check for what to do next while travellingon phone.

Airbnb is continued to face pressure from the authorities so it is important for it togo beyond just being a booking experience.In October, Airbnb sued the legislature of New York City as that said renting home for less than 30 days is illegal and accommodation advertisement is also illegal.

Its new services may not help Airbnb reach $30 billion valuation in a short while, but help to grow further. It enables the company to compete with not only hotels, but also travel companies. Chesky said, changes arenow live,starting in 12 cities.

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And also read: How much will it cost to make app like WhatsApp?


How Apps Can Transform Hotels and B&Bs? i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/how-apps-can-transform-hotels-and-bbs/

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Mobile apps are really helpful for all types of businesses in the current business world. Mobile app is an advanced way to promote your business and engage customers. Today, most of the travellers are Smartphone owners. They have access to any hotel they want, & anytime they want through app, whether it is Android, Apple or Blackberry. Travellers prefer mobile to get all the details of the hotels, rooms, food and many more. The app allows customers to check availability of room, plan upcoming events and view events in the area. Many of mobile app development companies Delhi develop this kind of apps.

Some of the top advantages of mobile apps for hotels and B&B’s are….

Customer Loyalty

Apps improve the customer loyalty. If you have an app for your hotel or B&B, existing customers can easily be persuaded to come to your hotel. If your existing customers download your app, it makes them get hooked to your business. If you provide good services both on your app and in person, it will increase the chance of customers returning back to your business. The app helps to get in touch with the guests before, during and after the stay. It creates a good relationship between you and your customers.

The informed customer

With the mobile app, the guest has the opportunity to order in room meals, have special requests, shop in-hotel items, and give feedback for the services provided during the stay. Through apps, customers can contact you easily and they get information immediately.  Apps keep guests updated, so they feel great to get in touch with you. Apps allow customers to find out more details about your hotel or B&B.

Push Notifications

It is one of the great features in the apps. It provides a significant boost be active around hotels offers. When people come to the area where your hotel is in, prompt them push notifications to grab the offers in your hotel. And also you can notify users on any deals or offers so that it could encourage them to grab the offer. These things help to keep your hotel top users preferences.


With apps, customers can have access to find out whatever they want, and whenever they want it. For more details, you are always there to provide an immediate help. This will keep your customers satisfied and improve efficiency. Apps help customers make reservations and special requests, and also the booking process is easier for them to stay in your hotel.


Apps allow you to showcase special offers in your hotel. With good images, you can better showcase offers in your hotel. If you are the B&B owner, you can better showcase food items.And also you can integrate maps, directions and local attractions into your app.


Apps are the best way to show you are capable ofproviding better services to your customers. You can understand the needs of your customers by monitoring the customer’s behaviour. One more thing is that in-app messaging, through these customers can communicate with support team effectively and easily.

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Making Life Easier in Turkey with these Top Mobile Apps i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/making-life-easier-in-turkey-with-these-top-mobile-apps/

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A decade ago, it was not very easy to roam in the places where you are not familiar with. It might have been a language barrier or unfamiliarity with the culture. But now, the technology made it very easy. Mobile apps have become a helping companion, in hailing a taxi, ordering your favorite food through online, shopping or as a guide to go around the city.Turkey is one of the friendly country, though,you need guidance and support while you are travelling in Turkey. Mobile app development companies Delhi in India, Turkey, Spain and Italy are developing some good mobile apps, which could help to explore Turkey better and easily. All these apps are available for free in all play stores.



It is difficult to get taxi during emergency or rainy days, but you no need to worry when you are in Turkey. Similar to Uber, Bitaksi app gives you access to the taxi network of Istanbul, Ankara. This app finds the nearest taxi and gives you the list of it. With BiTaksi’s live map, you can see driver’s name, photo, license number and ratings as well. At the end of the trip, you can rate driver and give comments on him. Cashless payment is also available. As BiTaksi cares for its passenger’s safety, the app allows to share the route with family and friends. You can calculate the fare between your destinations. With easy access and useful features, you can ride safely anywhere in Istanbul.


