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How Mehbooba Mufti’s timely action prevented a Blood Bath  

Umer Wani

Kashmiri’s condemning the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims had restored the faith in the composite culture of Kashmir and vindicated everything the state Jammu and Kashmir stands for. Civil society, the people of Kashmir, in fact the people of the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir, for the kind of resilience and discipline they have maintained over the years with the Yatra is unparalleled.

The city was under the grip of approaching dark night and I was reading a book. Suddenly my phone buzzed and I heard the news of sad and tragic incident. First notion that came to my mind was what will happen to our Kashmiri brethrens now who are studying outside the state? I decided to visit my home district Anantnag where the incident happened. While driving from Srinagar to Anantnag, it was darkness all around and the roads wore a deserted look.

No sane person wants mayhem and bloodshed. By killing innocents, is only to disturb the communal harmony and brotherhood in the state, which over the years lived by the examples of brotherhood, the nefarious designs were all up in arms to for another unrest in valley, but they didn’t succeed in breaking the core.

I reached at the spot, where the incident happened and I was completely surprised to see the Chief Minister of the State Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti there. I wasn’t expecting that she would travel all along from the capital to the Anantnag, keeping in view the vulnerable situation in the South Kashmir and the night time. But to my utter surprise, she had already reached there.

The seven dead bodies were kept in the District Police Lines Anantnag, where I saw Mehbooba Mufti sympathising with the members of those killed in the attack. She was looking completely in a gloomy mood. How worried she looked from where I stood in the darkness of verve. After talking with press, she drove away to the hospital to meet the injured ones. Tears rolled down from the eyes of the Mehbooba Mufti when she hugged an injured person. I totally got thump to see a Chief Minister condoling, sympathising and talking with the injured Yatris like a common women.

She elevated above the politics by such remedial touch and the sense of safety of “our brethrens studying/working outside the state” prevailed.

The attack was condemned by all. Be it Hurriyat or common people. They didn’t politicise it neither they endorsed this inhumane act, but condemned all and sundry. But to my utter surprise, former Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah was continuously politicising the incident by tweeting illogical and avoidable tweets. He even went to the writings where he warned our own people outside the state of remaining careful, added fuel to the fire. Was he trying to spread the communal hatred? And what did he gain by enforcing the ‘band’ in the Jammu division? Something to ponder on!

The way Mehbooba Mufti handled the situation was exemplary. The country would have seen a devastating time, had she remained the silent like former governments did. Kashmiri students studying outside the state would have been the first casualty. Kudos Mehbooba Mufti!!

Time was running very fast and instead of going back to the capital, Mehbooba spent the night at Anantnag with the families of the victims to ensure each and every possible help, raised the morale of being human first.

The Chief Minister took every possible step to help the victims, far from gaining political points; she completely changed the meaning of politics by following the legacy of her father late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed-“The Healing Touch Policy.”  Late Mufti stopped living to please others, refused to allow the crowd and never believed in betraying others and lived his life for the interest of the people of this state Jammu and Kashmir.

The struggle, hardness and the harsh journey through Mehbooba Mufti lived, enriched her mental development and depends upon the environment in which people live. Struggle and strives made her the “great lady.”

Had she not acted swiftly, a Kashmiri student who already is scared to give his true identity to the outside world, it would have been very difficult for him to continue the studies and would have been taken responsible for attack and had to bear the brunt.

It is very important to understand the ramifications after such incidents and that too outside the state. The opposition leaders tried their best to create a well formed propaganda out of the killings only to see Kashmir again in trouble in which Omar Abdullah’s tweets played a major part, if analysed properly.

No one was aware that July 10th will dawn another tale of blot in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. But it is also pertinent to mention here that Kashmiri’s in one voice condemned the attack and stood for the humanity. A major Blood Bath averted by the timely action of the Chief Minister of the State Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti for which she will always remain in good books of every Kashmiri.

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