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Three Years of Cowdom in India


     The Government of Modi Ji has completed three years. Development for all is the main election promise. The development is sought to be achieved by inviting foreign companies to establish industries in India, that is ‘make in India’. The net result during these three years is a slight dip in the employment! As such the scheme ‘make in India’ is defeatist!! It took a Mahatma Gandhi to drive away ‘East India Company’. Modi ji wants more foreign companies in India. How many companies came to India? Can’t we Indians make in India for India?

 Since Modi’s government came to power at Delhi tolerance towards intellectuals decreased. Violence against Muslims, the so called Dalits and young women increased. It can be seen everywhere.  The debate on ‘talaq’ is provoked. Why talaq, just abandon the wife!

The central issue of the Modi’s Government appears ‘the cow’. A couple of Muslims were killed to protect ‘the cow’. Why one section of the society wants to dictate others what to eat or what not? Majority of Indians are non vegetarians. In Andhra all poorer sections (probably except Brahmins who may be 5% of the population of Andhra) consume beef.  Brahmins of Andhra never protested beef in the past. Unlike in Tamil Nadu there is no anti Brahmin attitude in Andhra. Beef is cheap and nutritious.

It must be said that the original culprit on ‘cow slaughter’ is Indian National Congress (INC) and its leader Late Smt Indira Gandhi.  


Of late Modi Government imposed restrictions on sale and purchase of cattle and the Madras High Court stayed the order. Beef is consumed in South India, Bengal and North East. Probably Beef is not popular in BiMaRU states. If stretched too far the beef may cause disunity of the Nation. If someone does not consume Beef it is OK. If someone considers Cow as his mother it too is OK. If someone drinks cow urine it too is OK. Expecting others to consider cow as their mother is atrocious. How can a cow be mother of a human? You are free to entertain you belief but imposing your belief on others?  That too, unscientific and irrational belief. What will advanced Western Countries think of us? Is not Modi inviting people from beef consuming countries to set shop in India? To make in India? Funny, is it not?

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  1. Manigriba Panigrahi says:

    No one has the right to take dicision on what to consume. But their is no rule for banning the saling of cattle. The rule states that no one can sale cattle on market. In this way the cattle farmer getting direct profit from buyer, who will buy cattle from the door steps. their is no middle man priority.