If you don’t know the language where you stay, you can’t call the restaurant and order the food as the respondent is unable to understand your requirement. Yemeksepeti is developed with the intention of helping people tackling such kind of situations. It is a top most online food ordering app in Turkey, with more than ten thousand restaurants in 65 cities. You can select your district, restaurant and add your dishes of choice into the basket and select your payment type and order. If you wish, you can pay at the door cash or with credit card or easily order online with credit card option. Your food will be delivered to your door in an average of 30 to 45 minutes! Yemeksepeti also offers special coupons and promotions for many restaurants in the network. So you can get two pizzas for one price, discount on seafood, or a free bottle of Coke depending on the franchise and available deals.


If you are looking for open table kind of place for your parents or friends who come for a visit, this app helps you to choose the best place in the town for you. You can take a look into the 360 degree photos of the restaurants you wish to book. You can browse the restaurants according to cuisine, distance, ratings, price range, properties and payment type.You can filter the results by distance,average price,review score or special discounts. Before completing your reservation, you can also send your notes and special demands to the restaurant. Also Fixtable enables tracking and edit option for your reservations. You can also give rating and comments for the restaurants you visited.


Commuting is one of the major headaches for the people who are visiting new places. MetroIstanbul app is designed to guide you to reachany destination. Istanbul’s underground railway network is not as like New York or London. You can’t head straight towards the first train you see. This app is developed to guide you towards your metro ride. MetroIstanbul shows exact timetables, ticket fares, terminals and the stations available on the map. It also shows the routes for bathrooms, parking lots and elevators. It shows directions to the closest station you choose from your current location. But keep in mind that, it works only online, no offline access.

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar is one of the world’s largest and oldest covered markets located in Istanbul, with 61 covered streets and over 4,000 shops, which attract between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors daily. Grand Bazaar is an ultimate guide and navigation app to the magnificent Grand Bazaar. This app includes an up-to-date map with easy and uncomplicated navigation. You can completely discover and experience the historical trader center ‘Grand Bazaar’ with this app.

Grand Bazaar is a must see place for everyone, whether you are a native Turk, an expat or a tourist. It is a first stop to enter the Turkish culture and hospitality with rich cultural heritage and nostalgia filled stores. Even native Turkish people feel it’s difficult and challenge to know where to go in this puzzle. It has dozens of twisting streets and thousands of different shops. Grand Bazaar app will guide your adventure in this historical place. It is easy to navigate with up-to-date map of Grand Bazaar included in it. You can filter your search and look for a specific shop and even get information for more than 1,800 stores. You can also find the nearest exchange offices or ATM’s in Grand Bazaar app.      

BlaBla Car

An entrepreneur couldn’t find a cab on Christmas Eve and he noticed many cars having lots of empty seats.  This led to build BlaBlaCar. It is the most popular ride sharing service across Europe and now spreading over Asia. If you are travelling long-distance in your car, you can offer a ride to other members. Or if you need to travel, choose a ride and agree forcost. You can have chat with the driver through BlaBlaCar app and give required details and complete your payment. This app acts like a trust builder between the drivers and passengers and reduces travel cost.


Kaave helps you with cup readings. You just need to take photos of the inner side of the cup and submit it with your personal details such as name, date of birth, and relationship status. Based on the symbols in your cup and the details you provided, Gloria and her friends will read your cup and send your fortune telling, directly to your smartphone. It is as easy as pie!Kaave enables the unique way to share your readings: Fortune cards! You can create your beautiful fortune cards and share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can login into Kaave using your Facebook account and the readings will be directly mailed to your email. Kaave is a free app and allows you to use its basic features. But you need to pay for the premium fortune tellers.

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How do you use technology in classroom? educationapp.quora.com/Best-Education-apps-both-Android-and-iOS

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Today, technology is everywhere. Technology became an integral part of everyone life. In shopping, banking, and learning, everywhere mobile app is playing a very vital role. Using technology to teach in classroom is the best way to reach children easily.  In this field so many professors have realised that using technology is the best way to teach in classrooms. When teachers explaining anything, student should not think that it’s difficult to understand, rather the learning should be entertaining. Students can get more than what they’re expecting in the classroom. If classroom includes digital tools, it’s not only useful for students it will also be useful for teachers as well.

Here I am giving the list of examples that understand you why your school should implement technology in classrooms.

1. For research purpose, documents are more important. Students can easily prepare this using a camera.

2. In higher education, when students need to create an architecture using 3D images, they can easily do it using 3D app creator.

3.  Mobile app technology helps students having interactive classroom discussion

4. Technology helps the teachers prepare their students for the real world environment. As every country is becoming increasingly technology-dependent, it is important for every citizen to have an understanding of technology. So students need to be tech-savvy people from now.

