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Salman Khan and Portia, the Daniel comes to judgment on the final verdict of a humane judgement ! i.indiaopines.com/indraneel/salman-khan-and-portia-the-daniel-comes-to-judgment-on-the-final-verdict-of-a-humane-judgement/

Salman Khan and the Daniel comes to judgment and the final verdict! A pedestrians view SOS Harish Salve!

Me Lord the Government stands guilty at 35%, the Police at 25%, Lack of ideas in Mumbai Muni. Corpn. 15%, Pavement squatters themselves to be blamed at 15% and Sallu bhai at a sad 10% ! My Lord, I shall substantiate my points now to demolish bit by bit the fashionable wannabes’ stand, who just wish to do some lip service in their shallow siding of the poor and downtrodden!  

This is just a point of view and why should anyone be closed not to mull over other points of opinion, regardless of where the final decision goes, as that is about fate and not in our hands! Like in a management class, we learn, there are more than a few ways to tackle one single situation; the final plunge can always be taken after mulling over all of them, then take a decision on the best balanced one, but do give Salman a chance!

So what are the options over here with Salman Khan? Lets give an ace journalist the first say. Is it not an artificial rant of an Oxford returned journalist, well you got to decide and I’d quote Sagarika Ghose – “ When a rich drunk person, without license drives a SUV over poor people, kills one, hurts 3, he won’t be punished – if he’s a celebrity. Farcical!” Well she junks Salman’s claim to freedom.

Who will tell her, to forgive is Divine, and to err is Human and yes, it is was an accident! The Oxford dictionary defines ‘accident’ an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly & unintentionally, typically resulting in damage, death or injury!

This is extremely sad that people wish to take pot shots at rich and the famous, to find out how popular their tweets become and do some arm chair socialism talk. Where were they before the accident – do they ever raise the topic of slum dwellers, their abject miserable lives and how they could help these less fortunate ones; years after years pass and all these 13 years after the accident have also passed, have you ever spoken of the homeless, try and get them some night shelter to hide their ignoble heads in?

Goddamnit, for God’s sake, it’s a Road a pavement, not a house or a night shelter! A road, supposed to have trucks, buses, cars and all sorts of vehicles at different speeds, where no one rules out the possibility of a road accident, which occurs by the dime and dozen in our huge big country, all due to an error of human judgment! Its common sense that you skirt / invite trouble if you are to sleep by the roadside, its for one’s asking; come on, don’t you find it suicidal to sleep in a pavement of a busy Mumbai road! And don’t you realize that this is very much a State fault, it’s a multi – fault line! Roti, Kapdaa aur Makaan are a destitutes’ right, which have not been provided to the under privileged after 67 years of independence! 

Secondly, tell me why the night patrol Police cannot be taken to task for not ensuring the pavements / roads are clear and not used as an open night shelter and shoe them off from such vulnerable spots, so that these squatters may not expose themselves to such a dangerous situation! Is it not something like asking for trouble … sleeping in pavements, so close to the road would you allow it too anyone known to you poor or rich! So why can’t we support the very correct point of view of Abhijeet Bhattacharya barring the harsh words which too are part of the bitter truth !

Ms Ghose, why have you not addressed the bigger problems all these years that you are now singing and tweeting a ‘be-sura’ tweet; is it coz’ its fashionable or are you truly following social developments very seriously and your heart bleeds for the downtrodden! I ask why, why these careless rants, its just not necessary! Please read your pre-scripted news on television, which you are good at, don’t pass uncalled for, unsubstantiated, immature judgments!

And my last point, thirdly – why the local municipal corporation have not a.) provided night shelters b.) Why are parks not used to sleep out at night c.) Why stadia’s can’t be opened up to house the hapless at night d.) In rainy seasons why buses can’t be used to give overnight shelters to the homeless!

My simple point is why these relevant questions cannot be asked to the politicians, instead of pushing Salman to the dungeons! 

In fact this case should be used to have a catalytic effect on some of the growth issues of the state, which has obviously not taken place in ages … and this accident could be a turning point in the fate of these slum dwellers; while it should be made into a big issue for giving homes to the homeless and simultaneously have a zero tolerance to any new squatters who should not be allowed to invade Mumbai roads where accidentally a poor xyz celebrity and the hapless victims get into another sad fateful incident!

Now, coming to the question as to, why we are talking about soft peddling Salman’s case? Khuda Qasam, Salman ek nek dil insaan with a Golden heart, how can you take that away from him and how can you do him in for 5 years, impossible! No one wants even a 5 months or 5 weeks term for him, for that matter! In case you have to satiate your judgmental egos and come out with the great theory of – “ Drunken driving is a serious offence, like a person going on a killing spree, he should not be allowed to go scot free. ” Well then give him an exemplary punishment for 5 days and then release him! But, why this special treatment for him, you’ll ask? So here you are … TOI brought out recently, top 10 Humanitarian contributions and I quote:

Salman Khan is amongst the most charitable stars in Bollywood, he is famous for his large heartedness, spurt of on the moment reactions. Here are the points:

  1. Santa Salman : For Salman Khan everyday seems to be Christmas, as he plays the role of year-round Santa Claus to perfection. There is a famous story of a child, who refused to eat until Salman Khan came in person to meet him. The worried parents ran helter-skelter until Sallu heard of it; true to his trademark style, he stopped shooting and made a dash to meet the kid and grant him his wish. No mean achievement!
  1. Help to destitute prisoners :  Salman Khan learned that many prisoners were unable to secure their release from prison. The reason being, they simply did not have money to pay for the legal fine slapped on them. In order to reunite 400 jailed convicts with their families, Salman Khan paid nearly 40 Lakhs through his NGO Being Human.

