What kind of people they are? Indresh Kumar of RSS says “meat is disease and milk is cure” at Jamia Milia Islamia! Outlook, 6th June2 017. The world consumes meat/beef and survived. Proofs that beef was eaten by ancient Hindus and is eaten by many Hindus today:  Sanjeev Sabhlok. http://beef.sabhlokcity.com/2010/10/proofs-that-beef-was-eaten-by-ancient-hindus-and-by-many-hindus-today/

        A Buddhist’s analysis of meat and beef eating in ancient India (by Shravasti Dhammika).

It is unfortunate that we are under the rule of the cowdom of  Modi, a cunning and double faced man. He has to answer why his police man Vanjara (Gujarat police)/ his men killed (in Gujarat) Sahrabuddin a criminal and extortionist of Udaipur, Rajasthan and why the wife of Sahrabuddin, Kausarbi was raped and murdered? In India police commit criminal acts on the orders of their political bosses. Police and Political Bosses control and operate through some criminals to achieve their clandestine goals. See for example the case of Nayeem an ex Naxalite turned police controlled criminal who was killed by police!

      Animal Sacrifice during some Vedic Rituals is well known. Animal Sacrifice is discontinued under the pressure of Buddhism/ Jainism during Medieval period. Vegetarianism is not Hindu! Today vegetarianism is only Jain and some Brahmins became vegetarian. There are non Brahmin/Jain vegetarians by choice! Food habits are personal either by cultural heritage or by choice. It is idiotic/ foolish and undemocratic to control the food habits of others. 

During medieval period Jaina was one of the popular religions in Telugu Land and also in South India. Jainism was violently wiped out from South India by Veera Saiva followers. Do you know why?

    Is milk cure? There are arguments that dairy products cause breast cancer. It is also said that Chinese do not use dairy products and hence do not suffer breast cancer.

   Here is another gem of a thought,  “RSS wing has prescription for fair, tall ‘customised’ babies”,  Written by Ashutosh Bhardwaj | New Delhi | Updated: May 7, 2017 4:49 am,    http://indianexpress.com/article/india/rss-wing-has-prescription-for-fair-tall-customised-babies-4644280/       There are people who knew the trick “niyoga parampara”. That is what Nambudris were doing in Kerala, till recently! Was Asaram Bapu doing the same thing in Gujarat? Dark skinned, short parents can get fair skinned, tall babies! Why is this craze of RSS for fair skin? Do they want to be like their fair skinned ancestors who migrated from Siberia? If fair skin is ‘uttama santati’ then why worship dark skinned Krishna, Rama, Siva?  


   It is said that sage Yagyavalka was fond of beef. Bhavabhuti described Rishi Vasisht as an avid beef eater. Lord Rama consumed deer meat.  By saying that meat is disease, Is not Indresh kumar insulting meat consumers? What if Trump bans the entry of non meat eaters into USA? What if Arab countries follows suit? Are you prepared RSS? What if the meat eaters who are majority in India ask RSS guys to leave the country!




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