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Reshuffle is a drama
In which Congress was master player, actor earlier but now BJP has taken over, with bigger planned drama on media, social media with paid trolls! Why this drama? To befool the mass, divert the attention from its failure, like glaring exposure of demonetisation & its ugly motive, which was to plunder the people to favour the big capitalists!
However, people are fed up with RSS/BJP treachery and super flop in all its election promises; from bringing black money from foreign banks, creating employment 2 Crores/annum, helping farmers, showing Pakistan & China their levels, etc.
In fact, as far as terrorism is concerned, it has increased manifold and our soldiers are being killed on larger scale. So, is the suicide rate of farmers. Inflation, bureaucracy, corruption, crime is on very high level.
100% FDI, JLPB, RTI on political parties, Delhi as full fledged state, or whatever you name it, BJP government has done just opposite which it wanted Congress not to do so, when in opposition! Here other examples are Land Acquisition Bill, dilution of dozens of Labour Laws to help domestic & foreign big capitalists, GST which even Modi as CM, Gujarat opposed tooth & nail! Backstabbing even soldiers on their long pending demand of OROP is another treachery & U-Turn!
Such disgusting open siding the big capitalists, financiers and agents by the BJP government and deep exploitation of the workers, peasants were never seen before.
Friends, more you count, more is left, what RSS/BJP has done to the people. This was in their blood, since RSS birth, which was meant to serve the British and now they are selling our sovereign status to the US & allies, including Israel on huge commission!
Is there an alternate than a proletarian revolution to replace capitalism by socialism?
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