3. Homeless Kids :

Salman Khan always has had soft corner for homeless kids. Perhaps part of the reason is his own fractured childhood. Being Human is majorly involved in the upliftment for the poor and homeless kids.

4. Charity for Needy

Salman Khan’s generosity for those hit by natural disaster or in dire need of money is not so well known. His charity organization, Being Human, donated Rs.50 Lacs to flood victims in Jammu and Kashmir, besides victims of Bihar floods. He also donated 200 lenses for visually challenged in Sri Lanka. He instantly donated Rs.45 lakh to an old age home.

  1. Cancer Patients

Salman Khan has always been leading and advocating the rights of cancer patients & need to provide them with timely and affordable treatment. He has helped patients with dire needs.

  1. Child – Labour Free India

Salman Khan used his star-appeal and the support of his legions of fans nation-wide, to help eradicate India of child labour. Bachpan Bachao Andolan was a thought headed by them, but Salman Khan’s association, lent weight, gravity and width to the campaign.

  1. Bone Marrow Donation

A little girl Pooja suffering from a life threatening disease was in need of Bone marrow donor. On learning of her requirement, Salman Khan asked his entire football team to go and donate, but when they backed out, the superstar himself landed up at the hospital with his brother Arbaaz Khan and donated his bone marrow.

  1. Clothes, Merchandise, Lifestyle, and Café

Being Human’s business model – for lack of a better word – is based on generating money to finance its charitable activities. It also plans to have larger lifestyle stores and also enter into the cafe’ business. As Salman Khan has often said, he wants Being Human to be his legacy, to be much bigger than him and eventually outlast him. 

  1. Never Signed a Cheque

This story comes from the superstar’s sister, Alvira Khan. She has stated that Salman Khan had never signed a check until 6 months back. He hates money matters, has no idea of all his assets, including a three bungalows farmhouse in Panvel, several properties in and around Mumbai. He enjoys the freedom to concentrate on work, never to be bothered about bank accounts, investments and properties which his father handles.

  1. Mr. 10%

Salman Khan is not in the business of making a 10% cut in the under table deals. Instead, he keeps just 10% of his earnings for himself and donates the rest to charity. Not surprisingly, his lawyers pleaded before the court that Salman Khan had donated a massive amount of 42 crores in just 3 years.

Salman Khan thus is a giver. God has given him the contraptions to be a HERO, so what can he do, but be one!! He is not a selfish person. He has shown bigger than life large heartedness and what he can do, an ordinary person like you and me cannot! If I was in his place you could have thrown me into jail for a few years I wouldn’t care … In fact I wish I could offer myself if that would condone Salman’s! 

And now for a bombshell! There is a niche audience who have the information of a corporate’s son in his new Austin Martin (priced at a whopping 1.5 crores) very recently spotted, driven at a break neck speed only to crash near a bridge, killing 2 persons outright on this Mumbai road! A newspaper reporting was taken off at the nick of the moment, not a single channel ran the news (as all them are controlled by the megalo businessman ‘n owner of RIL).

Now, this corporate businessman has the well known reputation of taking out one rupee from every Indian’s pocket everyday, thus translating to 1 billion rupees everyday; and then he commits a crime in getting his son’s criminal sins gagged! HE KILLS, GAGS AND GOES SCOT FREE, MS. SAGORIKA GHOSE WHY SHOULD SALMAN THE MAD HATTER, ALWAYS ACT GOD, DONATE AND GIVE AWAY SO MUCH AND BEAR A PAIN FOR 13 YEARS’ TORTURE, THEN WHY CAN’T HE BE PARDONED!!


His good deeds far outweigh his short comings, so there has to be mercy and there are no two ways about it! He has kept millions entertained, brought smiles to the faces of so many hapless, how can we forget him as a great gift from God to all mankind? Answer these few questions and you shall get your replies! May God bless this man! For me he is just poor fellow, victim of circumstance! 

What is done cannot be undone, so the punitive action that is to be meted out to a man of as great a following, talent, and capacity, obviously God’s chosen child, cannot just be the guillotine / lynch / or a jail. As an exemplary judgment he should be made to take complete responsibility of the victim’s family, give them a good life as a compensation for the rest of their living. As a matter of fact a new law could be enacted for the dream world merchants and the likes of Salman for such an unintentional crime, who are very capable of earning handsomely! They should be made to earn and voluntarily donate 10% of their earnings, which should get deposited to the court every month for disbursing to those hapless victims’ families!!

We got to stop cribbing about rich and famous rant, Salman is not just another spoilt brat of a rich man hurtling down Mumbai roads; acknowledge the celluloid Hero is a real life Hero too – as Salman Khan is, a true larger than life Human being worshipped by the poor and loved by his artistic fraternity – men or women, some of them rich, bold and beautiful! Its not just about another hit and run case!


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