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Muslim Student Leader Lafiqul Islam Ahmed Shot Dead in Assam i.indiaopines.com/kk-singh/muslim-student-leader-lafiqul-islam-ahmed-shot-dead-in-assam/

Its political assassination by fascists.
The rise of fascism is neither quietly nor slowly. The ground for fascism was prepared by the Congress government & other regional parties since 1990s in name of reform, where the whole exercise was to raise the profit rate of the bourgeois class, which has tendency to head for zero.
After rise of BJP to the power, with the help of bourgeois class with billions of money, media, foreign companies and paid goons, the process was accelerated. To keep the working class, peasants at bay, the social division through polarisation, in name of cow, religion, caste, national chauvinism, personality cult was must, which is visible every where.
This fact is surprisingly not being seen by many social democrats, other bourgeois parties & even Left who claim to fight for the unity of the country, to rout corruption from our society and save Constitution, which Dr Ambedkar wanted to burn after 5 years of its birth!
Failure to see and resist fascism is fatal and we are heading for a massive destruction of the productive forces to save capitalism!
Who will unite and fight against fascism? All progressive forces, revolutionaries and oppressed classes do need to fight and must take initiative to do so under a common all India anti fascist front!
https://thewire.in/163855/muslim-student-leader-lafiqul-islam-ahmed-shot-dead-assam/ (From the post: Ahmed was a fierce critic of the BJP-led state government’s anti-Muslim policies and interventions. He was extremely vocal against the forceful eviction of Muslims from government land across the state, and demanded compensation and rehabilitation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) induced by river erosion in Assam. Since September last year, several thousand poor Muslims, mostly erosion induced IDPs living on government land, were evicted by the state government without providing alternative means of shelter. At least two people were killed in police firing during such eviction operations.)
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