5. Using the technology in teaching make students more responsible for their own learning.

6. Students will show more interest to engage with classroom teaching.

7. Teachers and students both will have the access about digital textbooks and updated versions.

8. Teachers and students get the chance to discover more learning apps.

9. Using tools for daily learning makes students get excited about next day topics.

10. When mobile app technology is available in classroom, students can easily know about latest updates.

11. Educational organizations can adopt game apps for teaching, especially for younger students.

12. Helps to find quiz apps from online stores, which will help teachers to conduct some different types of quizzes.


Warby Parker  Principal Software Engineer in New York, NY, United States

Learn more

13. Students can be more active in the classroom.

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How Nougat is different from earlier Android versions in terms of security? i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/how-nougat-is-different-from-earlier-android-versions-in-terms-of-security/

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Google shared information about new security features in mobile OS update, Android 7.0 Nougat, including streamlined software updates, faster direct boot and enhanced integration with corporate directions.

Google provided a top-level new security and management tools in Android Nought and Android for work.Nougat has some of the most notable security improvements for Android users and IT administrators.

Android Nougat platform security enhancements

Direct boot-faster access to basic functions

Booting an encrypted Android handset has been a slow, in which the user enters a PIN code to unlock the access during the boot process, which is later followed by a unlock code.Then only the phone is ready to use. In this the drawback was that the access to apps was all.

Android Nought quickens access to basic functions such as alarm clock and phone, by distinguishing storage into two areas ‘device protected storage’ and ‘credential protected storage’. An app created to use the ‘device protected storage’can make available some of the core functions quickly without the use of PIN. But apps accessing credential storage require the decryption PIN as basic requirement.

And hardware-backed encryption keys are required for all new Android phones that run Nougat.

App security and abuse prevention

According to Google, apps developed for previous Android versions are allowed for easily sharing user permissions with other apps.In Nougat, the company cracked down on permission sharing between apps. And also in Android Nougat, apps with device admin permissions can prevent users from uninstalling the apps that are no longer locked out of their devices or users, and PIN, passwords can be changed.

Seamless Android updates 

When Nougat software updates are available for new phones, then users could choose to download and install apps in a separate on device partition, so during the process they don’t need to stop using their phones or tablets. When they next time reboot their phones, the new software will automatically install more quickly than in the past. Only new phones will have access to this feature.

Google removed ‘app optimization’ step of the Android upgrade process, so new OS patch is applied then Nougat devices will not be useless for 10 minutes or more, while apps optimize for the changes.

Android Nougat 7.0 corporate security enhancements

Google didn’t give many specifics about the security features in Nougat, but it offers a glimpse of some of the most interesting improvements.

Nougat’s ” never VPN ‘

An improved ‘always VPN’ feature, IT force can use a VPN to connect the web to some business applications. If it is not available or can’t connect to VPN, the apps don’t share any data.

Android ‘ work security challenge’

A ‘work security challenge’ feature allows IT to set separate, complex passwordsto protect particular work data, and using Android profile, users can have simple PIN or codes to access their personal data.IT can set restriction that lock certain apps, and admins can choose to use the login screen which canbe different so users visually know when they log into the corporate services.

Work mode in Nougat

A new “workmode” dropdown menu on Android Nougat looks like a briefcase icon,which allows users to disable apps related to work after hours.

Nougat phone and dialer tweaks

According to Google, in Android Nougat dialer components integrate with directories and corporate systems, so users can search both work and contact lists from one place. Call logs can be separated into personal lists and business. If a business person receives a call from someone in their work directory, their caller id set by admins notify them that the call is likely work related.

QR code provisioning in Nougat

A new Nougat feature allows IT admins to provision devices that are not compatible for NFC “Android bump” feature, using a QR code.

New remote bug reports and process logging

Nought give admins more options to request remote bug report through Android remote diagnostic tools, in many cases, users must approve request for access to potentially sensitive information.

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Singapore’s NuTonomy beats Uber in launching first driverless taxi service i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/singapores-nutonomy-beats-uber-in-launching-first-driverless-taxi-service/

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Self-driving cars and taxis are the buzz of the industry. A new trail at every step forward is that everyone is trying to grab the headlines.

