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Hat Tala Temple, Ilambazar, West Bengal isharethese.blogspot.in/2013/10/hat-tala-temple-ilambazar-west-bengal.html

It is about the old and ,to some extent, forgotten terracotta temple of Ilambazar, a once thriving town on the banks of the river Ajoy. The writer visits the small town and locates the temples. The author gives a description of the Terracotta drawings and engravings on the walls of the temple. The technique of mixing sand, jute and lateride with clay involved in the making and adorning of these terracotta temples of Ilambazar. The post also provides some beautiful pictures of the exquisite temples and their terracotta designs. The author at the end gives some travelling tips to visit Ilambazar and mentions how one should go about enquiring for the temples.

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