» An Open Letter to Arnab Goswami: #Presstitute is your Baby


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  1. Meeranji Michael says:

    Arnab a wonder Jounalist having rusted iron in one hand and glittering gold  in another.
    Rusted features.
    Most of the things said of bullying are apt and super shout new hour at 9 pm make people in my house and some time neighbours shout at me. His one inter with Mody just before parliament elections in May 2014 showed how fallible he really is when he succumbed not to pursue snooping using Goernment money and machinerey. Onle because he knows that mody is coming. He could have accosted by atleast 10% of time he and his another panelist Rajagopalan (Later under the garb of jounalist but towing BJP’s line invariably -I also remeber one Sunil Alokh spent on searching for the locationof Rahul Gandhi- although they always declare that they are not interested in him.
    He enjoys most by putting his words in others mouth (It may be his talent but we dont enjoy it) and set one panelist on another even they are un willing and  they are in shouting brigade and we feel naseating.
    The debate is mostly captioned reflecting Arnab’s opinion as we  can note from his closing remarks.
    He always calls Times Now as Number One National News Channel. As it is not owned Government , he should call at the most as India’s Number one News Channel. And I have e to agree for the later. 
    Glittering features
    Except in Modi’s pre election interview he has been bold- understandably. He has knowledge and comes with a lot of home work. Able to assess and comprehend instantaneously but concludes mostly with ideas. There may be barbs at his body language but still he should be credited with drawing attention of public to News Channels (English)
    I have one or two suggestions (He may or may not agree):
    1. Keep other panelist’s and anchor’s mike muted when when one panelist talks. Do not engineer verbal fisticuffs. As Times gives space for important happenings of the day we the viewers are at loss.
    2.  One third of the panelists should be Time Now viewers – Actual (ASLI) Aam Admi.
    I shall still watch Super Prime News Hour al beit with reservations.
    R K P Meeranji Michael

  2. tiger says:

    Indeed the specific comments directed at Arnab Goswami’s style of newsjournalism have validity.
    The news anchor, Mr. Goswami displays immense conceit and self-importance bordering on the delusional. He conducts sessions which are notable for a level of obstreperous shrillness and pandemonium rather than an informed and reasoned debate. It numbs the senses to listen to the
    Babel of discordant voices the loudest of which is Mr. Goswami’s. In his sessions no sensible opinion is allowed a space in edgewise. Most participants on his show probably need to pander to narcissitic instincts as they are visible to the whole world on a regular basis.