The world’s first public trail of a self-driving car service has been officially launched by driverless vehicle software start-up namely  NuTonomy in Singapore on 25th August.  NuTonomy Company was founded by two MIT researchers specializing in self-driving vehicles and mobile robots. It has offices in US and Singapore and it is the first company in the world to offer public rides in driverless cars, beating out competition from its competitors like Uber but also outfits such as GM and Lyft, which also have the same aim.

Singapore-based riders will be able to request a NuTonomy taxi using their Smartphone’s for free initially. The new taxi trail currently consists of six vehicles on the road at lunch. Each of them has a complex system of lasers that operate like radar to monitor the car’s surroundings. More cars will be rolled out in the next two years, according to an AP report.

NuTonomy is not a car manufacturer, these are not futuristic vehicles designed for a driverless future. Similar to Uber’s Pittsburgh plan, NuTonomy’s cars, which have adapted Renault and Mistsubishi electrics that have been equipped with the company’s software and cameras.

There is a driver in the front, but the cars are doing the driving themselves, and the driver is only there to monitor the performance and as a backup in case something goes wrong. The vehicle is fitted with an array of sensors, several advanced dash cameras, and laser based radar system that helps to monitor traffic conditions. Driverless taxis can reduce the traffic congestion problem.

The problem associated with driverless taxis is that they cannot travel for long distances. For now, the taxi will run in a limited 2.6 sq mile area. Also, there are designated pick-up and drop-off spots so it is not possible to get on or outside the car at your convenience.

While many of companies around the world are investing heavily in developing their own driverless car systems, NuTonomy also has local competition from Delphi, which aims to start testing a similar self-driving taxi services next year.

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What is Expedition App? i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/what-is-expedition-app/

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Expedition is a virtual reality educational app that allows you to travel in your own world to learn things. It was released by Google on July of this year. Expeditions enable teachers to bring students on virtual trips for places like historical landmarks, underwater locations, museums and a ton of other locations.Through this app, you will be able to host your own tour in any location.

Especially this is built for classroom environments and other small groups. Expedition allows a teacherto guide classroom-sized groups through virtual reality, 360-degree video and 3D images, annotateddetails, point of interest, and questions that are in the syllabus.Teachers can incorporate Expeditions into their lesson plans.

You can use this app with Android tablets and phones. Expedition app will run on any Android device running KitKat (Android 4.4 and above) but multiple devices are needed to use to this app. The phoneshould have the following features to support Expedition.

·         A gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer for determining orientation and doing head-tracking in virtual reality viewer

·         High resolution screen-1080p

·         Minimum of 2GB RAM

·         2.4Ghz 5GhzWi-Fi support

·         16GB flash memory

If yourdevices have all the above specifications, then download the Expeditions app from Google Play. You will get a brief demonstration of the app when you open it first time.


App features

You can guideclassroom-sized groups of locally connected users from your tablet or tablet.

Phones with cardboard– You can put your Android phone into a Google Cardboard viewer to explore along with a guide in immersive VR or use a phone in 2D magic window mode.

Networkconnection-Ifthe devices connect to the same Wi-Fi network and the Guide has downloaded some Expeditions, there is no need for internet connection to run the Expedition.

You can choose from a growing list of 200 Expeditionsand the each one is a selected set of VR imagery along with integrated descriptions, questions and talking points.


Google is working with a number of partners like WNET,PBS, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the American Museum of Natural History, the Planetary Society, David Attenborough with production company Alchemy VR and many of the Google Cultural Institute museum partners to create custom educational content that spans the universe.


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What is the Future of Video Chat? i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/what-is-the-future-of-video-chat/

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Today there are many ways for personal and business communication. But in that, most of the communications are through face-to-face, voice and text platforms. Around55% communication is face-to-face, 38% are through voice only platform, remaining 7% is what words you speak with text. In the text message, various icons and small images are used to express emotions, but nothing beats the precision of direct dialogue. That’s why video chats are very important and popular.

Video chatting via mobile phones is higher compared to video chats through websites. The major platforms for video chats on mobile are Face Time, Viber, Skype and Hangouts.The best mobile apps development services company Singapore is more preferred to develop these kind of apps.Video chat is gaining momentum owing to its real-time connectivity feature. By following the best video chat software, businesses can reduce operational costs in the area of customer support.

The future is likely to be intensified with the video chatting through following devices:

Smart Watches:

It is rumoured that the second generation of the Apple Watch will have a front camera with the capability to shoot video. Currently the smartwatch technology support audio calls, and it may soon include video calls.


