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In The Kite Runner I see Amir and Hassan as metaphors of the twin aspects of childhood, the taker and the giver. Their roles, however, blur and change as Amir comes back to Kabul to rescue Hassan’s son. The vibrancy of their childhood is destroyed by a dark but unvoiced reality, an evil that grows larger with time in the figure of Assef. The fact that the enemy remains the same and it is Amir who has to change to be able to confront and defeat Assef and rescue Hassan’s son, gives a symbolic meaning to the simple story, that of taking responsibility. The novel also evolves as a metaphor of the present times where innocence is constantly under threat, where the pastoral is destroyed by evil, a theme that is true of the human situation from creation to the present. The Kite Runner is an apparently simple story of friendship, guilt and atonement but the layers of metaphorical signifiers in the narrative are what make it so unique and special.

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