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Making bonds and breaking bonds, unholy bonds, Deceptive bonding, unique reactions and unique products all are possible in Kashmir


Chemistry has always been a fascinating subject. Its application in almost every sphere of day to day life makes it more interesting.  It helps us to bring out the composition of any material to its atomic and sub atomic level. But the most amazing fact about Chemistry which has gone out of sight is its great relevance with the Kashmir situation. Making bonds and breaking bonds, unholy bonds, Deceptive bonding, unique reactions and unique products all are possible in Kashmir.

The most important and the strongest bond in the history of Kashmir is the famous KASHMIR       CONFLICT bond. This bond is unbreakable. It is the most loyal bond. The chemistry between Kashmir and Conflict is a romantic one. No external energy has been able to break this bond till date as no serious efforts have been done in this regard. The conflict has formed an eternal bond with Kashmir. The reaction between Kashmir and Conflict has been the most successful reactions that existed till date between two entities. It is a permanent bond. A unique feature of this reaction is that one of the molecules is always a miserable victim and the other molecule serves the interests of many other political molecules. Some Non serious and deceptive Political Scientists want to break this bond with autonomy, some with Plebiscite, some with dialogue, but this bond is getting stronger by their deceptive and empty voices. The products of this unique reaction are enormous, Bloodshed, dead bodies, death and destruction to name a few. The KASHMIR            CONFLICT bond was formed many decades ago and there were many catalysts to facilitate this reaction to form a strongest bond ever. This bond is the result of reaction between Broken Promises, repeated Political Deceptions, and Ruthless policies against the people of Kashmir. The stability of this bond is facilitated by the continuous bloodshed, deceptions and empty promises. This bond is still intact as it was at the time of its formation and is budding continuously. The bond between pain and the Kashmiri people is as old and strong as that of KASHMIR      CONFLICT bond and the relationship between the pain and Kashmiri people will continue till the Kashmir is bonded with conflict.

There is one more bond, KASHMIR—–PROSPERITY bond. This bond has been the weakest bond in the history of Kashmir and the most unsuccessful reaction ever. This bond can be broken easily anywhere, anytime by anyone. No special efforts or special energy is required to annihilate this bond.  This bond is always temporary. There is no stability in this bond. Unstable products are highly explosive, they explode very easily. As this bond is formed it breaks down immediately and explodes aggressively. No one act as a catalyst to make this reaction successful and the bond stronger. But almost everyone acts as a catalyst to accelerate its destruction, so it is highly unstable unable to withstand the force of various factors. Actually the stability of this bond is itself dependent on the stronger KASHMIR        CONFLICT bond. The Weakness of KASHMIR—–PROSPERITY bond is inversely proportional to strength of Kashmir conflict bond. Till the serious efforts are not done to break the KASHMIR        CONFLICT bond permanently, this bond will continue to remain temporary.

There is also the phenomenon of creating unusual and unholy bonds in Kashmir. There have been a number of unholy reactions and making of unholy bonds in the history of Kashmir.  The most prominent and recent one being the PDP          BJP bond popularly known as PDP-BJP Alliance”. PDP has a unique feature of acting as a dual entity. It has the tendency to make and break bonds easily to suit its stability. PDP first formed a bond with the Kashmiri people before elections famously PDP—-KASHMIRI bond using the Deceptive healing touch policy. This bond was formed by exploiting the emotions of Kashmiri people. The PDP promised to block the passage of BJP in Kashmir. But to make a place for itself, PDP’S dual nature came to its rescue. Here the famous octet rule of chemistry can be seen as a driving force for PDP leadership. To complete its octet (To get the required seats to form the government), PDP kept all its principles and ethics in hibernation and formed a bond with most “un reactive” entity, the BJP with a tight hug between two nuclei.

The PDP -BJP bond was blossomed amid all oppositions. Here power was shared; hopes and sentiments of people were exploited. To Keep the PDP-KASHMIRI bond intact and to justify its bonding with BJP, the PDP introduced the concept of “Agenda of Alliance”. But Agenda of Alliance could not withstand the test of time. The PDP——KASHMIRI bond was ruthlessly shattered.  The hopes and dreams of Kashmiris were brutally dashed to ground. This unholy and deceptive alliance between PDP and BJP itself proved to be the biggest catalyst for stronger KASHMIR           CONFLICT bond which took the conflict part to the new heights (rather than Kashmir) and its products being Continuous unrests, Bloodshed, death, destruction and ruthless breakdown of Kashmiris.

The reaction to the PDP       BJP bonding came from the National Conference (NC) as it could not react with anyone to find its place in power spheres. Even it had offered to share its electrons (seats) with PDP, but PDP found more stability with BJP. Then National Conference tried to react with Common People of Kashmir to form another product i.e. the NC-PEOPLE bond just to adjust its own permanence and to preserve its credibility and relevance. But soon the NC which otherwise was crying its heart out against the Kashmir instability due to PDP-BJP Alliance was inspired by the Dual nature of PDP. Thus spoke its main ingredient Omar Abdullah at the New York University. In his speech at the convention titled “India and Pakistan: A Sub continental Affair”, Omar spoke on the UN Resolutions on Kashmir, launched an all out strong electromagnetic offensive again Pakistan and shifted all the unstable factors responsible for its failure to Pakistan and defended India by saying that “To this day I fail to understand why we in India feel so apologetic that this UN referendum never took place. The onus wasn’t on India to create the conditions for that referendum”. He said Pakistan needs to move out of its part of J&K before India does the same. His speech was driving force to complete its own octet from New Delhi. In his speech he tried to give rise to new and obviously unholy NC        GOI (Government of India) bondBut the heat energy of his speech weakened NC——-PEOPLE bond which it had formed by shoddy sentiment sharing.

The concept of “Deceptive Bonding” is prevalent in Kashmir where in bonding is created with the Kashmiri people and then is broken mercilessly when the interests of particular (mostly powerful) element is accomplished. Then the Kashmiris are left deceived and cheated. The goodwill nature of Kashmiri people to get bonded with anyone through the energy of love and compassion has always been over abused. Deceptive Bonding is mostly the part of Political Chemistry.

There is also one more bonding that is the KASHMIR-RESISTANCE bond. Kashmir resists everything audaciously and fearlessly. It resists brutal suppression and deceptive elements; it breaks but rises again and again. Kashmir offers huge sacrifices to resist and shine again. This bond is formed by the unity of Kashmiri People in times of suppression. This bond is created by common sentiments and emotions in the hearts of Kashmiri People. This bond is formed by sharing of pains among each other. This one is a sacred bond.

Here in Kashmir everything from Natural Resources to Hydro electric projects is shared and exploited. But the pain, emotions and sentiments of Kashmiri people are only exploited. There is no one is share these pains with open heart as there are molecules in chemistry to share electrons.

Now every Kashmiri has understood the Concepts of bonds and Chemical reactions as the whole situation in Kashmir revolves around these concepts. The conflict part is getting stronger and the Kashmir gets torn. The KASHMIR-CONFLICT bonding relationship continues to tatter and torment the Kashmir viciously.



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