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I took this article from GGI news, the link is http://gginews.in/world-banks-economic-chakravyuh-trapping-indian-farmers/#comment-254 ! The article analyses the plunder of the peasants well, which is true to most of the undeveloped countries world over, may be in bit variable conditions.

One must read the full article and here is my comment:

“It was in 1996 that the World Bank directed India to move 400 million people out of agriculture in the next 20 years, by 2015. Since every World Bank loan comes with roughly 140 to 150 conditionalities, each loan re-emphasised the urgency to move farmers out of agriculture. Former PM Manmohan Singh had time and again expressed the need to shift 70% farmers. Raghuram Rajan, former RBI Governor had said that the biggest reforms would be when India moves farmers out of agriculture. Then only will cheap labour be available for infrastructure development.”
“For nearly 3 decades, more so after the economic reforms were ushered in, agriculture has been a victim of deliberate neglect and apathy. Successive governments had deliberately created conditions turning farming non-viable thereby forcing an increasing number of farmers to abandon agriculture and migrate to cities. Meanwhile, food imports have soared. According to Down to Earth magazine, food import bill for 2015-16 stood at Rs 1,402,680,000,000. This was more than the annual budget for agriculture.”

Do you remember having read that India is primarily an agricultural country, where 75% population survive here, with employment & basic subsidies. Further, we were self sufficient in food with white, green revolutions!
This is past and now India is a Capitalist country, where in, its state lead by state machineries, politicians and the government do everything (albeit in name of reforms, in name of nation, in name of the people) for the big capitalists, big financiers, foreign MNCs, to increase their profit rate by ‘forcing’ the farmers, agricultural workers to the cities, towns to increase competition among themselves, reduce their wages in absolute as well as in relative terms.
Here lies the basic reason in so called “jobless growth”, which is nothing but capitalist accumulation & concentration.

Further, “..It has already laid out a target of bringing down the population engaged in agriculture from the existing 57 per cent to 38 per cent in the next five years, by 2022…”!
Capitalism (Read Monopoly capitalism, which is visible here as well, where not only the capitalists are ‘united’ to exploit the workers, farmers but even their “own proxy” government is working day & night by ensuring policies, which will destroy the agricultural economy to favour national & international capital) is the root cause of farmer’s miseries.
Abolition of capitalism only will ensure the contradiction of urban & rural economy, contradiction of industry & agriculture to vanish. Socialist economy of USSR is an excellent example of what we are discussing here. There is no alternative than to replace the production for profit to production for the need of the society, collectively. In short, it means Socialisation of land and other means of production, which happens to be next stage in the evolution of mankind, though it has to be brought in through conscious effort of the proletarian class, the most advanced class in the history of the mankind and is destined to usher socialism by way of class unity and struggle!

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