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Weight gain supplements are those which help to obtain body mass. Weight gaining supplementsprovide fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and balance the daily diet. Usually many fitness fans and athletes use weight gain supplements to increase their muscle mass. It is best advice that weight gaining supplements intake under the guidance of qualified health practitioner.

Weight gaining supplements are mainly used to increase weight of the body. Let start to know about some of the widely used weight gain supplements.

Dietary supplements for Gaining Weight

Amino acids:  Amino acids are in the form of tiny molecules which serve the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids help to endorse energy during a workout. Amino acids can be intake in the form of natural state or in the form of capsule.

Creatine:  Creatine is a natural compound which supplies energy the entire cells of our body, particularly for muscles. Creatine helps to active and energised muscles for a long time during physical workout.

Whey protein:  It is a best quality protein derived from cow’s milk.

Technically the whey protein is a combine of globular proteins removed from whey,  the liquid product developed as by product of cheese

Sports drinks: Sports drinks can quickly rehydrates the body and provide vitamins, minerals, calories and carbohydrates. Sports drinks have  less proteins but they can boost rehydration to the body to delay muscle damage.

Natural Supplements for Gaining Muscle Weight

Supplements help to develop muscle proteins, which increase the muscle mass of the body. Let’s start to know about natural supplements for gaining muscle mass.

Amino acid mixture: Many studies explore that intake mixture of glutamine, whey protein and amino acids may give better results for weight gain than compared to whey protein alone.

Beta-alanine: this amino-acid help to boost muscle weight when combined with habitual exercise. According to the study published in US National Library of Medicine, beta-alanine supplement boost muscle mass, which can perform maximum extent while workouts.

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