WhatsApp is free and popular instant messaging service. It works on cross-platforms such as Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows platforms.It is the most widely used messaging app and it has over one billion users as of February 2016. It is traditionally used for sending text messages, images and videos, but the next embodiment of WhatsApp is likely to include live video chats.

Group Video Chats:

Google Hangout, Skype and Jibe Mobileare allowing users to makevideo calls in the group, and other companies are planning to follow this. The ability to handle group video chats are also becoming important for businesses.

Video Chatting Can Be the Future of Medicine:

In the U.S, most of the doctors test their patients through video calling. If this practice will continue, then there will an enormous benefit for both healthcare organizations and patients.

            With video chatting, there is a potential to reduce miscommunication. When 55%, 38% and 7% of communication are all brought together, the accuracy could be improved.

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6 Key announcements from Google Annual Conference 2016 i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/6-key-announcements-from-google-annual-conference-2016/

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Google hostedits annual developer conference on May 18th this year. In the event, thetech giantunveiled a number of major announcements and new products.Each Android application development company kept an eye on the 2016 annual conference of Google.

Let’s find out everything it announced:

Virtual Reality

Google has been trying from last two years to dive in low-end VR with Google cardboard, to deliver VR for YouTube, and Street View. Google is also thinking beyond the limitations of cardboard, and has developed aperfect layout for a headset which can be shared with the third-parties, alongside a natty little controller which replicates Siri-powered pointer by Apple.


Google speculated this feature gets unveiled at the end of this year,Google home has Assistant built-in, and its voice-recognition technology is the best in class.Google Home is a voice-activated home product that allows you to get answers from Google, and manage everyday tasks.

Android Wearable

Android Wearis a major update: Version 2.0, which includes several new features, but it has been changed dramatically by now.Android Wear makes the smartwatch independent and most powerful. Smartwatches can use its dedicated app instead of connecting to smartphone via Bluetooth.The best thing for android Wear is that it has the new fitness functions that can tell when you should go to exercise. Andit’s also become easier to respond to messages because Smart Reply and handwriting recognition are admitted. Google speculated that this will soon be released this summer.

Google Assistant

Google Now, which responded to voice queries, but it always seemed outdatedcompared to Siri and Cortana. At I/O,Google announced it upgraded Now to Google Assistant, it can smartly reply to the questions. Google Assistant is apparently about anything like food ordering, tickets booking, etc. The advantage of an Assistant is that it is not just built in a phone, it spans Google’s new messaging app Allo, Android Auto, the new Google Home speaker and so on.

Allo and Duo

Allo is Google’s new smart messaging application,which works like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangout etc. But Google’s AI has built in. For example, “Smart Reply” feature can suggest responses for when you don’t want to type your own. You can also call on Google Assistant within Allo, asking it questions within chats. Duo allows video calls. The both Allo and Duo features are coming for iOS and Android in the summer.

Android N

With Android Nougat, Google demonstrated how notifications can be answered to the alertwithout opening an application. And multi-windowing, which allows you to make notes while watching a video. If particular apps have not been updated in a while, then Android N will also automatically close and offers you a “close all” option on the screen.Android N will be out later this summer.

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Best Apps for Organising and Planning Business Tasks i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/best-apps-for-organising-and-planning-business-tasks/

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Now a days, mobile app is playing a vital role in all sorts of businesses, and with the help of this, it has been easier for businesses to organize all aspects of business operations. If you also have an idea to develop a mobile app for your business with the help of mobile application development companies, the best mobile apps development services company Singapore could be a right choice to you, as they are internationally recognized for mobile app development. Now let’s come to best apps for organizing and planning business tasks.

Apps for your to do lists

Remember the Milk:

 Remember the Milk is a very popular application for organizing your to do lists. You can prioritize the things in the best possible manner and set reminders to do it well.

Platforms: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile.

Ever note:

Take notes, grab a screenshot, and record an audio and copy link of that – Ever note captures all this information and then maintains it, indexes and makes searchable.

Platforms: iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows.


Even though it is a calendar app, Calvetica provides a great overview of your tasks if you have the habit of scheduling them for specific times.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

Apps to track income, expenses and tax:


Record keeping is a free app to help small firms, it gives a good idea of the tax you owe.

Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


ZipZipBooks is an Android App for tradesmen and small property businesses to help them to manage various business records in line with HMRC requirements.It also allows you to maintain CIS records in the easiest manner.

Platforms: Android 2.3 onward


MyBizTracker is a free iPhone app that makes it easy to record income and expenses and HMRC requirements.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch)

 Apps for your passwords:

 Tap Form:

This iPhone database app stores all your personal information and passwords securely.

Platforms: iPhone


This app lets you automatically generate and save new passwords and also this you can use to store IDs, credit cards, and other personal information, which helps in auto-filling details on any website.

Platforms: Android, iOS (on iPhone, iPod and iPad)

 Apps for your files:


Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers, regardless of location. Also you can share your files and photos with others.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad


SugarSync app automatically synchronizes files and folders across multiple computers,which allows you to access documents, photos and music regardless of location. SugarSync also provides automatic, continuous backup of all of your files.

Platforms: PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile

Google Docs:

Google Docs allows you to view, share and edit documents, spreadsheets and PDFs from other computers or from your mobile phone.

Platforms: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows


Apps for tracking your parcels:


With the FedEx app, you can track packages while they are in transit and also you can find the nearest FedEx office wherever you are.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry

Delivery Status Touch:

Delivery Status Touch allows you to track packages of many companies, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, TNT. You can also use this app to track orders from Amazon and Apple, even before they even ship. With the integrated Google map, you can see package’s location.

Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac

 Apps for organizing your thoughts:


 iMindmap can help improve the way you think, plan, study, create, present, and organize.

Platforms: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone

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How to Achieve More App Downloads? i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/how-to-achieve-more-app-downloads/

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You develop one app with the help of the mobile app development companies Mexico or in your preferred city and then check it, is it working or not? If, it is working in all devices, then you feel proud for designing that particular app. The work for your app just not ends when it is developed and made it available for download on the Google play or App store. So you have to start promoting it now, using app store optimization or other techniques. Following are some tricks to increase your app downloads using app store optimization (ASO).This is for higher app ranking and more downloads.

Top Tips to Increase App Downloads with ASO:

App title:

 It is very important that the app name has the keywords that describe your app type. Here are some tactics for your app name.

*225 characters is the limit in that only 25 will show up in search results. So try to put all the important keywords within that 25.

*Avoid using the names that are already popular, it can through your app out of the completion. It doesn’t mean you’re app shouldn’t contain appropriate keywords.

*keep your app name short and easy to remember.

App Description:

 In this field, you have the opportunity to present number of App’s features, as well as any awards that your app has won and other references worth mentioning. Make sure writing a good and quality content for your app, based on that the user can have an idea about your App. Google has a one nice feature i.e. Google Translator. It is helpful to your description to be localized in many languages.

Keywords in description:

Using keywords in the description is very crucial, suppose if you developed a camera app, you should use ‘camera’ word at least 3-4 times the description, which is good for readers as well. The three important things that are using keywords in description are not much usage of keywords, not too long or too short keywords, and keep it in balance.

Make A Video:

Video has a greater impact. In just a few seconds, convey the users with why the App is worth of downloading. Through this video, show how the App can fulfil their needs. Also you can post this video on the App’s website, and some social media sites. If you want to yield more from the video, translate into the most common languages. It will be helpful for you to make your app downloaded by the global users.


Screenshots are also equally important as videos, and sometimes, it is more important, as everybody doesn’t want to play the video as it consumes more data. Suppose if you have developed an App related to electronic products and then show well-designed and well-placed electronic products in your screen shot. Replace it with kid, if it is a kids app. The purpose of the screenshot is to make users take quick action. Having at least 3 screenshots is better for one app. Each screenshot should contain a different instance of the app.

Use of the cover image:

As images interact more with people than text, these are a strong visual element of your app. Place  app name or logo over the cover image of your app, which can really help to boost your downloads. Don’t use the same images which are used in the screen shots. Unique images are better to use.

There are so many other ways to increase downloads for your app, which can include limited discounts, you can offer your app for free or at half price for a period of time. With the above tips you can start increasing your app downloads for your app and start earning money.

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How online grocery shopping is playing important role in India? i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/how-online-grocery-shopping-is-playing-important-role-in-india/

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Buying grocery is out of the amusement. Going to restaurants and movies are optional, which you can stop,but it is difficult to survive without soap, toothpaste,fruits and vegetables.In the rapid pace of the city, tedious travel and long working hours, mostpeople don’t have time to buy groceries.

