Tarun Vijay

                                 This gentle man a former MP from BJP supposedly defending that Indians do not discriminate people (Nigerians in the present case) on the basis of the colour of the skin said that South Indians are dark skinned and yet ………….   This is the true ideology of BJP and RSS. They do not forget their Aryan ancestry! Go on eulogizing their ancestral, Indo- European language.

                              Well Tarun, the fair skinned, Indo – European speakers, carrying R1a haplogroup (gene marker) came to India around 2000 BCE. No no they did not invade, just came begging here. They mixed up with dark skinned Native Indians genetically. Native Indians does not mean South Indians. Native Indians include Bhil, Mundari and other Tribes of North India. You worship dark skinned Gods such as Lords Rama, Krishna, and Shiva and so on, is it not? Have you ever thought why your Gods are Dark Skinned? You know the great sage ‘Veda Vyasa’ is ‘Krishna Dwipayana’ the dark skinned born in an island! If you are still interested in your white skinned ancestors who came from South Siberia, why can’t you go back? Do you think that your utterances lead to National Unity? Show me one Indian who does no bear the genes of “dark skinned” Bhils and Mundaris? Get your genes checked!  



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