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Senior journalist, editor and activist Gauri Lankesh, 55, was shot dead by unidentified assailants at the entrance of her home in Bengaluru West on 05th evening! She was fighting against communalism and RSS divisive propaganda.

Her murder is openly being celebrated by RSS supporters and Right Wing philistines! 

And there are people, parties, ideologues looking forward for revolutions through parliamentary path! As if they will win Parliamentary election and yet the fascists, bourgeois pillars of the bloody democracy will watch them change the property relation; from capitalist mode of production to socialist mode of production!

Examples of Chile (Where Allende’s regime was toppled by the CIA aided Chilean Army & big capitalist & their agents)  and at home in Delhi, where AAP government, even engaged in bourgeois reforms, is not permitted to work an inch!
Some try to convince you that even Lenin wanted the European Communists to participate in the bourgeois elections, even though the Parliaments had become redundant historically as far as people’s democracy was concerned.
But same Lenin says, Parliament is not redundant politically and whenever possible, the Left must use it for its own promotion, for raising the class consciousness, unity & struggle. Mind it, using an institution and making that institution as the prime goal or even as the main path for the revolution differentiates between the revolutionaries & revisionists, between a revolutionary ideology and reformist ideology!
In today’s India, revolution is a historical necessity, but any extreme, like predetermined violence or parliamentary path is doomed to fail. We need mass movement (under the leadership of the working class), on political line through class struggle to replace capitalism, based on exploitation, which breeds all evils, by socialism, to have a society based on equality, brotherhood and freedom!

Class struggle has no alternate. The rise of fascists to the power is due very policies of other bourgeois parties, especially Congress, which chose a capitalist path after India gained independence under the leaderhsip of reactionaries, like Nehru, Patel, Gandhi, Ambedkar, etc. They discarded the manifesto of HSRA, founded by Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad and their other Comrades.

Later, when situation was ripe, in 1990s, same Congress initiated the so called reforms and started selling our public properties, natural resources to the big capitalists, be they national or international! Labour laws diluted, Land Acquiistion bill drafted, GST tried, etc!

Now, after BJP has taken over the power, it is implementing same economic, foreign policies, as pursued by Congress, though at accelerated rate.

However, the rise in unemployment, poverty was natural and so the revolt by the youths, workers, peasants, which is visible now every where and which cannot be suppressed by normal methods, applied by the state powe, as was during the Congress regime!

Hence, what we are witnessing is, economic plunder of the people and masked by the religion, caste, nationalism, personality cult. Not only masked but forced upon the rebellians, progressive voices, through the paid goons, agents and even aided by the state power.

Where is the money coming from. You must have learned that BJP has the maximum donations from the corporations, which you cannot have access, as the RTI on political funding is killed by the major political parties in unision, including CPI, CPM!

So, friends, if you have read my analysis, and want to resist the present capitalism and want to be part of a socialist revolution, educate yourself, join the right revolutionary party, unite with the working class, peasants. The class struggle must not only defeat the fascism but move forward to establishing socialism, demolish all traces of capital, so that the birth of even a single criminal paraiste is negated!

Victory to the proletarian revolution!


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