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700 Day of Soldier’s struggle for OROP & police intervention! i.indiaopines.com/kk-singh/700-day-of-soldiers-struggle-for-orop-police-intervention/

14 May 2017: On the historic 700th Day of OROP agitation at JM , veterans, widows, ladies and citizens supporting OROP had planned a March from JM to India Gate.
Maj Gen Satbir Singh had requested for permission on 25 April 2017. 
500 veterans and ladies had gathered at JM from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, & other states! State machinery, police stalled the peaceful & disciplined march without giving any reasons. Two layers of barricades were raised on all exits! 

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Though media was invited to cover the event , only one reporter from Republic TV was spotted .
Veterans and ladies tried to jump the barricades once the appeal was ignored by the police, though their senior said the order was from the Home Ministry to stop the procession at any cost! Few could jump, even old men over 75 years of age, but all could not manage!
After one hour, soldiers tried to exit from other gates on pleas that they want to go back but that too was denied. After lots of struggle, some could manage and reached India Gate, where the police again forced them to remain out and even the civilians, who had come to visit the Amar Jawan, were forced out of the place rudely. Again after lots of struggle, only 4 were permitted to lay wreath to martyr Lt Umar Faiyaz!
Sad state of affairs and one feels ashamed to see how the country is treating its veterans & widows.
Present state of fascism is qualitatively different than 1975 Emergency & worse! 
Soldiers’ morale is high and they will continue their fight for OROP, lack of which gives a soldier Rs 4200 and a widow 2500 less than what should it have been!! 
Police action against soldiers is clear indication of fascist’s real intention! 


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  1. Myposts says:

    Shame! Just to save some money GOI has denied OROP to the soldiers!