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We have made registration and posting as simple as possible ! Register in a few seconds, then login and that’s pretty much all there is to it !


Posting to the community has major benefits – such as being tweeted to our large @indiaopines twitter community, shared on our Facebook pages and being re-published on our front page.

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If you are a blogger and want to highlight your post (to the IndiaOpines community) – you can use

Submit Article Link

If you are writing an opinion – please make it as detailed as possible – bring forth your strong personal viewpoint – else whats the use ? If you are submitting an article please do add a summary of your post – letting people know what to expect


Looking At Opinions



Clicking the title – “I’m Isolated” – will take you to the opinion page at IndiaOpines. You can click on the user “subashini” and all her postings / comments / opinions will be available for you to see. Clicking on “social” will take you to all posts categorized under “Social”. Clicking on the “comment” will take you to the comments section of the post. You can up-vote – down-vote the article using the arrows (you need to be logged in) 

Looking At Article Links


Clicking on the title will take you to the external blog post. Clicking on “Start a discussion” will take you to comments section of the post – where you can discuss the blog post within IndiaOpines. Click on “Details” will show you the summary as entered by the author. Please do remember to up-vote/down-vote and comment, share on social media – that is what helps us to be a community

Clicking on an Avatar / Name


Clicking on a user’s avatar or his(her) nick-name (like subashini or Avinandan Choudhury above) – you will be taken to a page where all of the users posts / opinions and comments can be seen 


Changing Your Profile / Adding an Image


On the top right – you will see a drop-down where you can change your account details – including adding a description – a link to your blog / twitter handle / etc.  If you want your image to appear – you can create a login at gravatar.com (using the same email address that you used to register at IndiaOpines) – add an image – that will automatically appear at IndiaOpines.

Please do keep your interests updated in your profile – it helps other relevant bloggers to follow your posts and interact with you

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Simple !