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Not Possible To Give Jobs To Everyone In Country Of 125 Crore: Amit Shah! Fascism vs Revolution! i.indiaopines.com/kk-singh/not-possible-to-give-jobs-to-everyone-in-country-of-125-crore-amit-shah-fascism-vs-revolution/

So another Jumla busted by the close aide of the Jumla master! It makes no sense to the blind followers!
He says: “….Not Possible To Give Jobs To Everyone In Country Of 125 Crore. We are promoting self-employment.”
Blind supporters take the bait! They even can’t correlate the high GDP of 7% and rising unemployment in Government departments, organised sectors, like IT, unorganised sectors, agriculture, etc!
The rising farmer’s suicide, worsening law & order, rising corruption & crime in every walk of life, deepening red tapism, denial to soldier’s demand of OROP, which has entered 713th day of protest at JM is hidden to a section of the society (Some of them are paid, especially sitting in RSS created IT Hubs), who feel the name of our “Nation” is improving in foreign nations!!!
Example is US Army can now inspect our military bases after the LEMOA pact! Our PM shakes hands with the biggest imperialist Presidents! NRIs shouting Modi Modi! MFN Pakistan is scared of us. Chinese finance capital is blocked from Indian market! India has opposed OBOR! Less educated (Most are in same category or in educated philistines)! BJP is capable of breaking its all promises but openly and is an example of transparency!
In fact the logics that ought to have forced people to hate RSS/BJP, are turning to be it’s lifeline! This is fascism and in fact that is fascism, different than that of Italy or Germany, but serves the same purpose, raise the profit rate of the big capitalists by exploiting the people maximum!
And the supporters of fascism, with or without commission, are raising the slogans of cow, religion, nation, personality cult, Capitalism as an eternal economic, political, social order! This gives us reason to understand, why other bourgeois parties, who were also serving big capitalists, including AAP, CPI, CPM, etc are sidelined today. And why they are forced to unite against fascism, where they know, the present fascism can be replaced in number game. Mind it, fascism can only be replaced by these bourgeois parties, not defeated, which has penetrated into all government departments, all pillars of the bourgeois democracy!
To defeat this fascism, only the proletarian class will achieve the goal. It will further march towards the establishment of socialism, after defeating fascism. In socialism unemployment will be history, exploitation of man by man will be absurd!
Do you foresee the relevance of Bhagat Singh & his party HSRA? They were fighting to defeat imperialist British but never were ignorant of the intent of the bourgeois parties; Congress, Muslim League. They wanted to establish the state of the working class, on line of USSR!

These parties ignored the rise of Bombay Mutiny in 1946, where the working class came to the streets to support it and carry forward to full independence. They even supported the British Raj in suppressing this mutiny! ML asked the Muslim soldiers to go back to their barracks, while so called Iron Man Patel asked the Indians, who were looking forward for the guidance from their leaders, to carry on their business as before. Nehru and Gandhi asked them to surrender. RSS supported the British! CPI supported the revolt but was unable to give a correct leadership and a correct political line.

Reason was clear. The bourgeois partie never wanted ideology of Bhagat Singh, which was Marxism, but a state for the Indian capitalist class, big landlords in collaboration with the foreign capital, which the British approved.

Now is the time for the progressive and revolutionary forces, especially the youths, students to equip themselves with the revolutionary ideology, lead the proletarian party to smash fascism and establish socialism!

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