Mamata Benerjee, the Lioness


I am stunned at the tough stand taken by Mamata Benerjee on the beef issue and the new rules framed by Modi Government. In fact Andhra has more beef consumers and the leaders of the main parties are silent there probably because of fear of corruption cases against them. CM Kerala reacted against the new rules imposed by BJP Government.

One may consider Cow as Mother but asking others to accept it is too much. One has to blame Mrs Indira Gandhi for ‘beef banning issue’ and Rajiv Gandhi for Ram Mandir issue. The youth congress of Kerala reacted to the new rules but Rahul Gandhi suspends them. Congress is wiped out in Andhra because of foolish judgement in dividing Andhra Pradesh. Now we may expect wiping out of congress from Kerala too. Is it not time to dissolve Indian National Congress and merge it with TrinamoolCongress?


(1)  Brad Chase, Social change at the Harappan settlement of Gola Dhoro: a reading from animal bones, http://beef.sabhlokcity.com/Documents/beef-indus-valley-civilisation-1.pdf

(2) “After a survey of the evidence from various excavations since 1921, the doyen of Indian archaeologists, H.D. Sankalia, has opined that the attitude towards cow slaughter shows that until the beginning of the Christian era the cow/ ox were regularly slaughtered for food and for the sacrifice etc., in spite of the preaching of Ahimsa by Mahavira and the Buddha. Beef eating, however, did decrease owing to these preachings, but never died out completely�� http://iis-db.stanford.edu/evnts/824/Panikkar_speech.pdf



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