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Long Distance Railways Food Catering Service Serving Us Shit. www.dropbox.com/sh/u5pofot7742jm4m/AACnTZ9ovEHiOHwSQzKKmlZIa?dl=0

Guys Pay Attention Its About Our Long Distance Railways Food Catering Service Serving Us Shit.
I Went To Goa While Returning back Yesterday at 5/12/2014 I Got in At Netravati express from thivim station Later we ordered Chicken Biryani And Veg Paneer Pulav The Food Which Was served to Us was decayed and smelling Rotten – Rs 100 For Non-Veg Biryani & Rs 70 For Veg.
As we came to know That This foo dis decayed we went to The Train Pantry dept Were the catering staff was purposely making biryani of decayed Food Paner was smelling Like shit so we insisted them to give their Ids Those Called as managers Of Catering Dept and called Police Food Dept And association to share this in Media.
4 Complaints Are Done Till Now :
1 Food Inspection Dept
2 RPF/ RPSF – North Eastern Railway – Indian Railway
3 Police Case Against The Catering Staff.
4 Informed Central Govt.
TT is proof as evidence he checked all pantry Food and signed on complaint letters as evidence.
This News Is posted in 2 Newspapers at @Kerala.
Also have registered 29 Passengers Signed petition In Railway Complaint Book as already Food serving decayed complaints were logged from last 3 months and no action is taken.
Also In 10 Mins All decay Food Was vanished check images.
Attached are the images Of Proof.
Appeal To you guys Share this post so it will reach media and Strict Action Should be taken Against All Catering staff @ Indian Railways.
I Did this thinking i got decayed Food but hence forth any passengers travelling should not get The Decayed Food that could cost food poison That could cost our family’s Life.

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