Buyers are now very comfortable with online shoppingto order clothes,electronics,and shoes,among others. Selling groceries online has become easier with online payment facility.Grocery apps seem to be the next big thing in the online retail domain. The way this industry is booming, it is definitely scope for the younger players.Mobile apps have made online ordering easier than ever. To fulfil the demand of mobile apps for grocery sector in India, there have many mobile app development companies came to the market.

FuGenX Technologies is one such mobile app development company in India which has helped many online grocery retailers with world-class app development, including Big Basket. Grocery app developed by FuGenX helped Big Basket double its sales and profit. FuGenx is also an emerging mobile application development companies Singapore.They have dedicated team of developers excelling in various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry.

Why Grocery Apps are in more demand?

E-shopping concept has been dominating the retail sector all around the world. Grocery and other FMCG products have also been influenced by the same, so making their way to be shopped online. In India grocery app market has been emerging from day by day.Ayear in the third quarter of 2015, revenue increased by $120 million for 5startup grocery apps. This shows how people are responding to the grocery applications.

The worth of food and grocery industry in India is around $ 383 billioncurrently and is expected to touch the magic figure of $1 trillion in 2020. The growing number of people are more inclined towards online shopping, without doubt grocery apps will set bigger trends in the coming years. Retailers of groceries started thinking in a smart way ofdeveloping an app which are similar to BigBasket, Grofers, and Pepperfry. By developing an app both retailers and customers are having benefits, so it is like win and win policy.

Tips to get success inGrocery Apps:

FuGenxis a leading grocery app development company in India, which has developed many highly successful grocery apps including Big Basket App, with advanced features and functionalities. Below are the tips given by FuGenX for successful Grocery apps:

Rich in UI& UX:

Grocery app with rich UI& UX is of utmost importance, which helps users use appseamlessly. Clutter-free app screen, smooth navigation, and user friendly interface are the most required features for app.

Clutter-free product list:

The app should contain each products in separate categories so that users can easily choose the requiredthe products. For example,different categories of cosmetics, dairy products, pulse & spices, etc.

Easy order placement in real time:

Users should be able to easily add their products to their carts. After placing orders, they should be able get information such as order no., delivery time, etc.

Different Payment Modes:

There should be different payment options in grocery apps, including credit/debit card payment, mobile wallet payment, COD, etc.

Why choosing FuGenX for Grocery App is Beneficial?

There are many reasons to choose FuGenX for developing a grocery app. FuGenX is already a part of BigBasket’s big success.Big Basket is India’s largest online food and grocery store with over 18,000 products and 1000 brands. FuGenX not just developed an app for Big Basket, it developed app that helped Big Basket as a magnetic material to attract customers from nook and corner of the country, and investors from invisible sources.

FuGenX has professional developers to develop app that can give users a personalized and seamless experience of grocery shopping. FuGenX also has experienced iPhone development company Singapore who have the ability and sincerity to develop any kind of mobile app with specified features. FuGenX architect, design, implement, test &deliver the world class mobile applications for iOS, Android, BB, and Windows. FuGenX can design the grocery apps with multi-platforms compatibility.

If you are looking to develop app like BigBasket or Grofers with special features, FuGenX will help you.


You can send your app requirements to info@fugenx.com or visit fugenx.com


Your Business Needs Both Mobile App and Mobile Website! Why? i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/your-business-needs-both-mobile-app-and-mobile-website-why/

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If you are planning to establish a mobile presence for your business, one of the first considerations that come to your mind is should I create a mobile application or mobile website, or both. Determining this depends on a number of factors, including target audience, purpose, and geography. The emergence of Smartphone’s and tablets around the world has brought huge change. According to a recent survey by comScore, 88% of smart phone users use mobile app and 12% users use browsers in mobile phones. The two major facts in this survey are:

1. Mobile devices have become an integral part of everyone’s life all over the world

2. Smartphone and tablet users like application more than website.

The second doesn’t imply mobile application is enough for a business. In fact, mobile website is also important. The website plays an essential role in promoting the business on platforms like Google search engine, so the business can easily reach more online customers. On the other hand, the mobile applications are developed to maintain long-term relationship with customers and increase business profits. Let’s see the ultimate benefits of mobile apps for business:

Removes the communication barrier:

Messaging and other communication facilities in the app with the help of mobile application can well connect customers with business. Therefore, customers can send the instant messages to the company. Moreover, users can also share their grievance.

