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RBI in its annual report revealed that 8.9 crore pieces of R1,000 notes (1.4% of total Rs. 1,000 notes), worth Rs. 8,900 crore, did not return as of March 2017. The central bank also said 632.6 crore pieces of Rs.

1,000 notes were in circulation in March 2016.

Where are black money?


The aim of demonetisation is fulfilled, which was never to eliminate black money.

Negation of RTI on political parties’ donations, obstinately refusing to disclose the names of persons holding black money in Swiss, Panama, Mauritius banks & other safe destinations, waiving off huge unpaid taxes, loans of the big capitalists, financiers are but very few examples to see how the political parties, whether in opposition or in power, are not against black money but proof of them sharing it!

Aim of demonetisation was to plunder the money of people directly. Indirect means were hiking taxes (including GST, which was instructed a decade back by IMF/WB to Congress, which failed to abide), inflation, FDI, forced rising unemployment, ‘legal’ corruption and various other means.

These all exercises are meant for the masters (Domestic as well as foreign) for the next bout of cheap loans and of course to meet the massive hiked expenses of these political, bureaucratic parasites, to meet their 7-Star life style, Z-Cat Security! Here, the loyalty of these political “managers” cannot be questioned.

What is to be done? As far as these criminal parasites are concerned, they know very well, what is to be done! Use religion, caste, personality cult, nationalism and all other tested Nazi/Fascist methods to divide people & if needed crush them. This is clearly visible, more pronounced than in previous governments.

What should we do? If honest, fearless and with some basic political understanding, join your own class, the class of hard working people but exploited and not the class of masters, even if paid high, where you will be used and thrown, when not needed. Don’t become a sycophant and a tool in the hands of your enemy. Refrain from being a class traitor for some money.

Be part of mass revolution (Not like 1975 or 2012), where a party does not replace another, but a class replaces the previous, old rotten, parasitic class for a classless society. Revolution does not mean shear reduction in crime, corruption, unemployment, ignorance, superstition or even terrorism & war. But revolution means elimination of them and is not possible in capitalism, which breeds them for profit, the sole aim of capitalism.

Once you understand what is Historical Materialism, you will also understand that the death of capitalism is inevitable, like it itself was born after the death of monarchy or feudalism. The death of capitalism, which is a historical necessity, will pave the way for socialism. Socialism means, the end of control of all the means of production & subsistence in hands of few. The ownership of all such production process and naturally then after, the products will become social. This system 9s called socialism.

And that is revolution, which will end wage slavery, end exploitation of a man by another man.

Last point must be understood, that historical materialism does never say that the transformation of one production relation into another (Like, Capitalism into Socialism) is automatic. It needs effort by the exploited class, their unity & struggle on a revolutionary ideology and party is utmost necessary. The revolution may turn into violent one, as the old rulers use all means to defeat the revolution, including violence.

Victory to the working class, peasants.

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