The Origin of Mahabharat




          Mahabharata in Sanskrit is one of the two great epics of India. Ved Vyasa is said to have dictated it to Lord Ganesha. Ved Vyas is also known as Krishna Dwipayana meaning the dark skinned one born in an island to Matsya Gandhi (one smelling like fish or fisher women) and also known as Satyavati.


          Sanskrit is an Indo European language brought into India by the migrant Pre Vedic Aryans around 2000 BCE and is refined in India. Ved Vyasa is known so as he split (edited) previously existing Vedic knowledge into four parts. Before the arrival Aryans into India, Bhils (Bhil cognate with Vill or Villu) are the major population of India along with Mundari tribes who are Native Indians. All these tribes are genetically same according to population genetic studies and are dark skinned. The genetic mixing of the dark skinned Natives with fair skinned migrant Aryans started from 2000 BCE till 500 CE.

         We may note that there is a version of Bharata of Doongri Bhils (see the note by Satya Chaitanya cited in ref. 4) that might be earlier than that of Vyasa’s. I am of the opinion that the Vyasa’s version of Maha Bharata is based on the original Bhil version.



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Note: This study is based on Bheel Bharatha, by Dr Bhagavandas Patel, who spent four years among the Doongri Bheels studying the epic that is an oral tradition among them. His contribution to literature in general, and folk literature and Mahabharata study in particular, is invaluable. The book has been published by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi with an excellent translation of its prose in Hindi by Dr Mridula Parik.


Though I have called the epic Bheel Bharata throughout, the Bheel name is Bharath [th pronounced as in rath, meaning chariot], which is a neuter word in Doongri Bheel, and means war, obviously derived from (Maha)bharata.



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