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Nyakim Gatwech


Yes, she is refreshing. She has oomph. She is symbol of anti apartheid, anti discrimination, anti racism. But same time she is not a symbol of anti capitalism, the base of all evils, base of all discriminations!

It is the economic base which creates the seeds of exploitation, discrimination, oppression. That must be smashed to have a society, free of any form of exploitation of a man by another man.

This base can be destroyed only politically, a politics to make the exploited class understand the reason behind its miseries, unite it conbsciously, with a sole aim of dismantling the base of this evil.

This politics is possible by a political party only, party of the proletarian class, with a revolutionary ideology. The state power must be taken over by this party to end the parasitic class and to end all the divisions among the people either based on religion, caste, colour, nationality or based on economic disparity due capitalism, that is, the means of production is controlled by few only and rest can survive by selling their labour power.

Socialism is not only a scientific ideology but a historical as well, which is destined to replace capitalism!

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