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AAP was a product of NGO, which boasted to carry on the JLPB movement to its logical conclusion and gave a slogan “Political Revolution has begun”! Like any other bourgeois party, it still claims to continue revolution. It is different matter that they also stated in their all rallies, statements, processions that the revolutionary era, flame comes once in decades, like in 1977 and the people must not miss the opportunity, failing which they have to wait another many decades! Now they are busy in bourgeois politics!

Why this failure? Because AAP never had an aim or a vision of any revolution, never wanted any Swaraj at national level, they never worked for the people’s democracy! Though they were not revisionists or probably not even corrupt like their other counterparts; Congress, BJP & their various allies in past or present!

They wanted to serve capitalism or maximum to “control” the big & small capitalists and that too evaporated after they expelled Yogendra Yadav, Prashant bhushan! The contrast & contradiction between Reformism and Revolution was very clearly visible!

Present Dalit movement is different than that of AAP, yet there is some similarities between the two. Both uphold capitalism and the pillars of bourgeois democracy, including present constitution, which Ambedkar wanted to burn it after 5 years of its creation, of which he was the head!!! Present constitution is, though a constitution of independent India, changed qualitatively by way of alternations, both by Congress & BJP governments. This constitution is amended to free the big capitalists, like Ambani, who are in fact the de facto rulers!

By upholding this constitution, what are we trying to achieve? Our own bourgeois rights to share money, power? This has only deepened the miseries of workers; Dalit workers, women workers, minority workers, tribal workers, child labours and all the workers, whether in fields & factories.

Dalitalism is part of bourgeois politics, like feminism. Without proletarian revolution, the emancipation of Dalits or any other exploited and oppressed sections of the society is not possible and same time it is also true that without participation of Dalits, revolution is not possible in India.


Class first of caste first?


This debate is eternal, especially among the ‘revolutionaries’, Dalit leaders, the Left ideologues. During Telangana movement, it was seen that the boundaries of caste, religion and region had crumbled. Ignorance and superstition was at the lowest level among the participants. A revolution has all-round effect on the people, on their thinking, idea, eating & living norms, hygiene, education, their comradeship, spiritualism. The question of which first, caste or class, is absurd during revolutionary time and is only valid for the reformists and bourgeois politicians or say, for the social democrats!

If aim is clear (a classless society, freedom of a man from all forms of exploitation by another man), the path must be clear! The slogan, “Workers of the World Unite”, is very meaningful and equally simple to understand and follow and must be implemented for a united struggle to dispossess the exploiters, ruling class!

A Communist or a Communist Party is very sensitive to the cause of all the oppressed and exploited sections of the society. Dalit question is a big issue for them as well as the progressive forces, as the attacks on them by RSS & its various other groups has increased many folds, including Tribes, Women and Minorities, in recent times!

Such attacks are being “used” by the middle and upper Class Dalits, including Congress, BJP & independents to make their own social bases and political mileage, which eventually turns in sharing power and money in bourgeois plunder! They have an opportunity to do so, as the massive loss of BSP in UP & UK election has bewildered the Dalits and LJP of Bihar is part of the exploiters & they are fishing in the troubled water!


What is to be done?

Is there any alternate than raising the class consciousness of the exploited mass, training them, uniting them and leading them for a final attack on the exploiters, the capitalist class, dispossessing them and establish the proletarian hegemony?

The old & ‘bourgeois’ Left are obsolete and are almost in dustbin of history! The new revolutionary organisations are rising and as the revolution is lurking on horizon for the millions of millions of workers are rising!


Do you see how relevant is Bhagat Singh and his party HSRA today?

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