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Time Management Tips :

If you are killing time, it’s not murder, it is suicide! Yes, you read it right. Time is thatthing which if lost cannot be regained. Hence, there is no surprise that we are being constantly advised to use our time judiciously. Whether at workplace, while performing household chores or when that urgent college assignment has to be completed, managing time is of utmost importance otherwise no matter how good you are at your work, you will always lag behind.

Teaching employees how to manage time effectively is an essential tool in increasing the productivity of employees. Professionals from TechRel Consultancy Pune are giving some valuable tips on how to make most of your time at workplace.

Delegate – Delegating tasks that do not require your full attention or expertise is one of the most important aspects of effective time management. Effectively delegating lower priority tasks frees up your time and helps youpay attention to more important tasks.


Avoid procrastinating – There can be a number of reasons behind you delaying a particular task or assignment. You may feel like the project is unexciting or a chore is too large to start. Complete your unpleasant tasks first. By getting them out of your way, you can turn your attention to more engaging work.


Learn to say “No” – As much as employees would like to help their fellow co-workers, there is simply no way to say “yes” to every request, while still managing your own responsibilities. Make a decision of what you must and want to do. Then say “no” to all other requests.


Prioritize – The endeavour to complete too many things in a short window of time can be an unrealistic expectation and lead to less-than-desired results.Instead, prioritize the tasks that must be completed each day. When prioritizing, finish the most important tasks first.


Effective time management is something that can only be mastered with practice. TechRelTechnologies offer training and workshops for corporations and large organizations to foster personality development of their employees. Time Management is one of the programmes offered.


Android Application

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Android is an operating system designed to work in smartphones and tablets. It is an open source platform and gives its developers an edge over their competitors. The industry of mobile applications has been flooded with the mobile android application developers. They endeavour to build new applications and inculcate latest technical advancements in them which makethe platform of androidless vulnerable to breakdowns and more devoid of bugs. Today, we are going to tell you about certain benefits of android application development as told by trainers of TechRel Technologies.

·     Affordable – No constrictions are encountered in developing apps for android. The android applications developer can create umpteen of apps without having to worry about incurring license expenses. Besides, a simple software development kit, construction of an app does not call for more resources. Also, modification programs are freely available which further cut down the development costs.

·   Better syndication – A lot of techniques can be employed in android application development. It is possible to disperse different kinds of retailers using syndication programs in android. There are so many solutions revolving around Android based applications enabling developers to develop advanced Android apps.

·      Huge earnings with low budget – Android application system is extremely affordable to invest in. Android application developers are available at cost-effective prices. Android comes with no licensing charges and advanced applications can be developed with minimum expenditure. Loads of android applications are being made with android which are used by scads of gadgets all over the world.

·     Advanced integration – Android application development is ideal for all kinds of inter-application integration. When there are several programs and it is essential to cross-promote or combine them, android serves as ideal platform. Android technology is best for any snugly knit connection between discrete software applications. Oodles of application developers have been using android to innovate applications.


TechRel Consultancy Pune offers corporate training, certifications, diplomas and soft skills to the individuals in the field of IT. Diploma of two months duration in Android application is offered by the institute in addition to other diploma courses. 


Email Etiquettes

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Etiquette, according to Oxford Dictionary, is the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Etiquettes are acquired via constant and conscious learning of decent behaviour. There are different etiquettes which ought to be followed at discrete places, from social etiquettes to business etiquettes and computer etiquettes to office etiquettes. No need to mention that good manners are always appreciated and help you makes your way towards success. Adequate etiquettes in business scenario are of immense importance as well. They are potential enough to get you your dream job, appraisals, promotions and build healthy relationships with your peers. So, today we are going to tell you about few basic email etiquettes relevant in business perspective as suggested by trainers of TechRel Technologies.

Be strictly professional while sending your emails. It is important how you use your official email id. Avoid sending jokes, chain letters, forwards or any other unofficial mail to your co-workers or friends. Your activities are continuously monitored and professionalism is expected out of you.

The subject field is the window to your email and it helps receiver determine that if your mail is worthy of his or her time. Try to keep the subject of your email short, crisp and to the point. It should clearly depict the purpose behind your mail. Avoid typos, all caps or all small case; it gives an impression of unprofessionalism.