Enhances the quality of services and products:

With the help of direct communication, users can send feedback about the product. This will help the business to improve the quality of services and products. And also helps to know what type quality products customers want.

Support in Direct Marketing:

Mobile app makes the direct marketing easier.  With the help of mobile application, the business can get payment instantly as the customers can be allowed to pay through the wallet.

Simplifies Branding Process:

A mobile application is helpful to simplify the way of branding and promoting the products and services directly.

Apart from all above benefits, a mobile application also helps businesses get real customers. Compared to a mobile website, mobile application gets more and more loyal users because of the rich user experience it can give. On the other hand, mobile websites are accessed through search engines like Google, so that users of any platforms like Smartphone and tablets can easily connect to the business through website. Hence, it is essential for business to have both mobile website and mobile application in order to succeed in the digital world.


Hope that now you’ve come to know the value of mobile application and website very well. Both are equally important for the business.

Have a Plan to Develop a Mobile App or Mobile Website for Your Business?

If you are interested to develop an app or mobile website for your business, FuGenX, award-winning mobile app developers Mexico, will help you do it amazingly. As an experienced iPhone app designing company Mexico, FuGenX can develop supreme quality apps that people love to use and share with others.


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Why Your Small Business Needs an App? i.indiaopines.com/stewartcristan/why-your-small-business-needs-an-app/

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Now a days, mobile app is an essential part of almost every business, be it small or big. In fact, in these days you may’ve noticed that many small businesses you interact in your day-to-day life have their own mobile app. A large number of small businesses across the world gained profit by developing mobile apps. Though they had their own website, they developed mobile app with the help of mobile application development companies for more profits. Among the world’smajor mobile app development companies, mobile application development companies list Mexico, and San Francisco are considered as the best by small businesses.

If you are still not sure why anyone want to build their own mobile app, here are some reasons to develop a mobile app for your small business.

Reasons to build a mobile app for your small business:

Apps as a Promotional Tool:

The website is a very important tool for you to promote your business and reach your products and services to online customers. Equally, mobile app has also become a very important business promotion tool. Nowadays, mobile users are increasing day by day and most of these mobile users are showing interest to shop online.Today, almost in every business, buying, selling, trading, and payment is done through mobile. Thus, mobile apps have proven as the present andthe future of the business world.Mobile application developmentis useful for promoting your business among your prospective customers.


Plan App Yourself and Earn Wellfrom It:

Many small industries don’t want to develop apps for their business because they fear that the cost of app development would be far more than their budget. It is true that the cost of mobile app development is somewhatexpensive than a website, but not in all cases. When you are developing a basic app, if avoid the unnecessary features, it will reduce the cost. Planning app well in advance before the app development process begins, designing app logo, images and content in your own can reduce your app development cost. Once the ground work is done, you can hire professional app developers.

After the development of application, think of making money by using various app monetizationmethods, such as in-app advertising and in-app purchasing, etc.

GainWider Customer Base:

Developing an application can help you to reach more customers than a traditional website. Now a day’s, mobile search has become very popular, especially with the younger audience.You can find new customers through simple app store search, as well as through your current customers’ word to their friends. To gain more customers through app store search, you have to do ASO (App Store Optimization), likewise to gain through current customers’ word, your app should be creating values to them.

 Keep the Customers Updated:

You can showcase the latest products and services in your application in order to keep the customers updated. You can do it more effectively by pushing notifications about that. Users then may have a need to visit your app often. Providing them with interesting offers and discounts can bring them very closer to you.

 Partnering with Correlative Companies:

You can get into partnership with correlative companies to create more value to your products and services. If you have movie ticketing app, you can collaborate with taxi booking app, to help customers to reach the theatre on-time in a most convenient way. This is beneficial for both companies.


Mobility is an emerging world, which is helping all sorts of businesses to grow bigger. With good app development strategies, you can bring your small business to the next level with increased business popularity and profit.

 Want to Develop a Mobile App for Your Small Business?

If yes, FuGenX will help you. FuGenX is a global iPhone app development firms Mexico, which has helped many small businesses to grow bigger, including India’s largest online grocery store Big Basket. FuGenX is also an emerging Android app development company in South Carolina.


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