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Hon’ble Prime Minister is doing a marvellous job in promoting India and establishing excellent bilateral relationship.But we do not get enough feed back on implementation of various agreements signed earlier and announcements made either through media or press or press releases.

Common man is concerned and anxious to get roti,kapda and Makkan.Though the Insurance scheme ,pension scheme etc are revolutionary schemes which will benefit the poor in the long run ,the immediate benefits according to me will be derived from:

  1. Village Adoption by Members of Parliament.{announced by Hon’ble P.M in OCT 2014}

2.Promotion of Khadi

3.Skill development


Afterwards in one meetings Hon.Prime Minister himself expressed his dissatisfaction on the progress of Village Adoption and under utilisation of MP’s funds.{Times of India dated 1st Feb 2015} I saw only two success stories of village adoption by

Shri. Sachin Tendulkar   and

Ms.Nirmala Sitaraman,Hon’ble minister for Commerce apart from Hon’ble P.M

Now I understand 611 M.Ps have adopted villages.But no reports about implementation.

Each M.P gets Rs.5 crores per annum.ie.Rs.25 crores during his tenure.In addition to this M.L.As also gets funds.In Kerala,I am told, one M.L.A gets Rs.6 crores per annum.ie.Rs.30 crores during his tenure.A parliamentary constituency will have 5-6 assembly constituencies.If an M.P can co-ordinate and give lead he will be able to mobilize more than Rs.100 crores In 5 years if they belong to same party.Therefore If  Village adoption is implemented successfully under supervision of one of the energetic ministers the results will be quicker than many other schemes.We will see positive results in 2 years.Govt may  try  to involve public Sector Banks who have experienced ag. officers and lead bank officers to prepare project reports,monitor implementation,liase with panchayaths and Govt officials and M.Ps .and also conduct periodical reviews of progress.Roads,Water supply,farming etc will improve.

There are 543 members in Parliament and 245 in Rajya sabha.

During a M.P’s term he is supposed to adopt 3 villages and if adoption is done with a commitment more than 2000 villages will be benefitted. It will give a boost to rural economy  and will alleviate the debt burden of villagers/farmers to a great extent.


2.Promoting Khadi:

Hon’ble Prime Minister also gave emphasis in 2014 for promoting Khadi.I feel promotion of Khadi will create rural employment ,improve rural economy,wll give alternate employment to agricultural labourers and relieve burden and dependence on agriculture.It will also encourage cotton cultivation and will generate lot of indirect income.

An article published by Shri.S.R.Keshava,P.G.Dept of Economics ,Bangalore University titled “The Khadi and Village Industries in Global India,Role,Challenges and Future Ahead”in International journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies {IJIMS} 2014 vol 1 o5-349-356 has extensively dealt with the relevance,employment generation,opportunity for strong rural economy,export potential,eco friendliness etc. and will be a guide to the govt for promotion of Khadi.

3.Skill Development:

This is also a pet project of Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Thousands of skilled technicians come out of our I.T.Is.If they are given further specialized training, and create Industrial parks ,start manufacturing units they will be able to produce ancillaries for defense, railways, tele communication and various other Govt depts..Skill development Ministry in consultation with experienced consultants should prepare projects.It will also supplement “Make in India” for indigenous products and will create jobs.Results will be visible in 2-3 years.Will also save precious foreign exchange.

These projects will be visible to public and will surely enhance the credibility of the Govt. as the results will be seen and felt FASTER by common man.

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