Do not forget to use Hello, Hi, Good Day, Thank you, Sincerely, Best Regards in your mails. All these intros and sign offs are basic staples of professional business e-mail communications. Always include a salutation and sign-off that includes your name with every e-mail you send.

Show common courtesy while communicating via mail. Type in full sentences with proper sentence formation. Appropriate punctuation and capitalization are must. You are an educated professional and expected to behave like one. All caps or all small case smacks of either lack of education, technology savvy or worse, laziness.

TechRel Consultancy Pune offers training and workshops for corporations and large organizations to foster personality development of their employees.Email Etiquettes is one of the programmes offered. 


Techrel Technologies Pune :Android Apps Expanding Businesses

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Smartphones are those basic necessities of late without which our whole world seems crumbling down. We cannot imagine even in our terrible dreams surviving without our dearest mobile phones. These smart phones have made life very easy and comfortable. The biggest advantage associated with them is that they are portable which makes them way too convenient to carry. However, Smart phones require an Operating System (OS) to function. The most preferred one amongst others is Android Operating System. The flexibility and support provided by Android OS have garnered it a huge popularity not among just users but among the developers as well.

Android application development has rapidly evolved as an imperative technology in the field of IT. There is an up surge in the mobile apps development companies who have flooded the market with vast range of mobile apps. The reason being the numerous advantages associated with the android application development.

·         These apps have become a great source of revenue for the companies because users need to pay beforehand to download the app.

·         In-app purchases is other relevant element in which consumers of the app pay just to unlock some of the features of the app.

·         Advertising is another revenue method in which different advertising networks pay CPM or CPC to the companies for running their banner advertisements on their apps.

·         The costs incurred in developing these apps are very less, therefore making them an inexpensive method.

·       These apps are in accordance with the convenience of customers. Customer feedback has increased with the usage of these apps.

·         Apps help in building the brand of the company. We all know branding is an important aspect in business world.


TechRel Technologies trains people who wish to become professionals in Information Technology field. If the idea of developing apps fascinates you, then you should also enrol in the two months diploma program in android applications offered by TechRel technologies


Interested to know about Microsoft.NET?

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In case you want to make a successful and rewarding career in the field of IT then you must

Know that there is an intense competition in this field. So in order to survive amidst this competition you need to ensure to inculcate new and useful skills. Moreover you need to brush up and enhance your existing skills. The best way is to get enrolled into some useful short term course and Microsoft.NET is one such course.

Microsoft.NET is a course that can help you a lot in improving your programming abilities. The world of technology is surely a confusing one so such kind of courses helps in clearing your doubts and confusions. They give you a better insight in to the technicalities of the field. All this helps you in performing to the best of your abilities. The course comprises of the important yet basic programming abilities and testing viewpoint, joined with granting aptitudes and comprehension expected to create diverse applications.

Significant Features:

  • You get to learn a lot, moreover you gain significant experience.
  • You get a better understanding of technology.
  • Course completion certificate.



Professionals from Techrel Technologies say that after completing this program students can get a lot of opportunities to secure a job in good companies and organizations.


Techrel Pune : What Do You Understand from IT Training & How it can help?

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Most challenging amongst the most difficult skills at present is IT skills. But unfortunately, shockingly there is very less number of skilled individuals in this field disregarding the countless opportunities. If you are going to act as a mentor, nonetheless you are going to have more than the crucial innovative abilities. You will likewise require having more than one specialized abilities and in the meantime you have to have great relationship building abilities.

As we all know that, IT remains for Information Technology. These are the individuals who situated up and keep up an organization’s system. There is an enormous measure of counseling work done by an IT proficient. There is a gigantic measure of counseling work done by IT experts. Along these lines, in the event that you are hoping to get included in counseling, it is doubtlessly a field that you are going to need to make them prepare that some other IT expert would get. In any case, there are some essential fields where you should center, on the off chance that you are going to act as a counsel.

At the point when an organization procures an IT proficient today, by and large, they search for a person who can help to build up their arrangement of work. That suggests that you have to know all the more than simply taking care of a PC. You are going to dissect the way how the system functions. It is something the IT expert knows more than the other individuals working in the field.


TechRel provides comprehensive IT training to the aspirants to develop basic to advance IT skills.